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    1. seems like ive hit the sensitive spot , is ok little man it is what it is , not everyone can be like me tall handsome jacked tanned big dick , there has to be a balance between the men like me and the losers irl like you
    2. u keep trying to be funny but u just keep looking like the loser as u and the rest always been and will be in game and irl
    3. quit being delusional when the facts wheres always in the rankings + in game u npc donkeys can talk all u want that everyone knows
    4. how's the feeling of being a loser every db
    5. all i see is npc's in ranking , who is there to player versus ? waste of time to beat up dummys over and over again
    6. see you npc's in s18 to put u back in sewers
    7. its not bugged u have something wrong
    8. this has been discussed so many times in every other DB that i guess we have reached a point that there is nothing to do on this , if u make guild smaller , ally is made , if the ally is made , 3rd guild will be made as ally even tho it cant have more than 1guild+1ally and wont be killed and will follow same rules and all play in discord voice. So yeah put the big boy pants and handle the toxicity , wheres the fun whitout toxicity also
    9. i dont see nothing wrong here from furai , only lidor insulting.
    10. Well , me personally not gonna stay 1 month playing whit ppl barely joining arena , less than 10 in CC's , hunting goldens for nothing , going BQ for 380 items which basicly are useless cause any set can be equal to 380 whit same options , same as weapons because 380 weapons are useless , i can get a double blade edr 2% and a bone lade whit edr and double blade is.better , so i don't see the time i can put in for 1 month whitout extra content , even for future inceptions , imo the 20rr stage should have the seeds+sockets , admins can have a different perspective from outside cause its us players experiencing your changes and feeling them. Was fun while grinded to have what i need but theres barely any action left or something to grind since s6 is very limited and last gear is sockets. If i started genesis and ignored inception my gear would be better than i have in inception after 80 days compared to genesis time atm. My gameplay atm is play 1 day per week for cs and afk whole december until 7 january or wait s17
    11. Early transfer might not be the best option, but adding the possibility to make seeds and low drop in socket sets its the ideal to keep up the gameplay after this 20rr stage ends which is over in less than a week
    12. character name - Chukundah suggestion type - server suggetion content - @ADMIN players in genesis soon will have all resets and farm all the avaiable content that in inception wont have ( sockets +seeds ) + will lvl way more the ML before we do in inception , by the time we transfer there in january we have farmed nothing here besides harmonys to save for until then, cause all the ancients we get from erohim cc are literaly no use for them besides those who come whit luck to mix condor, is getting to a point that content here is getting pretty limited as we make more resets and farm pretty much nothing usefull . i think many agree that a faster transfer or same content realease ( sockets+seeds ) would be a good way to keep up the pace whit both servers How the suggestion can bring value - keep up whit both servers in content + activity
    13. u can play it ur self and make op retarded combos too see if u kill anyone whit it , it hes needed 2-3 combos to kill 1 player , what about emg being top killer above bks whit AOE dmg doing 2k 3k ? dont get where this crying from BK comes when is the hardest char to play and theres 4-5 bk's pvp in cs that one of them has even 30 kills so .. whitout even mentioning that SBK is not viable due to survival to get inside pvp groups , good luck playing sbk stats which for example if theres 10k to add u need 6k from those 10 to be a str bk , and those 4k wont make u survive
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