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    Found 14 results

    1. Hi, i was in IT5 event in the winning group (4:0) as you can see in the image I entered the blue portal and the whole game stucked and i didnt got my reward Image : https://ibb.co/xzrkSQF i would like to get my reward if its possible.. IT event once in 12h so its pretty big deal.. Nickname : RedMG Thanks!
    2. IT - Anti-Game ( JakisSM) https://streamable.com/ai74y0
    3. After server Started ive noticed people teaming with each other in Chaos Castle to win. I would report hte player but in chaos castle you can't see the names. But you can see all of them not attacking each other and focusing on the same targets always. For example there was 5 people left and 3 people were attacking the same person, a DW using ice skill , Dl and RF attacking, while they are near each other but not hitting each other. Is that legal or intended?
    4. Hi Admin and Gion, sorry for the inconvenience, but I have to post this so admin and Gion can read the story later. I am HoaBatTu , top3 OSGM February , but until now I have not been supported to receive the seed as I wanted , although I have pm Gion in the game as well as mail to Admin at the forum but have not received the results , the The event has been over for 1 week but I still have not received the reward I want, although I know admin and Gion are busy for the new server, but I want to receive the reward of 4 DD seeds. I hope admin and Gion support me as well as top1 and top2, thanks
    5. Dear ADM and Mr. Gion, I have reported this issue on last Inception and here is your reply at that time: https://postimg.cc/Wqvvwgts Video from last Inception : https://streamable.com/dzm2k1 But for this Inception no offattack chars can stay in Kalima after dying. Please check this video https://streamable.com/j77nk1 Is he using 3rd tools to clear pk? Thanks
    6. Dear Admin, Mr Gion and Oldsquad community. We are being hunted by Dracula and his friends for several days on normal maps as well as on gens map. So we have to move to the Non-Pvp map (kalima7). But the problem here when we stay in Kalima7 he was using multiple offattack chars on every spot in order to preventing us lvling? Could you please make an investigation to make sure he was not using any 3rd tool (?VNP) to offttack those chars. Here the char list : Scandurica, Lusia, TheMan, Drakelf, Remik, MrFox, MikeTyson, LevYashin, XuanTocDo I have make some photos and videos for this matter. https://ibb.co/HGmWWBN https://ibb.co/QYnWRQR https://ibb.co/wR9hd6y https://ibb.co/1T4BBb3 https://ibb.co/YR2Hdsr https://ibb.co/VjQhgrV https://ibb.co/xfjx4kV https://ibb.co/xq2pFc6 https://ibb.co/TmkgNSs https://ibb.co/6bRdbHR https://ibb.co/n6Rw0RY https://streamable.com/2pfdz8
    7. Dear All, Today morning IT I've met 2 antigamers called BugdLover & Mika, who played for guild BANANA by staying AFK or just moving without any purpose... I think that this is the biggest ANTIGAME part of the game, due to that i hope that you will punish these ppl hard to show other that it is not worth to do such a bad thing. I was able to score 1 point but its impossible to play alone... Please find my Evidence below I've recorded 3 videos: https://streamable.com/wafz9u https://streamable.com/y6a2ng https://streamable.com/ek2eaw
    8. I am fed up with this guys, every day same shit, if they have more people in other team, they will anti-game like shit all the time. Therefore here is my post and video, you will see him not qq-ing, not attacking or attacking 1 attack per second, randomly moving around just because in the other team were 2 of his team-mates. https://easyupload.io/k2pjp5
    9. besides the fact that last 2 weeks people enters with alts and afk it while playing their mains in another it, wtf is with this monsters? is there some update? cant leave base cause my team luckily spammed 2 berserks while other team chilling and scoring. great event, one of the most important event, based on skill and team cooperation, turned into a luck roulette. https://easyupload.io/t2delw
    10. open to eyes that look Archie https://imgur.com/PYPZ3DF
    11. https://easyupload.io/a30s35 -video low hp also the video was sent to oldsquad Facebook messenger using hp buff after
    12. Good evening, On this evening DS I have noticed something that confirmed my suspicious. People from HARDCORE/SOFTCORE use Hacks/Exploits (at least some of them). I have stayed and watched how Amstaff and EzGuard have get all the jwls on the spot in DS (and there were many of them, maybe more than 15-20). I got just 1 Bless and the other from the party didn't answered to me, but I haven't seen any of them to get a jwl. Maybe they got like me, 1-2 max. Anyway, 2 weeks ago, I was in party with alegzander. Just him and 3 other people (From Romania: HarapAlb, IborRF, AbuzFatal) that I know, playing for fun and didn't use any hacks/exploits. We were talking that alegzander picked up all the jwl on the spot, and in few days, I barley got 1-2 jwls. I don't know if this can be checked, but I want other people who noticed this to talk here. As we know, is not the first DB when they play like this. Don't understand me wrong please, I play for FUN, haven't donated money for this game, and I don't care so much, but I want an equal game for pick-up on spot, and kill mobs at normal speed I have just 1 photo from the end of evening DS4 from 10/10/2021 with my inventory, with just 1 jwl in it. And yes, I have selected PU Jewels on clicker. Also, I have selected effect limitation to 5 for no lag. Another aspect, my Laptop is very fast, an gaming laptop Lenovo ryzen5 4000 series from last year. He can support MU without any trouble. https://postimg.cc/sQ1WmBbs LE: https://postimg.cc/gXDYx4g0 - Also Yamato got 0 jwls, the other player didn't answered. I am from Romania also, like Amstaff or EzGuard. So "living near server" should not be an answer... Thank you, CristiSUM
    13. Even i have type /re on and i see at the screen top left request on, i cant put party automatic my alt. I dont know for other players also but i think is the same.
    14. Like i post in title, Scam ?, I m not sure but i don t know what title i can put. https://imgur.com/a/f9nnzu2 Here you have PrintScreens. I don t know where to post to announce other players, so if is bad section please move it. I think it`s my mistake but i want to announce all. This guy in elbeland just staying and steal Drop Items from Bok, Careful with drop there or careful with that Player. His Nickname: BKIIGeraLD In first printscreen, You can see he join in pt and in left corner ( up side ) you can see he pick my silk armor. In second printscreen, you can see his answer " sold " in less than 2 seconds, and after put Store and left party. And Cuz it`s pvp server, can someone tell me his main account?, Thanx. And sorry if it s bad section. GL
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