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  1. https://postimg.cc/tYN86mLM translate : suck my cock you and admin
  2. BachuS

    inchide topicul daca ma iei la misto, sti prea bine ce a vrut omul sa vanda..de unde cacat sa vanda taco virtual? pe bune....las-o moarta. poti inchide. i don't give a fuck
  3. https://postimg.cc/w3T63ncN We all know what "TACO" means......
  4. BachuS

    Character name that is submitting it (for the potential reward). -SupremE Suggestion type (server/website/forum).-server Suggestion content (make sure to include enough details so your suggestion is clear enough) : at pvp quest when you repel and you are summoned so that you don't have to press ctrl. I personally often forget, practically to be like gens map when you attack the opposite type without pressing the ctrl key.
  5. BachuS

    then implement this, it doesn't warm me with anything like lying open topic, really
  6. BachuS

    the idea is that if a player feels wronged by a staff member to be able to somehow debate that issue, and a reassessment of that situation can be made by another staff member than the one who gave the initial decision, even going so far as to change the decision. It is not necessary to implement 2 different areas, but a simple topic where both the player in question with arguments and the staff members should intervene. I hope I made myself clear.
  7. as the title says, it seems fair to me to have a place to complain in case of injustice / abuse. at the moment we are in the hands of the staff, what he says is the letter of the law, even if it is wrong and contravenes the server regulations.
  8. am citit, nu inteleg la ce te referi, ce e in neregula cu postarea? poti fi mai explicit? ms!
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