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    1. Translate: hope you die from Covid .......
    2. KillBill

      Well he/she died and say it than had to fight another one for gold so took the screen after, but i get your point. So guess he/she get's a free pass
    3. killed him/her on pvp golden invasion
    4. g translate :fuck/burn your ass or something like that
    5. g translate:fuck your mother
    6. KillBill

      @Gion my time it's +2 from server time so i guess it's after 12h, couldn't post early cuz of work, the still deserve a warn for that trash talk if not mute. Up to you, tnx.
    7. g translate: suck my dick...fuck you and others
    8. g translate: fuck this loosers .....etc to many to translate
    9. KillBill

      Translate: I piss on you jeg (no google translate for that word :P)
    10. hi just made a lvl 260 sm to test it whiteout buff, only whit ms, but i get the same dmg whit or whiteout ms can u check why ms doesn't lower the dmg at al. also i see violent set for summ has higher def that red winged witch is higher
    11. KillBill

      was about chrono ring, but won't get any action from admins as they told me . i just posted it so others can stay away from the guy and be more careful.
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