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    1. Diablo.

      I`m not crying , i`m tired of anti game from HC , last DB players from hc took the statue and went with it on enemy base , is frustrating. You come to it and play with 1800 hp on 16 k points , and tell me that everyone is noob :)) and you think that if you have dd set and 1800 hp you will make anything ? are you really that noob ? you die with half of sd.
    2. Diablo.

      You have serious problems , along with your party , the ban from ownage proves it. You guys should get yourself checked , serious mental problems. Insulting and mocking players all the way with little to no skill at all, all that you and your party is good at , is talking and mocking players. I know you guys hate me and my party , i don`t like you either , but i will always be fair play at events.
    3. Diablo.

      You see the hp (1800) kinda hard filming from bed while playing , don`t you think ? or you think i came prepared to make a movie how Kashide makes anti game in IT ? i don`t care if i win or lose if everyone plays , i`m fair play on events.
    4. Diablo.

      So basically you are saying that the rest of the players hp from party , including russuletzzz(8254 hp) which is also a summoner are noobs and you are pro , playing with 1800 hp , getting 1 shot by enemy , are you playing outside it the same? You guys are pathetic excuses of players , which have no sense of fair play in an event and abuse it every single time.
    5. Diablo.

      His hp is 1850 or so , there are 9 HC players and me , do you expect anyone from them to post their guild mates? after i told him that i filmed him , his hp went up 500 , he was dying 1 hit. HC is making anti game when they have more players on other side , they did it to me countless times last db where it wasn`t banned only warn which didn`t do anything. The rest of the players played. The points were 16 k Gion , not 5 k , 16 k!! who plays with 1800 hp on 16 k points?
    6. Diablo.

      https://easyupload.io/a30s35 -video low hp also the video was sent to oldsquad Facebook messenger using hp buff after
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