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    1. Phantomel

      To be fair I don't see this as being racism, if anything, the only offense I found in that comment is BL for calling him stupid - And he should be muted. Racism is the belief that groups of humans possess different behavioral traits corresponding to physical appearance and can be divided based on the superiority of one race over another. If some football commentator sais "The moldavian/bulgarian/w.e player is a verry good player", you can't acuse him of being racist. Rusu didn't express any hate or bad language against a race, he only called that individual player "stupid". To be f
    2. Phantomel

      You don't have to act ironically towards me, just cause I'm active on forum and I'm telling you what everyone thinks but they won't talk just because you use to give those kind of answers I didn't ask for an exact date, we were hoping to get one response such as - in one week, one month w/e. People are camping golden spawns, also I didn't say that the spawns are set on x,y coordinates, I'm aware that it has some RNG to it as well, but some spots get more spawns than the others. As I said, its just weird having just 4 w3 on the server considering the number of flames that are being dropped, an
    3. Phantomel

      We just got another fail, btw. 16 and counting
    4. Phantomel

      I can send you a full list of who combined W3 and you can check for yourself if you check logs. I'm not exagerating at all. W3 were failing on inception as well, but lets say every 4 combines we would get a wing. It's been 2 weeks since people started doing IT5 with the flame drops, and the CC box4, lots of flames appeared on the server, but it is very weird how only 4 W3 are currently in game at this point of the game. I'm not blaming anyone, but I'm just curious how it all worked out for the other guilds regarding w3.
    5. I just wanted to ask other players from other guilds - do you feel like W3 rates are as they are supposed to be? Are we that unlucky to fail every single combination from a whooping total of 15, or does anyone else also feel like 40% ain't 40% rate?
    6. Phantomel

      I know that in theory low DS/BC are a good way of getting xp, and they are, up from a point. But I can give you examples of parties that were in top 40 and they didn't do a single event early(that's when I complained about DS4 being hard) and lower DS's were not so much different than spot xp. Kill rate was very low in DS4 and mobs were hitting like a truck(very well geared party, paired up with an ERF). About invasions, I know they have some RNG side, but I'm pretty sure that once you know some spawns, you have waayyyyy higher chances of finding it than some others, there are spots on th
    7. Phantomel

      Just my opinion, breaks were too long and it promotes the afk gaming style. I'd rather have 5-6 quests as requirement for reset, making the game interactive for everyone in terms of PvP and PvM, and have just 2 breaks instead of how it is now. -Event materials are very hard to come by, and once you get into the event, you get drops of lower level materials than the ones that you need, making it very hard to keep up with events and almost no reason to buy the PRO vip with the extra entries. -Make low tier ancients more accessible so people can actually use them earlier when they are useful,
    8. Phantomel

      Admin was talking about the % to recover HP on wings, not about % life recovery from JoL.
    9. I personally agree with higher CD and lowering the range a bit. Being a ping pong ball is not fun for anyone ^^ L.E.: We also need to take into consideration that in later stages of the game the ML resists will be available, and it will get a bit better. But right now every CC skill is very powerful.
    10. Phantomel

      I think its ok as it is now, since at the moment guilds just gang up on each others, and it's kinda hard to kill people when you're 1v5, but at least you can survive a bit longer.
    11. Phantomel

      Character name - Phantomelu Suggestion type - Server - Gens Raid Content - Feedback on the gens raid and overall gens situation How the suggestion could bring value - It would improve the overall quality of life for most of the players So, currently, as all the D gens players know and feel frustrated about, the daily raids are extremely hard for us, mainly due to the fact that there are no players in battle maps. Currently, rank 2-9 in the gens rankings are secondary characters who afk. I know that the only way to get more kills in raids is to change gens(which wou
    12. Phantomel

      Considering you have to go through 3 additional rounds for some good rewards, I consider that giving a small boost to winners every day would be a nice addition, but that's just my humble opinion Or as long as you are going to change the rewards a bit later in the game, when people will start farming Gemstones, 5 johs will be next to nothing for someone who was a winner at some arena round(and considering if you place 29-30th you get nothing extra), that would feel very underwhelming. That's just my two cents. Usually when people go to invasion/contest world bosses/events they go there to get
    13. Phantomel

      But I was talking about winners of each day's arena, not reward for all participants, that would be nuts
    14. Phantomel

      At this point arena seems way more fun and well thought than it was at the release on inception, but I feel like there should be some small rewards to motivate more ppl joining outside the sunday main event. Something like a couple of jewels, bok1 for the winners each day should do the trick. Other than that, it's all good.
    15. Phantomel

      From what I noticed, activity of players on forum is reaaaaally really low on this DB. I wrote this post cause our party has experienced this, and also many of my guildies were also talking about it on guild's discord. I'm really looking forward to more ppl replying and telling us their opinion.
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