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    1. prepare my defense because a cry baby thats gets a hard time in-game , insults me and my family saying im a gipsy portuguese borned whit a black slut mother and a crackhead gipsy father , whitout me saying anything to him, comes report me on forum in a chance of trying to get do something to "me" since he doesnt do shit in game x) besides insulting everytime hes getting pked, sorry if im not the typical "mimimimi ur reported" guy and dont have 50 screenshots to "defend myself" lol , if i made a folder only for insults that i get in pm from 90% of the server, and in post, cause everyone here lo
    2. show the rest of text , so he also can see what u said about me and my family for they being portuguese x)
    3. Chukundah

      we farm k7 maps for your guild , u should be thankfull
    4. Chukundah

      https://www.captiongenerator.com/2261411/HARDCORE-K7 https://www.captiongenerator.com/2261411/HARDCORE-K7 https://www.captiongenerator.com/2261411/HARDCORE-K7 This was a interview from gion to adriann darkyo and no1liveer trying to understand what happened @Gionwhy u had too do them like that man .. not fair.
    5. Chukundah

      wow, 0 cs wins, wow, max 3k point every cs, wow, leaving cs at 30m of start, wow, begging hardcore to share bosses and allying, wow.
    6. Marijke = fking cunt after accident in hes Taxi Stamper service at CS Valair = misskittin voice ( invite him on discord for a quick chat proof ) and special guest at end named waste which suffer same condition from some intercourse activies whit missKittin https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hSFWgKl-O-A
    7. Chukundah

      [UPDATED] You can no longer warn enemy players in IT. this is basicly free anti-game every IT doesnt matter who does it , the ones most active and grouping will always anti-game whitout any bans
    8. Chukundah

      btw @hellldrake since u talking about ally's , u have 2 that were squadron and 2 other insignificant spastic rodents named waste and avicii , and other 2 zutto and cunt , and 1 from Dynasty named Fane , so saying nosgoth needed to ally someone to beat hc doesnt make sense ^^
    9. Chukundah

      @alegzander how much for ur service? also, no tip for you for miss spelling "taxi" instead of taxy. @hellldrake maybe u need more taxi stampers to win cs
    10. Chukundah

      even whitout 2x chrono , just doesnt make any sense every other class doing less dmg , and only 1 class bursting out tons of dmg like its breaking my defense whitout even reaching hes peak, ive played summoner for very long time and its not at the same level as it was, it way stronger , ofc is that is highs and lows , but once its gets 2x chrono +dd+ddi w3 stick , as is it right now , will be nice to watch this fiesta whitout being tweaked on her pvp dmg . if like this is bursting a full +13 geared +w3 agi BK whit high defense , i can imagine already later on ^^
    11. Chukundah

      @ADMINIs the buff from inception on pvp dmg to summoner applied on phoenix ? cause atm summoner deals insane dmg even on me whit lvl3 wings+dd+13 set and high agi = high def , i get hit by 700-900 non stop , i get near to do 1 combo and im dying already , its the only character that is dealing insane amounts of dmg , even whit wings lvl2 , as far i seen other class's hitting me even top players , summoner dmg is not balanced at all
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