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    1. 1. CW is open - moobs are spawning (it should be unlocked after first Stage) 2. ALL DARK ELVES and Ballgass die on 1 hit - who hit first he get item 3. I went last CW just for check and i saw many people from hardcore guild and softcore guild - they stand 1-2 people at each dark elves. I went on my basic position and 2 dark elves came to me and i killed them on 1 hit (i get 100kk and Great Lord Scepter +2%ID +Mana). When it was 0/12 dark elves (after +/- 5sec) Elf on altar cancel the event. I think they doing it since start of server - Why i think that? ....... go to 4. 4. I saw a few people on ranking who had +/- 400kk (400M or 400 000 000 zen) in their inventory after a few days from start (less then 1 weak) - it was impossible playing by 2 chars. Furthermore some of them bought many jewels/items for that ZENs from CW, and ofc they didnt have any problem with zens for reset. It is not a Fair Play. You need to do something with that - people are angry and want leave the server. In my opinion server should be RESTARTED with all credits what people bought OR admin should check when they exactly start using this bug (if it is possible to check) and make rollback even if it is 3 weak ago. #GUNWOBURZA #CW #BUG
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