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  1. Zutto

    Try conntact via facebook, Usually a quick answer
  2. Zutto

  3. Yeah and soon we will see other builds pop up when coming closer to max.. hint rf😜
  4. We can agree to disagree:) We dont know how it will play out on 10rr with more ml. And I can tell you that im bearly surving 60% dd I still take 3k+ hits..
  5. So I guess im op then :)? But as I said, so many variables play part. ps, I dont use ancient
  6. I dont agree about DD being overpowered. Reducing it will only make people that actually just survie now because of it die faster. And it will benefit classes that can pvp in Ancient sets. which is Impossible for some classes. Elfs are made tanky from the start, dont think its because of more agi. 0 agi vs 2000agi is about 300 def and 200ish rating, thats nothing major tbh. being tanky from the start they just scale alot better with dd then others I guess. But..still so many variables to consider.. Items,wings,lvl,rr,ml,buil,skill.
  7. Elfs in general are kinda ''tanky'' but with dd they scale even better. Dont notice it as much on other classes wearing dd You just lack gear/ml/rr on SM
  8. Relaying on getting ice resist pendants/rings is a hard one, getting ML is ofcourse easier. But sooner or later that ice arrow will land on you. And thats just to counter 1skill from one char? I think it should atleast be reduced, 5 seconds is a long time during an event like cc. (AND FIX IT ALREADY, the stun bug that is) But in my opion stuff shouldnt the tuched to much. None has reached 10rr yet, none is near done with ML. Its impossible to point fingers at whats op and not currently. ML/LVL/RR plays a huge part I do however think DD is good as it is now, I got almost 60% myself, and still get hits for up to 3k+ if dd was to be reduced it would only benefit chars going for max damage, that already got insane absorb/internal def Socket items takes just ages to build, I know a few who are working on them.. but it just takes time. Its like you say, it just easier and quicker to get a exc set with 2 options for now.
  9. Zutto

    Hey, Thanks for the offer, but I'll hold onto the SM wings for bk that aint clean
  10. Zutto

    Ice arrow should only disable your movment, but sometimes it ''stuns'' you (cant use any skills at all) so ur just standing there for 5 seconds doing nothing.
  11. Zutto

    But currently its not working as intended, so we all should switch to AE just to abuse it :)?
  12. Zutto

    What are the staff's toughts on ice arrow? And will the bug with ice arrow acting as full time stun be adressed? It should be a mobility disable skill, not a 5 second stun.. @ADMIN @Gion
  13. Zutto

    Added sum wings+return dmg to the list
  14. Zutto

    Sorry, literally sold it moments ago. I'll keep you in mind if i make another one
  15. Zutto

    Added new wings
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