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  • Welcome to OldSquad Community

    Looking to have fun on a Professional Environment?
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    Patch - 20.10.2021


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    Release date: 20.10.2021 at 14:45 - Updates are up and no restart is needed.


    • [ADDED] IT Queue
      • Now if there are more players that wants to join IT than the slots available, a random pool of maximum players will be chosen for each IT level.
      • How does it work?
        • When the message with IT being open does show up (10 minutes before the event actually start) you can click the IT NPC (only 1 time is enough), and you will be registered to the queue.
        • The registration on the queue is up for 3 minutes (7 minutes before event does actually start). After those 3 minutes, up to 10 players per IT level will be randomly selected as priority participants, which means they can start entering the event.
        • For the next 3 minutes, the chosen players (that have PRIO) are able to join the IT event (and only them). 
        • In the last 4 minutes before the event actually starts, any player can join the IT (any IT level, based on their character) if there are still slots available, no matter if they have been chosen for priority or not.
        • When you register for queue, the IT Ticket is taken from your character. The ticket is given back when the extraction is done (no matter if you have been selected for PRIO or not).
      • Extraction of players does work like this:
        • Any player can be extracted at any point during extraction, no matter his IT level, and then it is assigned to his own IT level (if there are still slots) and removed from the queue.
        • If 10 players have been already selected for an IT level, any more players for that IT level will be ignored on extraction.
        • Note: You can only get PRIO on your current maximum IT level (so if you're not chosen for your own IT level, you don't have PRIO on the lower ones, you will have to wait and see if there are any empty slots available on them).
        • Note2: If you leave Server 1 after registering to the Queue (either disconnect or warp to gens maps / CS server) you will be removed from the IT Queue (and your IT Ticket will be lost), but you can register back if you want to.
    • [ADDED] Brothers is Arms - Team PvP Event
    • [UPDATED] Zen Tweaks
      • While we wanted most of you to not have big problems with Zen, especially for normal, essential things (compared to the initial iteration), since the last zen tweaks our data is still showing high amount of zen at the level of server (that is increasing in a fast peace).
      • We're going to run another set of tweaks to further optimize our system so that there is still enough zen but not TOO much in economy (else again, we'll reach a point when Zen would be useless).
      • The issues (limitations) are mostly related to new players, so we're going to tweak with that in mind:
        • Zen dropped on medium/high maps slightly nerfed.
        • Party bonus zen reduced to 15%/25% for 4 man and 5 man party from 25%/35%.
        • Post zen cost increased to 150k / 115k / 135k (normal & vip prices) from 100k / 60k / 80k (normal & vip prices).
        • Pack & part commands zen cost increased to 2kk from 1.5kk.
        • Market zen tax increased to 1.5kk from 1kk.
        • Senior Mix cost increased to 400kk from 250kk.
        • %zen from market tax going to Senior reduced to 10% from 20%.
        • Reset cost table for 10+rr updated:
          • NEW: The 11th reset starts from 120.000.000 zen.
            • Each extra reset until 20 resets = + 12.000.000 zen per reset.
              • The 20th reset = 228.000.000 zen.
          • NEW: The 21th reset starts from 300.000.000 zen
            • Each extra reset until 30 resets = + 18.000.000 zen per reset.

    "The only way to do great work is to love what you do" - Steve Jobs

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