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Patch - Part 2 - 15.11.2019

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Release date: 15.11.2019 at 17:40 - There will be a server restart, while reconnect is possible it is not guaranteed!

Note: You need to update the Client via Launcher!


  • [ADDED] Doppleganger Event
    • Doppleganger is now the most precious Event in terms of consumables.
    • Basic Info:
      • You need at least 5 resets and level 300+ to join it.
      • There are 2 entries/day for everyone (including Dealer/PRO VIPs).
      • Lugard can be found in Lorencia, near bar.
      • You need Mirror of Dimensions in order to enter Doppleganger.
      • Sign of Dimensions can be farmed at any mob with over level 85, you need 5 for a Mirror of Dimensions invitation.
    • From now you can't buy Antidotes anymore from shop.
    • From now SD pots (mixed ones) does give 1% SD recovery - removed from game.
    • Doppleganger will be the only "host" for them, alongside with other consumables:
      • Potions:
        • Antidote - 150 pots per stack.
        • Elite Mana Potions - 250 pots per stack with 85% Mana regen.
        • Elite HP Potions - 250 per stack but with 40% lower regen than Large ones (to avoid PvP abuse) - for PvM purposes.
        • Elite SD Potions - 9 per stack, 10% SD Recovery - lower chance.
      • Scrolls:
        • Scroll of Quickness: Increase the attack speed by 40.
        • Scroll of Wrath: Increases the damage by 300.
        • Scroll of Wizardry: Increases the wizardry damage by 300.
          • Duration: 3 hours.
        • Scroll of Defense: Increases the defense by 250.
        • Scroll of Health: Increases the HP with 1500.
          • Duration: 12 hours.
      • Premium Scrolls:
        • Scroll of Battle: +15% CRIT Damage.
        • Scroll of Strength: +10% EDR - lower chance.
          • Duration: 1 hour.
      • Elixirs:
        • Elixir of Strength: +1000 STR
        • Elixir of Agility: +1000 AGI
        • Elixir of Vitality: +1000 VIT
        • Elixir of Energy: +1000 ENE
          • Duration: 6 hours.
          • Can't be stacked.
    • Doppleganger Rewards:
      • Silver chest: 1 random scroll and 1 random potion.
      • Golden chest: 3 random items from normal scrolls and potions, 50% chance for Elixir as 4th item, 25% chance for Premium Scroll as 5th item.
  • [ADDED] New Gens System
    • The current Gens system is not promoting what is intended, instead it is promoting high chars to farm low chars in battle maps, for points and monthly rewards.
    • We're completely changing the system in order to make it more fair and interesting for both low players and high players, while keeping battle maps with their own risk-reward.
    • New System:
      • You now gain 1 gens point every 2 minutes you're online in Battle Maps and out of safe-zones.
      • You no longer gain points when killing others in Gens Map (also people that get killed won't lose points anymore).
      • You can't stay in party anymore with different Gens (on battle maps only).
      • Exp on Battle Maps is now +15% instead of +10%.
      • There is now a RAID feature.
        • 2 times per day (one time at 21:00 and one time randomly between 00:00 and 15:00) a RAID will start.
        • RAID duration is 30 minutes and it is announced globally every 5 minutes during its duration.
        • During a RAID, opposite gens can fight on all the battle maps to earn extra points.
        • How points are calculated:
          • Default value is 20 Points per kill (during a raid).
          • The value is increased/decreased dynamically based on the reset difference.
          • Formula:
            • When target is higher in resets than you, formula is: Points gained = 20 + ((TargetReset-YourReset)*2)
            • When target is lower in resets than you, formula is: Points gained = 20 - ((YourReset-TargetReset)*2)
          • There is a minimum value of 1 Point.
        • During a RAID, you can only gain points for killing the same person once, extra kill(s) won't give you any more points.
      • The Gens Points are updated only when you relog character, not updating live like the original system.
      • The Rewards system will also be replaced with a new system (default rewards kinda sucks).
      • We didn't finished the rewards system yet, we are still thinking about them and how to work, but they will be monthly, alongside the gens reset.
      • We are making a reset on the gens now, and the system will be in BETA for 5~10 days (to make sure it works fine), then there will be the official reset when rewards will be added.
        • Please report us anything you may find wrong about the system.
  • [ADDED] New Custom Soccer System
    • The system is now officially released.
    • You can read all info about it here:
    • New changes compared to BETA system from test server:
      • BK soccer skill is now Death Stab - normal 3 range skill.
      • BK stun duration is now 7s from 8s.
      • Now both SMG & EMG have Lightning as Soccer skill (instead of SMG having Cyclone).
      • Spell of Restriction (chains) debuff is now replaced with Ice Arrow. You can attack during Ice Arrow.
      • Now buffs/debuffs will happen every 30 seconds instead of every 15 seconds.
      • Now if the soccer ball is "stuck" in a corner, it will get an auto unstuck, being "jumped" into a random location near the corner where it got stucked.
      • Now buffs duration is 15s instead of 10s, debuffs duration is still 10s.
      • Now you can write /stun on and /stun off to enable/disable your STUN.
        • Note: You can make a macro writing /1 /stun on and /2 /stun off and then press ALT+1 and ALT+2 to enable/disable the STUN during soccer.
  • [ADDED] OldSquad Soccer League (OSSL)
    • All info about OSSL can be found here: 
  • [ADDED] Illusion Temple Equalizer
    • Illision Temple had 2 major flaws:
      • 1. The teams were pretty unbalanced, based on luck (3rr teams vs 10rr teams, etc.)
      • 2. IT levels were too populated on high ones and not populated on lower ones.
    • Illusion Temple is now reworked into a more fun & balanced version:
      • IT Level 6 is out of the game.
      • Rewards from IT have been moved with 1 level (IT6 reward is on IT5, IT5 on IT4, etc.).
      • IT damage is increased with +30%.
      • Now IT levels (1-5) are based on character resets instead of level.
      • Now when you click on IT Npc during IT registration your level & stats will be automatically adjusted:
        • Your level will be set based on the IT level you can go based on your resets.
        • Your stats will be set to 15RR stats, with 1000 STR 1000 AGI 1000 ENE 1000 VIT and 16700 points to spend (normal classes) / 20000 points to spend (DL,MG,RF).
        • You will be able to make any build you want that can boost your team strategy / winning chances on the IT.
      • Your level & stats will be back to normal in the following scenarios:
        • IT Event time is over.
        • You leave Elbeland safe-zone (going anywhere else in game except Elbeland safe-zone and IT maps).
        • You disconnect/relog your character.
          • In all scenarios you will get an automatically character relog, for things to get back to normal.
      • There is also a new feature that will make sure that IT slots are enough even with the reset limits:
        • If your current reset IT level is full, you will be redirected to the next IT level that does have a slot for you.
        • Example:
          • If I have resets to enter IT5, but there are already 10 players in IT5, 10 players in IT4 and only 6 in IT3, I will be redirected to IT3 if I click the NPC again.
            • Note: You need to have the redirected level invitation as well to enter.
      • Current Resets table (can be updated based on stage):
        • Chars with 0-2rr can enter IT1.
        • Chars with 3-5rr can enter IT2 & IT1.
        • Chars with 6-8rr can enter IT3, IT2 & IT1.
        • Chars with 9-11rr can enter IT4, IT3, IT2 & IT1.
        • Chars with 12+ rr can enter any IT.
          • The priority of levels is based on the order of entering the IT (first 10 chars with IT5 resets will go only there, etc.)
  • [FIXED] Old Boxes from Balgass not being able to be dropped. Whoever still owns such undropable box PM me for replace.
  • [FIXED] Entries reset message showing 23:00 for reset instead of 00:00.
  • [ADDED] Party check on Merc quest (removing party mates from possible targets).
  • [ADDED] Email check on character market sell for an extra layer of protection on shared accounts.
  • [UPDATED] Now PvP Defense Successful Rate gained from level is also tweaked to match reset server:
    • Change on DSR formula: Level*0.5 from Level*2.
  • [UPDATED] Now Golden Fenrir can no longer die. It has a duration of 6 months now.
  • + Other small fixes/adjustments/improvements.

"The only way to do great work is to love what you do" - Steve Jobs

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Updates are up!

Note: Current Antidotes are deleted.
Note2: If you had Antidotes on Inventory you need to relog to "release" the blocked space from where they were deleted.
Note3: Don't forget to UPDATE CLIENT VIA LAUNCHER!

Hopefully it was worth the wait and you like the new things. We'll start to work on V2 Merc soon and then CS V2 system.

Please let us know if you find anything wrong after this update, we count on you!


"The only way to do great work is to love what you do" - Steve Jobs

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Added some late-night hotfixes:

  • [FIXED] Antidotes still being deleted.
  • [FIXED] Doppleganger close time (cooldown) being 180 minutes instead of 1 minute.
  • [FIXED] ML Exp not working dynamically high -> low, taking normal reset exp into account instead of own exp.
  • [FIXED] Antidote dropping from low mobs.
  • [FIXED] Dreadfears causing dps problems for ES. Their skill is removed now.
  • [FIXED] New IT system failing to restore stats back to normal in some cases.

"The only way to do great work is to love what you do" - Steve Jobs

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  • [FIXED] CC7 dropping rare sets ancient variants (Warrior/Drake, etc.)
  • [FIXED] IT mobs giving exp, causing level-up and sd-restore.
  • [FIXED] DL command being set to 0 on IT stats change, will be set to 300 now.
  • [UPDATED] IT mobs have been boosted in HP, DEF & DMG to match 15rr stats.
  • [UPDATED] Sign of Dimensions droprate slightly raised.
  • [UPDATED] At today's CS everyone will have an antidote effect constantly during entire CS (like you would spam Antidote). This is the only CS with such effect.

"The only way to do great work is to love what you do" - Steve Jobs

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