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  1. arbi89

    Thanks but, no, thanks
  2. arbi89

    I doubt that about registry by other server because it's the only one I am playing right now since the last time (many years ago) I played MU. Hiding the taskbar solves the problem. It's not perfect but for me it's enough to enjoy the game.
  3. arbi89

    What I have to do?
  4. arbi89

    Well, after I've downloaded the game I unchecked window mode to play on fullscreen. Now I checked again window mode. It kinda solves the problem but the Windows bar at the bottom annoys me because it's on top of the game xD
  5. arbi89

    Okay, I tried those solutions but they don't work for me. I guess it's something with my computer. Everything is good, like connection, stability, etc. Only minimization is not working for me. Welp
  6. arbi89

    I was aware of that and was looking for a game icon but it totally shut down MU. I could do screen shots but what will this do? If I press F12 the screen shows alternately desktop and the game in quick flashes. Screen shots won't show that.
  7. arbi89

    I've been trying this F12 option to minimize the game to not resterting it every time if I want to check something in the internet but it seems not working (at least for me). After pressing F12 the screen is flashing and showing desktop for a couple of times for a half a second and then it returns to game. If I keep pressing F12 the flashing will repeat and in conclusion game shuts down. Is it a bug or just my local problem?
  8. Hello. Yes I've read info about both servers but I can't find out why most of the people are playing on harder Inception? What is the major thing people are playing on Inception and totaly are ignoring Phoenix? Is it about level reset system?
  9. arbi89

    Hello! I'm new here but I would like to share my "newbie" opinion. Well, I'm not total beginner because I've came back to this game something like 16 years later Okay here I go. The guides for the server are confusing and I felt really lost while reading them, also informations keeps repeating in most of them and I suggest to make less topic with more concetrated knowledge not scattered in few threaths to not wonder like a blind person from topic to topic. About the very informations in guides - sometimes I feel like they are too complicated (or I am too stupid). Mayby you could consider to rewrite infos and guides and make them for beginners and second advanced version for experienced players? I've also noticed the Dungeon area is pretty much empty and as old school MU player i felt sad because i couldn't farm in my favourite location. I'm sorry to say that but this isn't the way to fully experience this game and I don't thing making few spots in one place and deleting the rest dungeon mobs is ideal solution because it's hard to join to the party even if it have some benefits. Cheers from Morrigan.
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