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  1. weew

    DL looks inconsistent in terms of damage and defence. if alegzander DL suffers from attack, so maybe should look into. chaotic doesnt work proper on server1 only server20 but drains AG so need SDL for max ag possible but wont do any proper damage. SDL doesnt have any purpose atm, imho. better get EDL and buff critical and for pvp SMG. would make more sense.
  2. weew

    [UPDATED] Blocked Fire Scream on Battle Maps until devs will fix the bug with Fire Scream and piercing damage from mobs at PvP, causing the players to take the same damage like the mobs. btw, Fire Scream still working on battle maps ... but who am i to say that ...
  3. weew

    i pm from evangelion and asked about logs, is it possible to see dmg output. if it recalls something...
  4. weew

    sorry for late answer as reply didnt posted from mobile. I spoke you in game 2 times and answer was that was a server lag. when pipeta spoke with admin about killing 1 hit , he was adviced to learn a game and how sd bypass is working. and instead looking in problem i was accused in using 3rd party software. sad =/
  5. weew

    funny part, when reported other way ( towards NONE players ) there isnt any response ... oh well ...
  6. weew

    but why 15:00 ? whats wrong with 1800 ?
  7. weew

    and which is main for mamed ? xD
  8. weew

    Wtf is Tibia ?
  9. weew

    Have those good players even tried to do event. They are good but inactive. You dont havr to be top5 to try. I havent even seen others to come and try. Yes, maybe they wont kill makiavelli and co, but the point is to clme and try. You ll die while trying, 1 sec and safe zone but trust me, when others will see that there is tryhards, they will join them ... But main problem, noone even tries to contest ....
  10. weew

    and ? main 400+ml, and 2nd window is alt. so high lvl gaions + boosted mobs / bosses = only ways farm anc / socket items+wp / 380 lvl items. or only on sundays can be farmed. standard drop ( toc, jwl, etc ) + chance for anc, socket, etc
  11. weew

    so need add special event map ? or you want to make vulc HWID map ? 1 HWID or 2 ?
  12. weew

    and will change ? he has more acc than spiders in lorencia. and he is telling me that we need give chance on medusa some new people if he keeps coming with alts or remote acc x)
  13. weew

    will be same problem as with CC4, CC5. easy to abuse from alts ...
  14. weew

    i just love your avatar, BLACK ADDER never dies ! and Boldrick as well ))
  15. weew

    Anyways who cares now. Server will die soon and maybe in new edition you ll have someone to who play against. Server now is non pvp server. Noone can challange or dare to do that. Gl to everyone. Weew off.
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