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  1. Aurel

    https://imgur.com/a/uU7HT2r .
  2. Aurel

    i have this problem too and the one when dont go update 100% and remain on 0..in my case was because my router its work after reset,the internet work anyway before but it seem this client and site its more sensitive
  3. Aurel

    I have 2 proposal 1.Abolish the taxation on market with 20% on zen,jwl. I see the market as a good thing an main reason it`s because they make player to visit the site,on all server i play inclusive this the most player dont look on the site or forum and i think this it`s a bad thing.But with this taxation its not profitable to sell on market..i prefer to sell in game because i avoid the taxation and i can negotiate and raise the praice of my product...when i see a good item on market i contact the seller in privat to take the item direct from them and in this case i consider market it`s inutil..the taxation destroy the purpose .. 2.Abolish the tax on character market.It`s a good thing i can sell my char but i dont see with good eyes the taxation..someone gona donate to take my char and you tax him again with 20%.And so it its born another problem when player will try to sell on real money to avoid this and they gona contact the person in game like they do on the market and they gona offer another solution. Make OldSquad great again!#no taxation#fiscal paradise#no blackmarket
  4. Aurel

    Updates are up! The following changes will be live ONLY when the 3rd person will reach 21+rr: - Released Silver VIP. - Raised EXP for 0-20rr with 10%. - Exp on 20rr is back to normal. Enjoy! afther i hit the 20+rr my exp drop very bad..first i think i made bad party and i dont understand what its wrong..but no in kanturu3 on high lvl i take 16 18 20k xp now(after 20rr) i take 12 and when i am about rr 14 max....and i see another people complain about that all 20rr+ i think its good to make some checks
  5. leave your name from game here if you want to trade or pm Anduin.
  6. Aurel

    you don`t need to make gr on all 4 character give only the main one. and maybe you are old on this serv it`s dont give you the right to decide about the future more than an newbie in my opinion..maybe tomorow you leave the serv and the newbie that have 1 day play another 3 years... i vote for stage 4 option b
  7. Aurel

    So, if we merge back the 2 subservers into 1 the following things will be restored on the only server : - Number of spots increased back - Another good NON-PVP map - More goldens, rabbits, etc. - Some improvements of spawns to be on more maps (diversity for more players).
  8. Aurel

    yes and yes 25, the reason is obvios i think for more competition
  9. Aurel

  10. Aurel

  11. Aurel

    ce s-a intamplat?
  12. Aurel

    foarte bine multa sanatate pe viitor
  13. Aurel

  14. Aurel

    3.i vote for the rest in the poll.
  15. Aurel

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