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  1. PeaceFuL offensive language
  2. hi just made a lvl 260 sm to test it whiteout buff, only whit ms, but i get the same dmg whit or whiteout ms can u check why ms doesn't lower the dmg at al. also i see violent set for summ has higher def that red winged witch is higher
  3. KillBill

  4. KillBill

    admin hope u are proud off your scam server .
  5. KillBill

    was about chrono ring, but won't get any action from admins as they told me . i just posted it so others can stay away from the guy and be more careful.
  6. KillBill

  7. KillBill

    i piss on you all :google translate
  8. KillBill

    english translation using google translate:"I give you the blowjob"
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