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  1. zivkoz

    hellow there,i have a couple a questions again and i can't find em on the forum. 1.Can i reset my stats and if i can where ,i wanna change my build,can't find nothing on the site 2.I saw some players have more RR's, where can i reset after i'm 400 and what can i recieve when i reset more stats ?,and how many rr's i can do. Thank you and have a great day ahead
  2. zivkoz

    Thank you for the info guys!
  3. zivkoz

    Hellow there , I've just started again plain mu and this server looks good,just have a couple of questions 1.is the server market based on zen or something else,the curency that you buy things 2.strongest character..? 3.is elfs damage good on this server?
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