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    1. - You can Change Race (4200 credits) - Maximum level 380 & 1rr to use this function.
    2. What does „small” mean?
    3. Pershing

      Don’t be funny. If you are active player, you can still farm some goldens, farm jewels, farm fenrir components, farm feathers, crests, gems, johs, do all events, etc. and sell to top players for a decent price. This would allow you to buy pvp set and upgrade it accordingly. It’s only your fault that you invested in dsr set while lvling is fast now and instead of hunting/farming, you come here and cry that the gameplay is not fair which is simply not true. Admin did a lot to make new comers’ game easier comparing to other servers. Don’t blame anyone for your mistakes, mate. I’ve been here since
    4. Pershing

      I don’t understand why people who registered for Mercenary Squad can’t also farm gens points while exping on battle map. For example, my party is focusing mainly on exp so we stay on battle maps for most of the time but obviously we also need to farm bounties and mercenary points. This is why we can’t unregister Mercenary to start receiving ugens points by exping on battle maps. If I’m not wrong, it was different on last edition as we could receive gens points on battle maps even while being a part of Mercenary Squad. I understand there is something at the expense of something but this change
    5. Pershing

      Exactly this you genius 🤓
    6. Pershing

      I would like to confirm this. I’m not sure if we are talking about the same IT but we had pretty similar situation with Gruba and Mamelcia. Gruba is obviously one of Formoza’s ppl alt and he helps Mamlecia’s team to win IT. I’ve seen them participating IT together couple of times. In our case Gruba was in my team, Mamelcia in opposite so Gruba just took obelisk and was going towards Mamelcia’s tower just to let them register faster. Obviously everyone warned Gruba straight after but has it changed anything? Not really. They won easily cuz Gruba was actually their 6th player. Not sure if there
    7. Pershing

      Teleport Ally & Summon are disabled if there is not at least 1 member from same guild in party. Summon on Gens map is working when there is a boss alive.
    8. Pershing

      Good to see you fixing the issues and can't wait for new edition
    9. Pershing

      This is why I used " "... Btw, you did use "judging" word in you article
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