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    MystHH Flame

    Non-English and flame https://imgur.com/a/lREH1R1 MystHH : K7 are for you girls . The next comment is in english but flame and again he abuse .
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    I am Reporter. Just a random player!

    Many players are wondering who Reporter is and why is he anonymous, why does he do this, and if he abuses the game with his position? Well, at this moment, the Reporter is just me (a random player), I am doing it for several months and I am doing everything in my power to have fun on the forum with the only purpose to increase the level of involvement for players in the forum and for our community. It is very likely that sometimes I write only the first appearance of an event in my articles (maybe I have only one sided part of story) , but if shit happens and I am wrong, I admit it publicly. I do not consider myself a perfect Reporter, but I consider myself a man with a strong spine and this means that I am able recognize my mistakes publicly, a mistake should help everyone to evolve by not repeating it, no matter the circumstance. Plus, I am trying to deliver publicly the News, which I am personally picking, as soon as possible. If you look at the things constructively, this community has many hundreds or even thousands of players, and it deserves all the best! To be a Reporter inside this community means that you have to voice publicly the community voice, and this means to be equidistant even if you are a player. You have to put the job in the foreground, maybe you have incomplete information, sometimes a Reporter can only express the point of view that he gets on the ground(in game) , so I always must be careful what to write, in order to avoid controversies. But if I have strong arguments or evidence, I can do it with my eyes closed, I believe in the freedom of speech , I believe in this project in which I am involved, and I hope that freedom of speech will always win! I believe in truth and I will refuse to publish a lie, being aware of it. I will always refuse to believe that the accuracy of my articles is prejudiced by my pride as a player, or the pride of the people I play with, I will always criticize mistakes (even if they are mine, or Admin's) and I will always bring due respect to those who deserve, regardless of the camp they belong to. Being a Reporter means more than being an admin, an admin can make hot decisions, without thinking twice or he can be as proud as he wants, but he has to be even cause the only main judge on this server is Admin. I believe he acts always to increase the value of our community, maybe sometimes he does mistakes, even him can act without caring for the moment and ban someone just cause he was rude. He is right in 99% out of all cases , but I care, I care about all the players (I have an affection for those who put their soul in this game, some of these people make some big mistakes, and some of them do those mistakes because they have the impression that they have the absolute truth and that they have to reveal it to all the server, without thinking twice, without "sitting in Admin's chair"). I also care about all the articles I write, and, if I am wrong, I blame myself. Tho when I have a story to tell , especially when I am one of the most spiritualists, and I get an interview or just an anonymous opinion I commit myself to say it without being constrained by staff or other "forces". Let the truth (even one sided) go public ! When that time will come and I will give up being a reporter (or I will be fired), I hope that this project will continue and that the new Reporter who will take over this job will surpass me and raise the written press to the highest level. Until then, the Reporter is me, just a random player, trying to get involved in the community, to take its pulse, and publicly transmit the most important things that happens in our servers and to interview the top players. I do not consider myself a super player or a super star cause I have this job, and I do not think that Reporter should be looked at like this, everything about NewsPaper must and should be about the community. I apologize as a human being, in this way, to those who felt offended in the written articles, but I can assure that those articles have been written with heart and soul and they will be written in the same manner, for the only thing that matters: to bring truth to light and to get our community stronger! I have it in the signature, but I feel the need to write it again: "Freedom of speech is the concept of the inherent human right to voice one's opinion publicly without fear of censorship or punishment! " So guys, feel free to judge me, to reply in NewsPaper, to like or dislike my articles! Feel free and speak truth, I will always appreciate it and I will do my best to write the truth down for our community. Best Regards, Your Reporter, the one that OldSquad Community has at this moment!
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