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    Looking to have fun on a Professional Environment?
    Then you are in the best place!
    Join our MU Online Servers and feel the difference.


    - Progressive Gameplay.
    - Dynamic Low EXP.
    - Boosted EXP for Newbies!


    - Highly configured details in a Smart & Professional way.
    - 15/24 Support on Forum & Facebook.
    - Satisfaction Guaranteed!


    - Dedicated Project without monthly restarts.
    - 95% UP-TIME with announced Maintenances.
    - Weekly Updates & Improvements.


    - No WebShop / CashShop / VipServer.
    - Credits can be farmed easily INGAME.
    - 100% Balanced Services.

    Valuable Gameplay Tips


    Recommended Posts

    In this server more than 50% of the game is customized to give the best experience of MU, so there are some more things you need in order to be able to keep up with the competitive players.
    First and most importantly, to reach a competitive level you need a permanent party with trusted friends that you make in game or that you already knew and are willing to play at this level .
    Using TeamViewer so they can control your character when you are not at your PC by moving your character back to spot, buying potions, and taking them inside events.

    Before starting the server use the test server in order to decide what you want to do in terms of choosing a character and build , then you can do some testing with the mobs and spots.

    On every map you can see the spots by pressing TAB, for example:-

    In Lorencia you have 4 exits , each one with 4 spots

    1. down with spider, left with small bulls.
    2. Up with bigger bulls.
    3. right with cursed mages.
    4. In the left corner of the map, you have a giants "spot" that basically is split.

    After reaching level 15 , You can walk to Devias portal and move to harder spots. So in case your party starts with VIP and someone plays Dark Lord, the Dark Lord at the beginning has decent damage , which allows you to kill the giants and gain more experience than most people that start in spiders or bulls, so here you already have a big advantage, it's also possible to do it without Dark Lord, but Dark Lord is recommended if you are going for fast leveling.

    If you do not have Dark Lord, there is also one thing that you can do for a good start, which is a big secret on this server that you are about to know that will help you begin in the 1st hour of  making party's etc.

    If you buy VIP right when you start at first hour of server when Monsters have not spawned yet , you can create a level 1 MG or DL and sell the weapon and shields that will give you 88 zen , you store than zen in vault and create more chars and sell more items until you get 4750zen, This will allow you to buy 50 small mana potions, 1pair of leather gloves for speed + armor, and 15 apples, this is a huge boost for first moment when server launches at the beginning, however if you start after the server already has opened it will be a lot easier to obtain zen from starting spots.

    Creating the perfect route:-

    This is the biggest part of being competitive , in test server you are allowed to level through the maps , check the damage from mobs with your defense and sets, you can create the perfect route from Lorencia to Devias at lvl 15 > in Devias you can skip weaker spots and move to the mid difficult mobs , the perfect ones are small yetis, and from there you can level to 20-25 for more stats, in order to be able to move to Elbeland 3.

    While you are doing this process , make sure you pick every item since Lorencia until small yetis, when you warp to Devias from the Lorencia gate there will be a shop in front of you where you can sell your items for some zen , or use the items that are upgrades for you if you can, and spend the zen on mana potions and apples so you can handle the yeti spots

    This is the early beginning test that will boost you very well, after Elbeland 3 you move to Dungeon 2-3 , from Dungeon you can move Atlans1 and so on, the only thing that you must do is just to test the spots to make sure where you need to go, check the damage you get from the monsters and keep changing your defense stats to see how much damage you get.

    For Example:-
    With 100 defense you will get hit by ~50 on Valkyries , if you add stats to get 150 defense you will get less damage, so the ideal is test every spot to know when you can move and stay safe, make sure you test every map so you know where and when to move always to the better spot and survive.

    This method of damage testing can also be tested for early goldens such as budge dragon, bok+1 goldens and bok+2 goldens , you can press H and click on invasion too see where they spawn.

    Test PVP builds according to every custom formula that is written on forum.
    For competition you need to have a strong knowledge of your character, so it's important to test different stats in duel with your friends, usually every char has 2-3 main builds, focusing more points in one stats than another, or going mixed stats.

    In some characters, for example such as BK , you can focus points on STR for full damage , and mixing Vit + Agi for survival, also another Tip for pvp is focusing Agi and mixing str+vit builds, energy is not a must, basically you can add less than 100 to have mana, because energy won't increase much dmg, energy on bk is a stat for castle siege if you want to play support and use Greater fortitude buff to grant more HP to your party.

    So this is just an example on how you need to understand forum's formulas about characters and focusing on one stat and mixing others and find the best build that suites your character to fight for goldens, fight for your spot , and fight for Castle Siege!

    Experience events:-

    So, this is what is going to take you on to the top dogs, Blood Castle and Devil Square, these two events give you the biggest boost on leveling.

    For Blood Castle on Phoenix edition the level requirements are these:

    - Level Entries:-

    • BC 1: Level 200-239
    • BC 2: Level 240-279
    • BC 3: Level 280-309
    • BC 4: Level 310-339
    • BC 5: Level 340-359
    • BC 6: Level 360-379
    • BC 7: Level 380-400
    • BC 8: Level 400 + Q3 (ML ONLY).

    At some point you will be able to join BC with full party when you gather enough jewels of chaos, and you pick the materials needed to make 5 tickets. Make sure to add on your mu helper pick these materials: 'Blood Bone' and 'Scroll of Archangel'.

    You have max entries per day per each event, so in Blood Castle let's say you have 2 entries per day, there is another EXP BOOST event in morning and evening and this Exp boost is on the same hour as BC, so to take the most of this it is very helpful to join Blood Castle on this Exp event so you get a bigger boost on your level.

    The same thing goes for Devil Square

    - Level Entries:

    • DS 1: Level 200-249
    • DS 2: Level 250-289
    • DS 3: Level 290-319
    • DS 4: Level 320-349
    • DS 5: Level 350-379
    • DS 6: Level 380-400
    • DS 7: Level 400 + Q3 (ML ONLY).

    In Devil Square you can't catch up with the Exp boost event, only on Sunday after Castle Siege (the bonus Exp event is later and will be mixed with the DS and you can boost your Exp more than normally, just like in Blood Castle).

    So overall you need to do these events daily to keep up on top ranking and keep the competitive level, if you missing the exp boost with Blood Castle or Devil Square is not a big deal , as long as you use your available entries every day, you will stay on top .

    This is where your competitive gameplay really starts, for bigger chances on this you need to hunt in group with your guild / main party to get those goldens and gear up yourself and your party. Hunting solo is a choice, but a risky one, cause you might end up alone vs more players, so the ideal is always hunting in group and using discord or some other voice program to help you organize yourselves.

    Make sure you participate in every invasion and try to kill the goldens to gear up faster and getting also items to sell for credits / jewels in web market or post.
    Keep track of the hours by pressing H so you can be aware of when it's starting in order to be ready to chase them!

    Game events, in forum details of Phoenix edition you can find every event of this server. This is a MUST read information that you need to be able to keep up with your own economy in game and progressing over time.
    Joining these events is very important due to the prizes that they reward you, and as always, join in party for better chances of winning them.

    Making 2nd accounts to play alt chars
    This is where you get a "second hand" in this game, especially in beginning to help you with ZEN, medals and hearts to gear up your main character, having an alt account is one of the biggest part to keep you in competitive level. Also, it is where you gather materials and general stuff to boost up your main as a second help.
    With alt accounts you can scout spots, scout goldens without leaving with your main from spot and losing Exp, everything that involves doing stuff out of spot, always use your alt so you don't lose spot EXP, and the risk of losing the spot with your main.

    Joining a guild or creating one
    If there are already top guilds and you feel that you are that competitive, talk to the guild master of the guild that you feel is competitive so you get a chance to prove yourself and make a difference!
    Or you can create your own legacy and become a guild master and make history!

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