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    [Genesis] Server RULES


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    This is a full PvP Server - that means you can Kill/KS any player, any time, as much as you want, AS LONG AS GAME LETS YOU DO IT.

    Most important: 1. Be polite, respect all players even if they are your enemies, good enemies make a good game.

    2. Insulting a player is punished from 1 warn to 1 day ban. 1 warn = 12 hours mute. 2 warns = 36 hours mute. At 3 warns = 1 day ban.
    Obs: BL on Guild/Alliance isn't punishable but BL on Whisper is punishable!
    Obs2: Warns are given to the person, not Character (all warns are given to the same account/IP/HWID/name, doesn't matter from what Character you made the mistake).
    Obs3: If the one that reported a BL case had provoked the reported player (small insults, trash-talks about him, etc.) the reported one won't be punished. We don't encourage provoking and then crying on forum after you got what you deserved - let's act like grown ups.
    Obs4: The Mute you get from either warns or other reasons is automatically bind to your Account & IP. Which means you will get Mute on all the characters online on your IP when you got the Mute and on any extra character you will log during mute period on the same Account/IP.

    Obs5: There is a deadline of 12 hours to report a player in order to avoid the 'report hunt' in key moments, such as CS, etc.
    Note: Characters that are Muted can't start Mercenary Quests!

    3. Any racism will be punished with 2 days ban.

    4. Any attempt of using hacks/exploits will be punished with block account(s) and IP+HWID ban.
    Exception: If you report the exploit/hack in the first 12 hours after you found it/used it, you won't be punished, but your advantage will be deleted. If you don't report it and we'll find it later on, you'll lose your entire work for nothing.

    5. Selling Accounts/Chars/Items for real money will get your account(s) banned and also your IP+HWID banned (you can use Character Market & Market to buy/sell with credits). Buyers aren't punished, only sellers.
    Obs: If you report a sell of Character/Account/Item for real money and provide the needed proofs, you will GET that Character/Account/Item for FREE (and the reported guy will be banned) - Don't spend money when you can get it for FREE.

    6. Don't share your account and password with anyone!!! We are not responsible for items/characters lost on shared accounts. The only thing that we can help you with on these situations is to share the author that did it and/or location of the items.
    Obs: If you still want to share account there is a command /lock that will raise the security of your characters (with up to 90% protection). Read info about it on features!

    7. Any 'insistent' talks on /post or Gens Chat in languages other than English will be punished with mute 1-24 hours, warn or even ban 1 day.
    Obs: Keep in mind that this is an 100% international server and we must respect each other. You can speak in your own language in any other places like guild, normal chat, alliance, whisper, etc.

    8. Any anti-game on Illusion Temple (staying AFK/not cooperating with team/playing for the other team to abuse rewards, etc.) can be punished by PLAYERS by using the command /warn PlayerName while inside the event. Warns are given on IP+ACC and when a player accumulate 10 points of warns he will be auto-banned from IT for 3/7/10/14 days.
    Warning a team mate = 3 points.
    Leaving/disconnecting from IT = 5 points given automatically.
    More info about the Warn system can be found on Special/HOT Features topic.

    8.1. You can also report IT anti-game by creating a report on forum, apart from the /warn and the automated punishments.
    Obs: We only accept reports where the IT anti-game can be seen clearly, and only VIDEO reports, screenshots/stories aren't accepted.
    Obs2: Punishment for manual IT reports is 14 days ban from IT on account & ip.

    9. Any abuse of bugs/miss-configs that can lead into an unfair advantage for the abuser will cause a punishment starting from few days ban up to IP+HWID ban depending on gravity.
    Obs: If the abuser(s) report his(their) actions in maximum 12h since it happened, he(they) won't be fully punished and only who didn't will be.

    10. NOTHING IS CONSIDERED ANTI-GAME ON CS! You can use any kind of strategies (ghosts,allies,etc.) but do it on your own RISK of getting bad reputation/enemies!
    Obs: We still encourage fair play but it's up to you!
    Make Sign of Lord great again!

    11. Our market has a limit of maximum 2000 credits per sold item, in order to promote other currencies too. The trades over 2000 credits are NOT forbidden though, but you have to do this on your own risk (the buyer can literally run away with your credits), this being considered a shared item/credits/whatever, because the item was not stolen from you, you gave it away. If you don't trust somebody, simply don't give your items/credits to him. If you'll be fooled when trying to "abuse" the credits limit we won't help you!

    12. We can refund lost rewards due to bugs (speaking mostly about Events) as long as the player does have a clear and valid proof (screens/video) with the bug.
    Exception: Rewards/items lost due to global problems (global/mass disconnects/roll-backs) or server maintenance aren't refundable.

    Another very important rule: Have fun! Don't forget that this is just a game and we are here to have a good time together.

    Not knowing or ignoring the server rules or the server info cannot make you eligible for any kind of refund or punishment bypass/removal.

    #Note: Take care of your attitude because we reserve our rights to choose the players of this community. You can be punished anytime with no warns if we will believe that you don't deserve to play here.

    Edited by Gion

    "The only way to do great work is to love what you do" - Steve Jobs

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