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    OSS - OldSquad Soccer System


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    This is the official information topic for our custom Soccer System.

    Soccer System Info

    • Just like in the normal Soccer, there are 2 teams fighting in the Soccer Stadium, located in Arena.
    • Each team must have its own dedicated Guild to participate at the Soccer.
    • A team can consist of 1 up to 5 players. We do recommend 3v3 -Obviously in party, else how can the game know which 1 to 5 players from a guild to select?
    • You can write /soccer GuildName to start a Soccer (only in low zones).
      • Basic Info:
        • All soccer participants are immune to damage.
          • That means, you aren't able to kill any of the opponents (so, anyone is free to join, no matter level/resets).
        • In order to win, you have to be the first team to reach 5 goals (100 points).
        • If the GM (captain) of the other Team does leave game (switch character/disconnect) you auto-win the game.
        • You can't use items (especially Antidote) during Soccer.
        • Pets (Fenrir/Dark Horse/Raven/Uniria/Dino) are not allowed at Soccer (you get Stun until you put them in Inventory).
        • You can't leave soccer map during a game.
        • Each character can use only one skill, based on its class/build.
        • If the soccer ball is "stuck" in a corner, it will get an auto unstuck, being "jumped" into a random location near the corner where it got stucked.
        • If you are visually bugged (you can't see the ball) you need to go to the other corner of the stadium compared to the ball and then come back in.
      • Gameplay - Skilled part:
        • Instead of damaging opponents, each player has a "STUN" effect, added on the first attack every 20 seconds.
          • Basically, you are able to STUN opponents, one at a time, with a 20 seconds cooldown between stuns.
          • The first touch of the opponent (with the skill or left click attack) when cooldown is available will cause the STUN effect on him.
          • You can write "/stun on" and "/stun off" to enable/disable your STUN, by default it is enabled.
            • Note: You can make a macro writing /1 /stun on and /2 /stun off and then press ALT+1 and ALT+2 to enable/disable the STUN during soccer.
      • Gameplay - Random & FUN Part:
        • Every 30 seconds, 1 random player from each team is BUFFED or CURSED.
          • The effect is the same for both teams (if one is BUFFED the other is BUFFED as well, with the same effect).
          • There is a 33% chance for BUFF and 66% chance for CURSE.
          • Duration of buffs is 15 seconds.
          • Duration of curses is 10 seconds.
          • Buffs: 
            • Quickness Effect - It will boost movespeed.
            • Protection Effect - Immune to stuns from players.
          • Curses: 
            • Ice Effect - Will decrease movespeed.
            • Ice Arrow - Will put ice arrow effect on the character, making it unable to move, but it can attack.
            • Blind Effect - Will block the character soccer skill.
      • Characters Attributes:
        • RF: 
          • PRO: 8 Seconds STUN.
          • PRO: Very powerful shots on Ball.
          • CONS: 2 Range on Soccer Skill (Chain Drive).
          • CONS: Can't get Ball out of bad zones.
          • CONS: Hard to play/master, can harm your team with his shots.
        • SM/MG:
          •  PRO: 6 Range on Soccer Skill (Lightning).
          • CONS: 5 seconds STUN.
        • BK:
          • PRO: 7 seconds STUN.
          • CONS: 3 Range on Soccer Skill (Death Stab).
        • DL: 
          • PRO: 6 seconds STUN.
          • CONS: 4 Range on Soccer Skill (Force).
        • AE:
          • PRO: 6 Range on Soccer Skill (Penetration).
          • PRO: Can use left-click attack with 6 range that can STUN as well.
          • PRO: Blind Curse doesn't reduce AE's power (she can use left-click if skill is blocked).
          • CONS: 4 seconds STUN.
        • SUM:
          • PRO: 5 Range on Soccer Skill (Drain Life).
          • PRO: 15s cooldown on STUN instead of 20.
          • CONS: 5 seconds STUN.

    "The only way to do great work is to love what you do" - Steve Jobs

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    If you are visually bugged (you can't see the ball) you need to go to the other corner of the stadium compared to the ball and then come back in.


    "The only way to do great work is to love what you do" - Steve Jobs

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