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  1. weew

    so does AS affects chain lightning here ? as i cant see diff on golds with 55 as or 125 as
  2. weew

    Why you told them But on previous non rr agi summ was good
  3. weew

    why not max 2 acc per IP as well ?
  4. now imagine how guild will have to support those tanks. i mean, guild shouldbe dedicated for them tbh ) like in normal mmorpg we should have people whos main is support / tank
  5. weew

    Mate, i grew up playing war3, cs 1.5, 1.6, , dota, etc. While playing the most of the time on rus servers and trust me, im not so easy to be offended. I remember in inet cafe we won in cs 1.6 a local team. After we had a fight outsode 5v5. Or everyone now became so sensitive. Zmora make own mu LGTB and be justice warriors. Like on CS, who was on Legion, wrote stupid romanians... Really?? And made ss. Tbh if word stupid offends you, you should play single player games.
  6. I wish there would be 1 acc only per hwid. Ee would be valuable as you its have to be main acc . Only a dream ..
  7. weew

    Its something about mother, i guess. If i would post every ss when someone will kill my mother, kids, etc. Then xplosiv with friends would have perm ban 🙂
  8. weew

    Mmm... 2 harmonies for 10 c ....
  9. i mean if there are party of 3 people, easy to farm few budge + ww... and bigger chance on new serv that is less active. admin should do countdown and switch. and even if something - play it as it is .... fix while we there ... and CS ? replay or still hadnt decided ?
  10. so now you can farm event on 2 servers ?
  11. weew

    i`m not trolling just pointing out issue
  12. weew

    nice server info in Polish xD
  13. weew

    Машу кулачкову можешь сделать
  14. weew

    а по русски ?