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    1. Zutto

      I think if you ask any party you played in, everyone can speak for what you done how you brag on discord when you scam people for credis, sad you failed to scam Mu3rte this editon on that heras items, Wonder who warned him yes Chuk, adults work, something you dont got alot of experience in
    2. Zutto

      The difference between us Chuk is that you make mistakes every edition. I make one and you jizz your pants. I could write a novel about how many you stole,scammed, deceived, or how you make up stories to make you look ''good'' But I'm not going too. That would just put me further down to your level. There is no saints here, everyone can make bad discussions, I did a big one and I'll take lesson from it.
    3. Zutto

      Has to be a pretty good bk for sure @enTaroaduN you got some wild fantasty there 😂
    4. Zutto

      Wont be able to go.
    5. Zutto

      BK cant use But yeah this should be looked into
    6. Zutto

      @RuSuLeTzZz I promised you I would show you our last cc. Since some of you got doubt about me, thinking i use macros and what not I started to record all cs/cc. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lz02FtKf_8U All I see is a Diablo flying all over at 1.40. does that mean Diablo is using .exe :)? No it means muonline is 20 years old and visual bugs are here to stay(he was most likely next to me) Macro king out.
    7. Zutto

      I would love to hear all the theories
    8. Zutto

      Mister boyager top 1 vacuum tester
    9. reset+lvl check working together. I rather have an ''unworthy'' opponent then a quest I cant finish
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