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    PVP builds:-

    Blade Knight:-

    • STR BK 2400stats:-

    STR - 1200~1400
    AGI - 300~500
    VIT - 500~700
    ENE - 75

    STR and VIT will depend on how you can survive so you can split the points between the both or just go full STR if you have a really decent set like HP+DD and good combo skills.

    • AGI BK 2400stats:-

    STR - 500~600 max and if more needed just enough for a better weapon
    AGI - 1200~1400
    VIT - 500~600
    ENE - 75

    Good survival build + speed for faster combos , also a strong build for PVP vs multiple enemies.

    Soul Master:-

    • SM 2400stats Build#1

    STR - for weapon
    AGI - 500~700
    VIT - 300~500
    ENE - 1100 or above

    For more survival and dmg.

    • SM 2400stats Build#2

    STR - for weapon
    AGI - 400~500
    VIT - 300
    ENE - 1100 or above

    These 2 builds will depend on your set, if you have DD+HP set you won't need to add much vitality because SM can kite enemy with teleport so you take advantage of it and deal dmg far away.


    STR - for weapon
    AGI - 500~900
    VIT - 200~300
    ENE - 1000~1200

    Very dependable on items, the best would be the red Wing+DD+HP and 2 chrono items for double dmg along whit the Exc red wing for the bonus defense at +11+12+13,AGI or VIT can be reduced with 100 points, for going more glass cannon and adding more energy.

    Dark Lord:-

    STR - 800~1200
    AGI - 600~800
    VIT - 400~600
    ENE - 50~100 for skills.

    Command - for horse or skill needed for PVP, the AGI + VIT will depend on set.

    Magic Gladiator:-

    • STRMG 2800 stats

    STR - 1000~1500
    AGI - 500~800
    VIT - 400~600
    ENE - 50~100 for skills OR a bit more for the defense % reduction

    Pro's:- The ideal here is trying to do a lot of damage, and also having some survival, if you want to really do a lot of damage ,take out some AGI and go more on STR.

    • ENEMG 2800 stats

    STR - for weapon
    AGI - 400~700
    VIT - 300~500
    ENE - 1200~1600

    Agility Elf:-

    • AE 2400 stats Build#1

    STR - 800
    AGI - 1100
    VIT - 500
    ENE - base or 50

    • AE 2400 stats Build#1

    STR - 300~500
    AGI - 1500~1700
    VIT - 400
    ENE - base or 50

    Will depend on what bows you have + set, agility elf whit more STR also help on dealing damage.

    Rage fighter:-

    STR - 500
    AGI - set requirement or 300
    VIT - 1500~2000
    ENE - base or 132 to buff party if needed for survival.

    With a HP+Ref or DD+Ref or DD+HP or mixed, is a good build for PVP, more STR can be added for more damage but vitality must stay higher.

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