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  1. oops sorry, mised that shuryk 🖐️
  2. Hi there. very glad that you removed non-pvp status from some maps where the main pvp and events happens every day(ohh we made around 15-20 topics about that on last NONrr edition😂_)but what about summon pk players ? for full pvp experience you should change it to normal(we tried to explain that till NONrr edition ends... same old problem you kill somebody at the evemt and you are in cage basicly cuz you can exp only in bc/ds and you are fucked for 2-3-4 hours depends how many you kill, but this is a event for items pvp should presist) if the summon for pk players not gonna happen on your servers there is solution that might work - you can set a fixed time for goldens spawn for example 9:00/13:00/18:00/23:00 something like that.. and when the goldens spawn to set every golden location in to a pvp location for 30-60 minutes(again i dont know how they do that but that works), i saw that on a russian server once and every1 was happy you have to understand that game loses the strategic value without pvp,summon, fights when box is on the ground, emotions and e.t.c, people get bored quickly oldsquad made a very quality servers and i hope one day we will come to the conclusion that there will be a really full pvp server☝️ where not quantity but quality and team play wins
  3. NyashMyash

    hey greedy motherfuckers where are you ? that was too easy
  4. NyashMyash

    i agree. god idea.
  5. NyashMyash

    hahaha, they kill me there,there,there, not enough spots you people might mixed up the place that should be is HARD PVP SERVER ))) but for now this is a afk server with 0 fun (except cs 1 time per week) there is only 1 event with pvp - castle siege other events are boring shit, golden invasion = 5-10mins, cursed=5min with 20 sec pvp at the end.. there is a question how this i is the PVP HARD SERVER WITHOUT ANY PK PLAYER ON MAP, WITHOUT A SUMMON FOR PK ON MAPS WHERE THE EVENTS HAPPENS ? if after admin add bosses like medusa/selupan etc, it will be the same boring as hell pvm sh**, who will inflict more DMG that will secure the drop, with non pvp because if you are pk u are unable to do anything, only those people who cry will remain on this server my opinion you must teach people to fight for their needs on low exp server and it does not realize without move for pk players(atleast these 10-20 mins at events, bosses, golden time) open your eyes this is 0 pvp on server except 1-2 kills, no1 will pk anybody with main character, facepalm i hope after 2nd stage and 350+ lvls with all the bosses and other stuff, will be more fun to play, for now this is pvm server like fucking world of warcraf or path of exile, farm farm farm and farm
  6. armors/weapons from medals/hearts maximum +11 summon for pk players, i see it like this - hard server = pvp on the whole map, afk player? your problems, keep the eyes open 3acc per ip
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