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    [Genesis] Info about CREDITS


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    A lot of you are wondering what you can do with credits or how to obtain them so I will make a little guide to help you out.

    Credits are the virtual currency that we use on our site. This is the only thing that we give for Donations (we don't use WebShop, CashShop or things like these).

    Important: In order for the credits table to be created and your credits to be actually counted, you need to log in to site first, that's how you "activate" this table.

    How to obtain credits?

    As I stated, the first method to obtain them is via Donations (you will get 1000 credits for 10 euros, 1600 credits for 15 euros, 2200 credits for 20 euros and 3350 credits for 30 euros (PAYPAL). You can also donate via BANK or Western Union if you don't have PayPal, contact us for more info.
    Donations aren't refundable unless we decide so, in special cases.

    The other methods to obtain credits are:

    - Vote for US (1 vote = 2 credits, you can vote every 12 hours on 2 sites) - 8 credits / day.
    - Go on every Rabbits Invasion and farm Rabbits (4 credits per killed rabbit) - 60 rabbits per invasion, every 6 hours.
    Sell your own Items on Market for credits. (Maximum price of 500 credits/item, with only the zen tax).
    - Sell your own Characters for credits (Minimum price 2000 credits, 20% tax).
    - Win Weekly Tops:
    Weekly Voters: 200 credits 1st place, 198 credits 2nd place, ... 2 credits 100th place.
    Weekly BC: 150 credits 1st place, 145 credits 2nd place, ... 5 credits 30th place.
    Weekly DS: 150 credits 1st place, 145 credits 2nd place, ...5 credits 30th place.
    Weekly CC: 150 credits 1st place, 144 credits 2nd place, ... 6 credits 25th place.
    Hunt! Every Boss/Mini-Boss give credits as follows:
    Golden Goblin: 3 credits
    Golden Soldier: 3 credits
    Golden Rabbit: 3 credits
    Golden Titan: 4 credits
    Golden Devil: 4 credits
    Golden Vepar: 4 credits
    Golden Dark Knight: 4 credits
    Golden Crust: 5 credits
    Golden Tantalos: 5 credits
    Golden Golem: 5 credits
    Golden Satyros: 8 credits
    Golden Iron Knight: 12 credits
    Golden Twin Tale: 12 credits
    Golden Napin: 12 credits

    Golden Budge Dragon: 12 credits
    Golden Derkon:
     15 credits
    Great Golden Dragon: 20 credits

    White Wizard Orcs: 5 credits
    White Wizard: 15 credits
    Dark Elves: 25 credits

    Cursed Dragon: 30 credits
    Nightmare: 40 credits
    Kundun: 40 credits
    Bloody Witch Queen: 50 credits
    Medusa: 55 credits
    Selupan: 60 credits
    Balgass: 80 credits

    What can you do with credits?

    - You can Buy Professional VIP (1000 credits for 5 days).
    Advantages can be read in the next section.
    - You can Buy Players Characters from the Character Market.
    - You can Change Race (4200 credits)..
    Note: There is a 5 days cooldown for changing the race (on the same character).

    - You can use Blacksmith to Add Luck on items (500 credits / Item) - You can't use it on Wings (Level1/2/3).
    - You can use Blacksmith to Upgrade Items from +9 to +12 (180/260/380 per Upgrade/Level) - You can't use it on Wings Level 2&3.
    - You can use Blacksmith to Add +ADD on items - Make the item with +12 ADD, from +0/+4/+8 - (300 credits / Item).
    - You can Hide Info (Hide Location + Inventory with 500 credits for 4 days).
    - You can Change Name (1000 credits).
    - You can Transfer Character to another Account (1000 credits).
    - You can Reset Master Skill Tree (2500 credits).

    What are the advantages of VIP?

    - DL, RF, MG from Level 1. (Default: Level 300)
    - +20% EXP. (Default: 100%)
    - +20% ML EXP. (Default: 100%)
    - Max Elf Buff Level: + 4 resets. (Default: 400 level & 3 resets)
    - Module Discounts: 5%. (Default: 0%)
    - Market Sell Limit: + 100%.
    - Lower level mobs for ML exp. (90 instead of default 105)
    - Extra rate for DS/BC/IT invitations mix: + 5%.
    - +15% Zen.
    - Lower zen for resets: 90% of the default price. (Default: 100% - based on each reset)
    - Max entries per day +1 for all events except Illusion Temple.
    - Lower zen/delay for post: 135.000 zen & 10s delay. (Default: 150.000 zen & 20s delay)
    - +8% chance for Soul, Life & Harmony in items.

    - +5% chance for +10 -> +15 chaos machine mixes. (can not be displayed by game client -at Goblin-, but it is added by server)
    - Extra warehouse: 4. (Default: 2)
    - Off-Attack maximum duration increased with 7 hours. (Default: 5 hours)

    Enjoy farming & using credits!

    "The only way to do great work is to love what you do" - Steve Jobs

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