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    1. Killah

      Happy birthday to the best Mu game yet! Better than Webzen even. Not perfect, but close to it! The best Mu ever!
    2. Killah

      Damn! This is a nice summary! Thanks! And expect to see me in the Castle Siege room... within 2 months, I've just started xD
    3. Killah

      Thanks, and come back soon! =D
    4. Killah

      This keeps getting better! hehehe
    5. Killah

      Hello there, everyone! I am here to start an unofficial guide about BK's, SM's and Elf's. This is not the usual guide, I am here to start a discussion and try to get everyone, specially the PRO's to join the discussion in order to explain, and enlighten us in what they think is the best Gear/Set and Points set up for a PvP character. I will start by saying what I consider to be the best set and points for each of those 3 classes. Everyone is welcome to reply and say why they do/do not agree with what I said, or even add some other ideas. BK Points
    6. Where is the list/rank of people's OS Points from NonReset?
    7. Killah

      No way. If you keep Vatality in base, on any champ, you get hit with 1 good combo, and you're gone xD
    8. Killah

      Não faz muito sentido! XD Mas PT+BR estamos sempre juntos! hehe
    9. Killah

      Olha outro tuga! =D I'm listening to Techno. Richie Hawtin - Bubbles (at the moment)
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