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    1. Hello OldSquaders & New comers, Less than 24 hours remained for the grand opening of our 3rd edition of Phoenix! The server will be launched officially tomorrow (Friday) at 19:00 GMT+3 (follow counter from website). You will be able to make sure that client works, make parties, etc. The MOBS will spawn at 20:00 GMT+3 (after 1 hour). You still have time to gather strong teams as what is coming will be pretty hard alone! Keep in mind to find a Permanent Stable Party if you plan to play seriously. Let's show to the MU Online community once again what real quality truly
    2. Hello, We're waiting feedback about the 3rd edition of Phoenix. Cheers!
    3. Hi In the new server Phoenix im using the helper in my DK, and I think the range is bugged (that or the spawn of the mobs shows them in 1 spot, but their hitbox is in another spot, which sounds weird) Im using the original possition feature and the range in 1 (in 1 for testing, normally i have it in 6 and 8, both in hunting and obtaining, and the distance in 0 min) and even then my character walks to another spot every time. this is also happening to my party members (elf and dws) while we lvl in lorencia and devias (so in different maps and spots). I do have the long-distance counte
    4. Hello everyone, Did you miss me? Well, I don't know your opinion, but I definitely missed you! Today is a great day for Old Squad Community, a long-awaited one by many of the players who have already felt the taste of the quality of this server and, of course, the taste of the competition. The moment has come and we are pleased to enjoy this fresh data base with many surprises, from one data base to another we have seen these servers evolve based on the previous experience, we have enjoyed all those bloody "on the edge" wars, we have seen great guilds destroyed by the curse and tu
    5. Hello, Test server for Phoenix is now officially open for public. Client can be downloaded from here: https://oldsquad.ro/forum/topic/2919-phoenix-downloads/ Note: It is shared client with the official server. Note2: Characters have been saved from the last test server from Phoenix, you can still test using them. While we are aware that most of you that join the Test-Server are doing it for personal benefits (i.e. testing which char to choose, who is better at what, fast leveling routes, etc.) we would be glad if you do also test parts of our info/drops/bosses and so on a
    6. Hello OldSquaders, The cold season is 'almost' over and spring is knocking on the door. There's something else except of higher temperatures to think at when talking about spring, and that's PHOENIX! Our Project Phoenix is rising once again, hitting its third edition and bringing some freshness on our community and a new challenge for those seeking of a fun journey in our MU world. Phoenix #3 is featuring our Arena Tournament V2, a more compact gameplay, a bit slower paced progression and tweaks across characters & economy. Grand Opening: 02 April at 19:00 GMT+3 (Mobs
    7. Hello, Because the average online players of the last ~10 days in a 24 window is 0.5, we took the decision to end its suffer and shut it down 1 month earlier than granted, as there is simply "0.5" interest in it and we do prefer to have our website look better for newcomers. Phoenix had a great evolution compared to its first edition, it was way better and had the highest record of online players from our community. Sadly we were a bit unlucky with it, having some bigger technical problems in the first weeks, that caused many players to reconsider it, so its active life time was cut
    8. Spawn

      When you're pres Ctrl in any situation u have double attack speed, this "features" will be repaired or is fine that ?
    9. Galivan

      Character name: GalivanRF Suggestion Type: Server Suggestion Content: Problem: When there are multiple invasion(i.e. goldens and Cursed Dragon) you can't see the first row of goldens. Thus missing important goldens such as: Budge/GGD/Drekon. Fix options:(Best to worst IMO) Make the message display more lines in a time Join the Golems and IronKnights lines together - now we have 1 less line to show which is exactly what we need When goldens up, remove other invasion messages
    10. This quote from the "How to get started + some secrets" thread. I tried doing W3 today, and this what happend:
    11. From what i've been able to see in the gaion event rankins there are these following steps: 1. The most advantageous is to do as 5, cause you get no downtime compared to 4 or 3 , they all compete for the same time and i don't think that s quite fair for people that do not have a party of 5 different chars. 2. The best record time remains from the day u did best (which given the fact that on Monday is the easiest, that one sticks) i think you should make somehow of an overral average during the 7 days which might be more competitive and force people to do monday to sunday. 3. Giv
    12. Hi, I got a pvpquest of a target in swamp map. I was RF lvl 378, and thus couldn't tp to swamp - game said I need to be lvl 380 to enter the map.
    13. lsoto

      my game start but i cant login always said that is incorrect but i login whit the same account in the page help me pls
    14. BachuS

      So, if u have below 350 and u try to d pvpquest and u re target is in swamp, u write comand /qwarp ant then u cant enter in swamp gates because u re not 350 lvl.....thats a problem, solve it pls....
    15. SuperDK

      Hello admin, i play Elf and i see a bug with multi shot skill. Sometimes it doesn't do any damage. Please fix it. Thank you very much.
    16. october

      In regards to this -- The summed stats in the print screen attached by DikutzZ is 2619. The expected stats for DikutzZ's SM should be: Level 1 (base points) 81 Level 2 -> 220 1095 Level 221 -> 400 1080 3rd Quest 90 Resets x4 360 Fruits 21 Total 2727 Conclusion: DikutzZ's SM is missing 108 stats.
    17. https://1drv.ms/u/s!AjLnJb-jRxOnhjVZ-9nMS8sAv8ig?e=UnZURG
    18. Hvman

      What about a new EXP boost in LVL and especially MLVL (maybe untill 50-70) I see there is literally no competition at high-endgame since everyone kinda took a break or left, but i sometimes see new players, that are making fast rrs( due to 1-3 rr being kinda easy to do now) but they lack really much in terms of MLVL and on non-rr mlvl is kinda everything so they still stand no chance given the fact that 1 player with 100mlvl can kill an entire party with literally no buffs. Would u think about making the exp even higher and giving a significant boost in mLVL at least to 50-70 so the
    19. dontpanic

      hi all, why is in forum character guide, MGs fireslash formula is; Fire Slash Defence Reduction: Max Rate: 20%. Formula: 10% + ENE/60(%) - Capped at 600 ENE. but when tried on test server, same increase on damage after fireslash with(600) or without(15) ene. is this bug or guide is just outdated?
    20. Reporter

      This interview is about Snook, a player who got ranked no 1 on Phoenix#2 weeks ago and he is still number one in the moment I write this article, he is ranked top number one also on Master Level Main rankings, Hall of Fame general rankings, Chaos Castle general rankings, and second ranked Castle Siege Tank rankings , and he is also a member of "The Council" (one of the newest Old Squad projects). Reporter: "Hello, Snook ! Welllcomeeeee to the News Paper's Hall of Fammeeeeeeeee ! Snook:"Hello, Mr. Reporter ! Thank you for having me ! 🙏 " Reporter : " Can you, please, give us a d
    21. A controversial episode with spectacular upheavals took place last Sunday in the battle for Phoenix's Supremacy. OneSteppy, guild that held the supremacy of the server for its first time, a guild that seems to be growing and that is focusing on recruiting all active players, (they manage to recruit people even from Hardcore last week), prepare the defense, managing to gather a large number of players, organizing about 4 parties. Some "voices" told me that they were 21 players but 3 of them were afk, most of the time. On the other side, Hardcore, the guild that dominated this data
    22. I don't know if you've ever thought about this, but there was a way, back in the day (used on webzen too) of merging servers. I can't remember wether they were same style of server then merged because of lack of player or not but my suggestion is: Use your advertisement/marketing ways to announce a new FRESH start (cause somehow every mu player nowadays looks for fresh and end up on shitty servers dunno why) give them a 1/2 boost in everything (exp/jwls/droprate) nothing way overpowered, but maybe to be close-ish to the top50 in the first 1month or something of playing? (Or at least becom
    23. I listen a lot of time what you dont wanna change the balance, but mb wu will change your mind about that ? For example CS, is map where rly can kill just vRF and eSumoner, rest of classes is just useless. SM with 1500 vit and 100 agi is unkillable, DL same BK max hit is 1500 with any stats sMG , eMG is something medium, but in any case can't make nothing. Defence, DSR from agi doesn't work, its a reason why all tanks put max vit and agi for set. RF take 1.2-1.5 DMG more whan rest but have 6-7-8k HP (rest have ~2, 2.5, 3) but can kill every one (excemp mb full vit SM with eRF
    24. zivkoz

      hellow there,i have a couple a questions again and i can't find em on the forum. 1.Can i reset my stats and if i can where ,i wanna change my build,can't find nothing on the site 2.I saw some players have more RR's, where can i reset after i'm 400 and what can i recieve when i reset more stats ?,and how many rr's i can do. Thank you and have a great day ahead
    25. Hvman

      Regarding this Database on Phoenix, i'd like to bring to the table what i've seen and what my thoughts are: 1.I think there is a slim problem that you might want to take into consideration regarding PVP pace/ early/mid/late game. I think the ups and downs of the characters come too abbruptly. 2. I think you missthought the fast pace ability of some "really into it" players to gear up characters. They really gear themselves pretty fast, and in terms of items they are pretty much End-Game or close to being End-Game but regarding the LVL/RR/MLVL ratio, RANK1 is barely past 50% (6rr 100m
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