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  1. Zutto

    Then can we please have a vote, see what everyone thinks.
  2. Zutto

    You cant think of any positive reasons for it? Muonline castle siege has always been on sundays, I would supose because thats when most people can sit down and relax for abit. same as Oldsquad, its always been on Sundays. Why change it? Most of the player base is from Europe, and the ones I spoken to all agree that saturday 17.00 is a bad time. People are away, spending time with family and friends. I dont know about you Cerberus, But I'm sure you could be doing some other stuff a saturday night then playing castle siege.
  3. I cant be the only one that dislike the time for Castle siege for numerous reasons i think sunday as it usually is is the perfect time for it. Cant we the players vote for the best day?
  4. Zutto

    Max 2 accounts connected on same hwid, but you can make as many you want
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