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    1. I don't know what GeorGia and AkaMe says but what Teroare sayed it's not nice
    2. Xitas

      nope , i didin't die unless my sd is 0. summ class cannon
    3. Xitas

      we playing fair , don't be crybaby. i was low hp coz i have exc set with dd . rusu added more hp coz he full anciant . next time i will make movie for you to watch in my eyes you antigame. standing in spawn afk , crying in chat , didin't take artifact when it was on ground. usless.
    4. Xitas

      i was hoping to see that moment when you walk behind me while i killing everyone and you being usless and cant even take artifact
    5. Xitas

      @Diablo nice video, but i can't see acuall game play
    6. Xitas

      one shot by enemy ?
    7. Xitas

      Can you post video Diablo ?
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