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Found 84 results

  1. Hello, Because the average online players of the last ~10 days in a 24 window is 0.5, we took the decision to end its suffer and shut it down 1 month earlier than granted, as there is simply "0.5" interest in it and we do prefer to have our website look better for newcomers. Phoenix had a great evolution compared to its first edition, it was way better and had the highest record of online players from our community. Sadly we were a bit unlucky with it, having some bigger technical problems in the first weeks, that caused many players to reconsider it, so its active life time was cut more than expected. We are still happy about it, and we expect it to be even better when it will come back. The 3rd edition will start somewhere between March and April, in 2021. As for now, Phoenix has just been closed. HoF has been added: https://oldsquad.ro/forum/topic/4056-hof-edition-03-april-2020-24-october-2020/ Thanks to everyone that took part in this project and especially to those that kept playing it on the long run!
  2. Spawn

    When you're pres Ctrl in any situation u have double attack speed, this "features" will be repaired or is fine that ?
  3. Galivan

    Character name: GalivanRF Suggestion Type: Server Suggestion Content: Problem: When there are multiple invasion(i.e. goldens and Cursed Dragon) you can't see the first row of goldens. Thus missing important goldens such as: Budge/GGD/Drekon. Fix options:(Best to worst IMO) Make the message display more lines in a time Join the Golems and IronKnights lines together - now we have 1 less line to show which is exactly what we need When goldens up, remove other invasion messages Move the Drekon/Budges line lower in the order How it brings value: Better quality of life for people in invasion Problem: If you come late, and a budge is killed, you don't know where did it die Fix options: Add a location for the budges. when a budge dies, remove the location from the msg, just as we have with WW. Example: Budges: 4/4(Lorencia, Elbeland, Noria, Devias) -> Elbeland dies -> Budges(3/4)(Lorenica, Noria, Devias) How it brings value: Better quality of life for people in invasion
  4. This quote from the "How to get started + some secrets" thread. I tried doing W3 today, and this what happend:
  5. From what i've been able to see in the gaion event rankins there are these following steps: 1. The most advantageous is to do as 5, cause you get no downtime compared to 4 or 3 , they all compete for the same time and i don't think that s quite fair for people that do not have a party of 5 different chars. 2. The best record time remains from the day u did best (which given the fact that on Monday is the easiest, that one sticks) i think you should make somehow of an overral average during the 7 days which might be more competitive and force people to do monday to sunday. 3. Given that you added the Icing mobs and Icing-Block things during spikes (at least monday tuesday) if it's going to be a matter of seconds that diferentiate 2 parties, is kinda random, cause as far as i've seen is hard or not possible at all to avoid being "stunned" during spike-paths. Overrall i think it's a good implementation, brought some competition, people are more inclined to find parties and play with people.
  6. Hi, I got a pvpquest of a target in swamp map. I was RF lvl 378, and thus couldn't tp to swamp - game said I need to be lvl 380 to enter the map.
  7. lsoto

    my game start but i cant login always said that is incorrect but i login whit the same account in the page help me pls
  8. BachuS

    So, if u have below 350 and u try to d pvpquest and u re target is in swamp, u write comand /qwarp ant then u cant enter in swamp gates because u re not 350 lvl.....thats a problem, solve it pls....
  9. SuperDK

    Hello admin, i play Elf and i see a bug with multi shot skill. Sometimes it doesn't do any damage. Please fix it. Thank you very much.
  10. october

    In regards to this -- The summed stats in the print screen attached by DikutzZ is 2619. The expected stats for DikutzZ's SM should be: Level 1 (base points) 81 Level 2 -> 220 1095 Level 221 -> 400 1080 3rd Quest 90 Resets x4 360 Fruits 21 Total 2727 Conclusion: DikutzZ's SM is missing 108 stats.
  11. https://1drv.ms/u/s!AjLnJb-jRxOnhjVZ-9nMS8sAv8ig?e=UnZURG
  12. Hvman

    What about a new EXP boost in LVL and especially MLVL (maybe untill 50-70) I see there is literally no competition at high-endgame since everyone kinda took a break or left, but i sometimes see new players, that are making fast rrs( due to 1-3 rr being kinda easy to do now) but they lack really much in terms of MLVL and on non-rr mlvl is kinda everything so they still stand no chance given the fact that 1 player with 100mlvl can kill an entire party with literally no buffs. Would u think about making the exp even higher and giving a significant boost in mLVL at least to 50-70 so they can become decently competitive given the fact that we have no competition? I mean i know it's summer, and servers are not that populated during summer, that s nothing new, but at least, we give a chance for someone to come from behind in terms of lvl/mlvl in 1- 1 and a half months and maybe we see some activity in high events like maya/selupan/medusa. No new players even attend them, given the fact that the difference between us is huge. Maybe you'll take it into consideration, we play for fun during summer and wait for the new project to come up.
  13. dontpanic

    hi all, why is in forum character guide, MGs fireslash formula is; Fire Slash Defence Reduction: Max Rate: 20%. Formula: 10% + ENE/60(%) - Capped at 600 ENE. but when tried on test server, same increase on damage after fireslash with(600) or without(15) ene. is this bug or guide is just outdated?
  14. Reporter

    This interview is about Snook, a player who got ranked no 1 on Phoenix#2 weeks ago and he is still number one in the moment I write this article, he is ranked top number one also on Master Level Main rankings, Hall of Fame general rankings, Chaos Castle general rankings, and second ranked Castle Siege Tank rankings , and he is also a member of "The Council" (one of the newest Old Squad projects). Reporter: "Hello, Snook ! Welllcomeeeee to the News Paper's Hall of Fammeeeeeeeee ! Snook:"Hello, Mr. Reporter ! Thank you for having me ! πŸ™ " Reporter : " Can you, please, give us a description of yourself? Name, age, occupation, hobbies, etc. ? " Snook:"My name is Florin. I am 25 years old, from Romania. I am self-employed , with 3 different income sources at the moment. My main hobbies would be sports ( with fitness and football being by far my favorite , but I also enjoy table tennis and basketball), movies , tv-shows, cars and reading and learning constantly new things " Reporter:" Three different income sources? Wow tell us a bit more about that." Snook:" Well, it's nothing special. They are all related to health. Two are strongly correlated, I am a personal trainer and a health and nutrition coach and I am also involved in my mother's business ( a medicinal leeches bio laboratory) which has been my main activity for the past months due to the covid19 situation." Reporter:" Regarding this covid 19 pandemic, how did it affect you?" Snook:" My major problem with covid19 was that they closed the gyms and they also blocked international transportation by air, which affected our sales. I also feel the need to say that this is far from a pandemic with this new virus " Reporter: "How much time do you spend/day playing mu OldSquad (average)? " Snook:" It really depends. For the past two weeks, I've spent about 2-3 hours, maybe. Today under 1 hour, so far πŸ˜‚ . At the start of the server, I was on maybe 10-14 hours since my activities were closed/at a minimum level. " Reporter : "When did you start to play Mu Online? " Snook:"I first started when I was 11-12 maybe with my older brother. It was a 97d server and we had no idea what we were doing After that we played on and off, mostly together. There was a break of 5-6 years maybe where we didn't play any server, suddenly realizing how many things appeared and how much the game has evolved. This is probably the longest DB that I've played continuously. " Reporter : "How did you find OldSquad ?" Snook:" My brother found it on xtremetop100 when there was a 50rr edition. 2 years ago maybe. We loved it from the start, as we could see how much passion ADMIN put into making this server probably the best private one at this moment. I mean , not only ADMIN , the entire OS team." Reporter :"What nicknames did you have in the past?"" Snook:" I think I had Florin the first time and then Snook. In the first servers I had Sn0ok3r , the nickname I was using on CS 1.6" Reporter: "Do you have any VIP activated? What types of VIP did you use since the start of Phoenix and why?" Snook:"I have PRO vip for the past 4-6 weeks, I think. I've started with HUNTER, had VIP activated all the time. Started with HUNTER because it was better than DEALER for leveling up. " Reporter: " How did you manage to climb in top and eventually get the most desired place ? Can you reveal us "the secret"? " Snook:"If you wanna play for the top you MUST have a permanent party and try to have someone to cover the party all the time (being able to refill at nights and lvling up at top spots makes all the difference). We've tested on test-server the best spots for every level and we managed to get a nice lead versus the others. I've managed to get 1st now just because Rusuletz and Makiavelli stopped playing ( so seriously ). They've had pro vip since the release and therefore they had a big advantage at leveling. " Reporter:" But still, you were chasing the no 1 rank since server started and it came a bit late, what made the difference between you and the "stage breakers" back then?" Snook:" There were a couple of reasons. First one, the release of Grizzly spots in Elbeland right before the start of the server (which are better than ice queen in dev4). We didn't pay attention to that reply on the forum and didn't know about this. Secondly, the warp bug for dungeon 3 ( where you could walk to dungeon 3 at 53 or sth instead of 70). After that, the party kill rate made another difference (they had 2 dl's in party with OP dmg while SM was hitting 3-400 in karutan1). Another big difference was made by our party member Alex, which told mafy to move to our maps every time we were making xp better than them " Reporter :" What about HoF rankings, how did you got so many trophies? " Snook:" CC is playing a huge role in that. I've been getting first there for the past 5-6 weeks I think. Of course, PRO vip plays an important part in this, since you have an extra entry/day." Reporter :"Since you are top no one Soul Master player on the server, can you reveal us a few tips about Soul Master pvp build/ ML skill tree? Can you reveal your stats ?" Snook:"Well, I don't want to reveal them , since this makes quite a difference. I've tested several builds with each RR and now I think I've found the best one so far. It also depends on play-style/set. As with ML , on SM it's pretty basic , nothing special. " Reporter :"What advice would you give to a player playing on this server for the first time, what should he do to get to the top places? How should he build stats on Soul Master ?" Snook:"Sneaky question . He should try to get into all bc/ds / day. They matter a lot actually. In my opinion, at the start he could try and have higher vitality/agility to survive in better maps. After he gets a decent gear, he can decrease those and add to energy. SM is very gear dependent, without a nice staff and wings, his dmg is very poor. And, of course, try and get a permanent party with shared teamviewer/anydesk." Reporter :"What characters do you think are the best for PvP ? Snook:"It depends on the stage of the game. At this moment, close to end game , I believe SM/SUM to be the best. BK is probably the best PVP as long as he one shots sm/sum with combo , if he doesn't then he'd die from the DPS. " Reporter: "Speaking of permanent party... Can you tell us a few words about the importance of a perma party on OldSquad, and a short story about how you and your perma mates got together?" Snook:"Permanent party , with shared TV/anydesk is the most important aspect on the server. Being able to refill the chars when the user is AFK or bring back from safe-zone if he dies will make all the difference in experience. Without one you might die in the first 2 minutes after you go AFK and realize that you've wasted 5-6 hours. Every minute is important for experience, especially at the start. Often you notice multiple differences in levels in a party between members that go to events (ex. invasions) and the ones that just afk on spot. We've actually replaced our perma a lot this DB. Started with Venom (who is a real-life good friend of mine) and Alex (we met on forum for Inception last db and we became friends, what were the odds that we were living so close to each other? ). Searching for 2 more players for our perma we found Mindpower and Rain, but their objective with the game was different than ours, they wanted a more chill approach so after a few weeks we changed members and kept changing since 1 member after another stopped playing. Right now the party consists of me , Venom , Waste and Duke. " Reporter: " Why Squadron disbanded? " Snook:"Most of the players stopped playing after the first 2-4 weeks , so there was no point in keeping the guild anymore. At a moment only Zutto, Waste and Chukundah were still playing, while all the others were afk , busy with work or other stuff. " Reporter : "What happened with BedeJutro's items during the most controversial Castle Siege on Phoenix#2 ?" Snook:" Well, obviously, someone with access on the account logged on him and took his items during CS time. It was pretty nice for him to give them back though." Reporter:" So, it wasn't you?" Snook:" Pretty hard to be me when I was facing 20-25 players trying to kill me on stamp during that time. I know I'm tough, but I still have to press Q Also, I never had the details to that account as I had no business with that party members." Reporter:" Last week Hardcore created 3 guilds to kick Sapphire from Castle Siege and then they farmed points to get free Lord Boxes, how do you comment their action? " Snook:"I don't really care. For me the competition on the server is dead for several weeks now. Maybe now that random guild may realize how inexperienced they really are. " Reporter: " Do you think that your guild can win the Castle Siege? " Snook:"In a close number of members fight , yeah. If there is a guild with double the number of players , probably not. Anyway , we are pretty busy and had no time for CS. " Reporter:" At the beginning of this data base you were a Hardcore member, what happened? Why did you left the guild and then moved to the "enemy guild" ?" Snook:" Most of the players did not want me there , they made it pretty clear , so there was no point for me to stay. I also did not want to play with them, but I entered because of Alex and Rus." Reporter:"Since you are a council member, can you give us some details about what this council means, why you applied, how you were elected and what your expectations are from this council? " Snook:"It's everything at the start, so I know as much as it was presented to everyone. I was invited by Gion to take part in this project , which I'm honored and happy to. I hope that together we can make OS projects more fun, balanced and enjoyable for all types of players , from serious to casual. " Reporter : " Do you read the News Paper ? " Snook:"ALWAYS!! " Reporter : " Do you believe in superstitions? Do you think that the Castle is Cursed? " Snook:"Somehow , maybe. I think it brings a lot of greed at surface, but it all depends on the people that make the guild. We never had issues in Squadron with this because everyone has equal chances for the items " Reporter : " Did you see what happened to the guilds that held the castle? If it is not the "curse" (which can be defined by greed, selfishness and pride), what could it be to destroy the most of the guilds in that way?" Snook:" In my most sincere opinion , the core members of the guild. If they see themselves above the rest of the players , as the only party/players that matter , then of course the others will not accept this." Reporter :"What do you suggest to improve on NewsPaper ?" Snook:"Well, I truly enjoy it, but maybe sometimes it can be made more fact-based, rather than dramatize. But maybe it's just my preference." Reporter: "On a scale from 1 to 10, how much do you like Phoenix#2 ?" Snook:"I'd go with a 7." Reporter: " What would you change to this server? What do you expect from the following servers?" Snook:"I would want to see a slower pace for the server and fewer bugs/ more balance for top events. Compared to my experience on Inception, it feels that ADMIN didn't have that much time for this edition, which is understandable, many things may appear in someone's daily life. " Reporter: "There are rumors that the last base date you were banned,are they true? What happened? Snook:"Yes , although I'm not sure why it's a rumor , since it was never a secret. I tried to sell my account. Wanted to quit forever, heard from someone that he did , so I figured why not make some money if I invested so much time in the end. Wasn't aware at that time of the rule. " Reporter: "What do you think about this rule related to the sale of items / accounts for real money? The buyer receives free of charge what the seller offers if he reports to Admin."" ? Snook:"I believe many ABUSE this rule, forcing this kind of trades. I presented my opinion to ADMIN at that time also. People should be encourage to report this for the community , and just get them banned, but not get the items or especially the account. Maybe a small reward like toca,ob,creds." Reporter: "There are some rumors on the server that say VIP affects the concept of "play-to-win gameplay", what do you think of these rumors? Is a player who is active able reach the top without donating? " Snook:" Definitely , maybe they'd have to donate the first 2 weeks , or at least the first one. You can make a lot of credits by selling items/jwls. I made around 25-30K this edition so far I think. The game would be harder and more enjoyable without blacksmith upgrades (+12/ add luck) and therefore the credit trades will be lower , jwls will be more important and less scams, but this server is not for free , so I understand it perfectly that it needs to generate revenue for it to self sustain.Although probably PRO vip is a little OP" Reporter:"I have 4 challenges for you, do you accept them? Now it's a fixed number πŸ˜‚" Snook:" Bring it on " Reporter :"Challenge no 1: I need the names of the 3 players you respect the most from Sapphire, the names of the 3 players you hate from this guild, the names of the 3 players you respect the most on OldSquad and the names of the 3 you dislike the most on OldSquad" Snook:" I respect no one from Sapphire , I've barely saw a couple of them on server, I don't hate anyone either. Hating someone over a game seems really problematic for me. I'm really indifferent with all of them. The 3 players I respect the most on OS, that's hard. I'd have to go with Voyager (very nice guy with great leadership skills), Exilia ( always minded his business and never trash talked, also had the pleasure to play in party with him for a couple of weeks and had some really, really interesting talks with him) and Diablo ( he truly understands the concept of fair play and game competition). Reporter: " Challenge no 2: Tell me 3 things you like most about our staff team, and 3 things you don't like about them!" Snook:" Well , let's see. I like how they try and come up with different events ideas , such as soccer , or OSGM. I like how seriously they take into consideration racism speech ( I believe this to be one of the problems that shouldn't exist in our time) I also like how they leave a freedom to free speach and room for fights on the server , adds some spice to the game sometimes I think they should take into consideration better actions against repetitive toxic players. I don't like how uncarelessly Admin sometimes responds to forum posts.." Reporter:" Challenge no 3: Tell us 3 things you would improve on our server and top 3 things you like the most" Snook :" Things I would improve: 1. Better balance for top events, especially IT. 2. Slower pace of game-play 3. Lower rewards from stages. " "Three things I like the most: 1. Stages 2. CS game-play 3.The server configuration and how the information is presented" Reporter: " Challenge no 4 : Tell us the council members names and your opinion about each one" Snook:" Council members at this moment are: ADMIN, Alex, Archie, Cerberus, Legion, mafy, Nephilim, snake, snook, Waste, Zutto. Admin- don't know him that well , seems like a decent guy that puts passion into this server Alex - friend of mine , biggest noob , hard to carry him for the second time, lucky for me I'm quite strong ( lots of love Alex) ; he sometimes comes up with awesome ideas for this server (ex: pvpquest) Archie - I don't know him at all Cerberus - played with him a little on Inception , seemed like a serious guy Legion - haven't seen him once so far mafy - he cares only about his own interest Nephilim - pretty decent , funny guy snake - I don't know him Snook - hopefully you'll make an idea from this interview Waste - pretty smart and funny guy , it's a pleasure to play with him Zutto - he seems to mind his own business" Reporter:" Do you strongly believe that this group of players will bring servers that will be appreciated by all players who will join?" Snook :" I truly believe each and everyone has their strengths and weakness and together I think we will complete each other and we will manage to improve the server's quality, even if it's only with a little." Reporter:" Thank you very much for time and patience, I wish you GL on all plans!" Snook:" Thank you very much also , it was a pleasure " This was Snook's Interview, a top player, council member and "behind the keyboard" seems to be a honest guy who enjoys to be a part of our community !
  15. A controversial episode with spectacular upheavals took place last Sunday in the battle for Phoenix's Supremacy. OneSteppy, guild that held the supremacy of the server for its first time, a guild that seems to be growing and that is focusing on recruiting all active players, (they manage to recruit people even from Hardcore last week), prepare the defense, managing to gather a large number of players, organizing about 4 parties. Some "voices" told me that they were 21 players but 3 of them were afk, most of the time. On the other side, Hardcore, the guild that dominated this data base winning most of the battles for Supremacy, starts as attackers. Fewer and weaker than ever, they barely managed to gather only 10 or 11 warriors, ("voices" told me that at the start of the battle. They were only 9 at that moment) and give the impression of throwing themselves blindly in a battle without odds for win. The fight begins, Hardcore "unleashed" the attack, a pale attack, an attack in which they are massacred inside the castle, but they do not seem affected at all and continue, they manage to register several times and make some points.. The only warrior who seem to shine, from Hardcore, is "The magnificent" Crucify who knocks down everyone in his path including BedeJutro who was slayed 2-3 times by him. But everything seems lost for Hardcore, mafy dies continuously every time he gets near the crown and tries to register, we approach the last half hour and the ones from OneSteppy are almost preparing to celebrate a new victory. Tokyo "The Slayer", Voymax "The Brave" and "The Lethal" Incubus were the protagonists of this massacre, making rivers of blood flow in the throne room , and it seems like the easiest victory is already there for them because everything seems to be played, they lead with a huge difference points, at 18:22 the score was 10594 vs 3484 in their favor. Hardcore manage to record and this is the moment when the people from RISE decide to take part in the battle, and, man.. they did it, but they didn't attack to win points or to try to conquer the throne. Driven by anger and hatred they take part in this fight just to hit the OneSteppy guild, so they join on Hardcore side and starts helping them by preventing OneSteppy from registering. We enter the last half of hour and OneSteppy starts to lose precious points, they try to stay in the lead of the fight by making multiple kills and trying to move RISE warriors from switches, but they fall in to the dark and after they were on the wave believing that nothing can stop them from keeping the castle for another week, they start to feel helpless, because the victory starts to be threatened.. The time passes, they struggle, they try but they seem lost, confused, watching, as the time goes by, how the huge difference of points they had is getting smaller and smaller, the crown on BedeJutro's head starts to shake. Time flies and eventually Hardcore wins an unexpected battle with the help that some of the guild members did not want, because in past they lost the castle weeks in a row in exactly the same way, even if they dominated the fights back then, they were defeated by dirty anti-games and unfair-play strategies, they won this fight and put the crown back on mafy's head but this time the crown looks stained with dirty blood, an unexpected victory won without being fully deserved. This week I asked here and there about what happened. What made these warriors, who in the past fought on the same side, in the same guild, hate each other so much now? The first answers came from Snook and I will write down a part of the small discussion with him bellow : Reporter: " Hello! What really happened between you, guys, and OneSteppy? How did you end up here as "the worst enemies" ?" Snook : "Hello! Well, I like to think that we are the "worst enemies" because we are really good at what we're doing , especially when someone's pissing us off. What happened is that we didn't want to play with guys that think they are good when the competition is done. Stepy is a guild wihthout any principles or character." Reporter: "Are they worst than Hardcore?" Snook : "Well, you can’t really compare a guild with history on the server with a mixture of random players, even though so many from HC stopped playing, also I'm pretty sure some were happy that I did , while others probably hated it completely. We didn't do it for them " I went forward with investigation and asked ncux from OneSteppy about their point of view : ncux :" Snook was in our guild with Venom, and he was afk all the time, focusing only for lvling up, we were always asking for his help during the fights for bosses like Selupan or Medusa and he never came, Tokyo and others started a conversation about why we need those kind of players in guild, who just ask for items but never helps, so Snook left and he asked all ppl who wants to join his new guild so Waste, DarknesSBK and FKinGCunT left following him, mostly because now they are fully geared and they do not want to help low lvl guys from our guild. They are led by the principle " when you are strong you want to be in a top guild but you don't care about the newbie members" " At the beginning of this week, another important moment was the start of a war between OneSteppy and Hardcore, a war that seems to never end and that makes the safe zones from Vulcanus or Swamp to become more populated than ever, a war that hold the time in one place for these guilds because they hunt each other day and night, and if some of the players try to take refuge, going afk through safe locations they are chased by enemies and if they can't be killed, secondary characters are left on them to slow their exp down. As I write this article I see some guilds that have already registered Sign of lord, is it an attempt of Hardcore or Rise to prevent OneSteppy from taking part in the fight on Sunday? Will OneSteppy have the strength to return to the battle? Will they accumulate enough points to be able to participate?(it is already Friday and they can register only tomorrow but they cannot add Signs of Lord anymore)
  16. I don't know if you've ever thought about this, but there was a way, back in the day (used on webzen too) of merging servers. I can't remember wether they were same style of server then merged because of lack of player or not but my suggestion is: Use your advertisement/marketing ways to announce a new FRESH start (cause somehow every mu player nowadays looks for fresh and end up on shitty servers dunno why) give them a 1/2 boost in everything (exp/jwls/droprate) nothing way overpowered, but maybe to be close-ish to the top50 in the first 1month or something of playing? (Or at least become decently competitive to non-peak hours) Then, merge the servers into one, so the population will grow on server, and i'm sure you'll get more casual players, and new hardcore players and more money (let's be honest, you need the $ to support the server, it's not surviving on thin-air, who still thinks that is a moron) I'm pretty sure webzen did this too multiple times (merging) and maybe it will help you too, since i feel like this database is going to last for at least 3months+ (during the summer) and the playerbase has been drastically lowering) I'm not saying do that, just saying think about it. (I've seen you tried boosting lvl so the new casual players feel more inclined to go, but we all know that mu-players when they see people 6rr+ on a (10rr srv) they wont join for the usual reasons:i'm to far behind bla bla etc"
  17. I listen a lot of time what you dont wanna change the balance, but mb wu will change your mind about that ? For example CS, is map where rly can kill just vRF and eSumoner, rest of classes is just useless. SM with 1500 vit and 100 agi is unkillable, DL same BK max hit is 1500 with any stats sMG , eMG is something medium, but in any case can't make nothing. Defence, DSR from agi doesn't work, its a reason why all tanks put max vit and agi for set. RF take 1.2-1.5 DMG more whan rest but have 6-7-8k HP (rest have ~2, 2.5, 3) but can kill every one (excemp mb full vit SM with eRF or eBK buff) Sum have High kill potential with medium resistance sMG have medium to low kill potential with medium resistance eMG have medium to high kill potential with low to medium resistance sBK/aBK have low to medium kill potential and u need to rly luck to kill someone. eSM/sDL no have kill potential Elf = Support. I understand what u have another vision of game, but try to think like a player, all want to make something, not just press Q and click on swith or spam Earthshake Why ppls leave so early ? why Elf is the most unpopular character ? why from start we have a lot of sMG but on middle of game we have just 4-5? Mb 2 days PvP/PvE balance before start this is not enough ? and a lot waste time for Soccer event and in final fail its better ? @ADMIN @Gion
  18. zivkoz

    hellow there,i have a couple a questions again and i can't find em on the forum. 1.Can i reset my stats and if i can where ,i wanna change my build,can't find nothing on the site 2.I saw some players have more RR's, where can i reset after i'm 400 and what can i recieve when i reset more stats ?,and how many rr's i can do. Thank you and have a great day ahead
  19. Hvman

    Regarding this Database on Phoenix, i'd like to bring to the table what i've seen and what my thoughts are: 1.I think there is a slim problem that you might want to take into consideration regarding PVP pace/ early/mid/late game. I think the ups and downs of the characters come too abbruptly. 2. I think you missthought the fast pace ability of some "really into it" players to gear up characters. They really gear themselves pretty fast, and in terms of items they are pretty much End-Game or close to being End-Game but regarding the LVL/RR/MLVL ratio, RANK1 is barely past 50% (6rr 100mlvl) and 98% of the server isn't even at 50% in terms of lvl/rr/mlvl ratio. I think we really skipped the entire mid-game aspect because taking so long to lvlup/mlvl and goldens/bosses being doable at 2-3-5 rrs with some minimum mlvl and decent items made this gap where most of us have very good items, but nothing really worth doing besides pushing RRs and MLVLs. (Maybe if the Goldens were really hard to do? Even +3/+4 to be good with this kind of really low xp? Then people wouldn't be stuck to only lvling, or just make xp Higher) 3. I feel like some characters have been a little bit too underpowered and took quite a long time for them to be buffed like AE(which i still think it's trash, nowhere near Rank1 PVM that she should be given the fact that she's absolutelly outrageous in pvp) or SM. At least SM's manashield with the lacks of EE was necessary for a party, but the AE was really just a downside, so a faster response could've helped there. 4. I think you should also reconsider the "don't make changes during an edition" mentality, it's fine if u test it, and think that they need a bit of a buff/nerf (like ARF last edition nerf, like AE buff this edition). I think the server overall is pretty interesting and well made so congratulations. It is just that i feel we achieved a PEAK in this moment, that is not worth doing anything just rr to easier MLVL cause in NonRR server usually MLVL has a huge impact in both PVM or PVP. I don't know if u ever plan on releasing a new NON RR version, but i hope these things will help you in your future endeavours. Good luck! P.S. I Also think that in this moment is also a problem that most people are under 50% in terms of exp (under 5rr 100 mlvl) and pretty amazingly geared, cause it's destabilizing the PVP, hard to kill people 1v1, sometimes impossible if you are not using scrolls+demon. P.S.2. From my experience with nonRR server we used to use Demons in pvp, but here, they die in 3 hits so that is out of the question. EDIT: I think naming it NON-RR when you are kinda forced to RR (having 0rr 25mlvl would of gotten you competitive for maybe 1month) it's also not really a god idea. Name it 10RR xD
  20. JustPlaying

    i noticed that dark horse gets about 10% of the exp the player takes which seems "ok" but when you hit 400 you only get 10% of master exp which is very very low and impossible to get 70lvl horse for example 20k exp gives about 2k horse exp, 2k master exp gives 200 horse exp also horse doesnt lvl up after reset because of lvl requirements maybe increase the exp horse gets from master exp?
  21. Hvman

    The problem here, is that you can join with 1 char/ip in CryWolf, which means, someone has to sacrifice himself to bring an ELF, and get literally nothing (maybe a slim chance at whatever balgass drops) compared to the other players fighting for the DarkElfs. I suggest that Elfs be rewarded with something, cause the main issue we're having is that when we DO fail the CW is just because no ELF is showing up and i can understand why, their reward is what? Exp for the whole server?
  22. I myself reported this 3 times, dating back 1 month ago. Is that how is supposed to work, that noone answers these? So, BK can just sit inside Medusa/Selupan/Kundun, jump out, do a combo, then go back inside and you are unable to Target. @Gion I don't know if it's an unsolved thing, or this is how it's supposed to work, but only BK can do that.
  23. zivkoz

    Hellow there , I've just started again plain mu and this server looks good,just have a couple of questions 1.is the server market based on zen or something else,the curency that you buy things 2.strongest character..? 3.is elfs damage good on this server?
  24. The episode VII was written last week on the eternal battlefield for "The Land of Trials", a unique episode like all the others, an episode in which we find a Hardcore guild torn by The Curse as defenders, the fighters of this guild gather slowly inside the castle preparing its defense, they are few, less than last week but still they manage to gather about 20 players and prepare the defense. Squadron and WIGGLE are preparing the attack, another week in which none of the attacking guilds doesn't register enough Signs of Lord to block a build, anyway, the time of the great event is approaching, their parties are forming and the siege begins. Attacking guilds quickly break down all obstacles in their path and the fight begins, Hardcore have a disadvantage of 2000 points, but they resist in this beginning of the war for glory, Hardcore start to take small steps backwards, they are close to successfully register but they lose the switches and Wiggle registers. Hardcore players seem lost as if they were taken out of the game, they woke up with difficulty and in the meantime the only ones who seem to face Squadron are the Wiggles, towards the end Squadron have a huge points advantage over the other two guilds but neither of them give up, they want points, they want rewards and they want to continue this fight even if everything seems to be already played. Squadron easily wins the fight for supremacy this week even if they did not expect to be that easy, but you can already see and feel the power of Wiggle on the server and Hardcore seem to have already given up the need to be a dominant guild with 4 battles won and three defeats versus Squadron, are they torn by the curse again? They don't seem to have the strength to fight side by side with Squadron and for the first time Hardcore finishes the fight on the third place, being defeated by Squadron and surpassed by Wiggle in points... on the other side Wiggle seem set on an enduring battle with these great guilds, they managed to finish this fight on the second place and from one week to another they are getting stronger, will they finally succeed in conquering the Castle? Will it be their era after all? Who else can reveal this secret to us than time.... ? Related to the fight for supremacy, Hardcore lost the castle but dominated the week, Selupan and Medusa were launched this week and the battle for these wonderful rewards that can be obtained by knocking down the great bosses were taken in proportion of 80% by those in Hardcore, the fight for every boss is cruel and won with a lot of sweat, but, so far, Hardcore seem to set the tone, but it's not a rule, because they were already overwhelmed at Castle Siege and because Squadron, a guild that seems to be devoid of the core (there are rumors that the main core players have already abandoned the "ship") managed to conquer the Castle and Trippy is again the demigod of the server. Will Squadron manage to equalize? Will Wiggle be able to take advantage of the weaknesses of the other dominant guilds? A few hours separate us from all these answers ... Although I told a lot, the essence comes after this castle siege for the first time, this Sunday we have another major event, the first edition of the Soccer Night will start this evening and there are over 35 registered players and the Elves and Summoners are already shaking to have an autograph with the hottest Super Star !!! Go register before is to late : https://oldsquad.ro/forum/topic/3854-soccer-night-1-07062020/page/2/?tab=comments#comment-33553
  25. So, there have been a few instances where my merc target happened to be in kalima1, 2, 3 etc. I think this is a bit silly, as you basically need to either carry all 7 lost maps with you to prevent the possibility, or buy one as soon as you get the quest(you certainly won't be farming a full lost map in 15 minutes). Moreover, I believe some merc players deliberately AFK there to prevent themselves being killed while they AFK. Maybe just make kalima a map where you a) don't get merc points for AFK'ing and b) if you are there, you don't pop up as a merc target?
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