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    1. MuGuide

      Hello , instead of complaining , maybe just put out ur doubt and question so it can be answered , have some manners. To use IT spells u need to click shift+right click , if u use this command in enemy whit the stun skill it will chain them , if u just shield skill u can click anywhere using the command.
    2. MuGuide

      You get more success attack rate from master level , which will give you less miss's and more attacks on boss's.
    3. MuGuide

      In this server more than 50% of the game is customized to give the best experience of MU, so there are some more things you need in order to be able to keep up with the competitive players. First and most importantly, to reach a competitive level you need a permanent party with trusted friends that you make in game or that you already knew and are willing to play at this level . Using TeamViewer so they can control your character when you are not at your PC by moving your character back to spot, buying potions, and taking them inside events. Before starting the server use the test ser
    4. MuGuide

      1. Rabbits Invasion:- Every 8 hours (04:45, 12:45, 20:45) Server time 18 rabbits per map on 5 maps: Noria, Lorencia, Dungeon (1-3), Elbeland (1-3), Devias (1-4). 40% chance to get: 1 Bless / 1 Soul / 1 Chaos. 60% chance to get: 5.000.000 Zen. Make sure you play whit camera zoomed out (F10) and whit sound in game cause when it doesnt appear on your screen so you can hear the rabbit near you. 2. White Wizards Invasion:- Every 6 hours (00:30, 06:30, 12:30, 18:30) Server time They will spawn on 5 maps: Dungeon, Devias, Noria, Lorencia and Elbeland. WW drops 3 random Jewels
    5. MuGuide

      Castle siege gameplay and builds: As a defender guild, it is very important to Fix up the statues and gates, granting them more HP to gain more time to fight outside, protecting the statue and gates. The more time you gain by defending statue and gates, the more time it will take the enemy guild to get inside the castle, and every minute of it counts! Once the enemy gets inside, you should defend as best as possible, the ideal is to have at least 2 DL’s in each switch (or more if you have in guild) to pull the enemy that has the switch and to remove them and make them lose seconds+ t
    6. MuGuide

      PVP builds:- Blade Knight:- STR BK 2400stats:- STR - 1200~1400 AGI - 300~500 VIT - 500~700 ENE - 75 STR and VIT will depend on how you can survive so you can split the points between the both or just go full STR if you have a really decent set like HP+DD and good combo skills. AGI BK 2400stats:- STR - 500~600 max and if more needed just enough for a better weapon AGI - 1200~1400 VIT - 500~600 ENE - 75 Good survival build + speed for faster combos , also a strong build for PVP vs multiple enemies. Soul Master:- SM 2400stats Bui
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