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    Patch - 14.11.2021 - Stage 2.1


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    Release date: 14.11.2021 at 15:05 - No restart will be needed (unless something goes wrong).

    Note: CS Server will be updated after the CS event, in order to not risk an earlier start of CS.

    Congrats to AirwaveSMORGANA and DarkYo for finishing the Stage 2.1!

    Note: Everyone that progressed the Stage (having level 300+ and 15rr) can type /stagereward harmony in order to take the reward, after patch is up!
    Note2: We've decided to change our initial plan related to World Bosses (basic invasion) and transform it in a complex thing, but at the cost of delaying its release a little. It will be our top priority after this patch, and we hope it will be worth the wait / delay!


    • [UPDATED] You can now continue to reset up to 20 resets.
    • [UPDATED] EXP for Stage 2.1 (15rr) is now removed. 15th reset does have the same exp table like 14th reset had.
    • [UPDATED] 3rd Newbies EXP boost added:
      • 0rr: 500% EXP (constant level 1-350).
      • 1rr: 500% EXP (constant level 1-360).
      • 2rr: 500% EXP (constant level 1-370).
      • 3rr: 450% EXP (constant level 1-380).
      • 4rr: 450% EXP (constant level 1-390).
      • 5rr: 400% EXP (constant level 1-400).
      • 6rr: 350% EXP (constant level 1-400).
      • 7rr: 300% EXP (constant level 1-400).
      • 8rr: +200% EXP.
      • 9rr: +200% EXP.
      • 10rr: +160% EXP.
      • 11rr: +120% EXP.
      • 12rr: +80% EXP.
      • 13rr: +40% EXP.
    • [UPDATED] Released GGDs.
    • [UPDATED] Released Doppelganger Event & Sign of Dimensions in drop.
    • [UPDATED] Maximum number of players in guild is now 27.
    • [UPDATED] Maximum Master Level is now 70.
    • [UPDATED] Zen cost for first 5 resets:
      • 1st Reset: 5kk
      • 2nd Reset: 10kk
      • 3rd Reset: 15kk
      • 4th Reset: 20kk
      • 5th Reset: 25kk
      • 6th reset starts from 39kk and the rest of table is the same as before.
    • [ADDED] New mechanic on Mercenary Quest:
      • When starting a mercenary quest, you now have a 1/3 chance of getting a target in your Merc Points interval instead of your Character Resets interval as following:
        • It will look 15 times for a Target with -250 Merc Points/+250 Merc Points compared to you.
        • It will look 20 times for a Target with -500 Merc Points/+500 Merc Points compared to you.
        • It will look 25 times for a Target with -750 Merc Points/+750 Merc Points compared to you.
        • It will look 30 times for Target with -1000 Merc Points/+1000 Merc Points compared to you.
        • It will look 35 times for a Target with -1500 Merc Points/+1500 Merc Points compared to you.
        • It will look 40 times for a Target with -2000 Merc Points/+2000 Merc Points compared to you.
        • If it doesn't find any target during these 165 tries, it will look for a Target with any amount of Merc Points.
      • Basically, you'll have a 33.3% chance to get a target based on Merc Points instead of Resets and 66.7% chance to get a target based on Resets, as usual.
      • This was added in order to reduce the power and the easier life of alts (as we know, a big amount of TOP40 from Mercenary are alts).
    • [ADDED] As one of the most requested features, we have added the possibility of filtering market items by excellent options.
      • When you select "excellent item" on filter, you'll see extra checkboxes with all the EXC options available. You can then choose which options to search for (and combine them).
      • Note: Keep in mind that the first option (from left) is only for normal set items, and the 2nd option (from right) is only for weapons.
      • Example: By choosing "ZEN or Mana/Kill" you will get normal set items with +ZEN and / or weapons with +Mana/Kill.
    • [UPDATED] Number of total Winners for LMS Round on Arena Tournament is now based on number of players that started the LMS round (instead of number of players that registered to AT):
      • Starting players <= 7:
        • Maximum winners: 3.
      • Starting players > 7 and <= 9:
        • Maximum winners: 4.
      • Starting players > 9 and <= 11:
        • Maximum winners: 5.
      • Starting players > 11:
        • Maximum winners: 6.
    • [UPDATED] Now you can join Arena Tournament - Special 2 (FREE STATS) only with Wings, Weapons/Shield & Pet equipped. No set items, rings, pendant.
    • [UPDATED] Starting from next week (not this week), instead of having extra slots for Last Laugh for TOP4 Team Points & TOP2 Lives Taken, we'll have extra slots for TOP6 Team Points (and no extra slots for Lives Taken).
    • [UPDATED] Now in Illusion Temple, when a player reaches the maximum artifact possession, apart from being moved to the center and stunned, a high damage, high ASR mob will spawn on his position and will despawn after he kills the Ball possessor.
    • Other small fixes / adjustments / improvements.

    Dynamic Characters Balance tweaks


    • Nerfed Fire Slash damage with 4%.
    • Buffed PvM damage with 5%.
      • Note: It is intended that SMG is a VIT-CHECK in PvP, forcing players to invest in VIT in order not to die before running out of SD. He's a beast in 1v1 but just mediocre in larger scale PvP, we'll keep it that way.


    • Buffed PvM damage with 10%.
      • Note: Bringing it more closer in line with rest of chars on Hunt.


    • Buffed PvM damage with 16%.
      • Note: Bringing it more closer in line with rest of chars on Hunt (but still, the slowest Hunt time).

    "The only way to do great work is to love what you do" - Steve Jobs

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    • Group:  Administrators
    • Content Count:  3,877
    • Reputation:   2,180
    • Joined:  12/30/2015
    • Status:  Offline
    • Device:  Windows

    Patch is now up!

    Let us know if you find anything wrong.

    "The only way to do great work is to love what you do" - Steve Jobs

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