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    1. Chukundah

      no one know you or ur "team"
    2. Chukundah

      https://ibb.co/sHKXNKf https://ibb.co/JcYbfts https://ibb.co/TmyvbDN calling me gipsy indirectly by typing "gipsundah"
    3. u need me in ur party , to STEAL all the jewels
    4. Chukundah

    5. - 2 options items from BoKs will be more rare than they were, while luck will be seen more often instead. - Instead of having a higher chance for luck but a lower one for 2 options on higher BoKs, there's now a higher chance for luck and lower chance for 2 options on lower BoKs, and vice-versa for higher BoKs. this should stay equal for all the bok's and just have lower chance for luck on all of them , on 30rr any exc set is good even bok1 or bok5 , this will make lower bok set more expensive than higher bok ones
    6. box of heaven medals etc needs to be droped out of full partys cause theres always players whitout party or not full party to make zen really value we need to add the moss merchant , i would say to spawn this NPC in a safezone like elb lorencia devias or noria , i would suggest either lorencia or elb 1 time per day The moss could sell various things , specially at begin of the game , bigger stack of HP and MANA potions , box of heaven and silver + gold medals , only a certain amount of them lets say for example 20 of each , 20box 20silvermedal 20 goldmedal 20 big hp 20 big mana , each at hes own cost , whitout testing im not sure about how much could each would cost but admin can have a idea of it and has the game progress , more items / kundun box+1 to +3 / pets can be added , the better the item / pet is on the npc , the lower amount there is to buy ( a bok+1 for example would have a amount of 1 and high price ) , and a very high amount of zen at the point that we see the zen stone again in market being sold . BC DS IT tickets , not 10x , the +1 +2 +3+ 4+ +5 +6 +7 already done in a 1 amount of each randomly in total of 3 to 5 items alot of things can be added to the merchant depeding the current game state , this is definitely a good way to make zen very valuable. about the medal drops , i think they are fine as they are right now , there are always 1 part or 2 needed to complete the bonus set along whit the exc to +11-and +13 , and some items like this are always sold in market , maybe some +9 to +11 medal drops can be sold also in moss for high value of zen .
    7. in my opinion the 3 option items should just stay along whit only boss drops / rare set item drop from OB / CS GM boxes , we can compare the toca/condor 3% drop from bounty , +1% ok but still , mercenary bountys have a way longer period to get them to be able to drop bountys and most players would drop this 2 items frequently , now goldens are every 4hours , more drops more chances. So the item can come whit poor options , but still will have alot of value , and whit good options , even a higher value , this make the items even more expensive than a 2 opt already is when sometimes they are sold for 2k 3k credits , i would say to just keep the 2opt from goldens and 3 opts for Boss's , OB's and gm box. for arena tourmanent anti-teamfight 10 MONDAY - 3 WINNERS 10 TUESDAY - 3 WINNERS 10 WEDNESDAY - 3 WINNERS 10 THURSDAY - 3 WINNERS 10 FRIDAY - 3 WINNERS 12 SATURDAY - 5 WINNERS LAST DAY EVENT SUNDAY - 20 WINNERS 1V1 IN CAGES 2LIFES EACH PLAYER For gion events , the guild war and soccer , they could be running in the 2nd week whit some low jewel reward , just a for fun event , and as the game progress increase the reward.
    8. someone not getting hes daily portion of rice and crickets
    9. prepare my defense because a cry baby thats gets a hard time in-game , insults me and my family saying im a gipsy portuguese borned whit a black slut mother and a crackhead gipsy father , whitout me saying anything to him, comes report me on forum in a chance of trying to get do something to "me" since he doesnt do shit in game x) besides insulting everytime hes getting pked, sorry if im not the typical "mimimimi ur reported" guy and dont have 50 screenshots to "defend myself" lol , if i made a folder only for insults that i get in pm from 90% of the server, and in post, cause everyone here loves me i would flood the forum whit screenshots and reports, but whatever. seems a 5phrases screenshot its enough i guess.
    10. show the rest of text , so he also can see what u said about me and my family for they being portuguese x)
    11. Chukundah

      we farm k7 maps for your guild , u should be thankfull
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