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    1. BachuS

      https://postimg.cc/FYgzCfCT https://postimg.cc/0zqrCGn6
    2. BachuS

      https://postimg.cc/gxGRF0YH translate : u fking shit, fking faggot
    3. BachuS


      The ticket is given back when the extraction is done (no matter if you have been selected for PRIO or not). this did not happen. u understand now? it was taken and not returned.
    4. BachuS


      i have read this. still my ticket was not returned and i did not participate. the npc says i have no invitation and still my inv was taken first time i registered. i dont understand. where is my inv?
    5. BachuS


      so where is my inv since i did not participate? this i dont understand. not participating and still invitation is consummed?
    6. BachuS


      I dont know where to post this, so i post it here. are you kidding? You did IT shit. He takes my invitation from the stash, then tells me I need my ticket to come in? what the hell did you do , this is pathetic. https://postimg.cc/FdbDSB5t SOLVE THIS SHIT!!!
    7. BachuS

      https://postimg.cc/hfNWYyTL no translation needed
    8. BachuS

      https://postimg.cc/G9PFghBb translate : he says he is with my mom, making a baby sis (we all know that means he said is fucking my mom)
    9. https://postimg.cc/RWm8yxcV translate : your mother blow me PS: stiu ca l-am provocat oarecum, insa raspunsul lui este mult exagerat, nu are treaba mama in acest joc.
    10. https://postimg.cc/fkgtZ7yX translate : blow me ..... i think.....dont really know how to translate muie
    11. https://postimg.cc/6y0fj87m
    12. BachuS

      https://postimg.cc/0byvqDX1 https://postimg.cc/nscB4d0w so, i have vip dealer, full set zen, and as u see the amount of zen is to low......untill today when i completed 400 q, i was gathering like 160k zen per drop...now as u see is like 10%. please fix this. i repet i have dealer vip and lose a lots of zen , who will repay me?
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