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    1. Galivan

      Can't access the website, getting this page:
    2. dontpanic

      2v2 3v3... 5v5 duel could be nice to have. no reward, no gamble, no anything. just for fun. I don't also mind unequal match (3v2, 3v5. etc) you don't gain anything from it anyway could also be a great way to practice team pvp how to implement: only party leader can invite and accept this type of duel PT-Leader-1 will enter "/ptduel <PT-Leader-2name>" Pt-Leader-2 will receive message and should type "/ptduel accept" to accept *note: this should only work if all party members are inside lorencia safe-zone (to prevent abuse) - roun
    3. Deadcat

      Character name : Arseling Suggestion type : All future content. Suggestion content : I've been playing this server for few years now, and i wanted to suggest something to spice up the new servers / databases. You know how many games have a seasonal theme , like diablo 3, tft, ect ? Well, maybe your server could try it out as well. Like, when a new database/ server opens , make some adjustments that impact the game, and gives it a new twist. For example, make Guild smaller, like 10-15 ppl, or instead of unlocking mg/rf/dl from lvl 1 with vip, add some hard ass quest in game, t
    4. ADMIN

      Hello, Earlier today we've been targeted by a pretty big DDoS attack (~110 Gbps) that succeeded to pass our firewall and disturbed our services. It's the first time since some long time ago when an attack succeeds to affect Gameservers machine as well, apart from website. While we're not 100% sure it is fixed yet, we are doing our best to prevent it from happening, though it may happen again until we acquire enough data to end it. We're sorry for the inconveniences & thanks for your patience!
    5. Reporter

      This interview is about Mu3rTe, one of the best players in our community and one of the most respected by most of the top players from our community, if you read past interviews you will find his name in the words of many top players interviewed from guilds who have been fighting each other for years. He is at this moment (the moment I started the interview) ranked no 1 on Soul Master reset rankings and Castle Siege Tank ranking, but what amazed me and made me want to take this interview is the fact that this player, on the last Inception, started very late, about 2 months from the start of th
    6. Hello OldSquaders, This month we're celebrating 5 YEARS since OldSquad was born! 5 years of ups and downs, 5 years of hard work & dedication, 5 years of MU at the highest possible level in terms of competition, 5 years of both failures and successes, 5 years of dramas and beautiful stories. Damn, looking behind it's been hella' fun journey, a hard one but a fun one. We would like to thank you once again for choosing us as the entertainment provider and sticking with us for such a long time! Hats down! 5 years of epicness deserves an ... epic gift! So ladies an
    7. dontpanic

      GUILD WAR PROPOSAL yamete Server Guild master can declare war againts other guild. think of it like duel gamble system. but larger scale Will add spice to guild PVP and players would have to think very carefully which guild to join Mechanics *new feature - Guild treasure - GM can set Mandatory/Optional collection of Credits/Jewels/Zen (TAX) Guild master can start war with other guild. There will be 2 types of war, Ordinary Guild War (OGW) & Gambled Guild War (GGW) Gambled Guild War (GGW) - both GM must agree to start war - GM can gamble item
    8. Reporter

      Helloooo, OldSquad Community! This is an interview I've been wanting to take for a very long time, it's an interview with my editor, can you believe it? What Reporter will interview his own editor ? Well, on OldSquad everything is possible and I'm glad to have this privilege (I just want you to know that this interview is exclusive and confidential, so if you read it don't tell anyone, please). I want to share my first memory I have with this player / judge / event maker, and more recently, since Admin decided to leave the "football field" and just get into the coach's shoes, he's no
    9. Hello, OldSquaders ! We are glad to introduce you to a brand new group on forum, the Council group ! This group is created in order for the players to communicate with the staff easier. Our aim is to make the Council to represent the players, facilitating the feedback, the suggestions, the bug reports, basically everything. Having lots of online players can create confusion between the staff and the players, due to the repetitive reports, or repetitive requests for some changes (which are not that healthy for the community as a whole, but are still requested by some of the players that di
    10. Hello, Today at around 17:00 (Server Time) we'll have a full maintenance on our systems to prepare for the new launch. Phoenix, Inception's Test-Server & Website will be offline for ~5-25 minutes. Cheers.
    11. Eldarion

      hello I have one stupid question .. from where i can take scroll of evil spirit ... 3 days I fight in lost tower but no scroll drop yet ..
    12. Hello, As you may have noticed already, we've reworked the forum structure in order to spread the information more accurately as well as improving the ways of handling suggestions/reports. We've also archived all the topics older than 1-1.5 years old across all sections. All sections can now be seen by both guests and members. Important changes: We're trying to revive the guides section with fresh content, so starting from our next edition, any good & accepted guide can grant you 100~300 credits. Note: New guides must be manually accepted by staff.
    13. Anyone from our community can submit hand-made guides that are not copy-pasted and that are in line with our custom settings / features. You can make a guide about almost anything related to our server(s). Starting from events, characters, gameplay, tips & tricks, etc. In order for your guide to be approved it must be manually accepted by one of our staff members, and to achieve that it must contain: Character name of the submitter (for the potential reward). Clear information that is respecting our settings. At least 2 photos. Minimum 200-250 words.
    14. In order for a suggestion to show up it must be approved by one of our staff members, this is done just by following the suggestion model: Character name that is submitting it (for the potential reward). Suggestion type (server/website/forum). Suggestion content (make sure to include enough details so your suggestion is clear enough). How the suggestion can bring value. (Optional) How would you personally implement your suggestion (your vision). If you respect this model your suggestion will be approved and listed on the suggestion forum. Then you must w
    15. In this topic we'll list the currently known bugs that can't be fixed and also the work-around for them if it does exist. DL Summon / SM Teleport Ally does stop the Helper on the characters that were teleported. Source: https://oldsquad.ro/forum/topic/3082-teleport-ally-bug/ Work-around: We've disabled Summon & Teleport Ally if character has no guild or the character doesn't have at least 2 members from the same guild in party. Sometimes in CC there is a visual bug where it shows you that few mobs are alive despite they aren't, not letting you
    16. In order for your bug-report to be accepted (showed on bug tracker) you need to provide the following details: Character name where it happened. Approximate server time when it happened. Proof of the bug (either screens or videos, videos always helps much better). How to reproduce it (if you can reproduce it): Any other details (optional). If you provide this details, your report will be manually accepted by one of our staff members, if you don't, it will simply be rejected and ignored. After your report is accepted, we will analyse it and confirm it
    17. Mynd33

      Is there any approximate date (month?) we could be expecting release of new OS project? Considering fact that people have more free time now, me and many others are looking for new stable project but its pointless to start on server that's nearing 4 moths of progression. Tried 3 different servers in last month and none of them brings what OS did, met a lot of people along the way that are willing to try OS if new edition is released.
    18. Hello, OldSquaders ! First of all we would like to thank you for your interest in reading the Newspaper ! The Newspaper was created especially for you, the players, its only purpose being to connect us as much as possible and to get to know each other. So, here we are, the concept was a success, also bringing up more forum activity, even tho it looks like you enjoy the beefs more than the good things (yes, y'all, I saw your dirty little desires and secrets ). But that's fine, I don't blame any of you.. We all know that it's @Reporter 's fault, so.. it is the time.. we need to find anothe
    19. The Council, a project in which experienced or not so experienced players can help the administrative team take the best decisions in the game, where they can ask for explanations and understand the direction our community is heading. Over time I have seen all sorts of players with or without experience who complain about various things, they usually expect that if you enter the forum and open a simple topic, everything is solved, without thinking about the consequences. For example: an Elf player would like to have the top pvp Elf, top PVM, top everything, of course, it's easy to go in a
    20. Minos

      Items + Monster codes: https://mega.nz/#!YxwWWITD!7smMkIZo-hiTpXfNOBDfOqjLzwcGB5wiQ40Cb_DKfvc I came here to specifically post the excellent option codes which I found on RageZone and mufilecity . Weapons, pendants: Armor, shields, rings: And the commands below come from here: PS What are the commands for Ancient items? The regular ones don't work.
    21. Before the start of a game, have you ever spent minutes thinking about what name to give to the character you will play? Have you ever wondered what inspired players to choose their names ? I did wonder, so, I started an investigation last week, I took 50 names from our Old Squad main rankings top and looked for their origins and meanings,I only found 30 online during this research but I won't bore you too much with this introduction, so let's see what these players said about their nicknames: Snook: " My name comes from snooker, this was my first nickname when I was playing c.s.1.6"
    22. Hello, I have few announcements to make and I'll try to keep them short enough. Firstly, I would like to introduce you our new Administrator - Community Manager - @Gion. Gion has been part of our Community as a Head Admin since a long time. He did his job in a good manner until now so he's ready to take the next step in our Community as an Administrator. Basically he is getting my current position as a Community Manager, which means he will cover the entire non-technical community support as well as few new mini-projects. You may have noticed a slow response-time from m
    23. Hello everyone I was thinking about how to improve the sell system at website market and I got somthing that i wish to see it install at the market now to the idea that I was thinking about I wish we had in website something like private trade or private sell to one specific person lets say I made a deal with someone specific and i wanna be sure he and only he going to get the item when i put it on market so i was thinking about something lets say the seller put the item on market but he also protect it with 4 digit code that only the seller know and will give it
    24. Reporter

      Squadron's History The Path of a Legendary Guild Our story begins a long time ago, in the distant past, about five years ago on a random server with high experience. That's the place where two players meet, their name is TwoCheeks and Oklahoma. These two players start to understand each other and become friends, but they quickly get tired of that server, and that's how our adventure starts. They moved from one server to another because none of them were meeting their high standards. In their way to find a server to challeng
    25. Hello, Today at around 13:30 GMT+3 (Server Time) we'll do a scheduled maintenance on our servers as we're continuing the fight with the attackers, trying out new things, to hopefully get rid of the small disconnects that are still happening from time to time. This means that both Inception & Phoenix will be down for around 20~40 minutes. Auto-reconnect may not work so make sure to be online in order to reconnect! Cheers.
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