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  1. weew

    And what kinda strategy it was ? Trying enter throne room for 1 h without destroying angel statues ?
  2. weew

    @Trâu and better than EE target is pvp quest for char in safe zone ...
  3. weew

    I have been on 75% CS'es on OS in last 3 years. I know how ex-smurfs playing cs, kinda listening and after starts doing chaos... And have to remind them ( shout a bit in TS ), and that happened last cs ( atleast after darkmaster told me ) Maybe i will come and get some people from outside just to have more people. But again, who and for who i should do that ? I spent tons of time getting smirfs together, incested time / creds in yami and prioritized him in main pt over my dl. And after got backstabbed and get fed up with " behind back " gameplay... Show me people and maybe i will think ... And i'm dedicated as fuck if the goal is worth of that. I wanted make 1 little 10 y/o girl to smile. I did everything to get for her that damn golden fenrir.
  4. weew

    there isnt immortal DL. just poor organization and bad target choice. ee healing Aquila while everyone trying to kill him, why not before choose 2 dps pvp who focus only ee ? Uhhhh very hard, top tactics .. UUUUUUU ... i guess pl party was leading PRIME ...
  5. weew

    just annoying that after need use web to warp, thats it
  6. weew

    so if you are lucky and get pvp quest on EE after finishing quest you are phono ....
  7. weew

    shouldnt be any screen / video without edit or cuts ?
  8. weew

    WE HAVE A WINNER ! every skill admin banned / disabled is only default, after ML 1 point into it - WUALA... but anyways, chaotic still doesnt work as intended ...
  9. weew

    Every action has consequence ... Some members made choice to do something, so i can say to SMURFS, gl next cs ...
  10. weew

    DL looks inconsistent in terms of damage and defence. if alegzander DL suffers from attack, so maybe should look into. chaotic doesnt work proper on server1 only server20 but drains AG so need SDL for max ag possible but wont do any proper damage. SDL doesnt have any purpose atm, imho. better get EDL and buff critical and for pvp SMG. would make more sense.
  11. weew

    [UPDATED] Blocked Fire Scream on Battle Maps until devs will fix the bug with Fire Scream and piercing damage from mobs at PvP, causing the players to take the same damage like the mobs. btw, Fire Scream still working on battle maps ... but who am i to say that ...
  12. weew

    i pm from evangelion and asked about logs, is it possible to see dmg output. if it recalls something...
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