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Found 45 results

  1. dontpanic

    2v2 3v3... 5v5 duel could be nice to have. no reward, no gamble, no anything. just for fun. I don't also mind unequal match (3v2, 3v5. etc) you don't gain anything from it anyway could also be a great way to practice team pvp how to implement: only party leader can invite and accept this type of duel PT-Leader-1 will enter "/ptduel <PT-Leader-2name>" Pt-Leader-2 will receive message and should type "/ptduel accept" to accept *note: this should only work if all party members are inside lorencia safe-zone (to prevent abuse) - round will restart after one party is wiped-out - dead members will become "ghost" (like spectator) until next round - same like duel, race to 10 round points "flies away"
  2. Deadcat

    Character name : Arseling Suggestion type : All future content. Suggestion content : I've been playing this server for few years now, and i wanted to suggest something to spice up the new servers / databases. You know how many games have a seasonal theme , like diablo 3, tft, ect ? Well, maybe your server could try it out as well. Like, when a new database/ server opens , make some adjustments that impact the game, and gives it a new twist. For example, make Guild smaller, like 10-15 ppl, or instead of unlocking mg/rf/dl from lvl 1 with vip, add some hard ass quest in game, that you need to do first to gain access to those chars. (example, bring a quest npc, MG 2nd wings, RF cape and DL cape.) or making the maximum number of people in the party 3 . Or remove golden invasions, so only way to optain exe is from mob drops, Something crazy that gives the game a new breath of fresh air for a season or so. How the suggestion can bring value : It would make people adapt to a new way of playing the game, instead of the same old same old, ( yea, i know most ppl play mu because they want the same old) but this would give it a new fun twist without impacting most of the content. How would you personally implement your suggestion : i would make guilds smaller, the CS would be more fun, it would give teamwork more value, as you would help gear others in your guild more for CS, PvP, bosses, and such, instead of trading amongst just party of few friends in game like it is now. Dark Lords wouldn't be the only ones needing to be guild masters anymore, anyone could be a master now, giving it more fun and adaptive builds for CS. It doesnt have to be any of the suggestions above, just something that would freshen up an old game. Cheers.
  3. ADMIN

    Hello, Earlier today we've been targeted by a pretty big DDoS attack (~110 Gbps) that succeeded to pass our firewall and disturbed our services. It's the first time since some long time ago when an attack succeeds to affect Gameservers machine as well, apart from website. While we're not 100% sure it is fixed yet, we are doing our best to prevent it from happening, though it may happen again until we acquire enough data to end it. We're sorry for the inconveniences & thanks for your patience!
  4. Reporter

    This interview is about Mu3rTe, one of the best players in our community and one of the most respected by most of the top players from our community, if you read past interviews you will find his name in the words of many top players interviewed from guilds who have been fighting each other for years. He is at this moment (the moment I started the interview) ranked no 1 on Soul Master reset rankings and Castle Siege Tank ranking, but what amazed me and made me want to take this interview is the fact that this player, on the last Inception, started very late, about 2 months from the start of the server and in about 1 month and a half he reached the 1st place. He is the only player I know who managed this performance, and I also want to mention that when he reached the 1st place, the top players from that data base had not given up playing actively yet. Reporter: "Hello, Mu3rTe, and welcome to The News Paper Hall of Fame ! Mu3rTe:" Hello, Reporter and all other players that are reading this " Reporter : " Can you, please, give us a description of yourself? Name, age, occupation, hobbies, etc. ? " Mu3rte:"My name is Bogdan, I am 31 years old. I am currently working as a 2nd mate on commercial vessels, hoping for promotion soon. I don't have many hobbies, but I like listening to music and playing DOTA or Mu. So far my addiction to DOTA is over, huh, finally. All that remains is this MU. " Reporter:" Regarding this Covid 19 pandemic, did it affect you?" Mu3rTe:"I was really thinking it will, but it seems that I was lucky, my family and friends are safe, my arrival home wasn't delayed, so far so good. Still, I am disturbed to see the many people who don't follow minimum precautions. " Reporter : "When did you start to play Mu Online? " Mu3rTe:"It was so long ago :)) I would estimate 15 years ago, but can't say I played properly until just few years ago. Many long brakes, since I was passionate about DOTA. " Reporter : "How did you find OldSquad ?" Mu3rte:"Some of my old buddies told me about it, they were playing for 2-3 editions. " Reporter:" Can you name them?" Mu3rTe:" I can't remember 100% who, but it could've been either Psyke or Scheau, but once in game I found many familiar names." Reporter: "How much time do you spend/day playing mu OldSquad (average)? " Mu3rTe:"A lot :)) Roughly 12hrs a day. " Reporter:" Where does Mu3rTe nickname come from?" Mu3rTe:"Nothing special, mostly to represent that when I come, all the enemy troops will die " Reporter :"What nicknames did you have in the past?"" Mu3rTe:" Always Mu3rTe in Mu, I have various alts, most of the time Bobolina, b0gdaN." Reporter: "Do you have any VIP activated? What types of VIP did you use since the start and why?" Mu3rTe:"Currently using Dealer because of the extra entry, if you have resources, 1 extra entry makes a huge difference, otherwise Hunter is better. In the first 2 weeks we had Hunter because lacking of the jewel of chaos. Both VIPs are important if you wanna be in top and to maintain there, the competition is tough, ok, maybe not so hard... " Reporter: " How did you and your perma manage to get in top since day one ? Can you reveal us "the secret"? " Mu3rTe:"I can't say that there is a secret, they just thought about the best strategy, meaning best kill speed and survivability, therefor 3 MGs. They wished I was a MG also but that can't happen :)) Since it's early game, it is obvious that who is more active gets the benefit. More than this, you must have a plan, if you have spare time you could check on test server that was opened early, monster's lvl, monster numbers, some spots have bad spawns, many small details that counts in early. The problem is when you want to stay in top, check where enemies are farming, what items they have, and how lucky you are to get timely spells. You could sell a fire burst with 1k credits.. outrageous but still some people did it Whatever mechanics you may know, unless you test them, they could be different, since OldSquad is a hard-worked custom server and keeps improving. Other than all this, there must be a good atmosphere within the party, and if possible for them to be as dedicated as you, otherwise it will get stressful, and unhealthy environment. Another thing that propelled us further than any other time, it is because of the pull we made (not possible anymore), players cried about, complained about, ADMIN satisfied them. It was not a special thing to do, just you had to move your mouse, but I guess its easier to look at the screen and complain " Reporter:" What about HoF rankings, how come that you got only 1 trophy so far (on this data base)? Is it that hard? " Mu3rTe:"I never cared about HoF, they just came one after the other. SM it is not a character that shines early, and it's very item dependent if you wanna have impact in HoF. So far it's hard because of the characters that get extra points, 220 points per reset is huge early, but no worries " Reporter :"Since you are top no. 1 Soul Master player on reset rankings, and you were tank number 1 until last week, can you reveal us a few tips about Soul Master pvp build ? Can you reveal your stats ? It is early yet on this data base, but where should a newbie add ML points after he finishes quest lvl 3? " Mu3rTe:"This is to early to tell, all builds have weaknesses. It is not a fixed point for which you should aim, don't have many pvp performances except CC, but I can say that if you don't make lots of hp it is quite pointless. More important than this, you should focus on getting more resets so you can be more versatile without losing too many things early. ML is same based on what is required for your party during exp or during CS. All characters evolves and shines during different stages of the game, it is important to take full advantages of the situation. Myself I don't prefer lots of HP, I am an aggressive type therefore energy and agility. In castle siege it's a different story, because SM is so bad early compared to others, there are not too many options than to go for tanky stats so you can get full advantage of the characters. For now I am no1 at CS tank because ppl were afraid to focus me, not because I was immortal :)))) " Reporter :"What advice would you give to a player playing on this server for the first time, what should he do to get to the top places? How should he build stats on Soul Master for pvm ?" Mu3rTe:"To reach the top from first time you need a strong and active party. Make all events daily, BC and DS are very important to maintain chaos balance early, always save entry for bonus time. Calculate and evaluate spots frequently, choose your best exp. If you wanna be PVM, you must rely on your party for the first few resets. Build plenty agi and some VIT for survivability, than top up energy. It is quite bad for hunting goldens early game " Reporter :"What characters do you think are the best for PvP ? And for PVM ? Mu3rTe:" Overall PvP, considering later stage of the game, vitRF is the one giving me troubles and the most easy to play I could say. There are better chars, yes, BK, SUMM but they require little more skill. PVM It's another story and complex based on your playin style. Overall spot wise eMG is the choice." Reporter: "Speaking of permanent party... Can you tell us a few words about the importance of a permanent party on OldSquad, and a short story about how you and your permanent mates got together? Is this the best permanent party you ever had?" Mu3rTe:" Perma party is important if you wanna enjoy the game to the fullest, and here I mean participating to Castle Siege. Without a perma party is is more challenging to climb the ladder and collecting items specially now when you can only have 2 accounts per pc. It is not impossible if you wanna play alone, sometimes it can be more relaxing. To have a perma party many times can be challenging, unwanted and puerile dramas, stress and being on the edge... so don't forget that this is a game, we play for pleasure not to fuck our brains for crap. About my party, I was asked by mafy if I wanna play this edition, so here I am:) they have a bigger history behind, I only know mafy, Redbull and Russu, we played sometimes. I can't say that it's the best party I ever had, but so far it's the most stable, yes, some drama from time to time, but we are still the 5 people from the beginning, that is an achievement so far " Reporter: " You are now a Hardcore member but some "voices" tell me that in past you were a Squadron and a GROM member, is it right ? " Mu3rTe:"Yes, I was in Squadron before, but GROM, no, very briefly 1-2 weeks at some point " Reporter : "Why did you left those two great guilds? What happened? " Mu3rte:" Grom nothing to say about, I was at some point I even forgot the reason, usually when I need to go for work, my char could get in the hand of other people, I left my account few times and some other got it, so maybe was one of those times.. About Squadron, last edition of inception was very imbalanced, agiRF was out of proportion, so I decided I should join the opposition in order to make things little more challenging, nothing hidden behind. " Reporter: " Do you think that Hardcore is invincible this data base ? Until now your guild has 4 wins in a row,, who is leading Hardcore during CS? " Mu3rTe:"I don't believe in concept of "invincibility" , I do believe in team play, active members and organization. As long those are here, everything is possible. Anyhow, the way the server is set-up, you can't win forever, I am sure we will lose at some point and there is no shame in losing, it is important to see how to move on. During CS, all suggestions are open if we could benefit from them, but in order to not make confusion, it is better if just some people speak. Roles are divided beforehand, and we are adjusting according to situations. Still it's Mu.. it's not some badass strategy game once the basics are learned, the winners are those who execute better. " Reporter :" There are rumors that Diamond helped HARCORE two weeks ago on CS, are they true ? " Mu3rTe:"I don't know who started rumors about this thing, but I am happy that there is more activity in CS, this way it is more challenging, from my knowledge, nobody from Hardcore asked any1 to do something for us, and I congratulate DIAMOND for doing their best and playing fair and square." Reporter:" On the last Inception Data Base, you started 2 months after its start and in about a month you reached top number one ranking, there are rumors that you didn't even have a permanent party when you started playing! How did you manage to get this performance? I guess a lot of people want to hear the full story from beginning to end " Mu3rTe:"Well, thanks to the system ADMIN designed, to catch up is so much easy. When all people have resets and almost instakill in DS and BC, even if you start late, build some tanky stats so you won't die and have full benefits from it. When people are 10-15 rr, you can make reset in devil square cause of the bonus exp. It was hard at beginning, you will die on all spots, but if you are active and come back, exp is easy also, when you start later, many party are disbanded so you can fill some places. For me, after 2 or 3 rr I joined Chukundah's party and I was dying on spot many times in karutan2, went bc6 few times got 1 hit, but didn't stop, perseverance and being active helps a lot. Also Gaffney changed his character to BK and he gave me his Sphinx set, it did help a lot, I can't say I was all alone. Later on due to imbalanced guild powers, I joined HARDCORE with mafy, we gathered some players from broken parties, some of them were much higher in reset than me, but exp was going smooth. Once I got some resets, I went full dmg build, and destroyed all events not many contesters in BC DS, some tried but... and this was it.. 2 months playing non stop basically :))" Reporter: "What do you think about last Castle Siege? How was the atmosphere in Hardcore? What do you think about Purge reconstruction? What about the evolution of Diamond?" Mu3rTe : "Last CS was in top 10 Castle Sieges that I played, I am happy that more guilds decided to come, the fight for switches was very intense. We had some advantages, Diamond GM and his party was below 300 lvl, but they did a great job. The atmosphere in guild is as good as always, we were excited to play again, we had some missing key persons also, mafy, but we did good. I don't know about Purge, it just seems a different name, same people, maybe they will manage to refresh themselves, I had bigger expectations. About Diamond they look promising steadily improving, each CS having bigger impact, they hold the crown for quite a while and had huge impact on switches, I hope they will maintain integrity and play the way they did so far." Reporter : " Do you read the News Paper ? " Mu3rTe:"Yes I read the News Paper, some articles are very entertaining but got to admit, the dramas collects more views." Reporter : " Do you believe in superstitions? Do you think that the Castle is Cursed? " Mu3rTe:" I do not believe in superstitions, but I do think that your way of thinking can affect your lifestyle. I sometimes I am wondering, how can so big dramas happen, when in fact it was just some crap. Mainly the curse comes from people's mentality. " Reporter : " Did you see what happened to the guilds that held the castle? If it is not the "curse" (which can be defined by greed, selfishness and pride), what could it be to destroy the most of the guilds in that way?" Mu3rTe:"From what I notice, other than those 3 you just mentioned, there comes also the real life problems, that affects our mood and lets say our sensitivity. One more could be that the problem are not addressed in a calmly manner and solutions are very often overlooked. People should see beyond problems, problems appear every day, but we have to pass over. If somehow MU creates problems for your life, better make some changes. " Reporter :"What do you suggest to improve on NewsPaper ?" Mu3rTe:"Fake news seems to be the key to our society, so maybe make more of those :)) " Reporter: "On a scale from 1 to 10, how much do you like this data base ?" Mu3rTe:"Many changes, many improvements, I guess it should be a 9 " Reporter: " What would you change to this server? What do you expect from the following servers?" Mu3rTe:"So far many changes satisfied my needs, at the moment all looks good. I don't have expectations, I just take what it is and make best from it. " Reporter:" Two guys from your permanent party are members of the council, what do you think about this project? Do you, mafy and Endorphin talk about council often?" Mu3rte:"The project is very good and the reasons behind are on point. We don't speak too much, we just have a laugh from time to time, when some councilors are frustrated when something is wrong just for personal reasons. " Reporter: "There are some rumors on the server that say VIP affects the concept of "play-to-win gameplay", what do you think of these rumors? Is a player who is active able reach the top without donating? Do you and your party mates donate/donated? " Mu3rTe:" I like it that it keeps improving, and slowly slowly getting to that point as a "play to win". Still, VIP affects a lot, but why I like this server is it that you can farm your credits for VIP quite easy if you are active. Myself, as a player who never donated, I am the proof that you can be top without donating. This edition maybe, my party donated for me at the first week so I wont drag them back lucky me. From what I know, they only donated first week " Reporter: "I have 5 challenges for you, do you accept them? " Mu3rTe:"Yes, go ahead " Reporter :"Challenge no 1: I need the names of the 3 players you respect the most on OldSquad and the names of the 3 you dislike the most on OldSquad." Mu3rTe:" mafy, Makiavelli, no third one I dont have dislikes, maybe from time to time some personal vendettas. " Reporter: " Challenge no 2: Tell us 3 things you like most about our staff team, and 3 things you don't like about them!" Mu3rTe:" I like ADMIN cause he tries to improve this game, Gion and Reporter doing good job, nothing else. I dislike that Gion is always in a hurry, sometimes he doesn't have time to give rewards " Reporter:" Challenge no 3: Tell us 3 things you would improve on our server and top 3 things you like the most" Mu3rTe:"I like the stage system the most, giving a balance sentiment so therefore CS are more enjoyable, various times I played on other servers there was a huge discrepancy. I like the CS system, this way you can enjoy 2 hours rather than 5 ending minutes. I like the automated system for events giving a fair chance for all players. I can't say I would improve many other things, since ADMIN is doing a great job implementing our thoughts and ideas. He comes with great ideas also. " Reporter: "Challenge no 4: Due to the fact that you were a member of the most important guilds on this server, call us in order which are the 3 strongest guilds you have been in, with details about each one, of course." Mu3rTe:"Well, I would say that Squadron was the strongest guild overall, accumulating all past editions I played. I played there also, but it was a grim atmosphere, many afk times, but they were gathering people to come play at CS. Hardcore comes second, being a relatively fresh guild, I do like that people are active, hunting and doing events, and you can always find somebody to chat if you want. On third place, might be GROM but they were shady, even resorting to cheats, can't say much otherwise. " Reporter:" Challenge no5 :I need you to share with us a "dirty" secret, a shameful and funny incident that happened to you playing MuOldSquad." Mu3rTe:"For sure there are many as such, need to jog my memory here I could say the most funny was, When I went in vacation, my party wanted to surprise me and lvl up my w3 wings to +13 or something, unfortunately, Makiavelli forgot to put talisman... and so I was without wings:)) spent like 1 more month without, trying to find w3 +lk. " Reporter:" Thank you very much for time and patience, I wish you GL on all your plans!" Mu3rte:"Without fun there is no sense of playing it ! GL to you, Reporter! " This was Mu3rTe's Interview, one of the best players from our community, I am happy to finally do this interview because I wanted to take it since last year !
  5. Hello OldSquaders, This month we're celebrating 5 YEARS since OldSquad was born! 5 years of ups and downs, 5 years of hard work & dedication, 5 years of MU at the highest possible level in terms of competition, 5 years of both failures and successes, 5 years of dramas and beautiful stories. Damn, looking behind it's been hella' fun journey, a hard one but a fun one. We would like to thank you once again for choosing us as the entertainment provider and sticking with us for such a long time! Hats down! 5 years of epicness deserves an ... epic gift! So ladies and gentleman, we're releasing one of the most complex, interesting & unique PvP events in the entire MU Community: Arena Tournament V2! General Info Arena Tournament features 7 different rounds, each round taking place 1 time per week, at 20:30 19:45 Server Time. There are 3 different Event Types: LMS - Last Man Standing, KotH - King of the Hill & LL - Last Laugh. Both LMS & KotH have 3 different Specials, more info above. In order to register to Arena Tournament you must write /joinarena when the event is popping (and before it gets closed). After event is closed, it will start in 1 minute. You can't attack other players before the event does start. Maximum 60 slots (LMS) / 40 slots (KotH) / 34 slots (LL). Duration is 15 minutes for LMS/KotH. No maximum duration for LL. You can't join while being in a party. If you join a party anytime during the event both chars will be disqualified from the tournament and moved out. You can't join the event with antidotes / sd pots. Any consumables buff (bless/soul pots, doppel scrolls, halloween, etc.) are deleted every second during tournament. You get a full clear off existing buffs when you enter the tournament. You can't move items (for example from store) during tournament. You are Muted during tournament. You can't drop items during tournament. You can't move to other maps during tournament. You get PK Stage 2 during tournament (to use only right click to attack, without CTRL). At the end of tournament you get back to your previous pk level / pk kills / pk timer. Info about LMS (Last Man Standing) Schedule for Last Man Standing is the following: Monday - LMS Special 1. Wednesday - LMS Special 2. Friday - LMS Special 3. Objective is to kill others while surviving. Every character does have 5 lives when they join. Dying will remove 1 life and will notice you the lives left. When lives are over, you'll be removed from the event & moved out. A character can only remove 2 lives from another character. After that, he no longer can attack that character BUT the other character can attack him (for at least 2 lives). Winners are the last 5 characters that remains alive. If the event time is over and there are more than 5 characters left alive, there will be a TOP5 made by Lives taken and then by lives that you had left. So if 2 characters have the same amount of lives taken at 5th and 6th position, the one with more personal lives left will take the 5th place, and so on. Reward for winning a LMS Event is the access to Sunday's round (where the real rewards are given, for everyone). If you win any of the LMS rounds you can't join other tournaments until Sunday. Specials: Special 1: Free For All, normal fight with characters exactly as they are. Special 2: Free For All, normal fight with ALL CHARACTERS receiving reset stats & points for 20 RESETS - more chances for lower players. Special 3: Class-Only fight, players can only fight with characters with the same class like them, during the Event, with characters exactly as they are. Note: During the Special 3, the limit of 2 lives taken is valid only if there are > 4 players left from the same class. If there are < 5 players left from the same class you can take any amount of lives from characters. Note2: Also on Special 3 there is only 1 winner from each class (last one standing), so total of 7 winners. Info about KotH (King of the Hill) Schedule for King of the Hill is the following: Tuesday - KotH Special 3. Thursday - KotH Special 2. Saturday - KotH Special 1. Objective is to farm as many Points as possible. Every character starts with 0 Points. Every time a character dies he will lose 4 points (unless the points are 0 anyway). Killing another character will give you 10 points. The 2nd time you kill the same character you will earn 9 points, 3rd time 8 points, and so on until you'll get only 2 points for killing the same character (and the value will stay at 2 points, no longer decreasing). After 15 minutes, the TOP5 characters with the most points are considered the winners. If there are more people with same points like the 5th player, the winner will be picked randomly. Reward for winning a KotH Event is the access to Sunday's round (where the real rewards are given, for everyone). Specials: Special 1: Free For All, normal fight with characters exactly as they are. Special 2: Free For All, normal fight with ALL CHARACTERS receiving reset stats & points for 20 RESETS - more chances for lower players. Special 3: Class-Only fight, players can only fight with characters with the same class like them, during the Event, with characters exactly as they are. Note: Also on Special 3 there is only 1 winner from each class (the one with highest points at the end), so total of 7 winners. Info about LL (Last Laugh) Last Laugh is the final Tournament, where the prizes from the week are also given. Last Laugh is held on Sunday. Only winners of KotH & LMS from that week can join the Last Laugh. So maximum players on Last Laugh is 34. If you have lower resets than the highest reset player from the LL, you will receive extra stat points to add for the tournament based on the difference of resets between you and highest reset player and also based on your class. The points are added when the Arena is closed, so you have 1 minute to use them. There is no set duration for the LL but there are 3 rounds: Round1: LMS Round During this round you need to eliminate players while surviving. The round is over when there are x amount of players left in the Tournament, as following: If there are more than 30 participants, Round1 is over when there are 20 players left. If there are more than 26 participants, Round1 is over when there are 18 players left. If there are more than 22 participants, Round1 is over when there are 16 players left. If there are more than 18 participants, Round1 is over when there are 14 players left. If there are more than 14 participants, Round1 is over when there are 12 players left. If there are more than 11 participants, Round1 is over when there are 10 players left. If there are more than 8 participants, Round1 is over when there are 8 players left. All LMS rules are applied. Round2: KotH Round During this round you need to farm as many Points as possible in 10 minutes. After 10 minutes, TOP8 characters with most Points will be qualified for last round (3), rest of players will be eliminated. Round3: Last Laugh - Final Round A virtual bracket will be generated for the 8 players left, it will be based on the Points gathered during round 2 as following: TOP1 points will play vs TOP8 points. TOP3 points will play vs TOP6 points. TOP4 points will play vs TOP5 points. TOP2 points will play vs TOP7 points. Then each character will be moved to a different Arena cage where the matches are being played. In cages you are playing 1v1 with your opponent. Both chars start "chained" and game is starting in 5 seconds. The first character to kill the other for 2 times will advance in the bracket (Best of 3). You do receive a clear of all buffs/effects after a kill and you start from different corners again. SD is not restored during the match. After winning a match you advance in bracket and either wait or face your next opponent from Winner bracket. After winning/losing a game you will be redirected to a new cage. After each finished game, if your SD is not full, you will receive a Complex Potion that you can use in first 5 seconds of the next game, to restore your SD to full. You need to be fast! Players that lose in the Winner bracket are being sent into Loser bracket where they face other losers. Games on Loser bracket are the same as on Winner bracket (Best of 3). If you lose a game on Loser bracket you are eliminated from Tournament, if you win you advance in Loser bracket up until Grand Finals. Grand Finals are BO5 (Best of 5). Arena Tournament V2 will be released on Sunday night, and there will be 1 week of BETA period. During BETA there will be no rewards for winning, instead, you will get 2x Jewel of Chaos for each REPORTED, CONFIRMED & FIXABLE BUG you encounter during the week. So try your best to bug the Event! Note: We do expect some problems during BETA, so take it with a grain of salt. Also we're waiting any suggestions / feedback related to it as you play & test it. #MakeMUGreatAgain!
  6. dontpanic

    GUILD WAR PROPOSAL yamete Server Guild master can declare war againts other guild. think of it like duel gamble system. but larger scale Will add spice to guild PVP and players would have to think very carefully which guild to join Mechanics *new feature - Guild treasure - GM can set Mandatory/Optional collection of Credits/Jewels/Zen (TAX) Guild master can start war with other guild. There will be 2 types of war, Ordinary Guild War (OGW) & Gambled Guild War (GGW) Gambled Guild War (GGW) - both GM must agree to start war - GM can gamble items in Guild treasure - both GM must agree on duration of war 1-5days - can only have 1 active GGW at a time - winner by point system (get 2x points on last hour/s of war) - The point system could be like gens (point per minutes of active player + points per pk) Ordinary Guild War (OGW) - GM can declare war on other Guild without agreement. Guild members in OGW can pk enemy guild members without getting pk status. This can increase guild's reputation ("don't mess with this guild" status) and get high demand of players who would like to join the guild while GM can demand high TAX for it. - both GM must agree to end war - maximum war duration is 5 days - Can't declare OGW on same guild consecutively, must wait 7 days to start war on same guild. *note: GM can set reward for active members (point system) I know this is a lot of work. and might ruin the server but I think would be interesting to see feel free to criticize and make suggestions
  7. Reporter

    Helloooo, OldSquad Community! This is an interview I've been wanting to take for a very long time, it's an interview with my editor, can you believe it? What Reporter will interview his own editor ? Well, on OldSquad everything is possible and I'm glad to have this privilege (I just want you to know that this interview is exclusive and confidential, so if you read it don't tell anyone, please). I want to share my first memory I have with this player / judge / event maker, and more recently, since Admin decided to leave the "football field" and just get into the coach's shoes, he's not that old but it's like Murinho! So Gion isn't just my editor, he's been the chief of staff in the game for a few months. Uh, Oh, again I got off topic, well, let's go back to my previously idea, I was a new player on OldSquad, I didn't know anyone and I see an Admin online -> Gion, I start talking to him and he's not on any pedestal, he talks to me easily, as if he was a simple player, so I'm amazed: a server populated, hard to play with admins who don't think they are gods? WTF? Something is wrong, he is always naughty, he has a sense of humor and he is always active, and I changed my mind instantly about this server, before I had tried many servers, so boring, those with high exp were interesting for a few days but this one at first view looks like it will last at least for few weeks, so I chose to stay and play here, I could write novels but let's limit ourselves to the interview of this editor of mine: Reporter: "Hello, Gion, and welcome to the NewsPaper Hall of Fame ! " Gion:"Hello, sir! I am glad that you have introduced me as well, it is a honor for me." Reporter : " Can you, please, give us a description of yourself? Name, age, occupation, hobbies, etc. ? " Gion:"My name is Rares, with the last 's' being read as 'sh', some Romanian thing. I am 23, and currently I study telecommunications, and you know , I can say that I also study MU Online, by any means. Mu happens to be also a hobby of mine, alongside music and things related to sounds/comms engineering." Reporter:" Where does Gion nickname come from?" Gion: "It was kinda random, my idea at the moment of creation(2014-2015) was that I wanted to use a common name, but as it is written in Romanian, so the common name was 'Ion' -> 'John' into English, and then 'Gion', as we, Romanians, write it. " Reporter: "Tell us the story about how you got to play this game and how you got to be the chief of staff on one of the only server of MU Online which promises months of play, not just days / weeks? " Gion: "Well, since me and ADMIN were classmates since the 1st grade, we have a long story together. Long story short, ADMIN introduced me to this game about 11-12 years ago, if I am not wrong, since then we played together a lot, then, one day ADMIN came up with the idea that if we don't find a server for our expectations(and believe me, we didn't), we have to build one." Reporter: " Have you ever been a player on MuOldSquad?" Gion: "Yessir, on different ocassions." Reporter :"How did you manage to get the Admin to trust you? (of course we need a story)" Gion: "I'm glad that you asked. As I said, ADMIN came up with the idea that we have to build this server. At the beginning he created the server on his own, with us, the real-life friends, being just players and only sometimes helping with small things, like doing an event for the players that were active at that moment, or things like these. He basically started everything on his own, and then, after the work volume has increased he reached me, because, I guess, he knew that I enjoy this game like .. a lot." Reporter : "How did you both come to the conclusion that this server needs a NewsPaper? Whose idea was it?" Gion: " We thought about it because looking at how nice and good the players are evolving around, like there are lots of unexpected situations, 500 IQ plays, etc that must be seen by everyone, so we wanted our players to feel that what they do will be acknowledged. We are creating, together, the History of OldSquad, The MU Continent of Legend, exactly as you say, with a lot of work, dedication and 'blood' from the deadly battles. " Reporter: "Does Admin pay you real money for the work you do??" Gion: " Since we are all doing this out of passion, I think that money talks are a bit offtopic. " Reporter: "What are your responsibilities, is this like a part-time job or maybe more like a full-time?" Gion: "My responsibilities, and there is only one, in my opinion, is to make sure that everyone has a good time and a fair shot in the competitions, whatever they are." Reporter: " What makes you keep doing the job you do?" Gion: "As I said, I consider myself a student in MU Online by any means - technical, social, I even learnt how to manage a situation where there are some misunderstandings. I also get to know a lot of new people. It's basically you, the whole community, that keeps me doing it." Reporter : "Many times when I had the opportunity to talk to you, you were tempered regardless of the situation, ... where do you got so much patience from? How do you succeed, you and Admin have such different temperaments and yet you are best friends (it seems to me). What is your explanation? " Gion: " I think that knowing each other for so much time and playing together got us into having the same mentality and values, regarding this game. Also in real-life we are different but still best friends because even we have different personalities, knowing each other helps us to get the best out of each one. It is like an out-of-the-box experience, in terms of MU Online, me and ADMIN are the same person, same thoughts, like a multi-core processor, but it is still one piece." Reporter : " Is it hard to do what you do? Give us some examples of difficult moments you have faced since you were part of the staff" Gion: "It is not hard, not for me, the guy who always looked up to do something like this, I had previous experiences as a server administrator before, and not only MU. I cannot say that it is 'hard', it might be mind challenging, but I would not label it as 'hard'. You asked for an example: It was a nice evening of Phoenix, I was hanging around the server, just doing random things like answering PMs, etc, and while I was walking around the maps, I get into Relics, pass the safe zone, and there were some players apparently fighting. I pass them by a few steps and then I stop. By the time, one of the teams killed the other one, I think that they were organized in teams, and one of the guys there came to me and started attacking me (ofc, he was not really attacking me because the GM char has immunity), but I have answered with one shot that killed that guy, because why not. What came after this deserves to get in a novel: his whole guild came back and started to accuse me that I help the other team. They even started to cry on global chat, etc. The situation was more complicated than what I have exposed, but let's not concentrate on it, since you got the main point out of it. Since then I choose very carefully how to interact with the players. Btw, I don't even remember the names of those players, neither for the 'criers' nor for the team that 'I was helping', so you can understand my huge interest to kill some random player in a random map. " Reporter : "I guess the work you do here on the game has a lot of challenges that keep you connected to the game, reveal to us the most intense challenges you have had lately" Gion: "The most intense challenge around is to maintain the server and come up with fresh stuff, but with the help of ADMIN and the Council, I hope that we are managing this." Reporter:" Every time a new database is released on OldSquad, a lot of new things appear, where do they come from?" Gion: "Most of the things come from, obviously, the previous experience. That's why each of our new version is breaking a past record. We basically improve the game constantly, as I said, as a team." Reporter: "One of your many new projects is The Council, what do you think about this project, does it bring the expected results? Are these Council members active? Give us three examples of requests / discussions between staff and board members that have added value to the gameplay. " Gion: "I think that this idea is the next step towards total democracy in MU, since we try to have a council member from 'each side' of the server. We do not discuss about Council in terms of activity, since there in only one channel where we debate the upcoming things, vote, suggest. I think that in this way we can hear you, the players, easier. I cannot name specific things, because we try to discuss everything there." Reporter: "Have you ever played a normal character while being part of the staff?" Gion: "Yes." Reporter: "What happened to Grom and DEADCATS, why were they banned and what is your opinion about ADMIN refusing to let them play for so long?" Gion: "I think that when they were banned I was only the Event Manager, so I was not really into them things at that moment. But I am sure that they lost their right to be around here for a reason, because, as you know, we are giving paroles sometimes." Reporter: " Do you believe in superstitions? Do you think the Castle is Cursed?" Gion: " I do believe in energies which may be translated into curses, so yes, I can say that I believe in curses." Reporter :" Because you should already know what's next, It's time for challenges, and I've prepared five for you, do you accept them?" Gion: " All of them, ese". Reporter:" Challenge no 1: Tell us the funniest two memories related to MU online, one in which you felt ashamed of what you did and one in which someone else did something funny!" Gion: " The funniest one , and I think that ADMIN can agree, was one time, long ago, when me and ADMIN were playing together on a server on which there was a special Elves' spot in Arena, with its entrance blocked, like when you tried to pass through it and you were not an elf, it pushed you back. Since the spot was only for Elves, any other character reported on that spot was getting one to three days ban , I don't remember for sure, but at least one day, and it was like this because that pushing entrance could've been abused with SM's teleport (as they knew until then, and they still don't know ^^). So I got into an argument at school with ADMIN which led us into a minor beef. I want to mention that at that moment ADMIN had a DL and he was ahead of me with a couple of resets, and it is obvious that when we got home after school, ADMIN was PKing me non-stop, chasing me everywhere, not letting me to do shit. I was mad as fuck, so later that night, when ADMIN went to sleep, I switched to my ~273 level BK, whose name ADMIN remembers as it was yesterday ^^, and started to move ADMIN from a regular spot towards the entrance of that Elves' spot, having in mind to sabotage him somehow, I was thinking to report him that he was trying to kill mobs from the outside of the spot/yard. But when I got there, I tried to do the impossible: I have skilled ADMIN until I pushed him THROUGH that gate. It was a premiere, and the last time when that happened. Now I had him pinned: he was inside the spot, still attacking, because at that time we used own clickers, but now I had to report him without anyone to notice my scam. I created another forum account and reported ADMIN. He tried to defend himself, he even told the staff that it was me, because he knew my alt, but no one believed so ADMIN ended up being banned and the case was closed. This is also the situation that I feel ashamed for, because that was simply not a fair win. But it was a win tho ^^^" Reporter:" Challenge no 2: Tell us about one of the moments when you and Admin quarreled, with details of course, and how you managed to get over ! " Gion: " We do not argue over decisions here, on MU, because we take a decision by evaluating it from all points of view. But I've just answered previously to this one^^." Reporter:" Challenge no 3: Tell us the three biggest guilds that have ever played on the server (in your opinion), and name 5 players you liked, with reasons of course." Gion: " The best three guilds, in terms of gameplay: (the order does not matter) Hardcore, Squadron, and a Greek guild from the 2019 Phoenix, I don't remember the name well. Also, I cannot name certain players, but I want to shoutout ADMIN, Mitsakos, Nina, also shoutout to Reporter and Wanheda, players which I will never forget. The list continues, but you asked for 5 namez." Reporter:" Challenge no 4: What has been your biggest disappointment since joining OldSquad? " Gion: " My biggest disappointment is that the competition is not as it should be. Take for example the current case: first party from Inception is way ahead of the others. How is this possible? And I even hear guys complaining about it. How can you? How could they get so far while the other parties were killing them and stealing their mob's kills? Oooh, because no one PKed them, no one did what they did (party composition, decisions). That's why I am disappointed." Reporter:" Challenge no 5: I know that being part of the staff and always having the need to make decisions, sometimes they can be wrong. Describe the moment when you made such a decision that you regretted and if you did anything to fix that decision." Gion: " When we realize that we made a wrong decision we simply admit it and change it asap." Reporter:" Thank you very much for your honest answers, keep up the good work you do!" Gion: " Thank you for having me, it was a pleasure ! Cheers ! " This was the interview of Gion, a young man, even though he is my editor, I learned a lot from him (despite the age difference between us) a man who brings great value to this community, yes, I know what's next to say, that the Reporter kisses his ass, well due to the fact that he earned my respect, I will make this sacrifice although (speaking only between us) I don't think he likes that :). I hope him to continue the work he does, and that together with Admin to take this server to higher levels, still giving their best!
  8. Hello, OldSquaders ! We are glad to introduce you to a brand new group on forum, the Council group ! This group is created in order for the players to communicate with the staff easier. Our aim is to make the Council to represent the players, facilitating the feedback, the suggestions, the bug reports, basically everything. Having lots of online players can create confusion between the staff and the players, due to the repetitive reports, or repetitive requests for some changes (which are not that healthy for the community as a whole, but are still requested by some of the players that didn't know that the case was already presented and/or discussed). In this way we will try to sync the big decisions according to our players. Some "requirements" / details: Council group - Special forum group & discord place where chosen players can communicate easier with the staff and represent the players from the community. - Legends does have priority but not a guaranteed spot. - Only accepting people that we enjoyed speaking with or we like their character. - We need at least 1 person from each big guild from server. - 1-2 newbies (playing 1st time on our community). - Players that had contribution during these years. - Maximum of 12-15 players, for now. - No rewards but also no responsibilities, only participating when they what on discussions or bringing an opinion to others suggestions/reports/etc. - People totally inactive from the group will be removed & replaced. - People who want to join the council must send us details via Messenger to our Facebook page, OldSquad Community, and we'll select from them as well as inviting ourselves the good guys, if they don't 'apply. We hope that you will enjoy this ! Best regards, OldSquad Team
  9. Hello, Today at around 17:00 (Server Time) we'll have a full maintenance on our systems to prepare for the new launch. Phoenix, Inception's Test-Server & Website will be offline for ~5-25 minutes. Cheers.
  10. Eldarion

    hello I have one stupid question .. from where i can take scroll of evil spirit ... 3 days I fight in lost tower but no scroll drop yet ..
  11. Hello, As you may have noticed already, we've reworked the forum structure in order to spread the information more accurately as well as improving the ways of handling suggestions/reports. We've also archived all the topics older than 1-1.5 years old across all sections. All sections can now be seen by both guests and members. Important changes: We're trying to revive the guides section with fresh content, so starting from our next edition, any good & accepted guide can grant you 100~300 credits. Note: New guides must be manually accepted by staff. More info: https://oldsquad.ro/forum/topic/3949-submitting-a-guide Now Suggestions must pass a stricter model in order to appear and be discussed. In order to encourage them, starting from our next edition any good, accepted & implemented suggestion does earn you 30~80 credits. Note: New suggestion must be manually accepted by staff, they must follow the model. More info: https://oldsquad.ro/forum/topic/3948-submitting-a-suggestion-model Now Bug Reports must pass a stricter model in order to appear and be checked. There's also a list of unfixable bugs presented with work-arounds. If there's a bug report that shows an already existing & confirmed problem it will be rejected. Note: New bug reports must be manually accepted by staff, they must follow the model. More info: https://oldsquad.ro/forum/topic/3946-reporting-a-bug-model List of known unfixable bugs: https://oldsquad.ro/forum/topic/3947-known-unfixable-bugs-work-arounds Cheers!
  12. Anyone from our community can submit hand-made guides that are not copy-pasted and that are in line with our custom settings / features. You can make a guide about almost anything related to our server(s). Starting from events, characters, gameplay, tips & tricks, etc. In order for your guide to be approved it must be manually accepted by one of our staff members, and to achieve that it must contain: Character name of the submitter (for the potential reward). Clear information that is respecting our settings. At least 2 photos. Minimum 200-250 words. Your own words (copy-paste is forbidden). Decent formatting. If the guide is accepted it will appear along the other already existing guides and players can use it for inspiration. Any accepted guide will grant you 100~300 credits depending on the subject, information and the work you've put in it.
  13. In order for a suggestion to show up it must be approved by one of our staff members, this is done just by following the suggestion model: Character name that is submitting it (for the potential reward). Suggestion type (server/website/forum). Suggestion content (make sure to include enough details so your suggestion is clear enough). How the suggestion can bring value. (Optional) How would you personally implement your suggestion (your vision). If you respect this model your suggestion will be approved and listed on the suggestion forum. Then you must wait for feedback from staff & (if necessary) players. Depending on it the suggestion will be move either to Accepted or Rejected sub-forums, based on the feedback. Any good, accepted & implemented suggestion can grant you 30~80 credits, depending on it. Cheers.
  14. In this topic we'll list the currently known bugs that can't be fixed and also the work-around for them if it does exist. DL Summon / SM Teleport Ally does stop the Helper on the characters that were teleported. Source: https://oldsquad.ro/forum/topic/3082-teleport-ally-bug/ Work-around: We've disabled Summon & Teleport Ally if character has no guild or the character doesn't have at least 2 members from the same guild in party. Sometimes in CC there is a visual bug where it shows you that few mobs are alive despite they aren't, not letting you to finish the event. Source: https://oldsquad.ro/forum/topic/3081-bugged-cc7/ Work-around: Make sure to have screenshots when it does happen and we will manually return your reward. Sometimes goldens/bosses does give double loot & kill message when they are slayed. Source: https://oldsquad.ro/forum/topic/3138-phoenix-double-loot-from-boss/ Work-around: There is no work-around, just threat it like a "feature". Good luck with it! Sometimes when using Chaos Machine you can randomly select another item from the extra bag without having free slots on main inventory to place it back. Source: https://oldsquad.ro/forum/topic/3295-inventory-bug/ Work-around: Just press "K" key in order to open the extra bag so you can put the item back on it. Summoner's Chain Lightning having attack speed problems when there are more than 250-300 players in the same sub-server. Source: https://oldsquad.ro/forum/topic/3715-summoner-chain-lighting/ Work-around: We've released Cometfall as a Summoner skill to be used in such circumstances. AE's Multi-Shot/Triple Shot and probably other skills from other classes as well can occasionally remain *stuck* targeting a mob without doing damage (it is a visual bug due to a client-server desync). Source: https://oldsquad.ro/forum/topic/3950-elfs-bug-multi-shot-skill/ Work-around: Put an activation skill on helper (something single-target) except from your AoE main skill. Sometimes after entering BC or DS you get a black window left-side of your screen. This is basically blocking your character from further actions. It is usually happening when you do receive a party / trade / etc request before joining the Event or exactly after joining it. Source: https://oldsquad.ro/forum/topic/3418-bc-bug/ Work-around: If you keep /re auto (not /re auto password) or /re off before going to the Event you'll never face it. We'll keep this list updated!
  15. In order for your bug-report to be accepted (showed on bug tracker) you need to provide the following details: Character name where it happened. Approximate server time when it happened. Proof of the bug (either screens or videos, videos always helps much better). How to reproduce it (if you can reproduce it): Any other details (optional). If you provide this details, your report will be manually accepted by one of our staff members, if you don't, it will simply be rejected and ignored. After your report is accepted, we will analyse it and confirm it or deny it (players can also help us by commenting on the report / adding any other details may be needed). If the bug is confirmed by us it will be moved to one of the following sub-zones: Solved - we already managed to fix it. Pending - we confirmed it and we're waiting for / working on a fix. Unfixable - we confirmed it but it is not currently technically possible to fix it. Cheers!
  16. Mynd33

    Is there any approximate date (month?) we could be expecting release of new OS project? Considering fact that people have more free time now, me and many others are looking for new stable project but its pointless to start on server that's nearing 4 moths of progression. Tried 3 different servers in last month and none of them brings what OS did, met a lot of people along the way that are willing to try OS if new edition is released.
  17. Hello, OldSquaders ! First of all we would like to thank you for your interest in reading the Newspaper ! The Newspaper was created especially for you, the players, its only purpose being to connect us as much as possible and to get to know each other. So, here we are, the concept was a success, also bringing up more forum activity, even tho it looks like you enjoy the beefs more than the good things (yes, y'all, I saw your dirty little desires and secrets ). But that's fine, I don't blame any of you.. We all know that it's @Reporter 's fault, so.. it is the time.. we need to find another one ... 😂😂😂 (*clears throat*) Y'all really did believe me? Now speaking seriously, at the request of our now Head Reporter, because he is very busy in real life and the time is not at his pinky at the moment, we are opening the applications for an additional Reporter, meant to fulfill the rest of the activities (some more interviews, not necessarily with the same length as the ones that are already made, but more general and statistical, because any newspaper does need statistics too / maybe some more rumors, ofc, because you like it, our HeadReporter showed us). In this way I want to shoutout @Reporter again, and to thank him for his work, it is awesome ! In order to apply, just tell us why would you like to be a part of the Newspaper, tell us something about you (age, location, whatever) and any idea to improve the Newspaper, on our Facebook page, OldSquad Community, via Messenger ---> https://www.facebook.com/OldSquadMU/ ADMIN, Head Reporter and me will review the applications. The job is also rewarded with 500 - 800 credits per week, depending on the activity. Some requirements: This job has to be more of a passion, and because it is kind of easy (you don’t need to invest more than 2-3 hours per week), we are looking for players interested to cooperate for a long term. Also, since the ‘official’ language is English, a decent level of English knowledge is required, even tho the Head Reporter and me will guide the Junior Reporter with pleasure. These being said, we wish you all good luck and we are looking forward to find the right person to help us make the Newspaper even more interesting for us all !
  18. The Council, a project in which experienced or not so experienced players can help the administrative team take the best decisions in the game, where they can ask for explanations and understand the direction our community is heading. Over time I have seen all sorts of players with or without experience who complain about various things, they usually expect that if you enter the forum and open a simple topic, everything is solved, without thinking about the consequences. For example: an Elf player would like to have the top pvp Elf, top PVM, top everything, of course, it's easy to go in and ask but the impact of an upgrade of a class in the game can ruin the whole balance of the server. This new project is about us, about the players, about our community, a project that will help us to evolve progressively, I had a little talk with Gion, and I asked him to give us some more details about this project, so you can understand better what it is about. I've selected the most on-point discussions: Reporter:" Hello, Gion ! " Gion: " Hello, my dear friend ! " Reporter: "Can you tell us where the idea for the council came from? Who thought of this project and what is its purpose? " Gion: " Sure ! ADMIN had this idea, we wanted to implement it since the beginning of Inception, but we had a lot to work on the server side, so we delayed it until now. " Reporter:" What are your expectations from future Council members? Gion: " Since we delayed the project until now, it is understood by default that we want some quality, meaning that we cannot let 90% of the players' opinions in the hands of the .. let's say people who are not ready. Reporter:" The opinions of these council members will have a decisive impact on the game ?" Gion : " Of course. It is well known that this game is better in teams, no matter if a team has 2-5-25 members. Assuming that a team is usually sharing the way of thinking, because that's why they're a team, right ? So, assuming that the team has the same mentality, our aim is to have a representative in as many teams as possible, from the newcomers' parties up to the highest guilds. Just like a sampler does. Our aim is the Democracy. We want everyone to matter, and taking this into account, that's why I said that the Council is 90% of the players' opinion, any player can still open polls / suggestions / etc. by himself" Reporter: "After a player joins this Council, will he be able to continue to talk freely on the forum or in game?" Gion :" Yessir ! Anyone can speak freely " Reporter:" Will these players, once they enter this Council have any advantage in the game?" Gion: " There are no immediate physical rewards, as there are no responsabilities, but I am sure that the overall quality of the personal gameplay, as well as the public gameplay will be highly increased soon " Reporter:" Those who register, in order to be elected, must know how to speak English very well? " Gion: " It is recommended to know English in order to be able to let us, the others, know what's on your mind." Reporter:" In the announcement made regarding the recruitments of council members you mentioned that those members should be "Players that had contributed during these years", can you be a little more explicit?" Gion: " You don't have to meet all the requirements in order to be "elected" as a Council member. As you can see, the newcomers will be a part of it too. That's the "academic" answer, the true reason was already mentioned by me above, and it is that we want quality, even the newcomers have to show that they are ready and that they are really willing to do this. Obviously, the ones that "have already contributed during these years" are well-known by us. And we appreciate it. Looking forward to see more people doing it ! Cheers !" Reporter:" But when you say "contributed" you do not mean that he need to be a donor or something, right? " Gion: " 🤦‍♂️No, sir. It has nothing to do with the donations. We are talking about the ones who contributed with suggestions, ideas, also understanding when a suggestion/idea cannot be implemented not because it is wrong, but because we promote what the majority wants, just like it is in Democracy. " Reporter:"The announcement for the recruitment of these council members was made around 5-6 days ago, what is the status of the number of players registered for the selection? " Gion: " There are some players who expressed their will to do this and we are very glad. Thank you !" Reporter: "Who will select these members and when will this selection take place?" Gion: " The selection is made by ADMIN and me, as I said, based on the previous experiences (personal or public), no matter how small these experiences were. As you can see, we have already stared to add Members. " Thank you very much, Gion ! I am convinced that this new project will have 100% success rate ! Old Squad Council, a new futuristic project that is made for our community benefits! You have nothing to lose guys, to apply for a council member position just send a message with your CV via Facebook messenger ! More details here : https://oldsquad.ro/forum/topic/3883-oldsquad-council/
  19. Minos

    Items + Monster codes: https://mega.nz/#!YxwWWITD!7smMkIZo-hiTpXfNOBDfOqjLzwcGB5wiQ40Cb_DKfvc I came here to specifically post the excellent option codes which I found on RageZone and mufilecity . Weapons, pendants: Armor, shields, rings: And the commands below come from here: PS What are the commands for Ancient items? The regular ones don't work.
  20. Before the start of a game, have you ever spent minutes thinking about what name to give to the character you will play? Have you ever wondered what inspired players to choose their names ? I did wonder, so, I started an investigation last week, I took 50 names from our Old Squad main rankings top and looked for their origins and meanings,I only found 30 online during this research but I won't bore you too much with this introduction, so let's see what these players said about their nicknames: Snook: " My name comes from snooker, this was my first nickname when I was playing c.s.1.6" Makiavelli: "My name comes from a famous writer who wrote the book called “The Prince” which inspired Tupac in his creations." ShaDyzka: "I’m using this nick from like 10 years; it’s Shady mainly, I just added a suffix because I just liked how it sounds: (being in shade)" No1LiveEr: "it’s from when I was younger, it reminds me of the time when I met my wife" BBwojownik: "wojownik means “warrior” in polish, and BB are the initials of the real name" Nephilim: "Originally I used it as 'fallen angel', but after some time I understood it was some mythical monster: a Giant" Ripo: "From nowhere, I invented it when I was a little kiddo, inspired by Warlords Battlecry where I played necromant" Zutto: " No juice story behind it, I choose just randomly, always used nicks started with “Z” " Duke: " it’s a name from British ppl, highest in rank; I chose it when I played BK and wanted to be rank 1 " Darkmaster : "I got this name when I started playing in last edition of phoenix, I liked how it sounds " Waste: "From nowhere, I was starting Oldsquad, sit in front of my keyboard to find out one, and this one came to my mind. " Limbo: " limbo it’s actually a part of hell in ancient mytology; it’s also connected to madaras technique " DarkYo: " I chose this nickname when I start playing mu for the first time, I was with some friends and I said that it sounds nice " Crucify: "There is nothing special about my name, I heard from a movie and I liked pronunciation; the movie was Spartacus, that I remember" Xinchao: " The name comes from a Vietnamese server where I played long time ago" Peps: " it’s quite a dumb story, happened 16-17 years ago when I took a drink with Pepsi and Coca-Cola with a friend, because we are looking for nicknames I chose Peps and he chose Colas, and ever since friends call us that way" RuSuLeTzZz: " It’s my nick from childhood, when all called me like this deriving from my real name" mafy :" long time ago, when I was a child, I played cs and I used the nick Mafyot, but all my friends called me mafy so I kept it in all games that I played " Chukundah (quoted from his interview😞 )"From the actor Chuck Norris, I just tried to invent something after "Chuck" so it wouldn't be the same name , so I came out with Chukundah." Fane: " My nickname comes from my real name, Stefan, who means “crown” in Greek " Moonlight: "My wife chose this name from Lineage 2, where she played a class named Moonlight Sentinel - an archer " RedBuLL: " My name comes from the well-known energizer with the same name that I frequently consume" Pershing: " Pershing is the nickname of one of the highest polish gangster, I'm interested in this kind of stories " Aloe: " I made an elf as alt on 50rr, and on my desk was an Aloe Vera plant, so here's the name: Aloe " Alex: "He is not playing anymore but Snook told us that this is the real name of the owner, that's why he chose it. " Diablo: "I chose this name few years ago, and it means "the devil" " 5GSP0RT : "It comes from rap music, also 5 grams Marijuana sport; because I'm just smoking and is tell like that someone use runs gym " ALOHA: " When i join first time Oldsquad, I start with a new nickname took it from 1 streamers from dota2; but I played with nickname Gh0st more than 10 years and I chose it because was an unique name on that time " KAIDO: "it's from the anime ''One piece''; a younko have name Kaido " Juri: "Many years ago, like in 2000-2001, when I got internet , I was trying to figure out what nick to use so I decided to use it after Juri Gagarin , a Russian cosmonaut who flied the first time in cosmos " Kreiser_VII: "My cousin suggested Kreiser me when I was like 12, my old username was kinda lame and I was starting a new MMORPG. I started using Kreiser_VII because I'd often see Kreiser already in use, and I love Final Fantasy VII, now I flip-flop between both depending on the type of character I wanna build." BataMG: " Also pretty boring, Bata is a diminutive of my last name IRL, and my friends have been calling me that since I was about 6 years old." Cerberus:" I actually stole this nickname many years ago.. My first Season2 server that i've played (i think it was around 2008-2009) with some friends, there was this russian or ukrainian guy (i think, not sure) with a MG char called Cerberus. So this guy left the server after some time and gave the MG to my friends to play with it. So from that moment started my passion for MG (my fav char :D) and i started using that nickname most of the time when i play MG. The meaning of the name, copied from wiki: "often referred to as the hound of Hades, is a multi-headed dog that guards the gates of the Underworld to prevent the dead from leaving" These are the first 30 meanings of the nicknames of the players I found online, in this way I invite all readers of the newspaper to give a reply and tell us the story of your name, I will edit all these stories in the article!
  21. Hello, I have few announcements to make and I'll try to keep them short enough. Firstly, I would like to introduce you our new Administrator - Community Manager - @Gion. Gion has been part of our Community as a Head Admin since a long time. He did his job in a good manner until now so he's ready to take the next step in our Community as an Administrator. Basically he is getting my current position as a Community Manager, which means he will cover the entire non-technical community support as well as few new mini-projects. You may have noticed a slow response-time from my side as well as a lower forum activity compared to normal. This was because I'm stepping out from public relationships for now (reason: "burnt-out") and I'll remain to work in the backstage for the technical/creative aspect as well as the game design of our current and future projects. I will still be active on facebook for technical support - which I ask you to use it exclusively for technical support. For any other kind of support you'll have to contact @Gion in the usual places (forum,game,facebook). He'll pass me the message/inquiry if needed. Secondly, soon we'll have a rework of the forum that will imply changes in the process of submitting bugs/suggestions to make them more efficient, as well as other forum tweaks. Thirdly, @Gion will be handling 2 of our new mini-projects: - Community Council - This will be a new forum & discord group where we'll select some active players, which will represent the community of players, in order to facilitate a good relationship between us as staff and players. Our goal is to have at least 1 player from each of the "big" guilds, as well as different type of extra players (newbies,old players,etc.) We'll use the discord group to communicate for improvements/bugs and anything related for both current and future projects. More info soon. - Soccer Night - Some of you know, most of you don't. We do have a very nice custom soccer system that we've developed on Inception but we failed to put it in use (lack of players interested) in it's previous forms of organization. We'll try to put it again in use, but this time under a totally new structure that we do hope will assure that any participant does have real chances no matter if he has friends to play with or not. More info: https://oldsquad.ro/forum/topic/3851-soccer-night/ Cheers!
  22. Hello everyone I was thinking about how to improve the sell system at website market and I got somthing that i wish to see it install at the market now to the idea that I was thinking about I wish we had in website something like private trade or private sell to one specific person lets say I made a deal with someone specific and i wanna be sure he and only he going to get the item when i put it on market so i was thinking about something lets say the seller put the item on market but he also protect it with 4 digit code that only the seller know and will give it to the buyer so he make sure only the person he made the deal with going to buy it on website in general i wanna see private sell at market since only at market we can sell for credit other wise we were using trade in game but since we cant transfer credit in game we need also private sell or trade at market and i think my idea is do able the seller pick his item and he also protect his item with 4 digit code and that code going to provide the buyer accsess to buy his item and only he can buy it i think its good idea instaed of how it works now u need to be carefull and fast enough to buy it b4 some else can reach you its risky and it was happened to me with some items i made deal with person face 2 face and since site not so stable i had delay and someone else bought my item at my price that i was negociate for it feels sucks when someone else earn from your hard work THANKS IN ADVANCE! i hope you guys take it to your attention ❤️
  23. Reporter

    Squadron's History The Path of a Legendary Guild Our story begins a long time ago, in the distant past, about five years ago on a random server with high experience. That's the place where two players meet, their name is TwoCheeks and Oklahoma. These two players start to understand each other and become friends, but they quickly get tired of that server, and that's how our adventure starts. They moved from one server to another because none of them were meeting their high standards. In their way to find a server to challenge them, they landed on a season 10 server where they finally decided to build a guild and compete at Castle Siege, and that's how Squadron was first time made. Our heroes started a war with Kenpachi on that server, and they fought the whole server's life.Oklahoma hated him (in game, of course) Kenpachi lives in California and every night it was easy for him to wipe all parties due to the time difference. They did hunt him also but without any chance to win the war vs him, they where wondering how the hell can he be that active (24/7 on) at the end, with TwoCheeks good diplomatic skills they ended up playing together and quickly became friends with Ken. On these servers they found and recruited in their family that was keep growing, one by one: Sync, Gaffney, LastHope (he isnt playing anymore, sadly) and Trippy. And the journey continued, about 3-4 years ago, in one day, looking for a stable server, they where scrolling Mu Online top server websites, and they finally found one that was looking promising, OldSquad MU. They all agreed that they should try it, so here they are, very close to the very first data base or maybe even the first! They quickly settled in and started aiming for server supremacy, but then there were already strong guilds that had strong cores, guilds like GROM and DEADCATS , guilds with pro players. Combined with the server's high standards and top quality, they found the challenge that they were looking for, a challenge that kept them connected and focused on developing a guild that could measure with those great forces that, at that time, were fighting for server's supremacy. On their way to form a top guild, our heroes made new friends whom one by one they recruited becoming a growing family, thus they have recruited Voyager, Zutto, Alex (FKingCunT), Shaolin, Notorious, Support, Mboopi, and many others. The guild reaches the top and begins to have great victories, but also defeats, but as the saying "what does not kill you makes you stronger", have passed easy over defeats and celebrated the victories in the group. The time has made the friendship get stronger and stronger between these players and now they have a core of 15-20 players (depends on their availability to play in the new databases )which to support themselves to share things between them and help each other, players who trust each other with accounts, remote programs and complement each other filling inactivity periods of each one of those players. Squadron became one of the most desired guild on OldSquad, every data base its core players get inside game with the desire to dominate the server and always manage to be competitive, also because they try to recruit only players that work as a team and follow rules which are "the key" to the healthy guild life. In Squadron's history there were, of course, ups and downs, but core players always stick together no matter what. Even after there where scandalous periods in which Oklahoma was accused for "stealing" Snajpers stuff ( he explained why he did that, no one had any questions), or inside fights between players, but having pretty strict rules they manage to avoid drama. Sometimes it cannot be avoided but they handled it well, so far. This is the Squadron history, a history that continues to be written by these heroes with "blood" on the Land of Trials' battlefield or at the most important events on the server, a guild made for fun by two players that managed to climb in OldSquad history building a name, a name that became legendary. During this time there were a lot of top players who joined and left, players who learned from Squadron then went to build guilds that ended up fighting Squadron, but that always happens in the big guilds. In the mission of Narrator , and also a player, I can only lift my hat and throw it on the ground, step on it cause I am proud to be able to take this story and write it down, this story is not about one player, not about few players. Now Oklahoma is banned on forum and on discord, because he did mistakes but he is a proud founding member of this legendary guild, he is one of us and he thinks that Admin has something with him. Well, he did some mistakes, trash talking about OldSquad, but he proved that he is a top player and a founder of a legendary guild.
  24. Hello, Today at around 13:30 GMT+3 (Server Time) we'll do a scheduled maintenance on our servers as we're continuing the fight with the attackers, trying out new things, to hopefully get rid of the small disconnects that are still happening from time to time. This means that both Inception & Phoenix will be down for around 20~40 minutes. Auto-reconnect may not work so make sure to be online in order to reconnect! Cheers.
  25. Hello, Today at around 17:00 Server Time we'll finish the process of upgrading our server machine. This means that Inception & website will be down for 30~90 minutes. Reconnect won't work so you'll have to rejoin when it will be back. Cheers!
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