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  1. Zutto

    BK cant use But yeah this should be looked into
  2. Im not sure what to say about this.. Its just a shame I hope for the next edition, there will be rules against stuff like this so it never happens again.
  3. Zutto

    @RuSuLeTzZz I promised you I would show you our last cc. Since some of you got doubt about me, thinking i use macros and what not I started to record all cs/cc. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lz02FtKf_8U All I see is a Diablo flying all over at 1.40. does that mean Diablo is using .exe :)? No it means muonline is 20 years old and visual bugs are here to stay(he was most likely next to me) Macro king out.
  4. Zutto

    I would love to hear all the theories
  5. Zutto

    This per say isn't really about cyclone skill. I think any moving skill could trigger some kind of visual bug at some point. Not sure how MG would be with limited usage of cyclone, they are really good at the moment, maybe abit too good :)? however I think its to late to adjust that now(cyclone). I myself rarely see any visual from cyclone. But there is so many visual bugs around in MU. Getting attacked by players you cant see, being attacked by players that are way out of range etc, that's more common to me atleast.
  6. When doing gaion during golden invasion and golden mobs leave, mobs from Gaion also disappear. So you cannot complete the event.
  7. Zutto

    he pew pew me everyday sadly Yeah true, that might have been an unnecessary buff
  8. Zutto

    I gotta say I do think ARF'S might be abit to powerfull currently. One RF can melt pretty much anyone including tanks. But, we still got some resets to go, so this might change later on. But as I remember from test server, aRF was very popular due to its insanely good dmg. Time will tell
  9. Zutto

    @Greenwhy you no dmg?
  10. You can never move forward if you keep looking back. I'm not sure we been playing the same game, Since i share a totaly different view
  11. Depends on what you vote Couldnt agree more
  12. Zutto

    Try conntact via facebook, Usually a quick answer
  13. Zutto

    Was years ago since I saw this, smiled the whole clip ha
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