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    1. Chukundah

      i wonder how can u know any of us are not gypsy , u think gipsys dont have computer to play mu?
    2. Chukundah

      if ur talking about the post that princeletzzz mentioned about arseling calling us gypsys , yes there is no logic cause its the same reason and diff punish . but logic doesnt exist here so , i ill add one more for my fellow romanian admin friend @Gion - https://ibb.co/bsCpzCy, indirect insult to astralstep calling him " silly moldavian " in abreviated " SillyMLD" , i consider this racism as well so , i suggest extended punishment to princeletzzz until he learn he have some respect !
    3. Chukundah

      i could guess u are an hardcore member and u got offended by the truth?
    4. Chukundah

      trying so hard to unban ur girlfriend , and its even more cringe rusuletz making a topic like this 🤣
    5. Chukundah

      🤣 As i clearly see, whitout any doubts, its is obvious there is racism involved here towards our moldavian player astralstep , so in my honest opinion this punish is well deserved . Thank you Gion for making a better community in oldsquad
    6. Chukundah

      build up ice resistance in rings + pend + ML and u wont get bullied by ae ice
    7. Chukundah

      Character Name:- numb Suggestion Type:- Mercenary Quests PVP changes Server:- Phoenix Content :- People have been using /pvpquest and hunting in group going in as 1v2 1v3 to secure the quest , or when they are being hunted they ask party for help and when the hunter comes they start pk him until he runs out of sd and the hunted player kills him or /challenge if the hunter moves map or out of sd. My suggestion is making this /pvpquest system only the both players that are hunter and hunted being allowed to target each other and not by other players to
    8. the effect can be reduced whit pendant +3+4 , but that is not enough for sure the ideal would be a increased cooldown and lower range , me as bk there was several times i was just perma horsed back and foward left and right for huge amount of seconds whitout being able to dmg anyone in meelee range
    9. Chukundah

      Character name : numb Server : Phoenix Zen is a big problem specially in stage , forcing to make alt whit zen sets or mains whit zen sets for spot and still is hard enough for pots + posting market + write post , warping etc .. Is nice that zen has its value just like jewels or credits and a 100kk stone for sure it has a decent value. So , since i moved karutan2 i noticed that gold medals arent dropping anymore and gathering zen has been pretty hard , the weapons from the mob drop helps but takes alot of space in inv to get couple of them to sell in npc. My suggestion is
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