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Patch - 12.12.2019

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Release date: 12.12.2019 at 17:37 - There will be a small server restart. Reconnect is not guaranteed!

Congrats to mafyMu3rTe and AlmightySM for finishing Stage 3!

Note: Make sure to update client as well!


  • [UPDATED] EXP on Stage 3 (20rr) is now 63.75% (since yesterday).
  • [UPDATED] Stage 2.1 (15rr) is removed (same exp like on 16,17,18 rr etc. - since yesterday).
  • [UPDATED] Newbies boost applied:
    • Exp for 1-5rr is now 300% and static, like on 0rr (instead of dynamic +150%).
    • Exp for 6-10rr is now +150% from + 70%.
    • Exp for 11-14rr is now +70% from + 25%.
    • Exp for 15-19rr is now +25%.
  • [UPDATED] Released Socket Items drop from Raklion mobs.
  • [UPDATED] Maximum points in a single stat is now 27000.
  • [UPDATED] Released Old Box 5.
  • [UPDATED] Released Medusa.
  • [UPDATED] Released Selupan.
  • [UPDATED] Limit of items on market per day raised to 25 items/day.
  • [UPDATED] Balgass HP has been increased.
  • [UPDATED] PvP damage on CC, Gens, Arena Tournament, Duel & IT has been increased with 5-20%.
  • [UPDATED] Removed Ale from shops & drop.
  • [UPDATED] Potion of Soul:
    • Attack speed increase is now + 10 (from +20).
    • Duration is now 45 seconds (from 2 minutes).
  • [UPDATED] Scroll of Quickness attack speed increase reduced from + 40 to + 30.
  • [UPDATED] Scroll of Battle (EDR/CRIT) increase reduced from + 15% to + 12%.
  • [UPDATED] Scroll of Strength (EDR/CRIT) increase reduced from + 10% to + 8%.
  • [ADDED] Raid Deaths (deaths during raids) counter on Gens Rankings (deaths were registered since around 1 week ago).
  • [ADDED] Quest Deaths (deaths as targets or hunters during quests) on Mercenary Rankings (deaths will start registering after patch).
  • [UPDATED] You can no longer enter Gaion Event during Invasions.
  • [UPDATED] Quiz Questions to match current changes & added few new questions. 
  • + Other small fixes/adjustments/improvements.

Mercenary things:

  • [UPDATED] Now Mute will remain active when there are 2 characters with quest active in the same time (on same IP), after the first one does finish/fail it.
  • [FIXED] Black List to work correctly.
    • Previously: Only quest targets that were killed in quest were added to Black List and only for the hunter.
    • Currently: Now when hunter finish a quest (repel or kill) both hunter and target will be added into blacklist for both of them.
    • This means that you won't encounter in 7 days people that either targeted you and succeeded/failed or you targeted them and succeeded/failed.
      • Blacklist will start counting from now (previous black list is deleted).
  • [UPDATED] Now mercenaries under 10 resets won't get targets from Swamp.
  • [ADDED] Hunt Assurance Feature
    • Now if you start a quest and you get a target with higher level than you (so, most probably, that stays into a map where you don't have access yet) your level will be adjusted to target level (if it is normal class) or target level +- 20 (depending on class).
    • The maximum level set is 380, if you already have 380+ no changes will be made.
    • This will make sure that you have access to them no matter where they are.
    • The level will be back to normal if you relog, fail quest, win quest, etc.
      • Note: Your level will be set up with -2 levels compared to what you had (but don't worry, when you'll kill few mobs you'll get 2 levels instantly).
      • Note2: Experience acquired is not kept (after setting back the level you'll have 0 EXP).
      • Note3: When there is a quest retry ongoing you'll have to get kill few mobs to get to original level before retrying quest (to make sure you don't lose 2 levels).

RF Changes:

  • [FIXED] ARF being incredible strong at PvP compared to how it was presented - FOR PVM - and being much better than VRF.
  • Changes:
    • PvM DSR increased (on VIT build you just need around 2-4k agi and some good items and you'll get mostly misses & low damage on higher mobs).
    • DEF from AGI changed from AGI/5 to AGI/6.
    • PvP DSR changed from Level*3 + AGI/6 to Level*4 + AGI/10.
    • Speed changed from AGI/40 to AGI/50.
    • PvP ASR changed from Level*1 + AGI/1 to Level*5 + AGI/7.
    • PvM ASR changed from Level*3+((AGI*2)/3)+(STR/3) to (Level*1)+(AGI/8)+(STR/15)
    • Skill % dmg cap from AGI raised to 1200% from 1000%.
    • Dark Side damage is now 30% damage on PvP.
    • Dark Side PvM is raised with 30%.
    • Lowered stuck rate.
    • Higher damage from VIT.
    • Higher PvP damage with Chain.
  • Objectives:
    • Have the VRF as intended for PvP (with less power on PvM/Hunt than ARF) but a beast on PvP.
      • That would mean effects like high misses on PvM, lower misses on PvP (vs most builds).
      • Getting more easily to DSR value on PvM (with some AGI) to not die easily.
      • Give a lot of damage (especially vs low PvP DSR builds) and get a lot of damage in PvP, like a real glass cannon.
    • Have the ARF as intended for PvM (with only decent power on PvP) but a beast on PvM after mid-game.
      • That would mean effects like lower DEF from AGI, higher misses on PvP.
      • 30% damage on PvP.
      • Lower speed gain.
      • Higher PvM DPS.
      • Higher scaling up to 1200% skill damage.
  • Note: Starting from today (12.12) until 19.12 all RF's have ONE FREE stats rebuild that they can use.
    • You can rebuild by using command /rebuild!

"The only way to do great work is to love what you do" - Steve Jobs

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Updates are up!

Let us know if you find anything wrong after the update.

"The only way to do great work is to love what you do" - Steve Jobs

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