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Patch - 18.12.2019

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Release date: 18.12.2019 at 14:00 - Updates are up and no restart is needed!

Note: Because a refresh of mobs was needed, Selupan is revived.


  • [UPDATED] Now you can join Gaion during other Invasions except Goldens
    • If you have problems with other invasions let us know.
  • [FIXED] IT Punishments not being given correctly after reaching the warns.
  • [FIXED] Mercenary Quest Set level to always be 380 if target is level 380+ (instead of -20 levels for RF/DL/MG).
  • [UPDATED] Now IT build points are random on each IT (for everyone the same, of course).
    • Build points are between 5rr and 20rr points.
  • [UPDATED] Now IT Max Vitality is BuildReset*400. Exception: RF.
    • Example: If at next IT build stats is for 12rr, then max vitality is 12*400 = 4800 VIT.
  • [UPDATED] Now rewards for IT1, IT2 and IT3 are same like IT4, but without OB5 chance and with lower chance for Feather/OB4.
    • Note: The lower the IT the lower the chances for Feather/OB4.
    • Let's make them popular as well! :)
  • [UPDATED] Reset table for IT has been changed:
    • IT1: 3-6 resets.
    • IT2: 7-10 resets.
    • IT3: 11-14 resets.
    • IT4: 15-18 resets.
    • IT5: 19+ resets.
  • [FIXED] IT "abusable" strategy with keeping the artifact in base and defending it:
    • Now when you have the artifact you won't be able to drop it on the ground.
    • Now you can hold the artifact for up to 90 seconds.
    • If after the 90 seconds you still have the artifact, you'll be teleported to the middle of the IT and you'll get a STUN effect until you die and lose the artifact.
  • [FIXED] Medusa respawn time to be 10:45 and 22:45 instead of 11:00 and 23:00.
  • [UPDATED] Vote now requires 3 resets.
  • [UPDATED] Arena Tournament levels updated to match current stage:
    • Arena 1: 0-10rr.
    • Arena 2: 11-18rr.
    • Arena 3: 19-24rr.
    • Arena 4: 25-30rr.
  • [UPDATED] Reset Fruits
    • Now Reset Fruits from BoKs 1 & 2 will now drop only + 0.
    • Now Reset Fruits from BoKs 1 & 2 will reset 200 points per fruit.
    • Now Reset Fruits from Old Boxes 1 & 2 will reset 820 points per fruit.
    • Chance to drop Reset Fruits from BoKs increased from 20% chance to 40% chance.
  • + Numerous smaller fixes and adjustments.

"The only way to do great work is to love what you do" - Steve Jobs

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