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  1. Mynd33

    Is there any approximate date (month?) we could be expecting release of new OS project? Considering fact that people have more free time now, me and many others are looking for new stable project but its pointless to start on server that's nearing 4 moths of progression. Tried 3 different servers in last month and none of them brings what OS did, met a lot of people along the way that are willing to try OS if new edition is released.
  2. Agreed with @batanete, Season6 is the best. Mark my words, if you introduce Elemental dmg you will brake the game, that shit is unbalanced and broke GMO since it's release, not even mentioning rng and insanely expensive Pentagram socketing. I would say just add new zones and events without Elemental dmg mechanic and without Bloodangel ancient sets (as they require 1-2 year grind to complete and make all other ancient sets useless). Overall progression and balance on this server is better than any other server and my only wish is offatack for 24h.
  3. Yet again I am here hoping for OFF-ATTACK that lasts 12-24h, when will my prayers be heard? Although considering evolution: no off-attack --> 4hr --> 5h, it will take just few more years 😂
  4. Recent discussion in forums chat-box sparkled my interest in this topic - Is this server P2W?? First of all, I have played on OS for 3 editions and have pretty good understanding what you can and can't do being F2P player as myself. I also want to mention that OS is the best server not only in terms of this topic but also regarding its own unique server and active/helpful staff. So lets get to the point, there are many factors influencing your character progression and indeed some of them may require money. 1) Having ACTIVE party and VIP will help a LOT. Getting ahead with leveling makes you stronger than others thus increasing possibility of wining events=getting stronger gear and from that point its just starts to snowball (example Rampage/Squadron got 5rr while 90% of playerbase were 3rr or less and basically steamrolled all events). Although VIP (15% xp) is great boost , BUT still ACTIVE party is most important thing in getting ahead. 2) Having self-sufficient class, for example SMG- great for Goldens/Arena/CC/etc, will help you get TON of credits very easily. There are classes that excel at one particular event , but if you want maximum profit you have to choose one that can do many things. 3) Although first two points are most important,but still I have to mention so called ''Whales''. I have seen people donate 40$ and get full set +DD+HP+11 without any effort, while for average Joe it might take whole month. I can understand frustration if someone swipes his MASTERCARD and gets something you farmed/worked towards for a long time. As I said this point is controversial - you can''t get any uber items but you definitely can skip the grind for gear. What I would do now if we went back in time on server start: get active 5-man party and VIP for 2 weeks, those 20$ should be enough to keep you competitive if you put in effort and time.
  5. Mynd33

    Isn't there any alternative server providers that can hold 600 players on 1 machine? For example in WoW I played on private server that has 10k players almost all the time and it is more demanding game than mu.
  6. Mynd33

    Same, in CC monsters are laggy and seem to be in totally different place than what is shown.
  7. Have to agree with Shyrik, if you lower AS most classes will become weaker and BK, VitRF will run rampant, because they dont benefit from it as much.
  8. 470 for +1 fruit? Or all fruits will be fixed value?
  9. Interesting, considering if you mess up your stats its GG. Didn't play on old 30r myself, so actually have no idea about builds. Would like to know new reset-fruit values aswell.
  10. @ADMIN Those ''flat bonuses'' make 60-70% of all bonuses. I don't see how seed+30 skill increase or MST 20/20 for 50 attack power/400hp is any useful when we will have 10k HP and 10k dmg. I understand its a lot of work to scale everything up, sadly that''s the drawback of all reset servers, because on Non-reset every master tree point and every bonus matters. Maybe atleast guardian(purple) option can be scaled up and what about fruits - will stats they reset be increased proportionally to new stat cap ( x18) ?
  11. @ADMIN Considering this is 30RR with stat cap of 42k which is approximately 18 times more compared to Non-reset, will there be any changes to ''''flat bonuses'''' (purple option / seeds /master tree / ancient-set bonuses etc)? I am really concerned, because most seeds, master tree talents and guardian options will offer little to no value and become useless. 🤔
  12. @int24rain Could you still pm the link?
  13. @int24rain I am kinda late, but could you share this website for calculations? Also are they based on OS formulas and scripts?
  14. @Tekashi69 idk if you are serious or not. We asked just for +3/+4 hours to existing off-attack limit THATS ALL. We don't need any other benefts like xp buff, mg/dl/rf from lvl1 etc.
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