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    1. You should have seen nosgoth after their 1st won cs with the "ES CS" spam, now that was cringe. We were just having fun. Also, one more thing that boggles my mind. How are you able to read if you're blind? :-??
    2. Phantomel

      with this i must agree, very very annoying especially for caster type classes. Getting one shotted without even knowing what hit you is aids. Tele nova is pretty annoying too but I guess its a bit more skill reliant so it doesnt matter
    3. Phantomel

      You were doing pretty good last night at BQ against multiple targets including full ancient summy They play with ~1700 ene so they are glass cannons. You can't make a class win against all others, currently BK wins against almost anything else(pretty ok considering the low PvM potential , slow that almost never lands, no range, easily kiteable etc. and the struggle to raise a BK), so it's w/e. Idk how you 2 are complaining. You probably 2 combo summoners as well, considering their hp pool is <1k hp(at least most of them), and idk why summies that dont play with DD+DDI and low vit cry about getting melted by bk - You either go PvP with some more resistance, to be able to kite and shit, or you go full PvM with ancients n shit but you accept the fact that you get melted if you dont play carefully, it's as simple as that. As for your first question, yeah, I'm pretty sure that we're playing on the balance that was made on inception(at least for some characters - DL can't use chaotic at all, very buggy, needs very high AGI to actually do anything, SM's Ice storm is scheisse as well, etc.)
    4. Phantomel

      You probably have like 1600-1700 ene with ~200-300 agi and like 800 total hp after berserk, you also lack a few DD's since ancients and reflect ring, so what do you expect I can assure you that the "extend skill range" is just visual, you just have to see a BK PoV and compare it to what you see on your screen.
    5. Phantomel

      Number is way higher than that atm
    6. Phantomel

      So much crying over one event. As I said, get better at entering IT and you do the same as us. We don't care if you root for your guild to getting more rewards, it is what it is. Everyone is doing antigame so that the team who has the most guild players win, but we dont cry about it and we dont warn cause we understand how it is. GL in your future IT journeys 😄 Also, I have to agree with Grazynka's point 3. On a normal, non RR server, you only have those early tp's as a mechanism to catch up on the others, since you first have to level to 150, and after that you are able to create tier 2 classes, so you start leveling once again. Here that lower level teleport is creating a huge gap and is giving more than just level advantages to player who stack up as mg/dl team.
    7. Phantomel

      Next we're going to limit 1 party per guild in ds/bc, right? ROFL. Git gud. Whole server antigamed us by going V gens, so who cares. Of course if we are 8 or 9 inside IT we will strategically go for more rewards for our guild. Antigame is when 1 people from a team trolls the others when everyone is playing the game for real.
    8. Phantomel

      Guilds will mostly play with voice comms anyway ^^
    9. Phantomel

      To be fair I don't see this as being racism, if anything, the only offense I found in that comment is BL for calling him stupid - And he should be muted. Racism is the belief that groups of humans possess different behavioral traits corresponding to physical appearance and can be divided based on the superiority of one race over another. If some football commentator sais "The moldavian/bulgarian/w.e player is a verry good player", you can't acuse him of being racist. Rusu didn't express any hate or bad language against a race, he only called that individual player "stupid". To be fair, I don't hold any grudges against these little snowflakes, but their language is despicable as well most of the time but no one cares, cause we are grown up man and we can take an insult from someone who's hiding behind their monitors. Last DB some of them were using a lot of curses and bad words towards me, but instead of trying to get them banned, I was just bantering with them back. They might hold grudges against Rusu, but banning people that play a lot and are part of the community for a long time slowly kills the server. As I was telling chukundah a couple of nights ago(him being a controversial character on this server), because we had our exchanges of words and pks and shit last DB, we should just keep it in game, and let the rivalries and competition get the best out of us. While I agree that Rusu used BL calling him stupid(people do it all the times, you shouldn't be offended by that cause you know better about your mental capacity), and he needs a warn or a mute, I completely disagree that the comment that he did can be counted as racism.
    10. Phantomel

      You don't have to act ironically towards me, just cause I'm active on forum and I'm telling you what everyone thinks but they won't talk just because you use to give those kind of answers I didn't ask for an exact date, we were hoping to get one response such as - in one week, one month w/e. People are camping golden spawns, also I didn't say that the spawns are set on x,y coordinates, I'm aware that it has some RNG to it as well, but some spots get more spawns than the others. As I said, its just weird having just 4 w3 on the server considering the number of flames that are being dropped, and considering that jewels are a huge problem right now, it REAAAAALLY hurts when you get a fail. I won't continue this discussion since you feel personally attacked by a question meant for other players.
    11. Phantomel

      We just got another fail, btw. 16 and counting
    12. Phantomel

      I can send you a full list of who combined W3 and you can check for yourself if you check logs. I'm not exagerating at all. W3 were failing on inception as well, but lets say every 4 combines we would get a wing. It's been 2 weeks since people started doing IT5 with the flame drops, and the CC box4, lots of flames appeared on the server, but it is very weird how only 4 W3 are currently in game at this point of the game. I'm not blaming anyone, but I'm just curious how it all worked out for the other guilds regarding w3.
    13. I just wanted to ask other players from other guilds - do you feel like W3 rates are as they are supposed to be? Are we that unlucky to fail every single combination from a whooping total of 15, or does anyone else also feel like 40% ain't 40% rate?
    14. Phantomel

      I know that in theory low DS/BC are a good way of getting xp, and they are, up from a point. But I can give you examples of parties that were in top 40 and they didn't do a single event early(that's when I complained about DS4 being hard) and lower DS's were not so much different than spot xp. Kill rate was very low in DS4 and mobs were hitting like a truck(very well geared party, paired up with an ERF). About invasions, I know they have some RNG side, but I'm pretty sure that once you know some spawns, you have waayyyyy higher chances of finding it than some others, there are spots on the map that I found the budge for like 3 consecutive invasions. Also, what's your opinion on my ideea of one hour random spawns, I remember playing on a server that had this feature and it was very nice, everyone had chances of finding random spawns in that hour, and the /invasion command that we have on the server would make this feature way better. Maybe it's not worth to implement it for regular boks, but it would be great to at least have this implemented for budges/derkons/ggds. Also, instead of a break, some quest system lets say at lvl 250 would be more fun. Just make 2-3 simple quests instead of a break in order to advance past that level(such as Craft w2, hunt x bok 1-2 goldens, win 3 ccs etc). I do agree with you that breaks are a nice catch up system for the guys that were left behind in terms of level, but what I can also guarantee you is that most players didn't like the breaks at all(even though they are something necessary to ensure healthy gameplay and that everyone is close to each other in terms of exp.) We also have the exp boost for people outside rank 100, which is another good addition and helps catching up as well.
    15. Phantomel

      Just my opinion, breaks were too long and it promotes the afk gaming style. I'd rather have 5-6 quests as requirement for reset, making the game interactive for everyone in terms of PvP and PvM, and have just 2 breaks instead of how it is now. -Event materials are very hard to come by, and once you get into the event, you get drops of lower level materials than the ones that you need, making it very hard to keep up with events and almost no reason to buy the PRO vip with the extra entries. -Make low tier ancients more accessible so people can actually use them earlier when they are useful, instead of just piling them up for feather or seed combinations. -Raise the density of the monsters in lower BC/DS a bit, cause a lot of people were complaining about the exp on spot being better than going to events and wasting chaoses. Next, not really feedback about the early game or phoenix, but more general regarding golden invasions. I know it is pretty hard and it took you a while to get the system running as it is right now, but I would re think the way that this event works. -Most of the old players that are familiar with the server already know spawn points of budges/derkons/GGD, which makes it harder for new people that join on the server keep up with the others instead of the gear. -What I would do - I would keep the ideea of Golden hour, but instead of all goldens spawning at a random time in that hour, making the golden invasion "hour" rather last for max. 10 minutes, I think that it would be better for the goldens to randomly spawn for 1 hour time, not all at once, making the invasion more interactive and from my opinion more fun for everyone.
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