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  1. darkyo

    The problem is not about okla is n1 on pvp the problem is and i repeat myself is that rf on agi is too op why are u throwing rocks on each other with no reason .... rf got an def buff this is all and the dmg and def on rf will scale until the end of the server but on stage i am sure admin will change something or he will see that was on bug on server so just wait for next patch and things will come back ...
  2. darkyo

    The real problem is that rf got a buff for def and had an big impact on game because def is not only pvm is pvp too this is the only problem thats why is so op now . Arf was killer all the time everybody knows this but with that buff u cannot kill him now this is the only problem . If the defence will be set back at AGI/7 u will see how fast a rf will fall
  3. darkyo

    Max ref is 60% and max dd is same 60% u dont know to many thing about server drom what i see this means that full ene sum + ref it will be same 60% (+set is same 60% it dont adds more than 60% )
  4. darkyo

    On this server seeds are lvl4 not 5 so the impact from socket will not be high
  5. darkyo

    The test server dont share same stats/dmg/build like the normal server u can check very easy ...
  6. darkyo

    Yes true i think the rate for op w3 is too big ... already 4 w3 FO from what i know
  7. darkyo

    [UPDATED] RF Defence gain formula is now AGI/5 from AGI/7 (so he can be able to survive in maps like rest of chars). 15000 = 3000 def and bonus def set 13 ++ 20% total def + set 500-600 def 3600 + 760 bonus = 4360 now 15000 = 2140 def and bonus def set 13 ++20% total def +set 500-600 def 2740 + 548 bonus =2688 before The problem with arf is not about dmg is about hes def and range u cannot kill him, on the other server arf was good too on dmg but with low def so u can kill him 50% of times before he came near you
  8. darkyo

    3Musketeers vs karis 22:45 today
  9. darkyo

    The changes are very good for this stage of the game still some chars are very tanky but this depends of the choise they made . And one more thing , i think admin should put low drop on fruits so we cannot change before cs and after cs we change back , just a feedback
  10. darkyo

    We stayed 1 week in ds when box was bugged nobody was crying so stfu the drop is low and all you do on this server is complaining ... ur still here after u said that u close game
  11. darkyo


    Dieee wants in bok 5 for solo hunt no team player
  12. darkyo


    Man that set was pure luck is bot so easy to make 380 with good opt
  13. darkyo


    I think people don't understand how our guild prepared for this cs .... all guild was farming and everything we managed to make sets for everyone ( mostly rusu who was thinking every minute for sets and tryed his best to gear others) when all the server was sleeping we manage to stay and farm farm farm everything was for guild . It is normal if all of you like individual play and afk to lose the cs and the rewards . Now that u see 1 guild is more better than others all started to cry . But you forgot that u can use everthing at cs .
  14. W4 mix - 1x Weapon 380 +13 +Add16 (No Explosion Blade / Sylph Wind Bow) ? non exc ?
  15. salut

    este permis sa faci block in bc ?

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