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    1. Wanheda

      i mean like if u take it to heart every time, everyone will do it because you get hurt by it..
    2. Wanheda

      ok, still your decision, just told you my opinion. good luck. (but think about it, if u keep acting like this, they will never stop)
    3. Wanheda

      Sorry about what happened, i know Alex form a long time, and he is a good guy, can we go past this with a warning, and if it happens again duble the punishment? Kayn, SugarMom?
    4. Wanheda

      Player1: Zutto Player2: Fane Player3: Wanheda (Captain)
    5. ahh, so that’s why i have no jwls, all my party has the hack from alex:(
    6. Wanheda

      dont forget about ur surname, Spoitorul! aka Fane Spoitorul!
    7. remove icarus moobs form ss1 and that will slove the problem:)))
    8. Wanheda

      u can select whatever resolution u want, u need to select windowmode to be able to access other stuff in your pc
    9. Wanheda

      under the resolution is a option named Window Mode. select it and play like that.
    10. Wanheda

      whats the fun of playing a server if everything is easy? my opinion , dont change it!
    11. Wanheda

      is not our fault that you guys are 'pussies' and register three guilds, cowards.
    12. Wanheda

      Sad to see you go, good bye guys and well played number 1 mg ( FKinGCunT ), may we meet again:)
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