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Found 4 results

  1. Hello Admin and Forum MY CHAR iWAR 30 min before this post i would like to buy MG wings lvl 3 +9+20 THE SELLER Kimberly/Error404 i bought for 5.400 Credits Potions on website but now i see this guy is a scammer he dont give me the wings !!!!! here is the conversation from the guy in game he show me first the wings in elbe he have it all ok but he dont give me the wings after i bought the potion Admin please do something you lost many players when you dont make the server better so much scammer here
  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d33RQMxDPvk&feature=youtu.be Using teleporting/speed hack.
  3. This is guy is not with 2 nor 3.. He's with 4 accounts at the same time, he is agaist the rules of two accounts per IP.
  4. Amstaff

    Hello, after he troll IT and i warn him, he warn me back and i wish if someone could get me out this WARN. Devex, KAMA3, Hudiniy can confirm he s troll, voyager saw too ( in enemy team ). Thanx Link : https://ibb.co/SnyvL5W PS: i don t troll so i do nt deserve that warn. ty
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