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  1. Hello, OldSquaders ! First of all we would like to thank you for your interest in reading the Newspaper ! The Newspaper was created especially for you, the players, its only purpose being to connect us as much as possible and to get to know each other. So, here we are, the concept was a success, also bringing up more forum activity, even tho it looks like you enjoy the beefs more than the good things (yes, y'all, I saw your dirty little desires and secrets ). But that's fine, I don't blame any of you.. We all know that it's @Reporter 's fault, so.. it is the time.. we need to find another one ... 😂😂😂 (*clears throat*) Y'all really did believe me? Now speaking seriously, at the request of our now Head Reporter, because he is very busy in real life and the time is not at his pinky at the moment, we are opening the applications for an additional Reporter, meant to fulfill the rest of the activities (some more interviews, not necessarily with the same length as the ones that are already made, but more general and statistical, because any newspaper does need statistics too / maybe some more rumors, ofc, because you like it, our HeadReporter showed us). In this way I want to shoutout @Reporter again, and to thank him for his work, it is awesome ! In order to apply, just tell us why would you like to be a part of the Newspaper, tell us something about you (age, location, whatever) and any idea to improve the Newspaper, on our Facebook page, OldSquad Community, via Messenger ---> https://www.facebook.com/OldSquadMU/ ADMIN, Head Reporter and me will review the applications. The job is also rewarded with 500 - 800 credits per week, depending on the activity. Some requirements: This job has to be more of a passion, and because it is kind of easy (you don’t need to invest more than 2-3 hours per week), we are looking for players interested to cooperate for a long term. Also, since the ‘official’ language is English, a decent level of English knowledge is required, even tho the Head Reporter and me will guide the Junior Reporter with pleasure. These being said, we wish you all good luck and we are looking forward to find the right person to help us make the Newspaper even more interesting for us all !
  2. The Council, a project in which experienced or not so experienced players can help the administrative team take the best decisions in the game, where they can ask for explanations and understand the direction our community is heading. Over time I have seen all sorts of players with or without experience who complain about various things, they usually expect that if you enter the forum and open a simple topic, everything is solved, without thinking about the consequences. For example: an Elf player would like to have the top pvp Elf, top PVM, top everything, of course, it's easy to go in and ask but the impact of an upgrade of a class in the game can ruin the whole balance of the server. This new project is about us, about the players, about our community, a project that will help us to evolve progressively, I had a little talk with Gion, and I asked him to give us some more details about this project, so you can understand better what it is about. I've selected the most on-point discussions: Reporter:" Hello, Gion ! " Gion: " Hello, my dear friend ! " Reporter: "Can you tell us where the idea for the council came from? Who thought of this project and what is its purpose? " Gion: " Sure ! ADMIN had this idea, we wanted to implement it since the beginning of Inception, but we had a lot to work on the server side, so we delayed it until now. " Reporter:" What are your expectations from future Council members? Gion: " Since we delayed the project until now, it is understood by default that we want some quality, meaning that we cannot let 90% of the players' opinions in the hands of the .. let's say people who are not ready. Reporter:" The opinions of these council members will have a decisive impact on the game ?" Gion : " Of course. It is well known that this game is better in teams, no matter if a team has 2-5-25 members. Assuming that a team is usually sharing the way of thinking, because that's why they're a team, right ? So, assuming that the team has the same mentality, our aim is to have a representative in as many teams as possible, from the newcomers' parties up to the highest guilds. Just like a sampler does. Our aim is the Democracy. We want everyone to matter, and taking this into account, that's why I said that the Council is 90% of the players' opinion, any player can still open polls / suggestions / etc. by himself" Reporter: "After a player joins this Council, will he be able to continue to talk freely on the forum or in game?" Gion :" Yessir ! Anyone can speak freely " Reporter:" Will these players, once they enter this Council have any advantage in the game?" Gion: " There are no immediate physical rewards, as there are no responsabilities, but I am sure that the overall quality of the personal gameplay, as well as the public gameplay will be highly increased soon " Reporter:" Those who register, in order to be elected, must know how to speak English very well? " Gion: " It is recommended to know English in order to be able to let us, the others, know what's on your mind." Reporter:" In the announcement made regarding the recruitments of council members you mentioned that those members should be "Players that had contributed during these years", can you be a little more explicit?" Gion: " You don't have to meet all the requirements in order to be "elected" as a Council member. As you can see, the newcomers will be a part of it too. That's the "academic" answer, the true reason was already mentioned by me above, and it is that we want quality, even the newcomers have to show that they are ready and that they are really willing to do this. Obviously, the ones that "have already contributed during these years" are well-known by us. And we appreciate it. Looking forward to see more people doing it ! Cheers !" Reporter:" But when you say "contributed" you do not mean that he need to be a donor or something, right? " Gion: " 🤦‍♂️No, sir. It has nothing to do with the donations. We are talking about the ones who contributed with suggestions, ideas, also understanding when a suggestion/idea cannot be implemented not because it is wrong, but because we promote what the majority wants, just like it is in Democracy. " Reporter:"The announcement for the recruitment of these council members was made around 5-6 days ago, what is the status of the number of players registered for the selection? " Gion: " There are some players who expressed their will to do this and we are very glad. Thank you !" Reporter: "Who will select these members and when will this selection take place?" Gion: " The selection is made by ADMIN and me, as I said, based on the previous experiences (personal or public), no matter how small these experiences were. As you can see, we have already stared to add Members. " Thank you very much, Gion ! I am convinced that this new project will have 100% success rate ! Old Squad Council, a new futuristic project that is made for our community benefits! You have nothing to lose guys, to apply for a council member position just send a message with your CV via Facebook messenger ! More details here : https://oldsquad.ro/forum/topic/3883-oldsquad-council/
  3. Gion

    Hello, OldSquaders ! We are glad to introduce you to a brand new group on forum, the Council group ! This group is created in order for the players to communicate with the staff easier. Our aim is to make the Council to represent the players, facilitating the feedback, the suggestions, the bug reports, basically everything. Having lots of online players can create confusion between the staff and the players, due to the repetitive reports, or repetitive requests for some changes (which are not that healthy for the community as a whole, but are still requested by some of the players that didn't know that the case was already presented and/or discussed). In this way we will try to sync the big decisions according to our players. Some "requirements" / details: Council group - Special forum group & discord place where chosen players can communicate easier with the staff and represent the players from the community. - Legends does have priority but not a guaranteed spot. - Only accepting people that we enjoyed speaking with or we like their character. - We need at least 1 person from each big guild from server. - 1-2 newbies (playing 1st time on our community). - Players that had contribution during these years. - Maximum of 12-15 players, for now. - No rewards but also no responsibilities, only participating when they what on discussions or bringing an opinion to others suggestions/reports/etc. - People totally inactive from the group will be removed & replaced. - People who want to join the council must send us details via Messenger to our Facebook page, OldSquad Community, and we'll select from them as well as inviting ourselves the good guys, if they don't 'apply. We hope that you will enjoy this ! Best regards, OldSquad Team
  4. Before the start of a game, have you ever spent minutes thinking about what name to give to the character you will play? Have you ever wondered what inspired players to choose their names ? I did wonder, so, I started an investigation last week, I took 50 names from our Old Squad main rankings top and looked for their origins and meanings,I only found 30 online during this research but I won't bore you too much with this introduction, so let's see what these players said about their nicknames: Snook: " My name comes from snooker, this was my first nickname when I was playing c.s.1.6" Makiavelli: "My name comes from a famous writer who wrote the book called “The Prince” which inspired Tupac in his creations." ShaDyzka: "I’m using this nick from like 10 years; it’s Shady mainly, I just added a suffix because I just liked how it sounds: (being in shade)" No1LiveEr: "it’s from when I was younger, it reminds me of the time when I met my wife" BBwojownik: "wojownik means “warrior” in polish, and BB are the initials of the real name" Nephilim: "Originally I used it as 'fallen angel', but after some time I understood it was some mythical monster: a Giant" Ripo: "From nowhere, I invented it when I was a little kiddo, inspired by Warlords Battlecry where I played necromant" Zutto: " No juice story behind it, I choose just randomly, always used nicks started with “Z” " Duke: " it’s a name from British ppl, highest in rank; I chose it when I played BK and wanted to be rank 1 " Darkmaster : "I got this name when I started playing in last edition of phoenix, I liked how it sounds " Waste: "From nowhere, I was starting Oldsquad, sit in front of my keyboard to find out one, and this one came to my mind. " Limbo: " limbo it’s actually a part of hell in ancient mytology; it’s also connected to madaras technique " DarkYo: " I chose this nickname when I start playing mu for the first time, I was with some friends and I said that it sounds nice " Crucify: "There is nothing special about my name, I heard from a movie and I liked pronunciation; the movie was Spartacus, that I remember" Xinchao: " The name comes from a Vietnamese server where I played long time ago" Peps: " it’s quite a dumb story, happened 16-17 years ago when I took a drink with Pepsi and Coca-Cola with a friend, because we are looking for nicknames I chose Peps and he chose Colas, and ever since friends call us that way" RuSuLeTzZz: " It’s my nick from childhood, when all called me like this deriving from my real name" mafy :" long time ago, when I was a child, I played cs and I used the nick Mafyot, but all my friends called me mafy so I kept it in all games that I played " Chukundah (quoted from his interview😞 )"From the actor Chuck Norris, I just tried to invent something after "Chuck" so it wouldn't be the same name , so I came out with Chukundah." Fane: " My nickname comes from my real name, Stefan, who means “crown” in Greek " Moonlight: "My wife chose this name from Lineage 2, where she played a class named Moonlight Sentinel - an archer " RedBuLL: " My name comes from the well-known energizer with the same name that I frequently consume" Pershing: " Pershing is the nickname of one of the highest polish gangster, I'm interested in this kind of stories " Aloe: " I made an elf as alt on 50rr, and on my desk was an Aloe Vera plant, so here's the name: Aloe " Alex: "He is not playing anymore but Snook told us that this is the real name of the owner, that's why he chose it. " Diablo: "I chose this name few years ago, and it means "the devil" " 5GSP0RT : "It comes from rap music, also 5 grams Marijuana sport; because I'm just smoking and is tell like that someone use runs gym " ALOHA: " When i join first time Oldsquad, I start with a new nickname took it from 1 streamers from dota2; but I played with nickname Gh0st more than 10 years and I chose it because was an unique name on that time " KAIDO: "it's from the anime ''One piece''; a younko have name Kaido " Juri: "Many years ago, like in 2000-2001, when I got internet , I was trying to figure out what nick to use so I decided to use it after Juri Gagarin , a Russian cosmonaut who flied the first time in cosmos " Kreiser_VII: "My cousin suggested Kreiser me when I was like 12, my old username was kinda lame and I was starting a new MMORPG. I started using Kreiser_VII because I'd often see Kreiser already in use, and I love Final Fantasy VII, now I flip-flop between both depending on the type of character I wanna build." BataMG: " Also pretty boring, Bata is a diminutive of my last name IRL, and my friends have been calling me that since I was about 6 years old." Cerberus:" I actually stole this nickname many years ago.. My first Season2 server that i've played (i think it was around 2008-2009) with some friends, there was this russian or ukrainian guy (i think, not sure) with a MG char called Cerberus. So this guy left the server after some time and gave the MG to my friends to play with it. So from that moment started my passion for MG (my fav char :D) and i started using that nickname most of the time when i play MG. The meaning of the name, copied from wiki: "often referred to as the hound of Hades, is a multi-headed dog that guards the gates of the Underworld to prevent the dead from leaving" These are the first 30 meanings of the nicknames of the players I found online, in this way I invite all readers of the newspaper to give a reply and tell us the story of your name, I will edit all these stories in the article!
  5. Hello, I have few announcements to make and I'll try to keep them short enough. Firstly, I would like to introduce you our new Administrator - Community Manager - @Gion. Gion has been part of our Community as a Head Admin since a long time. He did his job in a good manner until now so he's ready to take the next step in our Community as an Administrator. Basically he is getting my current position as a Community Manager, which means he will cover the entire non-technical community support as well as few new mini-projects. You may have noticed a slow response-time from my side as well as a lower forum activity compared to normal. This was because I'm stepping out from public relationships for now (reason: "burnt-out") and I'll remain to work in the backstage for the technical/creative aspect as well as the game design of our current and future projects. I will still be active on facebook for technical support - which I ask you to use it exclusively for technical support. For any other kind of support you'll have to contact @Gion in the usual places (forum,game,facebook). He'll pass me the message/inquiry if needed. Secondly, soon we'll have a rework of the forum that will imply changes in the process of submitting bugs/suggestions to make them more efficient, as well as other forum tweaks. Thirdly, @Gion will be handling 2 of our new mini-projects: - Community Council - This will be a new forum & discord group where we'll select some active players, which will represent the community of players, in order to facilitate a good relationship between us as staff and players. Our goal is to have at least 1 player from each of the "big" guilds, as well as different type of extra players (newbies,old players,etc.) We'll use the discord group to communicate for improvements/bugs and anything related for both current and future projects. More info soon. - Soccer Night - Some of you know, most of you don't. We do have a very nice custom soccer system that we've developed on Inception but we failed to put it in use (lack of players interested) in it's previous forms of organization. We'll try to put it again in use, but this time under a totally new structure that we do hope will assure that any participant does have real chances no matter if he has friends to play with or not. More info: https://oldsquad.ro/forum/topic/3851-soccer-night/ Cheers!
  6. Hello everyone I was thinking about how to improve the sell system at website market and I got somthing that i wish to see it install at the market now to the idea that I was thinking about I wish we had in website something like private trade or private sell to one specific person lets say I made a deal with someone specific and i wanna be sure he and only he going to get the item when i put it on market so i was thinking about something lets say the seller put the item on market but he also protect it with 4 digit code that only the seller know and will give it to the buyer so he make sure only the person he made the deal with going to buy it on website in general i wanna see private sell at market since only at market we can sell for credit other wise we were using trade in game but since we cant transfer credit in game we need also private sell or trade at market and i think my idea is do able the seller pick his item and he also protect his item with 4 digit code and that code going to provide the buyer accsess to buy his item and only he can buy it i think its good idea instaed of how it works now u need to be carefull and fast enough to buy it b4 some else can reach you its risky and it was happened to me with some items i made deal with person face 2 face and since site not so stable i had delay and someone else bought my item at my price that i was negociate for it feels sucks when someone else earn from your hard work THANKS IN ADVANCE! i hope you guys take it to your attention ❤️
  7. Reporter

    Squadron's History The Path of a Legendary Guild Our story begins a long time ago, in the distant past, about five years ago on a random server with high experience. That's the place where two players meet, their name is TwoCheeks and Oklahoma. These two players start to understand each other and become friends, but they quickly get tired of that server, and that's how our adventure starts. They moved from one server to another because none of them were meeting their high standards. In their way to find a server to challenge them, they landed on a season 10 server where they finally decided to build a guild and compete at Castle Siege, and that's how Squadron was first time made. Our heroes started a war with Kenpachi on that server, and they fought the whole server's life.Oklahoma hated him (in game, of course) Kenpachi lives in California and every night it was easy for him to wipe all parties due to the time difference. They did hunt him also but without any chance to win the war vs him, they where wondering how the hell can he be that active (24/7 on) at the end, with TwoCheeks good diplomatic skills they ended up playing together and quickly became friends with Ken. On these servers they found and recruited in their family that was keep growing, one by one: Sync, Gaffney, LastHope (he isnt playing anymore, sadly) and Trippy. And the journey continued, about 3-4 years ago, in one day, looking for a stable server, they where scrolling Mu Online top server websites, and they finally found one that was looking promising, OldSquad MU. They all agreed that they should try it, so here they are, very close to the very first data base or maybe even the first! They quickly settled in and started aiming for server supremacy, but then there were already strong guilds that had strong cores, guilds like GROM and DEADCATS , guilds with pro players. Combined with the server's high standards and top quality, they found the challenge that they were looking for, a challenge that kept them connected and focused on developing a guild that could measure with those great forces that, at that time, were fighting for server's supremacy. On their way to form a top guild, our heroes made new friends whom one by one they recruited becoming a growing family, thus they have recruited Voyager, Zutto, Alex (FKingCunT), Shaolin, Notorious, Support, Mboopi, and many others. The guild reaches the top and begins to have great victories, but also defeats, but as the saying "what does not kill you makes you stronger", have passed easy over defeats and celebrated the victories in the group. The time has made the friendship get stronger and stronger between these players and now they have a core of 15-20 players (depends on their availability to play in the new databases )which to support themselves to share things between them and help each other, players who trust each other with accounts, remote programs and complement each other filling inactivity periods of each one of those players. Squadron became one of the most desired guild on OldSquad, every data base its core players get inside game with the desire to dominate the server and always manage to be competitive, also because they try to recruit only players that work as a team and follow rules which are "the key" to the healthy guild life. In Squadron's history there were, of course, ups and downs, but core players always stick together no matter what. Even after there where scandalous periods in which Oklahoma was accused for "stealing" Snajpers stuff ( he explained why he did that, no one had any questions), or inside fights between players, but having pretty strict rules they manage to avoid drama. Sometimes it cannot be avoided but they handled it well, so far. This is the Squadron history, a history that continues to be written by these heroes with "blood" on the Land of Trials' battlefield or at the most important events on the server, a guild made for fun by two players that managed to climb in OldSquad history building a name, a name that became legendary. During this time there were a lot of top players who joined and left, players who learned from Squadron then went to build guilds that ended up fighting Squadron, but that always happens in the big guilds. In the mission of Narrator , and also a player, I can only lift my hat and throw it on the ground, step on it cause I am proud to be able to take this story and write it down, this story is not about one player, not about few players. Now Oklahoma is banned on forum and on discord, because he did mistakes but he is a proud founding member of this legendary guild, he is one of us and he thinks that Admin has something with him. Well, he did some mistakes, trash talking about OldSquad, but he proved that he is a top player and a founder of a legendary guild.
  8. Gion

    I am posting this for Snook, since he is banned on forum: Hello. I have two suggestions . First , is there any chance to lower the time waiting in IT? It seems that top tiers are filled instantly and we are just waiting for 10 minutes. Secondly , can the visual buffs in cc be removed? Some classes are at huge disadvantage due this (ex. sm mana shield , rf ignore buff I think)
  9. Hello, Today at around 13:30 GMT+3 (Server Time) we'll do a scheduled maintenance on our servers as we're continuing the fight with the attackers, trying out new things, to hopefully get rid of the small disconnects that are still happening from time to time. This means that both Inception & Phoenix will be down for around 20~40 minutes. Auto-reconnect may not work so make sure to be online in order to reconnect! Cheers.
  10. Hello, Today at around 17:00 Server Time we'll finish the process of upgrading our server machine. This means that Inception & website will be down for 30~90 minutes. Reconnect won't work so you'll have to rejoin when it will be back. Cheers!
  11. Many players are wondering who Reporter is and why is he anonymous, why does he do this, and if he abuses the game with his position? Well, at this moment, the Reporter is just me (a random player), I am doing it for several months and I am doing everything in my power to have fun on the forum with the only purpose to increase the level of involvement for players in the forum and for our community. It is very likely that sometimes I write only the first appearance of an event in my articles (maybe I have only one sided part of story) , but if shit happens and I am wrong, I admit it publicly. I do not consider myself a perfect Reporter, but I consider myself a man with a strong spine and this means that I am able recognize my mistakes publicly, a mistake should help everyone to evolve by not repeating it, no matter the circumstance. Plus, I am trying to deliver publicly the News, which I am personally picking, as soon as possible. If you look at the things constructively, this community has many hundreds or even thousands of players, and it deserves all the best! To be a Reporter inside this community means that you have to voice publicly the community voice, and this means to be equidistant even if you are a player. You have to put the job in the foreground, maybe you have incomplete information, sometimes a Reporter can only express the point of view that he gets on the ground(in game) , so I always must be careful what to write, in order to avoid controversies. But if I have strong arguments or evidence, I can do it with my eyes closed, I believe in the freedom of speech , I believe in this project in which I am involved, and I hope that freedom of speech will always win! I believe in truth and I will refuse to publish a lie, being aware of it. I will always refuse to believe that the accuracy of my articles is prejudiced by my pride as a player, or the pride of the people I play with, I will always criticize mistakes (even if they are mine, or Admin's) and I will always bring due respect to those who deserve, regardless of the camp they belong to. Being a Reporter means more than being an admin, an admin can make hot decisions, without thinking twice or he can be as proud as he wants, but he has to be even cause the only main judge on this server is Admin. I believe he acts always to increase the value of our community, maybe sometimes he does mistakes, even him can act without caring for the moment and ban someone just cause he was rude. He is right in 99% out of all cases , but I care, I care about all the players (I have an affection for those who put their soul in this game, some of these people make some big mistakes, and some of them do those mistakes because they have the impression that they have the absolute truth and that they have to reveal it to all the server, without thinking twice, without "sitting in Admin's chair"). I also care about all the articles I write, and, if I am wrong, I blame myself. Tho when I have a story to tell , especially when I am one of the most spiritualists, and I get an interview or just an anonymous opinion I commit myself to say it without being constrained by staff or other "forces". Let the truth (even one sided) go public ! When that time will come and I will give up being a reporter (or I will be fired), I hope that this project will continue and that the new Reporter who will take over this job will surpass me and raise the written press to the highest level. Until then, the Reporter is me, just a random player, trying to get involved in the community, to take its pulse, and publicly transmit the most important things that happens in our servers and to interview the top players. I do not consider myself a super player or a super star cause I have this job, and I do not think that Reporter should be looked at like this, everything about NewsPaper must and should be about the community. I apologize as a human being, in this way, to those who felt offended in the written articles, but I can assure that those articles have been written with heart and soul and they will be written in the same manner, for the only thing that matters: to bring truth to light and to get our community stronger! I have it in the signature, but I feel the need to write it again: "Freedom of speech is the concept of the inherent human right to voice one's opinion publicly without fear of censorship or punishment! " So guys, feel free to judge me, to reply in NewsPaper, to like or dislike my articles! Feel free and speak truth, I will always appreciate it and I will do my best to write the truth down for our community. Best Regards, Your Reporter, the one that OldSquad Community has at this moment!
  12. Reporter

    Wormhole has arrived near the cemetery, everyone knows, I hope, (although this have been announced by all possible means) that this server is going to follow his path, a complicated, difficult path. These players who desired to be part of OldSquad , but started late, and who want to be competitive...They will come into a new world, a world in which those who fight for the dominance of the continent are more versed than those who were on the Wormhole. Instead of beginners, all the server is waiting for the migration, all the top guilds from inception are making plans, plans in which they wish that they will absorb the vitality, the strength of the group from Wormhole's top guilds and players , they will try to "take into custody" as many players on this server as they have the capacity do to it, and I am convinced that these players can have a strong word to say and that they can control the balance of inception if they play as a team and choose sides. What I can tell you without talking to "the voices", but just straight Admin words is that the transfer duration takes place within a period of 7 days , Wormhole experience will be 0 until the end of this server, and we all hope that these new players will bring us back to 400+ chars on, but we won't know until this week dedicated to the revival of the end game will pass. There are voices that say that some players are already adopted, but, it remains to be seen where they will go, if they will remain united and if they choose pick sides, or to create their own force on the big chess board, called Inception. That being said Reporter will take a break (holiday) for an indefinite period that can include 1 or 3 weeks. Cheers!
  13. Berukyurosu

    Somehow i can register forum account.. But i cant register Game account... I tryed diffirent emails.. I dont get confirmation email..hours in still nothing... And i am not the only 1 >.> And yes.. i checked spam folder..
  14. Reporter

    This interview is about Makiavelli, one of the best Magic Gladiator players that Old Squad has ever had , he is ranked top number one on Magic Gladiator reset ranking, Blood Castle rankings, and second ranked on hall of fame main (he owns 10 Hall of Fame trophies at this moment), and he is also a stage breaker. Reporter: "Hello, Makiavelli ! At this moment you are ranked as number one on MG reset rankings, on Blood Castle and second ranked on hall of fame, congratulations! " Makiavelli: " Hello, Reporter, and thank you! " Reporter : " Can you reveal us your name and age? " Makiavelli : " Of course, my name is Marius and I`m 28 ." Reporter: "How much time do you spend/day playing mu OldSquad (average)? " Makiavelli : " When I play mu I`m very dedicated and I play it a lot, that`s why after every DB I play I usually take a break for atleast a few months in which I don't even touch the PC " Reporter: "What do you do in real life for a living?" Makiavelli: "I`m a dentist. " Reporter : "When did you start to play Mu Online? " Makiavelli: "I can`t remember exactly, but I think around 2004. " Reporter : "How did you find OldSquad ?" Makiavelli: "I think my friend RedBuLL was the one who told me about OS in 2015 or 2016. " Reporter :"What nicknames did you have in the past?"" Makiavelli:" I`ve had Makiavelli for years, krazee before that, many others in the past." Reporter: "Since 2015 when you started to play OS, have you played on any other servers? Makiavelli:"I only had an attempt to play other server which opened while i was waiting for OS and as soon as OS was ready i played them both at the same time. There was a conflict in the antihacks of the servers or something like that and sometimes my client would get closed so I couldn`t afk properly. The decision was very easy to make, i quit the other server and stayed on OS, which is the only server that i would play now. " Reporter :"Why did you choose this server?" Makiavelli:" There`s a lot of work put in this servers since it started and I like the settings more than any other server I`ve ever played and even though I`d very much like to play a S14 I only enjoy mu on OS in the last years so im willing to play it even on S6" Reporter: "Do you have any VIP activated? You have this VIP since you started Inception?" Makiavelli:"Yes, I have PRO vip activated since it first came up, before that i juggled between dealer and hunter, depending on the stage of the game. " Reporter: " How did you manage to achieve so many hall of fame trophies? Can you reveal us "the secret"? " Makiavelli: "You just have to be active and have proper builds/gameplay: either for PVP (arena) or PVE (BC/DS/CC). Testing is the key to everything, someone beat you in something, either pve or pvp event, go to test server and find out what happened - you can at least do as good as he did . " Reporter :"Since you are top one Magic Gladiator player on the server, can you reveal us a few tips about Magic Gladiator pvp build? Can you reveal your stats ?" Makiavelli: "My stats were constantly changing untill I found what I think is the perfect stats build for sMG , a build that allows me to do proper PVE/PVP and also hold a switch at CS and I think its fair on servers with reset limit or non-reset that players make their own builds. I`ve never asked anybody about their build and I don`t want to reveal mine either. About pvp build, it`s easy to find the best one by testing builds in duels on pvp servers." Reporter :"What advice would you give to a player playing on this server for the first time, what should he do to get to the top places? How should he build stats on Magic Gladiator in the beginning ?" Makiavelli:"sMG can be better than eMG in everything, except holding a spot, so my advice is to go sMG since you can find a nice party to take care of the spot killing, also considering there is a bonus xp in party. To get to the top places you should find a stable party with people that you trust so you can share your accounts and try having somebody online to take care of the party most of the time. You should not skip any bc`s/ds`s, you got 3/24h so it shouldn`t be so hard if you organise your time properly, and if that is not enough, you should get a PRO vip that let`s you go 4 times into these events. If you can't find a stable party you can still do it on your own, it`s gonna take more of your time but it can be done. " Reporter :"What characters do you think are the best on pvp ? Makiavelli:" "In my oppinion any character that is played well can be very good in pvp but if I have to choose 1 class, it`s gonna be BK." Reporter :"You are number one on Blood Castle rankings, can you tell us how have you accomplished that?" Makiavelli: "Well, I`ve only missed very few BCs since the server started and I`ve always been high ranked in resets so my damage was always above average, allowing me to take the statue many times." Reporter: "Several weeks ago you were ranked number on on main reset rankings with a decent gap between rest of server, what happened?" Makiavelli: "I`ve had some time off, had a long vacation in which I lost a lot in ranks, but the gap you`re talking about helped, so I never got far from the first places." Reporter: " Do you still have have a permanent party ? Makiavelli:"Yes, I still do have a permanent party with @Sparkle, @mafy, @Mu3rte, but it's not like it was in the beginning. Some are doing resets, some are doing ML, but we help each other, and I see it as a stable party. " Reporter: " What happened to your old mates, RedBuLL, RuSuLeTzZz, TzaPusHH , MasSacre and Obraznic ?" Makiavelli:" RedBuLL had a lot of work to do from the beginning of the server, he just wanted to play it with us cause he loves this server and he likes playing with us, as I do with him, but not long ago he decided it`s not worth to spend the little time that he has for himself staying on a PC, but he is still around to help whenever we ask for it. Rusuletz quit game because of many reasons that I don`t want to speak about, but mainly because he started working and he is the kind of player that either plays active or doesn`t play at all. I`m that kind of player too. Tzapush ... you would have to ask him, I have no idea what happened there, temporary insanity or something. Obraznic tryied to sell a set for real money and he got banned, he did not have the approval of any of us and that`s all I have to say about this. Massacre didn`t have much time from the begining, but he started playing after I`ve asked him to several times so his presence here was shady from the start." Reporter :"Why Rampage disbanded? " Makiavelli: "A lot of players quit, some players tried to sell for real money and got banned, the energy there wasn`t good anymore. We disbanded it and choose to take it easy for a while, now we have a very nice group, here in H4RDC0RE the energy is really nice, and it`s a pleasure for me to play with these guys. We are not as strong as we were when we were winning the castle siege, but we are getting there, we didn`t abandon the fight for castle, nor will we. " Reporter : " Do you read the News Paper ? " Makiavelli:"Yes, I enjoy reading the newspaper, it`s something special that I haven`t seen anywhere else. " Reporter : " Do you believe in superstitions? Do you think that the Castle is Cursed? " Makiavelli:"I don`t believe in superstitions, but I find this amusing and I enjoy reading the posts though. " Reporter : " Did you see what happened to the guilds that held the castle? If it is not the "curse" (which can be defined by greed, selfishness and pride), what could it be to destroy the most of the guilds in that way?" Makiavelli: "The more you win it, the less you want it. The more you lose it, the more you want it.That`s how i see it. " Reporter: " Squadron is your enemy guild now?" Makiavelli:"Yes, they are our enemy guild this database, even though we have played together in the past. I still have friends and people I respect in that guild, even thought they did not take attitude when the administration of Squadron did some very shitty things like show 0 respect to my party, which helped them before and this database too, or steal items and credits from Snajper when they found out he was going to join us. After these events, and others, and losing CS several times to us, what they did is even more mind blowing to me - they allied with ATTACK and then deny several times that they did until Colossus confessed it all on forum and they didn`t even pay them what they promised for their help from what I know. It was not even only the normal help to come and play against us ,they were killing their GM and the GM of their secondary guild to make points.Everything is allowed at CS so we never said that this is not fair, but these are some stains on their chicks and I`d like people to remember it. " Reporter : "There are rumors that the ATTACK guild is allied with HARDCORE, are they true?" Makiavelli :" We are not allied and we never were, I remember some of them wanted to help us after Squadron mocked them and they offered their services but nothing synthesized." Reporter: " Do you think that your guild can win next Castle Siege? " Makiavelli : "I know they can be defeated in the next siege, we beat them before and we could have beat them a lot more times. They did not win because they were too good, they won because we messed up big time on so many different occasions, and it is only our fault we lost but server`s still up and going, as I said before, we have a nice team now and I have high hopes that we`re gonna win the next castle siege. Nobody is crying for the castle but it's a thing of honor." Reporter :"What do you suggest to improve on NewsPaper ?" Makiavelli: "I don`t see myself in any capacity to give advice on how to improve a newspaper. You are doing a great job, just keep on doing what you`re doing and all is good,or at least that`s how I feel about it. " Reporter: "On a scale from 1 to 10, how much do you like Inception?" Makiavelli:"I like non-reset servers and I`ve played an amazing non-reset here on OS that I'd give 10. I`ve had bad thoughts of Inception at times, like when the aRF was 2hitting everybody and at an immense range, but watching the big picture now I see some very interesting stuff made with builds. Many people are crying that some chars are OP but if you pay attention you will see that they are OP only in front of other classes, or even if they outpower all other classes is just for a limited amount of time. For example at first was BK and MG, after that it was aRF, updates made and now is vRF instead of him, SM also got really strong, people already got some + 15 sockets and once slots will be filled with seeds, vRF will take a step back, and DL/SM/Summ era will begin. BK will always be at least a good tank. I don`t want to miss this opportunity to congratulate all OS team for their hard work with an accent on mercenary and gens systems, I like them a lot. " Reporter: " What would you change to this server? What do you expect from the following servers?" Makiavelli:"I guess I`d eliminate some of the Premium options on website like Change class/Change Name, I`d make the online Blacksmith at a max item upgrading of + 11, remove the add luck option completely, cause in my opinion, it makes one of the best options in game be worthless to any very active or willing to donate some money players in game. Some new systems were installed this db and although they are very nice they created a few bugs, some of which were already solved fast or a compromise solution has been found for them for example the case of BC bug, so what I expect from the following servers is two things : 1:the same dedication of the team to solve major problems and 2: Season 14 as fast as possible on OS. Reporter: " What do you think about this new rule related to the sale of items / accounts for real money? The buyer receives free of charge what the seller offers if he reports to Admin." Makiavelli :" This rule can be very unpleasant for some players who have done nothing wrong and I know this for a fact because it has happened to me when some players from our team got banned for this reason and all the items,even a very high character at that time ended up in the hands of the players who we were playing against. Some would say that it is my fault for choosing the wrong guys to play with but everybody should know by now that people can hide their true faces very well so I don`t consider it my fault. Although this rule can be unpleasant for people who don't deserve it, I fully agree with it because I don't see a better way to stop this real money market." Reporter: "So you are against "black market" ? Makiavelli :" I don't have anything against someone who would sell/buy character/items on black market but these are the rules and I think it would be best for everybody if there wasn't a black market." Reporter: "There are some rumors on the server that say VIP affects the concept of "play-to-win gameplay", what do you think of these rumors? Can a player who is active reach the top without donating? " Makiavelli :" I don't think VIP affects the concept of "play-to-win gameplay", first of all because the stages system help a lot all the players who are behind and secondly because there is a market where you can trade basically anything for credits or consumables, so if you are a good merchant you can always have VIP without spending any money. When someone spends years on a project that he shares, I find it normal that he should receive some compensation for his work and I know that these days very few people would give something if they don't receive something in return, for example they like some artists but they have never bought an album to support the guy, online is so easy and cheap. I buy albums of my favourite artists just to support them even though I got all the songs in playlists on Youtube and I also donate when my VIP period is over,even if i have credits, because I see it as a support to the server, and I can also use the credits I already have for other stuff that I need." Reporter: "Thanks for this interview, Marius, I wish you a Happy New Year, filled with health and accomplishments on all plans!" Makiavelli: " Thank you! It has been a privilege for me, and I wish you and all OS players a Happy New Year!" This was one of the most complex interviews I ever took !!! It could compete with Ganja's or Zutto`s ( I followed Ganja more then 6 hours into all events and I was waiting for Zutto's interview since Phoenix mid game until Inception mid start ), so he deserves the room in NewsPaper Hall of Fame because he is one of all time best Magic Gladiator players that Old Squad Ever Had!!! I wish to all News Paper readers a Happy New Year and I hope that the Goddess of Fortune will bring them all the luck and to fulfill their pure desires !!
  15. Hello OldSquaders, Our team would like to sincerely wish you Happy Holidays and a great and bright New Year, full of joy and fulfillment! We want to also let you know that this month we're reaching 4 years since OldSquad was born! It was a pretty intense year that brought a lot of improvements to our community, from all perspectives, but most importantly, we highly raised our gameplay quality during this year. We had a great journey with Phoenix, that proved to be the highest quality server we offered until now, but it was also surpassed with the Inception project, our current project being even better than Phoenix. We've also greatly reduced the "major problems" a project may have and also increased our overall stability. In our opinion, it was a great year, and we're sure that we can make your experience here even better. We're constantly working to achieve "closer to perfection" servers, and we'll never stop until this game will be fully dead or simply unsustainable, which we're pretty sure it won't happen too soon. Thank you for being our players during this year and we really hope that you enjoyed your time spent among us! Now, speaking about the future, 2020 will be another "full" year, for us. If we speak about servers schedule, we'll continue our community with only 2 main servers (Inception & Phoenix), and, based on how Wormhole will succeed or fail with its mission, we may extend/improve such mother-kid concept or simply abandon it. Inception will always be the "autumn project" and Phoenix will be the "spring project". But, as we told you during this year, we're going to expand our community with a new, fresh, last-game version (S14 or S15) NonReset replacement, somewhere after 2nd part of this year, if everything will go well. We don't have any info for now but it will take a lot of time to learn about it and then create something worth of OldSquad. We currently have our "to-do list" with some important things left that we want to bring: CS System V2. A full PRO guide in playing our servers competitively. Forum reorganization and Info reorganization. Personal notification system ingame based on your own character class/reset stage. End-Game Quest system especially for Inception. And many other smaller things and improvements that we plan to do for our systems. We also want to extend our to-do list with your own feedback, so we're opening a 4 YEARS Feedback Topic, where we ask your feedback that may help us to improve your future experience, more info here: https://oldsquad.ro/forum/topic/3530-4-years-feedback/ Kind regards, OldSquad Team. #MakeMUGreatAgain!
  16. Reporter

    Hello, OldSquaders ! Around the winter holidays, Admin has prepared for the mu players from everywhere around the world a surprise, as we were used to: innovative. This brand new limited server aims to increase the number of the OldSquad Community members , therefore, if you have friends who missed the start of the Inception server and want to feel the vibrations of this game again (which after so many years still brings them to our hearts,) don't hesitate and tell them to join this new "Old Style" server. Wormhole is a server which after 2 months of life will give players the opportunity to migrate to the Mother "Inception", where the real fights take place, where they will meet professional players and they will be able to fight with them, and to measure their strengths. They will have a lot of work to do, but Wormhole will bring them closer to the top, and, we hope, balance. These players will give us the refresh we expect, despite the bad mouths that say Admin wants to open new and new servers just to make money, as we are, also, very used to. Wormhole is a new evidence from Admin who wants to extend the life of a server, as much as possible, to give us longevity in the game and to make Old Squad have servers that after 6-7 months of life will still be populated by active players. Some "voices" told me that in the future there will be many surprises from Admin to keep us connected to Inception, and I do believe this, let's see what he got ! I am convinced that Wormhole will arouse new players interest in OldSquad and that a large part of them will remain in our community. Let's wish them success and fun!
  17. Reporter

    More and more players are making aggressive complaints to OldSquad staff members. I am a player too and I understand how frustrating it can be when some things don`t work as I would personally like, so I partially understand those frustrated players, but from here to having an aggressive attitude is a long way. I think being polite always solves more problems than being aggressive and I suggest to those players who have something to complain about, to try and do it politely, Admin and Gion are people who work hard to keep the server alive to develop it and to add as many new things as possible, things that will increase the satisfaction of the players, there will always be problems and things to be solved, but going on forum chatbox and start insulting will never help our community. If you haven't noticed so far, if Admin changes something (about in game balance), he does it at the request of the crowd, not only for a single players' request, and not without a strong argument. Do you want things to change? Get in the game, talk to the players on the server to make forum accounts, make POLL in the forum and guide them to vote. When you discover bugs, you can send the details to the Admin privately, you have topics on forum for suggestions, bug reports, feedback etc. You will not solve any problem by shouting and insulting the OS team in the game chat or in the chatbox forum. There are also my "favorite" players who complain that they donated and because of this, Admin has obligations towards them. Ohhhh, come on, brothers!! Did Admin log into your bank account and forced you to click on the donated amount? Did anyone in any way force you to put money in this game? Don't you already have the benefits from donating? Isn't that why you did it? For credit, VIP. Etc? Stop spamming that Admin does this for money and stop demanding things to OS staff cause you donated X euro and now you own us all? Ask yourself how can you add value to our community by making suggestions, and not by making demands, because no one is here to accept all these outbursts of yours. I would also like to add that the mu players, pro or not, have the opportunity to enjoy things that go beyond imagination, and not even those from Webzen do as much hardwork to get balance or fair play as Admin does. He does it out of passion, listening to everyone, reacting (maybe sometimes tough) but how could he react when he only receives attacks? Playing OldSquad is an opportunity, it makes the ultimate sacrifice for us to enjoy mu online, donors or not, right or wrong?? That you have found a bug and exploit it, in the long run, all this there will be dust and ash, my advice for you is to be constructive, not destructive, think for the future, as Admin does it successfully because he is professional, and yes, he is also perfectionist and sometimes it can be a flaw for him , and it may affect us also, but you cannot be always a diplomat and kiss the bottoms of those who constantly attack you. The OldSquad community is constantly changing and the server is molding ALWAYS on its needs, so keep your damn mouth shut if you are not prepared to argue that some normal people are asking for something to change. Sometimes I blame the Admin for his behavior and he knows it too but after seeing so much hatred for nothing, for updates, for things that just don't matter, because only one thing doesn't work properly and is overshadowed by all 1 million other things that work well and for everything I`d like to thank the Admin (and kiss him in the ass) because this is what many people believe (although I have always been and will be a supporter of our community) I give Admin a kick in the ass again because they do not understand again that mu players are also people and that they are always frustrated (when not one , it is the other) I am convinced that he knows this because I will thank him again and kiss his ass as his work has given me the unexpected chance to put passion in this game again,, for others who believe in the freedom of speech I will tell them that I will roughly criticize him when I have the impression that he is wrong regardless of the circumstances.
  18. Reporter

    This interview is about Legion, a name that was already a Legend as game player, and became bigger as Game Manager, behind that name it is a man passionate about this game, like many of us, who sacrificed his time to help the admin team (which is not very numerous) to make MuOnline great again. Because he was a top player, a respected and appreciated Game Master, he deserves to have a proper withdrawal , with an interview!! Even if this retirement is temporary, I say temporary because this game flows in our veins and sooner or later we will all give up but in the end we will all be back, especially if we find a nice server with dedicated and professional team like OldSquad is, so let's see what he has to say: Reporter: "Hello, Legion! " Reporter : " I want to thank you on behalf of all players who know who you are and also for those who do not know you at all, because you helped (behind the curtain) to improve the game and many had no idea! " Legion: "I'm glad that you appreciate it, I would like to thank you also for this time spent together, it was worth to sacrifice my time to improve this project as much as I could, but please don't forget that I'm only a part of it, there was a lot of staff members who added something from themselves, so that what we can experience now is also their contribution. I would like to thank all of these people for that, I would like to thank you @Reporter for great job you're doing and especially for @Gion & @ADMIN for their hard work. " Reporter : " Thank you! " Reporter: " Are you from Poland? Can you tell us your real name?" Legion:" Yeah, that's not a secret that I'm from Poland. My real name is Matthew." Reporter :" How old are you ?" Legion : " 25. " Reporter :" When did you started to play muonline?" Legion :" It was around 2005" Reporter : " Can you tell us a short story about how you got to play the OldSquad server? "(Here I mean what friends you had, what permanent party friends, what achievements you had as a player and in what big guilds you were a member, from when you started and until you became a Game Master) Legion:" Everything began with a friend invitation, when I did join this community I earned a lot of new friendships. I joined polish guild named GROM, where I met my constant party members, that was one of the greatest journey with MuOnline in my life. I won't talk about my achievements, tbh they doesn't matter for me, everything is about quality of gameplay & awesome community, neither guildnames which I swiched after leaving GROM doesn't matter, they're just names, I always played with people who I did like the most, never based on nationality." Reporter : " From my experience, when you decided to be a Game Master it was already a step towards giving up the game , how was it for you? What made you want to join the Old Squad staff?" Legion : " Actually, I decided to join OS team to improve game experience for players, It wasn't easy to play while many people did know about my GM status and blamed me for abusing my rights, the thing is I had to be between players to have knowledge about everything what's going on, to improve something I had to have 1st person view on most of the things while @ADMIN is not playing from long time ago and I had to became some kind of voice of the community there. It was just my decision to join OS team as i knew I can separate playing aspect from being a GM." Reporter :" So while you were GM you were a player too? That means u were Admins "eyes and ears". That is something nice, but what benefits u had? Can you tell us what was your in game player name? 😛 " Legion :"It was Aryman mostly except Legion, the only benefit I had was a VIP status." Reporter : " In the topic where you announced your retirement, you said : <<Trust me or not, but I threw a meat at him few times per week for the first months I played here with multiple of reasons, about class stats, game mechanics , minor bugs , cheats that were working, unbalance etc etc...>> Can you be more explicit? Can you give us some examples?" Legion:" There were Cheats which were working before protection upgrade with speed rules & coords skipping, right now it's much better, while cheats doesn't work cuz of the upgrades. It was also about class balance, mostly about PvM & PvP aspects for specific classes - for eg. BK PvM low DMG while High DMG on PvP, AE reverse of BK, SM being almost immortal due of MS+teleport w/o CD . It was also about boss fights, bugged cords on selupan , NM drops etc.. etc..., There was a lot of stuff which has been fixed since I joined OS team that I could keep writing whole day about it." Reporter : " You also said : " At the end, after I started to understand his hard job, I decided to try find out a solutions and suggest them instead of blaming him that something doesn't work." Legion : " Yeah, that's the part where I would like to suggest every single person who's reading this to try put yourself on his place. hundreds of people asking you questions, blaming for smth that doesn't work, tons of people abusing rules& using minor bugs with hope no one will notice, so many things he has to take care of. It's piece of hard work for sure. He is also a human so you should respect that." Reporter : " I would like to move our attention to the time you spent as a player, there are many questions that come to mind many of them are related to the GR0M guild." Reporter : " How does it feel being part of this guild? How was the atmosphere in it? Is it true that ProBSB and his permanent party members were dictators? Did all the top items go to them until they were equipped then the attention turned to the others?" Legion : " At beginning everything was okay but there was few toxic persons so from time to time there were argues between people. ProBSB wasn't dictator & the gear was spreaded between constant parties, ofc main pt always wanted best items and that was one of reasons that made our pt leave this guild." Reporter : " I know that you and your permanent party left the GR0M guild, so that's what made you to do this ? " Legion :" As I mentioned, firstly it was about the items, secondly it was about the situation where one of mine pt members did quarrel with main pt, so the decision was made." Reporter : " Which guild did you join after leaving GR0M? "' Legion : " I don't even remember exact name of guild I joined straight after leaving GROM, there were many guilds I played for, I switched them frequently to keep server balance." Reporter : " I heard rumors saying that after you and your party permanently left the GROM they started losing important battles at Castle Siege and the big bosses, are they right? " Legion :" Mine party was one of the strongest in GROM so for sure It wasn't easy for them while we did stand against our previous guild." Reporter : " Which were the most beautiful moments spent on Old Squad, moments that made you feel proud of yourself as a player? But as a Game Master ? " Legion : "There were plenty of them, as a player every single battle won, the size of it didn't matter, every hunted boss, crafts that were made successfully, but the most important thing was the players I had around me, especially in my party. Being a GM there were mostly improvements that made the project better, it was good feeling to see people appreciate for the job we were doing." Reporter:" There are rumors that the GR0M guild had a "traitor", which revealed to the admin all the dirty things they were doing, is it true? If so, do you know who he is? Can you name him? If it is not true do you know how the facts happened?How did Admin get to know all the miseries that they did" Legion: "I won't touch the past, there is no point to talk about it." Reporter : "Do you know that since you are no longer between us there is a new rule? : If you bring someone who sells for real money char / account / item / that player receives for free what he wanted to buy, Admin gives him free and the seller gets ban IP + all accounts ? Do you know if it can set a precedent?Is this decision normal for our server? What is your opinion about this? Legion: "I know about it, it's clear that this kind of actions aren't welcome. I do agree with this system." Thank you very much Legion for accepting this interview, I wish you success in everything you do on a personal and family levels, good luck and I expect you to come back as a player and as a Game Master!!
  19. Legion

    Hello there. I would like to announce you something that was inevitable, before that I'll say a few words. Most of you remember me from both sides, as a player which I've been for a long time since I joined OldSquad community, and from the OS Staff member side. I decided to stop playing MU at the beginning of Inception project, while I was convinced I'll be able atleast to handle my current Game Manager duties, that was caused by time that became very limited in my case. Unfortunately I was barely able to handle basic things since the new OS project started, that's the main reason I had to tell you that personally, I'm no longer able to handle my role as it supposed to be. This is the day I want to announce you my Game Manager role has ended. But... Don't be so happy yet, i'm not leaving OS community at all, just because of that i'm mostly inactive doesn't mean that I won't watch you from behind the scene from time to time From this day my role will be changed to a simple Helper, I'll be available on forum as a support so you can send me PM anytime, i'll be visiting you ingame while time will let me do that also. This is not a goodbye for sure After It's done, I would like to thank you all for the active time spent together untill now, that was few good years with awesome OS community, I'm glad I was part of it & I was rewarded with a lot of new friendships even with those who I had to quarrel with at the beginnig and I was rewarded also with a huge exprience in both aspects, player & staff role 🙃 Again BIG THANKS to all of you! I would like to thank also whole OS Staff that we current have @Gion , @Reporter & those who were with us in the past & for their contribution. and especially to : @ADMIN This is the person who I argued the most since I began my journey with OldSquad. Trust me or not but I threw a meat at him few times per week for the first months i played here with multiple of reasons, about class stats, game mechanics , minor bugs , cheats that were working, unballance etc etc... God bless him for his patience🤣 . At the end, after I started to understand his hard job, I decided to try find out a solutions and suggest them instead of blaming him that something doesn't work. With a time our discussions brought some positive effects so I decided to take my chance and help to upgrade OS projects as much as I could, partly being voice of players also., That's how I reached this point, my contribution has done and I'm glad I could have been here for so long. I wanted to put some more words there but didn't want to get you bored at the beginning of reading this 🤣 See you in game, Cheers !🍻
  20. Hello everyone, I wanted to write this chronology from the first day since Inception started, it's about the History of Guilds and Lords who ruled over Phoenix in the most important and impactful moments of the server, I will do this also about Inception after this server will finish its first edition just as Phoenix is now. Castle is Cursed? Chapter l BDSM supremacy, the guild that gave rise to conflicts in Phoenix Until now, all the guilds who lost castle seems to tilt , let me tell you the stories of the castle, and of guilds who dominated the server, because winning Castle Siege is the only proof a team (guild) needs to say "we are the leaders of this server". First guild to own the Castle on Phoenix was BDSM . They held the crown for several weeks and they lost the castle in MuPPeTS favor, Evangelion (the guild master of BDSM) disbanded the guild a short time after that defeat. One of the reasons was: internal fights ripped them apart because they divided in two different guilds, half of them followed Evangelion and merged with Catarina`s team, so that's how a new guild was born :Smurf. Read full chapter here : https://oldsquad.ro/forum/topic/3123-the-castle-is-cursed/ Castle is Cursed? Chapter ll MuPPeTs, the second guild that dominated the server buried by the Curse Two days passed since the last Castle Siege was disputed. The remains of an epic war can still be seen in Valley of Loren's battle field,.In front and behind the castle gates, you can "hear" the silence that gives you the creeps that "stains your skin", and on the famous bridge, dried blood spots are still covering the stones on which it's built. The past week was an intense one and a lot of things happened since I have posted the last article about the Guilds involved in the fight for supremacy, I will relate bellow only the most important ones...Read full chapter here : https://oldsquad.ro/forum/topic/3149-the-castle-is-cursed-chapter-ii/ Castle is Cursed? Chapter lll The first signs of weakness of the guild None and Smurf GUILD on the heights of glory, the most prestigious period for them. Last week was a kind of silent one, until a shadow came from past to hunt the top rankings reset players, a silent war started by Trau and his crew against those strong heroes, and the traces of midnight silent battles were seen every morning in safe zones.... The other wars for Main Events such as Invasions and Bosses were balanced, fights between NONE and Smurf were equal, pray divided between them. Read full chapter here : https://oldsquad.ro/forum/topic/3182-the-castle-is-cursed-chapter-lll/ Castle is Cursed? Chapter lV The NONE guild recovers, probably uses the antidote and returns to supremacy Last Saturday was a pretty unbalanced fight during the Castle Siege, but still a lot of things happened, so here are the most important ones: Smurf tried to defend the throne even tough they seem to have no chance from the very first minute, they resisted about 30 minutes, then their defense collapsed. Smurf didn't gave up and tried to attack more than half an hour after NONE took the crown, even if NONE had twice as many active players than them. Read full chapter here :https://oldsquad.ro/forum/topic/3202-the-castle-is-cursed-chapter-lv/ Castle is Cursed? Chapter V Guild NONE is on the wave, they are beginning to believe themselves invincible I missed the last Castle Siege, so I started to ask questions here and there about what happened, and the short story sounds like this: At the last castle siege, NONE crushed Smurf from the beginning to "the end" (if you can say that, because the fight lasted for like 30-45 minutes). When I tried to reach NONE side version, I found first Coco online , he redirected me to Krass and Tool, as Krass was the voice during the last fight, and Tool is an important member of the guild, who takes part in their strategy build. I started a short interview with them to figure our their point of view. Read full chapter here : https://oldsquad.ro/forum/topic/3221-the-castle-is-cursed-chapter-v/ Castle is Cursed? Chapter Vl Guild NONE shivers and Smurf puts Yami back on the Throne Many things happened since Chapter V was written, so I will start to say that there were fights disputed on 2 major fronts , one front was forum, and the other one was in game. In game, HOSTILE disbanded alliance and NONE got weaker (or at least this was what I thought), but on the other side, in game, Smurf guild was more silent than ever (they replied to NONE attacks on forum) ,but in game, they barely got 1 party active on most of Big Bosses, and even when they were more than one party, they still lost most of the fights vs NONE... Even so, it was an active week for both guilds, with all the noise, especially on forum, NONE waked up a sleepy giant... rumors says that this was their intention, to wake up Smurf guild provoking, and trying to humiliate them on forum, on bosses fights, and on all possible ways, they made even a funny video (the best I ever saw), check it out here :https://www.captiongenerator.com/1427602/Yami-wants-to-win-CS But Sunday came fast and Castle Siege started ...Read full chapter here: https://oldsquad.ro/forum/topic/3233-the-castle-is-cursed-chapter-vl/ Castle is Cursed? Chapter Vll Guild Smurf weakened by the curse, Aqvila crowned again NONE is not far away, as they lost again The Castle, and now they are probably confused as they where so confident that no one can take "The Crown" from them, and some of them are probably asking themselves "Why HOSTILE had to leave? " . Signs of future shows dark clouds above both guilds and a Curse which seems to have no sleep until victims are buried ... Full chapter here : https://oldsquad.ro/forum/topic/3241-the-castle-is-cursed-chapter-vll/ Castle is Cursed? Chapter Vlll A new force rises to face the NONE guild Some interesting moves were made last week on the "chess boards" of the leaders involved in the battle for the server supremacy. Those who want to preserve and defend the throne have tried and prepared defensive moves, and those who yearn for this throne that brings glory but, at the same time, a ruthless curse, have prepared the offensive, an offensive that has not been seen on the battlefield in Valley of Loren for a long time.... Last week, a new guild came to light over the grave of the guilds who took part in the last castle siege. WhiteRaven created the guild PRiME, and initially recruited most of the Smurf/Void members, the guild of which... Read full chapter here : https://oldsquad.ro/forum/topic/3263-the-castle-is-cursed-chapter-vlll/ Castle is Cursed? Chapter lX The first signs of weakness of the Phoenix server Summer came and we all can feel its effect on server, as it is normal for this period, some players closed down computers and went in vacations to relax, I see some players thinking that server dies but those are false rumors, I don't see any player with full stats or fully equipped , next edition will start in more than 1 month so still a lot of work for our players here. I don't see any reason to quit in the middle of a server life , yes maybe some players did quit but players were quitting since server started it is not something new, so stop spamming guys and dare to make guilds strong enough to challenge NONE, play events and get maximum gear! A new fight for Castle approaching, this week some wars were started on server and safe zones became more populated than ever... Full chapter here : https://oldsquad.ro/forum/topic/3271-the-castle-is-cursed-chapter-lx/ Castle is Cursed? Chapter X WhiteRaven sits on the throne after a controversial fight Another episode of Castle Siege was written by the strongest players on this server, who, of course, worked hard to build the strongest guilds on Phoenix: PRiME started the assault in the first minutes. It was a rapid assault like a thunder, before the warriors from NONE grouped themselves, the crown was on WhiteRaven's head, then PRiME started their defensive, a controversial defense strategy because some voices say the Valkyrie people came to fight with the intention of helping PRiME. The fight has been tight even though the score has not shown it. NONE, the guild who has "wiped the floor" in the past few weeks with PRiME players... read full chapter here: https://oldsquad.ro/forum/topic/3282-the-castle-is-cursed-chapter-x/ Castle is Cursed? Chapter Xl The end of NONE guild brings end to mid-game period on Phoenix I am walking through Valley of Loren, I am near bridge and the silence is harsh. It is that silence that makes you quake, gives you creeps, and makes you tremble, I don't even know why, is it, maybe, the thought that everything was lost? Everything seems lost in the void of big dreams and high hopes, the sun is setting, but shadows and whispers are rising with the coming of the night ... Everything is cold, so cold ...but when I pass through the first gate of the walls that surround the castle, a flash of memory makes me stop. I remember!! Ohh, I remember the last fight! A fight that made these gates quake, I remember that NONE attacked last time on Phoenix ... Full chapter here: https://oldsquad.ro/forum/topic/3292-castle-is-cursed-chapter-xl/ Epilogue Phoenix was a server that brought OldSquad to a new era, it was meant to bring the rebirth of OldSquad from its ashes and it worked, it was a stable server, without major fluctuations of online players, without major bugs or problems that cannot be fixed, it was a balanced server , a perfect combination between server with resets and non reset, had both and I am convinced that it will be successful in the future. I will close this true and fascinating story with a few words from Gion : "Hello, ladies and gentlemen ! First of all, I would like to thank you, it was an amazing database, and it was like this thanks to you ! Phoenix was indeed, as Reporter stated, a comeback from its own ashes. A comeback of MU Continent, with a whole new Concept, the so called <<Boosted NonReset>> having 10 optional resets, with kinda low rewards. The concept, alongside the database, was a success, even tho we are looking forward to implement more stable and longer-lasting databases. We would love to see our players exploring the whole game, and we hope that the Inception Project will satisfy you Phoenix had also the most populated OSGM Events ever, and I would like to thank you again for this ! Special thanks to ADMIN and Reporter ! Best regards, Gion, OS Staff"
  21. ADMIN

    Hello, It seems that there is again a network problem (both our services and our provider ones are unreachable). Unfortunately there is no ETA as nobody is online to confirm our request and proceed with the switch to the back-up network. Due to the late hour, we'll be doing exp compensation in this weekend. We'll remain awake to wait the switch and bring everything back online, but we do recommend to not wait as it can come back anytime from 30 minutes up to morning time, so just go to sleep. We're sorry for inconveniences but this kind of situations are out of our hands. Have a good night!
  22. Reporter

    Hello everyone, I know that many of you have been waiting for this interview for a long time, so, as I promised you on Phoenix, let's get inside the mind of the most important man who devotes his time building for us new servers with lots of futuristic and interesting updates and manages, for so many years, the most stable and the most beloved servers on the market : Reporter: " Hello, Admin! To begin with, I want to thank you for all the effort you put into this server, because you successfully manage to bring us so much joy that we have only experienced in youth " Admin: " Hi there, I'm pretty happy if my work has brought up good memories about this game!" Reporter: " Can you reveal us your name? " Admin: " My name is Alex. " Reporter :" How old are you?" Admin: " I'm 23 years old. " Reporter: " Before you were server administrator and owner, you were a mu player. Can you tell us when did you started playing this wonderful game?" Admin: " I've started playing this game in the 3rd grade (so, around 14 years ago), finding it randomly on a website. It fascinated my kid brain and in few years (around 3-4) it started to be a real 'hobby' for me, playing hard-core for top on each new server, having a dedicated guild formed by loyal players." Reporter: " Have you been a player on this server?" Admin: " I've played at start of 2017 a little, to raise competition, as situation was bad at that times in terms of competition and had to personally rescue it. " Reporter: " Do you think about starting to actually be a player on your server?" Admin: " Nah, for me MU was either all-in (top, guild, active 12/24) or none at all, since I can't do the first one anymore I'm no longer interested in this game but I love working on it and making it the best around all the rest. " Reporter: " Since you built OldSquad have you ever played on another Server to steal configuration ideas or to copy the good stuff that other servers have?" Admin: " I didn't touched MU since 2017 except tests/support/events on our servers. Our objective is to innovate as much as possible, not stealing other's ideas, but others have stolen ideas from us " Reporter: " Can you reveal us your past nicknames(on your server or other servers you have played)? " Admin: " My most stable nickname was rEaDy. Used it for MU, DOTA1/2, WoW, HotS, Underlords. I played as Fenrir here once." Reporter: " How and when did you decide to create your own server? You did it alone?" Admin: " I've been running online communities since really young (around 14-15 years), owning CounterStrike servers & more. But the idea of OldSquad started just from an ambition. As I said, I was already bored of all the trash-servers I was playing with my guild, changing them weekly due to either Pay2Win aspects, bad balance or boring gameplay, so I told myself if I can't find what we are looking for, I'll just create one, with my own ideas and features, based on my experience. The fact that my domain was IT also helped a lot. But I never thought it would have such success, I just tried my best to create something unique & nice, as I always wanted to play." Reporter: " Since you opened the server many years ago, I bet you have had many battles, with hackers, cheaters, etc. How do you manage to keep the server stable after all these attacks? " Admin: " In the Internet era, security is a big aspect, we've encountered a lot of 'bad-guys' in these years, we've been through really bad times because of them, and I doubt that this will ever end, because it's a sensitive thing, that even the biggest companies around the world does have problems with, not saying a small private gaming server. But with patience, hard-work and support from our providers, we'll do our best to keep our project as stable as possible." Reporter: " How much time do you spend daily (on average) working behind "the curtain" to keep the server stable and bring game upgrades?" Admin: " I don't have a stable schedule, one day I can work 1 hour and other day I can work up to 16 hours, it all depends, but the average I would say 6-8 hours/day, except dead periods like summer when activity is really low so I don't have much to do. " Reporter: " Some people have judged you, some say you are too proud, you get angry quickly and you have often shown disrespect, how do you comment on this?" Admin: " I'm that kind of person that can be the greatest dream or the worst nightmare, depending on the people I face. I'm still a person behind the 'ADMIN', and I'll always act naturally, no matter the subject. I hate trash-talkers, but also ass-lickers. I've interacted with over 1000 different persons during these years, and the most people have 2 faces, which I also hate and it some-how 'marked' my own character. " Reporter : " In the past I heard rumors that you sold items for money "on order" to some players, is it true?" Admin: " On the first server, the Season 4 one, I made such compromise, as we didn't had any VIP-System or credits system to sustain the server, and I was running out-of-student-funds to continue the project, so I had to do such thing in order for the project to survive. " Reporter: " Last year I heard players saying that you open new servers every 3-4 months just to make money, how do you comment on these accusations?" Admin: " The concept is pretty easy to understand. We'd love to have a server that lasts a looot of months (active, of course), meaning no extra work for us and just focusing on a single product. But, sadly, it's not the case, it was proved multiple times that people leave the game after few months, no matter how good the server is (they are just getting bored, and I understand somehow, looking at me when I was a player). But when one competitive guild leaves, it creates a hole in the gameplay, de-motivating the other competitive guild to play. So it creates a chain-leave between competitive players, leaving mostly casuals, or new players on server, that are also de-motivated to sustain a 'dying' server, which means basically close to 0 donations after first 2-3 months. Taking into account that costs to sustain such community, at this level, there are 4 digits in euros per month, I personally can't afford holding them alone, so we use the other servers/editions to sustain the older ones. It's easy to judge without seeing the full picture, from people that are just looking at themselves, wanting the best for them, no matter the circumstances, but it's not that easy, and in the end it's about us first and the future of us, not about them, people come and go, OldSquad remains. " Reporter: " I know that during these years you had ups and downs with the server, have you ever been so disappointed by the bad mouths that you want to shut down the server? Can you reveal some of these moments to us?" Admin: " Up to 1 year ago I was really sensible, knowing how much I work for this community and people always throwing shit at me when the things went bad, appreciating only when the things were as they want. But I stopped caring about such things and I started just to focus on my goal, ignoring such people/comments. I don't think I ever wanted to shut down the server, there were moments of uncertainty, but that moments have never reached that point. " Reporter: "When was the time when you had the greatest joy / fulfillment related to the server? Can you describe it to us?" Admin: " There were, multiple times, especially after fixing/solving a game-changing problem. But, I think the greatest moment was to see 3 really good and balanced guilds/alliances fighting at a Castle Siege, I think one of the first CS-es from our previous Max30RR." Reporter: "In these years, I'm sure you have had players you have admired or appreciate... What did you like about them? Can you name them?" Admin: " I don't think it's about admiration/appreciation, it's just about liking a mentality. I liked a lot of players during years, many of them proved to be double-faced, sadly, but there are still enough people with mentality that I like, especially those that know how to address a problem/issue without crying and bringing both arguments and solutions to the discussion. Some of them are DIEE, salam (Aqvila) and more." Reporter: "What kind of players do you respect and what kind of players make you the most upset?" Admin: " As I said previously, I do respect brained people that know how to address problems and, also, the realistic ones that look at things with realistic eyes, without exaggerating or saying things far from truth (example: I lost upgrade at + xx multiple times, your game is bugged/rates are not true!). I don't suffer criers and trash-talkers, I have more empathy for a hacker than for those kind of persons." Reporter: "Have you ever had a time to make a decision (ban someone or something) and then regret it? How did you proceed next?" Admin: " Just like any person in my position, I made both great decisions and bad decisions, usually the bad decisions are impulsive (not taking the time needed to think about them, just a fast act). A decision which I regret was on Phoenix, where I banned few players without thinking, when the "sessions-problem" was happening - even though it was not their fault, despite being their account, didn't thought that the actual robber was just on their accounts. I declined their request to re-think their ban at first, acting impulsive, but then, the next day, I thought a lot about it, and realized that it was not their fault, so I contacted them and apologized for my acts, unbanning them and giving them few days of VIP for free as compensation." Reporter: "Can you tell us what were the biggest problems you faced on Phoenix? I remember that at one point donations did not turn into credits, how did you repair the situation?" Admin: " To be honest, Phoenix had the least problems from all our projects, and also had the best gameplay (in my opinion). The only "bigger" problem on Phoenix was the problem with sessions, where people would be logged in on different accounts on website. We fixed it in the end by forcing sessions to stick to IP, so on any IP change they would log-off automatically. There was also the problem with Paypal credits, but that wasn't a problem from us, it was simply their API being bugged for some days, until they fixed it, not sending the callback to our (and any) website when the payment was completed, so the website wouldn't give the credits without Paypal confirmation of payment, despite it being done." Reporter: "At one point, if more than 500 players were logged (on Phoenix start), there were lots of lags and disconnects, and the AFK players had to be disconnected, what happened? How did you fixed the situation?" Admin: " Ehm, almost forgot about it, yes, it happened on first days of Phoenix, DataServer was restarting every 10 minutes after reaching more than 500 players online, causing disconnect-reconnect to players and also a small roll-back. While we were testing different possibilities of solutions, we had to keep the players under 500 so it won't disturb server with disconnects, so we were staying in low maps and looking for AFK chars from towns to disconnect, in order for the new active players to join and the number to remain < 500. In the end, the only thing that fixed it was to switch to a different windows version on our machine, as most probably something was corrupted inside, nothing else was working out." Reporter: "Last year you had to ban most GR0M members, how hard was it for you to make this decision? Did you know what impact this action had on OldSquad, and yet you took it ..." Admin: " GROM was always a double edged sword. The good part was that they were very active and they were creating competition on server, the bad part is that they were always the ones to do shits, when they were losing. Starting from CS anti-games, dramas, up to hacks and in the end, bug-abuses. To be honest, I never regretted a second, when the ban came, as I was completely sure that our community will be much healthier and less toxic without them. And it was proven on Phoenix, atmosphere was great without them. I'll always stick to my principle that quality is more important than the numbers." Reporter: "Have you been approached by GR0M members after this decision? Can you tell us what they said?" Admin: " Ofc, after the ban some of them came with insults, others with threats, others with trash-talks about us, just GROM things, but ofc nobody have fully read their messages, facebook block works like a charm. Then, when Phoenix started, few of them asked me to unban GROM, just like on Inception start, but it won't happen. 2 of them passed by on Inception with new IP's / devices, but not for long." Reporter: "Everyone says donations are making a big profit for you, is that true? Can you reveal us numbers?" Admin: " There is of course a profit, but not even close to how much a mediocre IT guy would take at a normal job, for the same time allocated. And that's because one month can have a good profit, but the next 3 months can have 0 profit, and even minus, in terms of project costs. Not even talking about the responsibilities that I have and the multitude of domains except technical domain I must touch, learn and master, including Finance, Accounting, Marketing, Q/A, Support, compared to a standard job. What I personally did for almost 4 years alone is usually spread in teams of enough members. But as long as I am doing what I love to do, I still prefer it over any normal job, as long as there is still a profit." Reporter: "What has been the hardest decision you've ever made since you created OldSquad? Did you consulted anyone? (detail, please)" Admin: " That's a good question. There were a lot of hard decisions, from decisions to try new things out (like stages, dynamic exp systems, the now well known Current of no EEs, etc.) up to decisions of nerfing a lot the VIP exp, closing NonReset project, giving Max50RR a second chance on this new formula of mother-kid server, etc. On some of the decisions I consulted Legion. Probably the hardest decision I ever made was to start the project from 0, on different files, after it was hacked in 2017, instead of quitting it. But I believed in my dream of creating the best MU community for the hard concepts." Reporter: "Can you give us more details about this "mother-kid" project? There are rumors that you wanted to quit max 50 resets because it was a failed project. " Admin: " Max50RR was the first and only non-hard server we made, with a medium experience. I don't think it was a true fail, as it was pretty popular, but the fact that it only lasted for 3 months of active play, and almost completely dead after those 3 months, was clearly a sign that it's either not our niche or it simply can't work on the long term, due to the fast-paced game, where people complete it pretty fast. As we don't like to work on a project that only stay alive that long, we just wanted to quit the project and focus on what lasts longer. But one day I was thinking about how we can increase even further the life-span of our servers, mainly Max30RR, and came up with the idea of mother-kid concept. In this concept, the players that got bored of Max30RR in time and quit it, have an alternative to join it, with higher character and gear, by playing on such seasonal Max50RR, that lasts only for 100 days, and then being transferred to Max30RR to continue the journey. Basically, in this way, we're encouraging both old players to rejoin it and also new players to join our community through Max50RR, while Max30RR players just stick to Max30RR, without strong reasons to join Max50RR and leave Max30RR. It's something totally new that it's worth at least a try, I'm not completely sure it will be a success, but at least it can be marked as "tried". Only time will tell." Reporter: "Where do all these innovative ideas come from?" Admin: " I guess it's a combination of brained person, huge dedication, big experience with the game as a player and the will to be the best in what I do, in this case, our servers. Some ideas come out of nowhere, some ideas come late in the night, when I try to sleep, some ideas are just a result of multiple brain-storms in multiple days." Reporter: " Since Inception started, I've had moments where I saw over 600 characters online, how does it make you feel when you see your work giving fruit trees?" Admin: " I can't say it does not feel good to see big numbers, but for me it's much more important the overall quality of gameplay than the numbers. If the quality is right, numbers will be no matter what, but the opposite can't be true." You all know i have interviewed some VIPs on Phoenix and on Inception servers, so here are their questions for Admin, I know that some answers have already been given by the admin through updates in game, but it is my duty to put them all on the sheet and let the admin to answer, if you solved the problems please detail . " Catarina: "Some time we kill boss and we don't get rewards....or boss left map when invasion is not finished, try fix that" (it is not actually a question, it is a message, but it was his wish) Admin :" I guess it was fixed on some of the updates." Ganja :" Why EEs are banned from IT, when SM has just as much impact, as MS has 39% abs, and ERF can buff party to 4k hp ?" Admin : " We've came with the solution of personal-buffs-only in IT, to match the concept. " Ganja : " Can you make an event like Loren Deep, but really weak mobs in there, so newbies can kill them and get items, maybe like CW event but for new players? Admin: " We've thought about it, but nothing serious yet. " Ganja: " Can you get more GMs, to be more involved with community? I am not talking about auto events like 20 questions, there is a lot of fun stuff a GM can do. " Admin: " I don't like to depend on others, especially on people I don't know/trust. There are always discussions about favoritism & fairness, which I want to avoid. But Gion is filling that gap anyway. " Ganja: "Can you improve navigation for help section on forum? Maybe add a Getting started FAQ or something ?" Admin: " We've made some changes to forum, we're still open to ideas to improve it. " Coco : " Why I failed so many feather and w3? Are the chaos machine rates for real? Can you change CS time to Sunday and reduce it from 2 hours to 1 hour? " Admin: " Bad luck bro, there is no point in showing 'fake' rates when I can just show lower-rates if I want them lower, nothing holds me from doing that. Time was changed to Sunday, CS will always last for 2 hours." FKingCunt: "What can you do to have more people on server? What can you improve about CS to be more interesting? What can you improve in gameplay/bugs? " Admin: " We do everything we can/know to have more people on server(s), the problem is that the player-base might be getting lower, not our efforts. CS is already interesting, it just needs enough competition for it, mainly at least 3 guilds participating, constantly. We're constantly improving the gameplay and fixing any bugs we can fix. Some bugs are just un-fixable. " Javaraya :" Please use donations to buy new season GS files, I want to try and play the new things. " Admin: " We did it already. 2020 may bring it officially. " Almighty : " How much time you spend working on OldSquad all projects weekly?" Admin: " I already answered such question in the interview. " Aqvila : " When will the next non reset edition come? Admin plays the game as a regular player? Did Admin had any servers before OldSquad? " Admin: " It will come on S14, somewhere on the next year. I don't play. I had one tentative of season 2 server long time ago, when I was running a CS community, but nothing serious. " DIEEEEEEEE :"Why I am so unlucky??( kidding) I have no question for him." Admin: " Cheers, mate! " RedBuLL :" Admin, when season 14 will be released?" Admin: " It will take a lot, we must first learn everything is included in S6+ (and as a tip, the difference between 97d and season6 is much smaller than difference between s6 and s14) from the perspective of players, before actually working on it, else it's just a bunch of random things throwed up together. If we'll ever release our non reset project on S14, we must make sure that it will be an incredible experience, not just "another s14 server". " Zutto: "Free Chuk , No but seriously... What are your plans right now if your got any to work out the speed issue classes are having? " Admin: " The only bugged skills are Chain and Chaotic, nothing else. The only elegant solution we currently have is to make Fire Scream and Blast their replacement, by cloning their stats. More info in the new patch. " Reporter: " Thank you very much for your time and for your honest answers , I will do my best, as always, to bring the truth to light and to animate the forum, as I promised you since Gion "hired me" . Admin: " Thanks for the interview, hopefully things are more clear now. Keep up the good job! :)" On the record : when I accepted this "job" as a reporter I expected to write and do everything that goes through my head(I am free to do this anyway) but I was hit by the professionalism of these people Gion, Admin and Legion and I was shocked, the first thought was to give up the job (as some of you know, I do not speak or write the perfect English Language, but when I get involved and I put my soul into what I do I don't give up easily and I'm glad I got to know these people who are probably much more stubborn and perfectionist than myself ) and I can not give up easily, so I managed to earn their trust and with small victories, I managed to do this job to rise to the expected heights, I am the second hired reporter and, believe me, if you do not put your soul into what you do, you have no way to have support and succeed in everything!
  23. Hello OldSquaders, This is just a heads-up post to let you know our plans related to present and future. In the next days we'll be back on track continuing the development on the Phoenix server, including several aspects from our list along with pvp system, auto-race as part of OSGM and maybe even the loren deep event that you were talking about. Today we also released another small patch with some fixes as well as improving once again the newbies experience. More Info: https://oldsquad.ro/forum/topic/3245-patch-1653-26062019/ Summer has come but our focus will remain on Phoenix for now, and we'll continue to work on it to make it better for everyone involved as well as working in the background for the future. Just like we opened the thread related to Early-Game Feedback for Phoenix, we're opening again a Mid-End Game Feedback topic to hear once again your voice related to how it is and how it can be better in future (or even right now, as we may add some of them on our work list). More Info: https://oldsquad.ro/forum/topic/3244-phoenix-mid-late-game-feedback/ As for the future, our next server in rotation is the Max30RR server, which will probably go live in August-September, more details will be announced later on this summer. It will come on a new name most probably as we're slowly shifting our server names to personal names that can 'tell a story'. There will also be some changes on its gameplay, and it's possible to feature a new system that we're thinking about, but nothing is conclusive now. We also have few surprises for you in our pocket but they are also linked to future. Thank you once again for being part of our constantly-improving community and helping our dream to 'Make MU Great Again'! Cheers! #OldSquadTeam
  24. Hello OldSquaders, Based on this topic: https://oldsquad.ro/forum/topic/3158-tanong-lang we started to think about options to help those 'far from server' people to reduce their ping in order to have a better experience here. We are proud to announce that we've partnered with a nice company in order to provide you a great solution to reduce your ping. As you know our community is an international one, that means we welcome players from all over the world in our game servers. But, our servers are located in France, so there will always be some ping the longer the distance is from you compared to France. Even though powerful internet connections can reduce the ping, not everyone can have access to such great providers. We decided to come with a solution, for those that have higher pings with us, and not only. WTFast - is our new partner that will help us in this mission. "Founded in 2009 by a group of MMO gamers and network technology professionals, wtfast is dedicated to delivering the best gaming connection and experience possible for all online gamers! Our international team’s past experience includes EA, Disney, Google, Rackforce, and more. Based in Kelowna, BC, Canada, wtfast serves an 800 million global user, MMO gaming community. wtfast has built-in support for over 1,000 online games, with users on every continent and in virtually every country." WTFast is not a VPN, as you may think of at first, but it is a GPN. "The GPN (Gamers Private Network) is fundamentally different than any other type of network solution. wtfast only optimizes game connection data, and never masks or changes your IP address or network settings in any way." WTFast works for any popular game, including MU Online, so you can use it for both our servers and any other games you may play. WTFast comes with a FREE trial, for up to 14 days, and there is no credit card required, just download and start it. If you decide that WTFast does help you, after the 14 trial days you can subscribe for the normal license starting at as low as $9.99 per month and the price can be reduced based on how many months you buy and on how many computers (you can make a group purchase for multiple computers for even lower price). So, don't waste more time and TRY it for FREE as you'll increase the quality of the time spent with us on OldSquad! More than that, if you decide to subscribe after the TRIAL, we fully support your decision and we'll reward you with 350 credits after your subscription. Just contact us. Link: https://oldsquad.ro/wtfast.html Let us know your feedback if you tried Cheers, OldSquad.
  25. Hello to everybody ! This guide is mostly addressing to the new players of MU, but not only ! After watching the videos about MU online on YouTube, many of you might question yourself about the gameplay. I will try to describe the gameplay and what you have to do. First of all, we'll start with some details about the gameplay as a genre: In MU Online, like in most MMORPGs, players have to create a character among seven different classes and to set their foot on the MU Continent. In order to gain experience and thus to level up, a player needs to fight monsters (mobs). MU is populated by a large variety of monsters, from simple ones like goblins and golems, to frightening ones such as the Gorgon, Kundun or Selupan. Each monster-type is unique, has different spawn points, and drops different items. Outside of a duel, PvP fighting is possible but discouraged. When one player attacks another, a self-defense system is activated, in which the attacked player may kill the aggressor within a time limit. Self-defense is also activated when a player attacks an Elf's summoned creature. Outlaws have disadvantages during game play, depending on their Outlaw level. At the start of the game the players can choose between four different character classes - Dark Wizard, Dark Knight, Elf, and Summoner. Players can unlock a Magic Gladiator, a RageFighter and a Dark Lord as they progress. Each class has its specific powers and items. As characters level up and complete quests, they can transform themselves into stronger classes. Each progressive class change grants, gain access to new spells, skills, weapons and wings as well as an associated change in appearance. Mu Online has a built-in chat system that allows all visible players to easily communicate via text. Users can add custom players to their Friends List in-order to make it easy to keep in contact with one-another. I will start with the the "mechanical" part of the game, then we'll talk about the gameplay. Like most MMO games, characters in MU can use many different kinds of magic and special abilities. Each character has its own set of spells and some weapons may be enchanted in order to provide the character with a specific spell. Casting a spell costs MP(mana, or magic point) and sometimes AG or stamina. *** Some hot-keys: At the beginning you need to access your stats and inventory. You can do this by pressing C(here the level is displayed, your stats, etc) and V(inventory). In inventory you will find 2 rings, from where you can drop some nice starting items, but you can throw them on level 40 and on level 80. Each item occupies a number of slots from inventory. Above these slots you can equip items for your character, taking into account what you can wear and what you can not. Below you will find the amount of Zen that you posses. The Zen is used for teleporting, buying items from shops, item crafting, etc. There is a "plus" button too, it is the extended inventory, which drops in Karutan2. You can also sell items to shops for Zen. As you progress in level, you will unlock the "Repair" and "Store" options, also included in the inventory screen. - This should happen really fast. By unlocking the Repair function, you don't need to go to the BlackSmith shop anymore to repair items, you can do it by yourself (zen is used). By unlocking the Store function, you can sell items to other players for zen. Just drag and drop the item that you want to sell into the store and set its price(right click). You can choose your store name too. *Spoiler: We have included Custom Store on Phoenix, check for more details F - Friends / mail function, from level 6 H - Event planner, displays the starting hour for some events D - Multitask bar, where you can request a player to Trade / Buy Store / Party / PM/ Request to join Guild etc., by selecting the wanted option and right click on the player Enter - Chat F1 - Help Box, press F1 in game for even more very useful hot-keys. You can press multiple times F10 - 3D Camera ON/OFF F11- Reset 3D Camera F12- Minimize the game M - Warping Menu A - Master Level, after completing Quest 3 Z - In-Game Clicker B - Gens Menu (for Gens members) G - Guild Menu (for Guild members) P - Party Window (for Party members) Start your chat message with ~ for party chat / @ for guild chat / @@ for alliance chat / $ for gens chat If you want to buy Healing Potions, Mana potions, some items/spells , you need to search the safezones of some cities for NonPlayerCharacters that are selling these things for zen. You have an account Valut(Stash), where you can deposit your items. These items can be shared with your characters from the same account. It is located in almost every safezone of a city ( Safety Guardian is the name of the NPC). You can also find the Chaos Goblin in Noria, for some combinations (upgrade items from +9 to +15 / creating wings / etc), Lahap in Elbeland, for stacking the jewels. In the upper left corner, the coordinates for the current map are displayed. Players can choose to team up with other players in a "party", in which players cooperate against enemy monsters to share and increase exp and loot. *** Characters: Dark Wizard: Dark Wizards study the mystical arts, crafting the elements of nature into powerful spells such as Fireballs, Aquabeams, and even Ice Storms. They have the highest Energy of all the character classes. Points per level: 5 Starting Strength: 18 Starting Agility: 18 Starting Vitality: 15 Starting Energy: 30 Life/HP: 60 Mana: 60 Life per level: 1 Mana per level: 2 SD per level: 0.5 Dark Knight: These dedicated warriors train endlessly to perfect their sword techniques. They channel their high Agility and Physical Strength stats into direct and area attacks like Twisting Slash, Death Stab and Rageful Blow. Points per level: 5 Starting Strength: 28 Starting Agility: 20 Starting Vitality: 25 Starting Energy: 10 Life/HP: 110 Mana: 20 Life per level: 2 Mana per level: 0.5 SD per level: 1 Fairy Elf: The fairy elves are skilled in both archery and magic, combining the two to provide both offensive and defensive support. Their abilities include special arrow attacks as well as the power to Heal, Attack Buff and Defense Buff. Points per level: 5 Starting Strength: 22 Starting Agility: 25 Starting Vitality: 20 Starting Energy: 15 Life/HP: 80 Mana: 30 Life per level: 1 Mana per level: 1 SD per level: 0.5 Summoner: Summoners, whose bloodline have been preserved since ancient times possess a natural gift in manipulating magical powers and communicating with another world. By using special scrolls, Summoners can summon mysterious monsters. Through their constant prayers and meditations, Summoners can incapacitate enemies by compromising their weaknesses. Points per level: 5 Starting Strength: 21 Starting Agility: 21 Starting Vitality: 18 Starting Energy: 23 Life/HP: 70 Mana: 40 Life per level: 1 Mana per level: 1.5 Magic Gladiator: Upon reaching Lv. 150, the Magic Gladiator is unlocked. These warriors combine spell and sword, bringing both to bear in the defense of MU; their arsenal includes abilities of both the Dark Knight and the Dark Wizard classes. Points per level: 7 - this is the advantage of choosing a MG at level 200 Starting Strength: 26 Starting Agility: 26 Starting Vitality: 26 Starting Energy: 16 Life/HP: 110 Mana: 60 Life per level: 1 Mana per level: 1 SD per level: 0.5 Dark Lord: At Lv. 150, the fearsome Dark Lord is unlocked. Riding into battle on his steed, he is a terrifying force that summons his Dark Raven and Dark Horse to do his bidding. He is the only character with the Command stat. Points per level: 7 Starting Strength: 26 Starting Agility: 20 Starting Vitality: 20 Starting Energy: 15 Starting Command: 25 Life/HP: 90 Mana: 40 Life per level: 1 Mana per level: 1 RageFighter: Forgotten empire “Kalutan”. The Rage Fighter is a remnant and descendant of Kalutal royal knight. They are specialized for charge attack based on their physical advantage and use special buffs learned from Kalutan royal knight. Points per level: 7 Starting Strength: 32 Starting Agility: 27 Starting Vitality: 25 Starting Energy: 20 Life/HP: 100 Mana: 40 Life per level: 1 Mana per level: 1 Dark Knight - is a warrior which deals good amounts of damage. He can be a tank too. Close range Dark Wizard - mage which deals damage from range. He is able to teleport, and has a lot of spells. Elf - Energy based Elf is a support character. The Agility Baset Elf is a good opp in Pvp. Summoner - mage, deals damage from range, has different buffs/debuffs and perks. Magic Gladiator - a combination between Dark Knight and Dark Wizard. RageFighter - warrior character, deals a lot of damage, close range Dark Lord - can use specific pets. Used as a both as damager and tank. HOT: MG / RF / DL can be unlocked at level 1 by purchasing VIP. We have tried to balance the power of the characters, so everyone can choose whatever class he wants. *** The main goal of this game is to reach level 400. Based on that, our community offers you multiple type of gameplay choices: Non-Reset, Max50Resets, Phoenix. We have some vaulted versions too (like Max30Resets). Non-Reset type of gameplay: After your reach level 400 and finish your quests, you can farm your wanted items, you can go for Master Level until 200 ML, hunt events, PVP, etc. Max50Resets type of gameplay: Same as NonReset, but at level 400 you can reset you character to level 1 in order to start with some bonus points. Your stats will be reseted to level 1 stats, and you will get some bonus points. Anything you have acquired earlier remains (Items, Master Level, etc). You can reset and get more bonus points until you reach the limit of 50 Resets. Phoenix type of gameplay: The Phoenix Project is our last minute work, and it combines the NonReset gameplay with the Max50Reset gameplay. Join it for more details ! You can find all these servers here -----> https://mu.oldsquad.ro Choose the right one for you ! *Note: NonReset exp rate is lower than Max50Reset exp, we had to create balance for gameplays. *** After you have joined MU and you have already chose a character, it's time to go kill some mobs for level up. You can kill just a few monsters with bare hands. You will need spells, items, potions, and, the most important thing, another players. You can create multiple accounts which can be connected at the same time, depending on each version you have previously chosen (example: for NonReset 2 characters / ip ; for Phoenix 3 characters / ip), so you can start with multiple characters (much easier for you to level up, farm, etc.). I suggest you to read the info for your chosen version of server on forum. First you jump in game, click the Elf Soldier (Shadow Phantom Soldier) to receive some bonus damage/defense, then you go to kill some mobs for level up. After killing some mobs, you will notice that you are not killing fast enough, so you need to search for some spells. Maybe you will find some in the shops. You can find shops in many maps, in safezones. You can buy some starting items from there, and some potions of healing and mana too. Shops are NPCs which are selling items to you for a certain amount of zen (zen is dropping from mobs). After you find some spells (don't worry if you won't find too many spells in shops, the most of spells are dropping from mobs in certain maps/spots). By the time you are leveling up, you must also search/obtain better items. There are items designed for each class (as well as spells). Items are classified as follows: -Weapons: On each weapon the damage and the required stats are displayed if you move your cursor on it. Swords/Blades/Maces/Staffs/Scepters, each designed for a certain class. Tip: There are to 2 types of damage received from weapons: normal damage, and wizardry damage(rise). If your character is a"warrior" type character (Dark Knight, Strength Magic Gladiator, etc), the damage that you are looking for is the normal one, written at one or two handed attack power. But if your character is a "mage" type character (Dark Wizard, Energy Magic Gladiator, Summoner, etc), you need to take into account the wizardry damage, not the normal attack power of the item. -Set Items: Armors/Helmets/Boots/Gloves/Pants/Shields. each designed for a certain class, having the defense and the required stats displayed if you move your cursor on it. Some of the items are normal, just as listed above, while other items can be Excellent items (like the normal items, but here some options are added to the item, for example Increased Damage for weapons and decreased damage for set items. These options are upgrading the normal items to excellent items. You can not add or remove any options from an item), Ancient items (normal items with lots of extra options, organized in sets of multiple items -you need to find more items from a certain set in order for the options to be active-) and Socket Items (special items, on which you can add your desired options in the free slots) Each kind of item is obtained in a different way, more details about the drops and item tiers at the Info&Rules section (Make sure that you are reading the right topic for your previously chosen server). -Rings / Pendants : Rings are used like set items and pendants are giving bonus damage. A much easier way to level up is when you are AFK, we have a clicker implemented in our client, press Z in-game. If you want to upgrade an item, you need jewels. You can farm most of the items/jewels by participating at in-game events (Chaos Castle, Blood Caste, Devil Square, Invasions, etc). Some of the events can be used for leveling up too. You will team up with some players to compete against other players at these events. You can create / join a guild. A guild is your "team" of players. After teaming up with your guild mates, you will unite your forces with them to conquer the Land of MU. There are lots of hot features and events for guild members. *** Types of jewels: -Jewel of Bless: directly increasing the item level, also used for some mixes -Jewel of Soul: directly increasing the item level, also used for some mixes -Jewel of Life: used to increase the ADD option of an item, and sometimes for some mixes -Jewel of Chaos: used in mixes, it's the key jewel for almost any mix -Jewel of Creation: used in mixes -Gemstone: unrefined Jewel of Harmony -Jewel of Harmony: used to add the harmony(yellow) option, and for some mixes -Jewel of Guardian: used for Purple Option Mix *** Upgrading items: You can upgrade the level of an item by using some Jewels (Bless, Soul). Let's say that you are a Dark Knight and you have found an Excellent Lightning Sword +luck +opt. The damage shown is 89~97.For example, if you want to increase the damage of the sword (thus the level of the item) you can drag a Jewel of Bless into the item. Now the item level is +1 and the displayed damage is 92~100. You can upgrade your items up to +15. You can use Jewel of Bless to upgrade your item to +6, 100% chance of success. You can use Jewel of Soul to upgrade your item from +6 to +9, or from +1 to +9, but here the chance of success is not 100% (your item level can go back from +2 to +1, +7 to +6, +8 to + 7, etc, or from +8 to +0). If you want to go higher with the level of the item (+10, +11, .. , +15), you need to go to the Chaos Goblin in Noria(180 100) and hit the Regular Combination button, then give your +9 item to the Goblin, besides a Jewel of Bless, a Jewel of Soul and a Jewel of Chaos. Attention : A chance of success will be displayed by the Goblin. If your combination fails, your item will disappear. For the +11 combination you will need the +10 item + 2xJewel of Bless + 2xJewel of Soul + 1xJewel of chaos and so on, up to +15. Now if you have a Jewel of Life(JOL) you can drag it into an item to upgrade its Additional Damage/Def (ADD). If you don't have the ADD option, then the JOL will create it (+4). If you add another JOL the add might go to +8, but it can downgrade the item too, just like Jewel of Soul does. *** Item options (for better understanding the difference between the item classes) : You will find items in the game. Let's say that you find a Small Axe (with the displayed damage 1~6) - this is a normal item Normal items can have only 2 kind of extra options: Luck and ADD(Additional Damage/Defense) But if you find an Excellent Small Axe, by picking it up you will see that an Excellent option is displayed (like damage decreased for set items and Increased Damage for weapons). This "excellent" option is what makes a normal item to be an excellent one. You will also notice that the damage for Excellent Small Axe is 31~36. Excellent items can have Luck+add+max 2 exc options (and minimum 1 exc option). Ancient items: Items dropped in specific locations, organized is sets (an ancient set can have different items) for activation. For example, the Hyon Set for Dark Knight has 4 components: Hyon Sword + Hyon Helm + Hyon Gloves + Hyon boots. If you only have 1 part of the set equipped, no ancient options are active. If you will equip another part, the first ancient option will be activated. If you equip the 3rd part, 2 option are active, and when you equip the final part, all the ancient options will be activated. You can combine the ancient sets for various options (Hyon+Vicious). Socket items: items dropped in specific locations (level required: 400). These items are normal items (can have Luck and ADD) with some empty slots, slots that you can fill with your chosen options. You need to craft specific items for filling these slots. Plus, if you have a Jewel of Harmony, you can drag it into a normal or an Excellent item (not working for ancient/socket items) to add the harmony option to the item. You can increase the level of the yellow option by adding Higher of Lower Refinery Stones into the item. You can obtain these stones from Osbourne, by transforming some random items. You must increase the level of the item if you want to use refinery stones. For example, if you use a JOH for yellow option and you get let's say Damage Decrement Increase. If your item level is 0~9 you will have DDI 3%. if you upgrade your item to +10 you will be able to use a refinery stone to upgrade the DDI to +4%, and so on until +13. At +13 your DDI level will be 7%. There are several harmony options, so in order to remove your harmony option (if it's shitty), to be able to add another one, you have to go to Jerridon in Aida. Even more, if you have a Jewel of Guardian (dropped in specific locations), a jewel of Harmony and a 380 level item, you can go to the Goblin(Noria), hit the Item Option Combination, then combine these 3 items for obtaining the 380 Purple Option. *Options on Excellent items: An Excellent item can have a maximum of 2 options (some exceptions when you use Lord Mix). For Set items: -Increase Max HP +4% -Increase Max Mana +4% -Damage Decrease +4% (received damage) -Reflect Damage +5% -Defense Success Rate +10% (mobs only) -Increase Zen after killing mobs +30% For Weapons: -Excellent Damage Rate +10% -Increase Damage +2% -Increase Damage + lvl/20 -Increase Speed (Wizardry) +7 -Increase Life after killing mobs +8/mob (for weapons) -Increase Mana after killing mobs +8/mob (for weapons) *Options on ancient items: Each ancient set has its own options, and there are multiple sets for each class of characters. Example of bonus options for Hyon Set (BK): -Increase Defensive Skill +25 -Double Damage Rate 10% -Increase Skill Attacking Rate +20 -Increase Critical Damage Rate +15% -Increase Excellent Damage Rate +15% -Increase Critical Damage +20 -Increase Excellent Damage +20 Note: These options will activate once you equip each item. *Options on Socket items: Adding options into a Socket item is not an easy job, since these items can be equipped at level 400 (end-game items). I suggest you to skip this step for now, and come back again at the right time (when you will actually own a Socket Item). The maximum number of slots for a Socket item is different for each server. For this tutorial I will consider that we are on the Phoenix server, where the maximum number of slots is 3. You must add some "Seeds" containing options into these items. Let's suppose that we have have in inventory an ordinary Socket item (Royal Armor for DL) +3 empty slots (the item can have luck and ADD, but it does not matter). There are 6 types of seeds, each type having its own possible options: Type Options Fire Attack/Wizardry damage increase (pro rata to level) Attack speed increase Maximum attack/Wizardry damage increase Attack/Wizardry damage increase Water Defense success rate increase Defense increase Shield defense increase Damage reduction Damage reflection Earth Stamina increase Wind Life auto recovery increase Maximum Life increase Maximum Mana increase Automatic Mana recovery increase Maximum AG increase AG value increase Lightening Excellent damage increase Excellent damage rate increase Critical damage increase Critical damage success rate increase Ice Skill damage increase Attack success rate increase Item durability increase First of all we need to craft a Seed. We can find the Seed Master in Elbeland(45 240), and choose the Seed Extraction button. For the Seed combination we need: any kind of ancient item +4(no ancient rings/pendants) + any kind of excellent item +4(no exc rings/pendants) + 1 Jewel of Harmony + 1 Jewel of Creation + 1 Jewel of Chaos. I have used a Mist Helm +4(ancient item) + an exc Dragon Armor +ref + 1 JOH + 1 creation + 1 chaos. All the seed extractions will have an 80% chance of success. When it fails, all the jewels will disappear and Ancient and Excellent items will randomly downgrade to level 0~2. I just got an Increase Max Life Seed. The next step is to combine the Seed with a Sphere (which drops at specific locations). The better quality(level) the sphere has, the stronger option it will induce. For Phoenix the max level is 4. Take the Seed, the Sphere +1 chaos +1 creation back to the Seed Master and hit the Seed Sphere Assembly. When it's successful : A seed sphere will be created. Once this is mounted to a socket item, it will give item that special option. When it fails : All the items that were put into combination will disappear. I have used a level 4 Sphere, and now my Seed in Sphere is Increase Maximum Life +8%. For level 3 sphere: Increase HP +7%, 6% for level 2 and 5% for level 1. After you got this, all you need to do is to mount it to the item, with 100% chance of success. Go to the Seed Researcher in Elbeland(50 240), choose the first option and you got it. You can also remove Seeds from Sockets at the Seed Researcher. !!! The Bonus for Socket items: You will get some bonuses if you place the seeds in items as it's displayed in the next table: As you see some bonuses have a chance of success. So if you placed the seeds as it's written in the table and your item is not showing the bonus, you can replace one random seed with the same seed or the same type of seed. *** About Pets: Pets are used by players to get more damage / defense. The pets are mostly used only in PvE (because they die fast PvP), but not only. What pets can you find / craft: -Guardian Angel, can be found. Bonuses by equipping a Guardian Angel: Absorb 20% of Damage; Increases max HP +50. Minimum level required: 23. Careful, this pet dies fast PvP ! -Imp (Satan), can be found. Bonuses: Increase Damage +30%. Min req lvl: 28. Dies fast at PvP too. -Demon, can be found. Bonuses: Increase Damage +40%; Attack Speed +10. Min req lvl: 28. Dies fast at PvP. -Horn of Uniria, can be found. Bonuses: Increases the moving speed. Min req lvl: 25. Dies fast at PvP. -Horn of Dinorant, needs to be crafted at the Chaos Goblin (Noria). You need 10 Horns of Uniria and a Jewel of Chaos (75% success rate). Bonuses: lets you fly ( if you don't have wings and you need to go in Icarus); Increase Damage +15%; Absorb 10% of Damage. Min req lvl: 110. Dies fast at PvP -Horn of Fenrir, needs to be crafted. The Fenrir is the most powerful pet from MU, and it can be used for PvP (it dies pretty hard). For the crafting, you need multiple items. First of all you will need craft 5 Fragments of Horn. A Fragment of Horn can be made by combining 20xSplinter of Armor + 20xBless of Guardian+1 Jewel of Chaos (the splinter of armor and the bless of guardian are dropping in CryWolf) at the Chaos Goblin with 60% success rate. After you have 5 of this Fragments of Horn, you will need to search CryWolf for 10xClaw of Beast. Take the Claws and the Fragments of Horn and 1 Jewel of Chaos to the Goblin and combine them all together for a Broken Horn (50% chance of success). If you got the Broken Horn, you are at the last step. You need to combine this Broken Horn with 3 JOLs and 1 Jewel of Chaos (30% success rate). If you combination succeeds, you will get the most desired Horn of Fenrir (Red). The Red Fenrir does not offer any advantages, besides the maximum moving speed. Yet. If you want your Fenrir to increase your stats, you will need to go through another combination. You can choose (based on your actual stats) if you want your Fenrir to "protect you" (Blue Fenrir), or if you want it to increase your damage (Black Fenrir). For the Blue Fenrir (absorbs 10% of damage) you need your Red Fenrir, 5 JOLs, 1 Jewel of Chaos and 1 Set Item+4 +4add minimum (armor/gloves/shield etc). The combination has 79% chance of success. If you want the Black Fenrir (Increases Damage +10%), you need to replace the Set Item with a Weapon, same 79% chance. There is a Golden Fenrir too, a pet which can be won by participating at Staff Events. I left a link at the end of this tutorial. You can restore the Fenrir's HP by dragging a Jewel of Bless into it. For the rest of the pets, you can do nothing to heal them up, for now. *** You can evolve your character by making some special quests. Usually you have to do these quests in order to be able to use better spells and better gear. First Quest: In order to Upgrade your class, you have to be at least at level 150, then Warp into Devias then go to Sebina the Priest (Devias, 185 30). This quest is available only for Dark Knight, Dark Wizard, Elf , and Summoner. In the first part of this quest you will be asked to find the "Scroll of Emperor". This quest item is usually dropped in LostTower 1~3, by killing mobs. After finding the Scroll, for part 2 you will be asked to find another item, which usually drops in LostTower 7 and sometimes in Tarkan/Aida. After finishind the quest you will upgrade as follows: Dark Knight into Blade Knight (BK), Dark Wizard into Soul Master (SM), Elf into Muse Elfe (ME) , and Summoner into Bloody Summoner (BS). Marlon Quest: Located random in Devias(185 30) or Lorencia(130 85) or Noria(170 90) or Atlans(20 25). Again available only for BK, SM, Elf, Summ. At level 220, you need to complete this Marlon Quest, in order to be able to get 6 points per level instead 5, from now on (or 4 instead of 3). You will be asked to find the "Ring of Honor", which usually drops in Tarkan. Now there is a part two of this quest, but available only for BK. The players will need to find the Dark Stone (drops also in Tarkan).After delivering the Dark Stone to Marlon, the BK will learn to do a combo. Combo is the specific skill for the BK class, and you can do a Combo by combining some spells (without failure). The basic Combo is done by using the Weapon Skill + Twisting Slash Skill + Death Stab skill. You can explore more combinations of skills. MG/DL/RF can not do this quest at all since they already get 7 points per level. Third Quest [Hard]: Now this quest is available for all classes. You can start the first part at level 380 by going to Apostle Devin, Lorencia, near bar. He will tell you to bring 3 items: - Flame of Death Beam Knight, dropped only by the Death Beam Knight in Tarkan2 around 175 215 - Horn of Hell Maine, dropped only by the Hell Maine in Aida2 around 115 65 - Feather of Phoenix, dropped only by Phoenix of Darkness in Icarus around 40 200 That's the hardest part of the quest, the items can be dropped in few hours to few days. After delivering the quest items, you will be asked to be level 400 in order to proceed. The Apostle will tell you to kill 20 x each monster from Barracks. The NPC for warping into Barracks is situated in CryWolf(60 235). For the third part you will need to kill the Dark Elf in Refuge. So you will need to head back to Barracks, and to go to the Refuge Gate at the end of Barracks(120 170). Inside you will find the Dark Elf. By finishing the 3rd Quest, you will evolve, and you will unlock the Master Skill Tree (Press A). You gain master points by killing specific Master Level (ML) mobs. Maximum ML : 200 *** About the in-game events: -Chaos Castle: You can find the invitation for Chaos Castle (CC) at the shop from Lore Bar (Armor of Guardsman is the item). As you can see if you click on the Invitation, there are 7 CCs, 1 for each different level range. This invitation works for any level -only for CC, for other events you will need to craft the right invitation for your level- . Inside CC you will have to wait until registering stops (multiple players can join), and you will have a specific skin (so it will be quite hard to distinguish the players from mobs). Mobs have a very high chance to drop jewels inside CC. There will be a total of 100 characters (players+mobs), and the last standing man is the winner. The winner has a reward (from jwls to ancient items, etc). So you go CC for farming items/jwls. -Blood Castle: For Blood Castle (BC), you need to craft the right invitation based on your level (check server details for the required levels, or simply ask a player). Let's say that you have level X and you need the BC Y invitation. You need to find Blood Bone +Y and Scroll of Archangel +Y. Take these 2 items and a Jewel of Chaos to the Goblin in Noria, hit the Regular Combination button and voila. Then right click on the invitation when you are in safe-zone to Warp into BC. There the main goal is to cross the bridge, destroy the gate, and destroy the statue that will appear up on the throne, after killing some mobs. The player that destroys the statue will acquire the Weapon of Archangel, and he need to bring it back to the starting zone and click on the Archangel to get the reward and end the event. You can team up with your party against other players/parties. The experience gained in BC is being doubled, so you can use this event for level up too. -Devil Square: Just like for BC, you will need to craft the right Devil Square (DS) invitation for your level. You will need Devil's Eye, Devil's Key and a Jewel of Chaos for your Goblin combination. Inside DS the experience gained is being doubled, and the mobs might drop some end-tier spells, besides jewels and ancient items, etc. You can team up with your party for a faster kill. This event is used for leveling up. -Golden Invasions: From time to time, some maps will be invaded by some Golden Creatures (a message will be displayed on global chat). You need to find and kill these Goldens in order to receive some rewards. One of the basic rewards for killing these Goldens is the Box of Kundun (BOK). The level range for BOK is 1 ~ 5, depending on the level of the Golden that you have killed. By dropping this BOK, you will find an Excellent Item. Hunt more Goldens for finding all the items / weapons from a set. Details about spawn points and drop list at Info for each server. Also, check the server info for more invasions, like Rabbits, White Wizard, etc. -Illusion Temple: Once the event start has been announced you have 5 minutes time to go to the Illusion Temple NPC (Elbeland 55 240) and register for the level range you are in. The event consists out of two teams(randomly generated - max 2 teams of 5 ppl) who will try to get as many items from the Stone Henge NPC as possible. Once a player has received the item he will be slowed. Returning the item to the base camp will get the team 1 point. The players will not be able to use their skills in battle. They will be granted skills only when killing adversaries. Also the players look will change just like in chaos castle. When you enter you are warped inside the waiting room until illusion temple starts, when it starts teams are putted together 'alliance' and 'illusion' team. Teams are random meaning u cannot chose your ally nor your opponent. In illusion temple the purpose of the game is to capture the 'illusion temple ball' located in the north and in the south of the map you must return these to a container at your starting place Note: your running speed while carrying the ball will decrease dramatically making u slow and easy to catch When the ball carrier is killed he drops the ball. When u return the ball to your starting place ur team will gain 1 point. Max points: 7 When you kill an opponent you will gain 5killpoints this is your personal score and not from the team. These points are to use special abilities inside illusion temple. Magic shield order: 5p. Function: Prevents 100% of DMG, duration 15 sec; Resistance order: 5p. Function: Paralyzes the enemy for 15 sec; Tracking order: 10p. Function: teleports you to the Ball; Freeze time: 5p. Function: Takes enemy 50% of SD. Once the event starts, players who are in are assigned to a random team and get a team uniform. For each opposing player killed, the killing team gets five skill points which can be spent to temporarily improve their character during the event. On top of killing other players, there are 2 statues located in the event map, each holding an event ball. Each team's base also comes equipped with a pedestal, where players can bring back the event balls for points. Once a ball is taken from a status, both statues disappear. They reappear again once a team returns the ball to their respective base. The first team which is able to return the ball seven times first wins. So not only is it important to kill the opposing team as much as possible, but to also gather as many event balls as possible while preventing the opposing team from doing the same. The ball carrier will move in slow motion, so it's important for his or her teammates to work together to protect the ball carrier from the opposing team. Once a ball carrier is killed, disconnected or leaves the event, the ball will fall to the ground and is able to be picked up by any player on either team. -CryWolf Event: This event happens twice a week. In CryWolf is a Statue with some pedestals. At the beginning, at least one ELF has to stand on a random pedestal during the whole event. The last ELF mustn't move or die, because the event will be canceled. The Kundun army will spawn, and the rest of the players must defeat the army, and protect the Elves on pedestals and the Statue. Each mob kill has a nice reward, plus, if the event is finished, the WHOLE SERVER will get some bonus exp (for example, on Phoenix you get 15% bonus exp after finishing CW event). -Refinery Tower: Refinery Tower is the place where you can refine Gemstones, and turn them to Jewels of Harmony (with an 80% chance of success). The Refinery Tower entrance is located in Kanturu Relics(140 185). Sometimes the refinery is open(meaning that the Refinery Event was finished before by another player/s). If you find the Refinery Tower closed, you have to complete the event. First of all, you will need a Moonstone Pendant equipped, which drops in the same map from regular mobs. After acquiring the pendant, you have to wait for the gate to be opened. Once you are inside, you will fight Maya's hands and minions. After defeating them, you have to face the boss, Nightmare, which drops nice rewards when killed. After Nightmare is killed, the Refinery Tower will be open again for everyone for a certain amount of time. *** -Wings: Wings are special items that can be obtained by farming and upgrading another items. There are multiple kind of wings: Small Wings, Level 1 Wings, Level 2 Wings, Level 3 Wings, Level 4 Wings. The rate of success for wings is influenced by the items that are used. For example, the small wings will be dropped from one of the rings that you will find in your inventory when you first log in to the game. You need to be at least level 80 to be able to drop this ring. For Wings lvl 1 you need to combine some low tier items at the Goblin(Noria). Wings level 2, 3, 4 are just upgrades from wings lvl 1, and you need to acquire certain items for each upgrade. I will give an example of basic Wings lvl 1 combination: Careful, DL / RF can not equip any level 1 Wings ! Below you will find info about some jewels too. First you need to go to the Goblin(Noria), hit the Chaos Weapon Combination button. For this combination you'll need an item at least +4 and +4 Additional Dmg/Def (add). I suggest you to use an item dropped by a Medal. But you can also upgrade an item to +4 (or more) using Jewel of Bless and Jewel of Soul. You can upgrade your item to +1, +2, +3, +4, +5, +6 with Jewel of Bless in a 100% safe way. Just drag it into the item. You can't go higher than +6 with Jewel of Bless. From +6 to +9 you will need to use the Jewel of Soul, but here the chance of success is not 100% (your item level can go back from +2 to +1, +7 to +6, +8 to + 7, etc, or from +8 to +0). If you want to some Additional Damage / Def (ADD) for your item, you need to use a Jewel of Life (JOL). By dragging the JOL into the item you will sum +4 ADD. If you drag another JOL your item will go to +8 ADD, etc. Careful, the JOL can also downgrade the ADD (from +4 add to +0, +12 to +8, +12 to +0, etc). Max ADD on items: +28 Max ADD for Goblin: +16. If you upgrade your items up to +16, your general chance for Chaos Combinations will be increased. If you exceed +16 ADD (+20, +24, +28), your item ADD will be count as 0 or smth. So for our Chaos Weapon Combination we need an item at least +4 and +4 add and a Jewel of Chaos. You can raise the levels of the items for a better chance of success. I have used a Plate Helm +8 +12add for a 62% chance of success, then I used a JOL to upgrade the add to +16 for a 100% chance of succes and the Chaos Weapon has been created. I got it +2 and +0 add. For the next step we need again our Chaos Weapon to be at least +4 and +4 add. You can upgrade your current Chaos weapon with Bless, Soul and JOL or you can go for another combination. I'll go for another combination. Damn, I got a new Chaos Weapon, but this time it's +1 and +0 add. Better upgrade the previous one from +2 and +0 add to +4 and +4 add. For step 2 I will use the +4 and +4 add Chaos weapon to create the wings. Click on the Goblin, and hit the Regular Combination button. Now insert your Chaos Weapon and a Jewel of Chaos to create the wings. But wait, my chance of success now is only 11%. I will upgrade the Weapon to +5. Meh, not good, 13%. I will upgrade the ADD to +8. 19%. We need more. Wait, there says that if I add a Jewel of Bless or Soul to the combination the rate will increase. Let's see. 24% with a Jewel of Bless. 28% with both Bless and Soul. We need more. There says that we can add a +4 and +4 add item to increase the rate. I will find another item. I just got a Lightning Sword +5 and +4 add. 46%. I need a better item. By the time I got me another Lightning Sword +7 + add 4. Let's try the combination with this new sword. 68%. And if I add my old Lightning Sword +5+add4 I get 86%. I just hit the Combine button, and I got some Wings Level 1 for Elf. If your combination succeeds, you can get Wings of Satan (for Dark Knight / Magic Gladiator), Wings of Heaven (Dark Wizard / Magic Gladiator), or wings of Elf, random. Now we can equip our wings (if they're matching our class), or we can trade them. Wings level 2 are just an upgrade from wings level 1. Now DL and RF can create their own wings(capes). If you want to upgrade your lvl 1 wings to lvl 2, you will need a Feather (for BK, SM, MG, ELF and Summ) or a Crest of Monarch (for DL / RF). Both the Feather and the Crest of Monarch can be found in Icarus by killing mobs. Your need 1st quest to be able equip these wings. I suggest you to raise the add of the Wings to +12 or +16 for a higher chance. I have a pair of lvl 1 wings of Elf +1 +12 add, 1 chaos and 1 Feather. My chance is 53%. There it says that I can add again an item to increase the rate. But this time it has to be an Excellent item. Luckily I already have a Skull Shield +7 +luck +add8 +zen and I get a 87% chance and I got some Summoner Wings level 2 +HP. Again, the wings will be random (in case of success). For DL / RF capes use Crest of Monarch instead of Feather. Wings level 3 For wings level 3 you need 3rd quest in order to be able to equip 'em. You need these items for your Chaos Combination: -Condor's Flame: has a very low drop rate in Swamp -Feather of Condor: you need to craft this item -1 Jewel of Chaos -1 bundle of 10 Bless -1 bundle of 10 Soul -1 Jewel of Creation -an Excellent item +9 +add4 at least The max rate of success for Wings level 3 is 40%. Feather of Condor combination ingredients (max rate of succes 60%😞 Wings lvl 2 +9 +add4 (you don't need more for wings) + Ancient item +7 +add4 (at least) + 1 Jewel of Chaos + 1 Jewel of Creation + 1 bundle of 10 Soul. Tip: always use +16 add on items for the best success rate at Chaos Combination (where the ADD does matter for the combination) I suggest you to use high-tier ancient items (Hyon Sword or/and Gywen Bow) at least +9 +add16 for a higher chance. For example with Wings of Dragon +9 +add4, 1 bundle of 10 soul, 1 chaos, 1 creation and 1 Hyon Sword +9 +add16 I get 30% chance of succes. If I add another Hyon Sword +9+add16 I get 60% chance of Succes. Another way to increase your chance is to upgrade your ancient item to +10. With only 1 Hyon Sword +10 +add16 I get 53% chance of succes. After crafting the Feather, we can go back to our basic combination: Condor's Flame, Feather of Condor, 1 Jewel of Chaos, 1 bundle of 10 Bless, 1 bundle of 10 Soul, 1 Jewel of Creation and an Excellent items +9 +add4 at least. For this combination I have a Rune Blade +9 +add16. My chance of success is 25%. I suggest you to use MG weapons for this combination. I can upgrade my Rune Blade to +10 for a 38% chance of succes or bring another Exc item +9 +add16. If your combination succeeds, you will acquire a pair of random Wings level 3 (Capes for DL / RF included now) with random options. I just got a Cape of Emperor +ignore for DL with 38% chance of success. When it fails : All the items that were put into combination will disappear, only the Exc Item will remain, but it will be downgraded. For Wings level 4 we have a special topic, please check it out. *** About Gens: Maybe you have noticed that you can not access the "Battle" maps. That's because on these maps only the members of Gens are allowed. Gens is a PvP system, and you can earn contribution points and reward from PvP against the opposing Gens. There are 2 Gens families: Vanert and Duprian. You can join any Gens family by going to the special gens NPC, near Lorencia Ring. After you have joined a family, you will free PK the opp family in the battle maps, and you can't see opps names on battle maps. *** We also want to offer you the best gameplay, so we have created a Special Series of Events, made by staff. More details here ----> https://oldsquad.ro/forum/topic/1651-osp-weekly-events-monthly-competition-legends-group/ This is only the basic guide for you to start. I suggest you to browse this section for more info. Google is sometimes a good source too.  I will let this topic open for any questions .
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