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    1. Profighter

    2. Profighter

      what the hell u guys are talking about each-other take it easy guys dont use bad words for each-other's families .. war sould be in game not in real life ...CHUKU please stop talking using BL and Wytyfy bro fight in game not in real life kill thanks PS. Enjoy happy gaming
    3. Profighter

    4. Profighter

      sorry to be late on post ... GG and cheers for celebrating the 5 years successful journey of OLD SQUAD i am so happy to play here .. Cheers guys <3 <3
    5. Profighter

      It is ok I am not very old person on old squad mu but.... But still having fun and getting knowledge from ur articles.. Thanks for writing and helping for Mu Oldsquad team.. Hope u will keep doing that job for mu Oldsquad team and for us Thanks and Good luck
    6. Profighter

      Makai is Pr0 MG no doubt =)
    7. happy to join Old Squad family .....soon will be prO

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