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  1. Phantomel

    Spirit Hook is not available on season 6 ^^
  2. Phantomel

    Let's not even mention that, if by a miracle, SMG and BK get in the range of DL with full hp/sd, they will still get insta melted, even if you hit your combos flawlessly, you dont stand a chance. Just a clear example - Me with full +12ddhp ashcrow set, decent weapons, balanced stats(or at least that's what I tend to think about them) got melted against a DL with +0 scale set, with only one DD piece and non exc scepter. Did like 4 combos and I dropped dead. No one can tell me this is balanced.
  3. Phantomel

    Time will tell ^^ I trust that the staff will take the right decisions in balancing all classes.
  4. Phantomel

  5. Phantomel

    The Ice arrow was purely a reply to you saying that she lost her pvp possibilities. And as I was saying, you have Senpai as an example of an elf that is doing pretty good in pure PVM environments, killing a lot of world bosses in the past days. You can't expect a class to dominate the server from 0 resets till the end game. Things change, as they should.
  6. Phantomel

    Lets put it this way - You have 2 days worth of time to check all announces and take screenshots. We'll count how many of them are taken by RF or any other class(Besides DL - cause it really has a problem right now, and it's dominating both PVP and PVM - most probably due to the fact that they die really hard and they have enough time to pump up damage). You will see that most of them are taken by elves and I can give you a few examples if you'd like. Elf is all about the positioning and staying as close as you can to your target to be able to pump damage to the fullest potential. The damage on statue in BC, as far as I know, is calculated for each party, and it's dying really fast. RF probably has high burst damage, but I don't think that right now it can compete with AE in high amounts of damage over time(sustained damage) If we compare same lvl/ml and W3 and item sets. Also, the point you're missing when you are saying that elf is useless in PvP is actually the most important. We all know that the key of staying alive - even in world pvp where more people focus you, is moving. What's the best counter to moving? Not Ice storm or any other slow which can be removed - It's ice arrow. Also, dont worry about low vit, you can always use an eBK and eRF to counter that ^^
  7. Phantomel

    I still see that the vast majority of elves are still dominating world events(Cursed/Kundun/BQ and so on). You have to take into account that the characters that you compare yourself to might be much more higher in terms of ML than yourself, thus having a huge advantage. RF HAS double damage on master skill tree. Elves were top hunters and dominated every BC till now(I don't even want to speak about 3-4 reset twinks stealing the statues solo against 4-5higher rr parties). Your pvp possibilities aren't till mid game, as ice arrow has a HUGE impact in the game. Maybe in the future you guys will be able to use your buffs outside CS and it will be an advantage for you. But compared to other classes that did nothing till this point of the game, you can't cry and expect to be top pvp, lol. I'm pretty sure that around 8-9 resets elves were unkillable in pvp. Huge defense cause they were spending everything in AGI and huge burst damage.
  8. Phantomel

    So, if I understand this well, you want AE to be as strong as RF is in pvp. Let me remind you that until 15 resets the RF was a total joke. BK is the worst in PVM BY FAR and BK's still get their ass kicked in pvp by other classes somehow, due to our very low capacity to CC or gap close on them. Elf is supposed to be insane in PVM early/mid and mediocre in pvp(though I'm pretty sure elf kicks ass, and excepting DL they can still win vs other classes in pvp due to their insane burst). Will you guys do anything about destruction(higher slow chance)? And if you guys will not buff the bk in pvp(it's the only unchanged class since the start of the DB), can you at least buff a bit his pvm capabilities? I know bk isn't supposed to be a hunter/PvM char, but atm. bk is a huge joke, and we're forced to make alt chars for pvm purpose - I'd rather go hunt with my 6rr AE than with my main bk. Also if you don't have a premade group to carry your ass, Imperial event is just another event that us BK's don't have any chance of getting rewards from ranking, cause no one will take a BK in a timer run just to ruin it ^^. I know you guys like the ideea of missing one combo - lose pvp, and I understand that you are long time BK players, but compared to other classes who are ranged, have slow or higher movement speed and insane damage, BK is just a joke. As much as I love BK and the whole class fantasy thing(Tank character who likes to go toe to toe with foes) I'm really thinking of rerolling into something else. Also, AE is said to have medium damage, but compared to other classes that have medium-high damage, or high burst damage as you said, I'm pretty sure AE dominates every world boss and events, and I think that anyone that is active on server can confirm - Also, I like the idea of starting to let the elves use their buffs outside of CS as well(weaker version)
  9. Phantomel

    Oops, didn't see that
  10. Phantomel

    Character name-Phantomel Suggestion type-Server. Suggestion content (make sure to include enough details so your suggestion is clear enough). I know that this would take some time to implement, but as I can see you guys are doing a great job with scripting custom events. Basically my ideea would be divided in two different game modes - Last man standing and mass pvp based on points. A limited number of players battling in one arena, maybe in parties of max 2-3 people for the points mode and every man for himself for the last man standing. Last man standing would be pretty straight forward as you can deduct from it's name, the closer you get to being the last one alive, you have a chance for some rewards. The points mode would be made in a such manner that even if you die, you respawn on the same event map and keep fighting. Points are earned by scoring kills and staying alive, and lets say 10% of you points are lost by dying. The 2-3 man party would be so players think twice about teaming against others like it's likely to happen in a free for all match. Of course there would be reset restrictions(as I understood that you guys did in the past with the PvP tournament - it's my first db here so I'm cant be 100% sure). And the other thing that I wast thinking about - I'm not really sure if it can be implemented but it would be a good ideea against "smurfs" - everyone would get the same items when entering the event arena(for example Dragon set for DK's and so on - they should be the same tier) with, or without excellent options. Also, if you want to bypass the resets limit, just set some baseline stat points as it is in IT currently. If the high RR guys feel like they worked their asses off for their gear, and don't like the ideea, we can also split the events in 2 parts - hard mode - where everyone keeps their current equipment, and fun mode - where everyone has the same sets. How the suggestion can bring value. I think it would be a nice event, where players would have fun and relax without being stressed that other people transfer their items from their main chars and dominate. At the moment mercenary squads is a nice ideea but it has it's own flaws, and it feels more like a daily chore - kill(most of the time) afk players. If you could implement both of them you could switch them every week, and I think that these events will have a high rate of participation. (Optional) How would you personally implement your suggestion (your vision). I think that I explained my idea in detail. Of course, we as a community can work on it and add more suggestions if you guys like it ^^
  11. Phantomel

    Also, cyclone has some weird bugs some times. The way it manifests is when you use it, your characters returns back(2 tiles I think, which is the skill's range), and walks back to the enemy. That is very unpleasant and can be a matter of life and death in a 1v1.
  12. Phantomel

    I totally agree about what you said about BK, but still, if the other character is moving even a bit, it totally messes up your combo. If the target is static, acting as a dummy target, it's true, bk is a total monster and can out dps every class, but AE at the moment. I tested it when we were 2 rr's lower with one elf that wasn't even close having the items that I have right now(almost full LK DD HP set +11), and considering I had pretty high VIT and Agi, her damage went through me like a hot knife through butter, even tanking 3 fast combos from me(we were in lore ring). The thing is, if you play against someone that knows the way that they should play their character(other than RF, who likes to go hand to hand, each character has his own way of dealing with bk), it's very frustrating. Our slow doesn't work - I did like 7-8 strikes of destruction on a fellow SM and none of them did succeed. Everyone can mess up your combo timers if they move, and CTRL+Right click does nothing else other than following his character cause cyclone has a small range, and during that time you can't do absolutely nothing. You can try this and see that you can kite BK for like 10 minutes without him doing any hits on you. All I'm asking is, considering the high skill animation(regardless of your attack speed), raise the chance of strike of destruction to land a slow, and maybe shorten the cooldown between attacks on death stab or cyclone, cause right now I feel like I am doing more DPS with auto attacks than with skills in PVM (talking about invasions overall, cause BK isn't supposed to be a good hunter, and that's ok, I know what I signed up for). Once again, I am fully aware that all classes should be powerful at a certain time in the game, that's how it should be and I want to congratulate you guys for the work you're putting into balancing. But no stat changes will change the fact that BK's can just get kited without any chance of hitting someone if things remain the same as they are now. Those would be two changes that would improve the quality of life on BK's by a good amount. Again, that's just my humble opinion, and I expect more high BK's to share their opinion. Thank you for your time and I wish you have a great nigh, or morning ^^
  13. Phantomel

    DL is indeed a bit too much right now. He's not lacking damage nor survivability. You should really look a bit into it. Either make him tank and nerf his damage a bit more, either cut a bit from his defense. He also has a huge range on chaotic. I wasn't even seeing him on map with camera full zoomed out and I was somehow taking damage, plus that they have the horse skill in case things get close to them. Elves started falling of, but they are still op in PVM. The rf's started scaling and actually feel decent right now. Bk has his problems with his gap closer, and I dont think they are top pvp(as they should be, considering we're not getting any credits from DS tops, it still takes us A LOT to kill a golden, no chance of getting the statue in bc and so on). Antidotes are definitely a must, and some times they are not enough and can't compete with a good SM/MG/DL who can just kite us infinitely. Strike of destruction's rate of applying the debuff is next to zero, considering the low attack speed on it and the HUGE animation time. If you chase a DL you can't hit anything on it due to the fact that we dont have any slow and our gap closer has 2 range, and sm can just slow tp kite attack. Things are a bit easier with mg's if you have antidotes and get in their range. I didn't have a chance to pvp with summoners(close to me in terms of reset) so I can't share my opinion on them. That's just my two cents about pvp right now. Overall DL feels like the jack of all trades. L.E: I know some people will say that BK have huge damage, but come on guys, use your tools and dont stay in their melee range ^^
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