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    1. Now why on earth would we want to remove pentagrams? Penta's are the late game grinding and add soooo much diversity to this game. It's a very nice system when done right(NOT pay to get best errtel and penta as it currently is on all servers), they can be added gradually along the new bosses in the game(OldSquad concept, gradually releasing content), for example - Lord sylvester drops Low tier pentas with 2-3 errtel sockets, and mithrils; Core magriffy drops low tier pentas with 3-4 errtel sockets, and mithrils; Fereea and Nixie can drop mid/high tier pentas with 3-4 sockets + mithrils/errtels and God of Darkness drops high tier pentas 4 sockets + errtels. There are so many ways to customise and rework on the penta system that I feel that it will make this game/season enjoyable.
    2. Make it happen, please. Personally I'm done with S6, I cba coming back each DB to play the same game. S16-17 slow, progressive would be a banger. I'm pretty sure we can hit 1k+ players on that one.
    3. Yup, that's what I was saying. All the newer version servers are just made to pump cash into them and be over in 1 month, but I would really like to play a newer season with the OldSquad concept - slow gameplay, play to win, progressive gameplay and all that.
    4. Asking the real question here. I'm sure I'm not the only one who started getting really bored of season 6, but come back each db cause of the server quality and the community(with goods and bads). Is there any chance that we will get a higher season(Not talking about season 17 bullshit, but rather 9-10, with maybe the next class as well) in the close future? I can see a phoenix style, low or even non rr server with oldsquad quality lasting for pretty long, considering how many other things are there to do in game.
    5. Most true thing I've read on this forum in a while Now about CS V2. Since 80% of fights were between only 2 alliances, I'll talk only about this case (in 3 was a bit better). 2 ally fight: - Move crywolf stay AFK for SD regen & wait summon. - Get summoned inside room / near room. - Kill bufffers / lower players & move switchers / GM. - Register crown in 2-4 minutes. - Repeat.
    6. I really like the new changes, and as I suggested about the GM change, it's more than welcome. Maybe you could add some GM skills as well(similar to BM Stun) - chain on a single person / invincibility for him or a target / Fully replenish HP+SD to GM and/or BM, you name it. I have lots of ideeas but I don't know how much you are limited by game design. Also, while I agree that 40 people is maybe a bit too much for guild+ally, I still back up the ideea that I gave you about the guild networth bonuses - Basicly all the activities that guild members do in one week(from monday to saturday for example) will reflect the max members allowed to go to cs. For example Hardcore got 5x kunduns, xx amount of goldens etc, it will translate into net worth points for guild. Starting from 1k points to 10-15k, you could have from 1-15 extra members at CS. All guilds start with a base of 25 players with a possibility to extend to maximum 35 members, based on guild's net worth. I don't agree with reducing the maximum number of players to 15 or anything lower than 25, because as someone said earlier, and we all know that, it's Hardcore vs the ones that dont like Hardcore(or they are not accepted into Hardcore). If I dont make it to the CS in my guild, then what's the point of going and playing with another guild. All guilds have their own core players and they will/will not play at cs depending on what the guild needs. Also, the ideea that you have to coordinate 25/40 w/e number of people is totally wrong. Everyone should know what to do and be assigned tasks BEFORE cs. You have to focus on your own gameplay during cs, and if you're not doing that, you(as a guild) are doing it wrong That's also available for the new objectives - having 40 members available for cs means that you could send 5 to Gigas, 5 to one statue, 5 to the other one or w/e. You have to live with the fact that the competition on this server(thus, the players that mainly keep the server alive) will be part of either one of the 2 guilds (Hardcore vs HORDE for example) and forcing those guilds to split for cs is dumb imo, cause as I stated earlier, I'd rather be benched for one week's CS than be forced to play with another guild. Rest of the players are just casually enjoying the game and cba about tryharding events(Take BIA for example, how many random player teams have you seen this DB?) As for the buffer NPC ideea, I really really really hate it It's already known that buffers win cs'es, and for example, I played buffer even when I was way better geared than other players in my guild, just cause I realised how important a buffer is. The guild who has more open minded people that accept to play as buffers have an edge at CS, so why would everyone benefit from free buffs? But yeah, just my ideea. If people don't agree with gigas + Statues, maybe you could alternate them - week 1 - no gigas or statues, week 2 - gigas, week 3 - statues, week 4 - gigas + statues
    7. Hello everyone! So, since the rewards from IT have been normalized and now you can get same rewards(but different chances) in all IT's and people wont cry anymore about only HC joining IT5, can we have back the old system where the players that clicked first join first? People abuse the current system and join with secondaries. I'm already fed up how many alt chars i've encountered in IT, and some people even enter with 2 or 3 chars in different IT's and they are griefing the other people who join with only their mains and want to have fair chances at winning. Thank you!
    8. Hello fellow OldSquaders! I have decided to make a guide about Yellow options you can put on excellent weapons and armor and share my knowledge with you. What do these options do and how do they help you in PvP? As you all might or might not know, the most important thing in PvP is considered to be the SD. What is SD, how do we increase it and how does it work in PvP? -SD is represented by the yellow bar that is near our HP pool. It can be increased directly by our stats(The more resets and stats you have, the more your SD increases). -In PvP by default, when you receive damage, 90% of it goes into your SD, and 10% goes into HP. When you run out of SD, all the damage goes directly into HP. Keep in mind that if you don't have a sturdy HP pool you might die even if you have SD left, so try to get a good amount of HP so you don't die before your SD pool depletes. Also there are some hidden mechanics of the game hidden behind SD, but I will speak about them later. Now let's see how yellow options can help your character in PvP I will start with SD Ratio Increase(One of the two yellow options viable on high reset/high stat servers). How does it work and where/why should you use it. -Keep in mind that currently, on OldSquad, you can have up to a maximum of +3 SD Ratio increase on set pieces and shield instead of +5 as it was by default. SD Ratio increase is the counterpart of SD Reduction rate on weapon(Basically they counter each other) Earlier I've said that 90% of the damage goes into your SD pool and 10% into your HP. What this option do is, it increases the SD Absorbtion beyond 90% of the default one. So basically, If I equip one set piece that has SD Ratio increase, I will receive 93% of the damage into my SD pool and only 7% into HP. Now, if I manage to get SD Ratio increase on 4 pieces, it means that all the damage I will take will go into SD, leaving my HP unharmed. Why is this such a huge thing? Remember when I said about the hidden game mechanic behind SD? Basically, when your characters suffer HP damage, your character have a chance of getting a stutter, being unable to attack/use skills for a brief time. For BK for example(but not only), that stutter can make a huge mess as it can be the difference between a succesfully done combo and a failed one. A failed combo means that you lose a huge amount of damage which can be decisive in a duel. So, the main reason of using SD Ratio increase is the fact that if we manage to get 100% SD Absorbtion, it prevents our hp pool from taking damage, which translates into being able to dish massive amounts of damage in a short time by having uninterrupted attacks because we get rid of that stutter. However, compared to Damage Decrement Increase it does NOT reduce the damage you take. This option is especially good if you have lots of SD potions on your hand so you can replenish your SD pool(Basically use SD pots instead of HP pots) There are other ways to prevent the animation stutter effect as well. Horn of Uniria, Horn of Dinorant, Horn of Fenrir and Dark horse will prevent you from get stuttered in PvP as well, however, the Dark Horse is available only for DL, the Fenrir is pretty hard to get and the other 2 get destroyed very fast in PvP. Also keep in mind that BK can NOT use cyclone and VRF can NOT use Chain Drive(Main PvP skills), so SD Ratio increase is the only viable way for them to get rid of the stutter effect. However, this option can be countered very easily with SD reduction rate and SD Bypass options, and because the option is currently nerfed down(You need 4 items to reach 100% instead of 2), I would say that it is not a viable option, or it can be very situational at most(For BK's for example, that are not able to equip a pet, and only when they fight enemies that dont have SD Decrease ratio on weapon, so basicly just in duels). Next, I will speak about SD Reduction rate % and how does it work in PvP As I said before, SD Reduction Rate is the opposite of SD Ratio increase - so, the damage absorbed by the opponent's shield in PvP translates into HP damage according to the value of SD Reduction Rate that you have. For example, if you have SD Reduction Rate 10%, your opponent will take 80% damage into SD and 20% damage into HP. Considering that you can get 13% Maximum ammount of SD Reduction rate on Staff, the maximum SD Reduction Rate you can get is 26% - Which translates into 64% SD/36% HP damage done. This option is especially powerful on high attack speed characters and very effective against characters that have a low HP buff, therefore being prone to dying before their SD runs out. However, I will advise you to NOT use this option against high hp pool characters such as VRF or BK, since them having huge HP pools translates into them surviving even longer in PvP. Why do I say this? BK and VRF are probably the only characters that can survive a good amount of time even if they run out of SD. So basically how you want to play against them is drain their SD to 0 very fast and burst them down directly into HP pool. This option does exactly the opposite therefore it makes them survive longer(Less damage into their SD - They sustain their HP pool with HP pots anyway - They live longer). Last, but not least, probably the crowned king of yellow options in PvP(at least on high stats server), SD Bypass, or SD Ignore Rate SD Bypass grants each attack a chance to completely Ignore the opponent's SD and deal full damage to their health.So, if your weapon has SD Bypass 10% - You will have 10% chance for each hit to translate directly into HP, which deals huge damage. In short, this yellow option is RNG dependant, but considering that on high stats servers you have very fast attack speed, it means that this will proc a lot. **SD Bypass DOES work with reflect option - So if you have a set item with Reflect option equiped, that reflect also has a chance to benefit from the Bypass you have on weapon. This yellow option is viable and good on all classes, but especially benefit the classes with high burst damage on one hit(Such as BK combo, DL Horse, SM Nova) because they actually have chances of one shotting people. This option is much better when PvP-ing against high HP targets, but as I described the matter earlier for SD Reduction, this one can be problematic against BK and VRF as well - If you're not lucky enough to hit bypass after bypass, they will sustain their HP pool and their SD will drop even lower(The bypass hits do no damage to SD pool), so they will live even longer than if you would have SD Decr. The safest choice - especially if you are a 1 weapon class as DL is, is by far SD Bypass, while MG/Summ can also chose to use 2 SD Reduction weapons because they have huge burst and can kill others before their SD drains even without bypass. For set pieces, there are more situations: -For CS, you will chose Damage decrement increase every time - Since 99% of CS you will have 0 SD anyway and the SD Ratio increase option will do nothing for you. -For BK's especially, in 1v1's, go SD Ratio increase if the opponent has no Bypass or Reduction, that will translate into smooth, uninterrupted combos which almost every time means you will win. Mainly, in most of the cases, DDI is the best choice by far for all classes, but SD ratio increase can situationally be very very good Thank you for reading, and I hope you got the chance to learn something Best regards, Phantomel
    9. with this i must agree, very very annoying especially for caster type classes. Getting one shotted without even knowing what hit you is aids. Tele nova is pretty annoying too but I guess its a bit more skill reliant so it doesnt matter
    10. You were doing pretty good last night at BQ against multiple targets including full ancient summy They play with ~1700 ene so they are glass cannons. You can't make a class win against all others, currently BK wins against almost anything else(pretty ok considering the low PvM potential , slow that almost never lands, no range, easily kiteable etc. and the struggle to raise a BK), so it's w/e. Idk how you 2 are complaining. You probably 2 combo summoners as well, considering their hp pool is <1k hp(at least most of them), and idk why summies that dont play with DD+DDI and low vit cry about getting melted by bk - You either go PvP with some more resistance, to be able to kite and shit, or you go full PvM with ancients n shit but you accept the fact that you get melted if you dont play carefully, it's as simple as that. As for your first question, yeah, I'm pretty sure that we're playing on the balance that was made on inception(at least for some characters - DL can't use chaotic at all, very buggy, needs very high AGI to actually do anything, SM's Ice storm is scheisse as well, etc.)
    11. You probably have like 1600-1700 ene with ~200-300 agi and like 800 total hp after berserk, you also lack a few DD's since ancients and reflect ring, so what do you expect I can assure you that the "extend skill range" is just visual, you just have to see a BK PoV and compare it to what you see on your screen.
    12. So much crying over one event. As I said, get better at entering IT and you do the same as us. We don't care if you root for your guild to getting more rewards, it is what it is. Everyone is doing antigame so that the team who has the most guild players win, but we dont cry about it and we dont warn cause we understand how it is. GL in your future IT journeys 😄 Also, I have to agree with Grazynka's point 3. On a normal, non RR server, you only have those early tp's as a mechanism to catch up on the others, since you first have to level to 150, and after that you are able to create tier 2 classes, so you start leveling once again. Here that lower level teleport is creating a huge gap and is giving more than just level advantages to player who stack up as mg/dl team.
    13. Next we're going to limit 1 party per guild in ds/bc, right? ROFL. Git gud. Whole server antigamed us by going V gens, so who cares. Of course if we are 8 or 9 inside IT we will strategically go for more rewards for our guild. Antigame is when 1 people from a team trolls the others when everyone is playing the game for real.
    14. Guilds will mostly play with voice comms anyway ^^
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