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    1. SugarMom

      Now you apologies ? "It was my brother" , really? you need to pay for what your brother did, i dont mind who it was ... racism its a red line. The first thing you need to do, is teach your little brother about humanity, and do not laugh at such things. Gion will decide what to do with you, I said what I have to say.
    2. SugarMom

      There is guy in the server, his name is alegzander that knows we are Jewish people And we KS his ALT, He started talking racist about us ... he said some things about us and how "somone kicked our ass 60 years ago" He meant that 60 years ago we went through the Holocaust and the Germans killed 6 million Jews This is a very sensitive issue, and racism is a red line that must not be crossed I hope you take this seriously, that guy should get punished
    3. SugarMom

      You deal with many people? buddy who knows you ? its the first time i see your name dont try to bullshit please, next time ask for normal prices, make fair trades , and dont cry to Gion that i hurt your honor for me "Scam" is to ask 1 price, and in the last moment you changing prices, and send me msg like "4k or bye bye" learn to respect other players. anyway, Gion will comment soon .. he will check it till than, wish you the best buddy cheers.
    4. SugarMom

      I didnt told that you are scammer just because you asked for 4k you send me in Pm other prices, and when i saw you .. suddenly you wrote me "4k or bye bye" so next time you trying to catch newbies and sell them item overprice , dont cry here cuz "i hurt your honor" im playing this server 4 years, dont try to make my name dirty
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