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  1. Pershing

    Good to see you fixing the issues and can't wait for new edition
  2. Pershing

  3. Pershing

  4. Pershing

    This is why I used " "... Btw, you did use "judging" word in you article
  5. Pershing

    Good point. Used wrong word already edited
  6. Pershing

    Selecting "best" players based on number of profile views - what a waste of time
  7. Pershing

    Thanks for letting us know. I'm pretty sure no one has read it before. No shit, Sherlock. Regarding SM I think the same that it's designated only to hold a spot or pvp. That's why I've made typical pvp SM coz I was sure there is no chance to change anything with pvm dmg for SM. You can look at the pvm rankings to see that there is not many SM's who kill goldens. It's a bit unfair and seems to be completely unbalanced at this stage of the game but let's trust what admin is saying and hope that it will change over time
  8. Pershing

    Don't be funny man... AE will kill everyone very soon
  9. Pershing

    100% agree with @Chukundah
  10. Agree with Zutto regarding lvl checks. Especially that lots of people with higher rr's are exping in Swamp now, so actually you need to get 380lvl to start your quest. It takes time even when you are not at the stage rr and most of people still play afk so they can't type /challenge to allow you finish the quest. I had this situation yesterday so I missed my quest. Eventually, when you choose someone who is on high map and you can't get there, there should be shorter interval between quests to be able to start another one and try again or even to start another quest straight after.
  11. Pershing

    Admin, please do him a favour and change his nick from DIEEEEEEE to CRYYYYYYY for free
  12. Pershing

    @Reporterdon't listen to them. The only guild you should favor is FCKUALL !!! The name is adequate so on one else will complain anymore 😎
  13. Pershing

    @ADMIN, one more thing. We had a situation where we shot a goal but one of us was cursed with ice effect and another one was stunned (they put stun effect on him before we got a goal so it wasn’t done in purpose) so we couldn’t move back to the middle. In the meantime one of our opponents shoot a solo goal because there was no one from our team who could potentially save it, stop the attack or put stun on him. I think that cursed effect and stun effect should be cancelled once any of the teams shot a goal so that everyone can go back to the middle and play next action.
  14. Pershing

    I think it shows 30sec on the buff icon instead of 10 when you get a buff but not sure.
  15. Pershing

    I agree with everything mentioned above. Also, I would double check RF’s because we noticed that sometimes when we were trying to shot the ball towards opponent’s goal, the ball was moving to some random location, mostly towards ours goal instead. Agree with what Voyager said above. Sometimes you can’t see if you’re attacking one of your opponent or soccer ball, especially when you are playing with anti-lag patch. That’s why it would be a good option to stun people only when you hold ctrl button. Ball in the corner was annoying and we had to wait till SM’s get the ball back to game. When you are boosted with extra speed and get a stun from someone, the boost is automatically cancelled. I think it would be better to maintain the boost even when you are stunned. Generally, we really enjoyed the games and we are quietly counting on some consolation prize for fourth place
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