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    1. prepare my defense because a cry baby thats gets a hard time in-game , insults me and my family saying im a gipsy portuguese borned whit a black slut mother and a crackhead gipsy father , whitout me saying anything to him, comes report me on forum in a chance of trying to get do something to "me" since he doesnt do shit in game x) besides insulting everytime hes getting pked, sorry if im not the typical "mimimimi ur reported" guy and dont have 50 screenshots to "defend myself" lol , if i made a folder only for insults that i get in pm from 90% of the server, and in post, cause everyone here loves me i would flood the forum whit screenshots and reports, but whatever. seems a 5phrases screenshot its enough i guess.
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    2. BetleyKOX

      BL Darkyo

      Greetings he is trying to say something wrong to me BIBLETHUMP :(((((((((((((((((((( https://imgur.com/a/0YlAolw
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