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  1. Mynd33

    Agreed with @batanete, Season6 is the best. Mark my words, if you introduce Elemental dmg you will brake the game, that shit is unbalanced and broke GMO since it's release, not even mentioning rng and insanely expensive Pentagram socketing. I would say just add new zones and events without Elemental dmg mechanic and without Bloodangel ancient sets (as they require 1-2 year grind to complete and make all other ancient sets useless). Overall progression and balance on this server is better than any other server and my only wish is offatack for 24h.
  2. Mynd33

    Isn't there any alternative server providers that can hold 600 players on 1 machine? For example in WoW I played on private server that has 10k players almost all the time and it is more demanding game than mu.
  3. Mynd33

    Same, in CC monsters are laggy and seem to be in totally different place than what is shown.
  4. @int24rain Could you still pm the link?
  5. @int24rain I am kinda late, but could you share this website for calculations? Also are they based on OS formulas and scripts?
  6. @ADMIN As the voting is coming to an end I have few concerns regarding this new Hybrid AE. Having buffs/dmg/cc might make her jack of all trades that can 1x1 and provide advantage for a group. It will be hard to find the right balance for buffs and dmg, because if they will be too good it won't be any different from past and people will still make them as mandatory alts again. Making buffs usable ONLY in CS might be great fix. On the other hand this idea is really exciting as now you can be support with nice cc and dmg, which might encourage more people to main this spec. In the end it's all about scaling- how to make it decent but not mandatory.
  7. Saying it ''works / always been good'' is delusional statement as 90% of people who been playing here for long time clearly don't agree with you. You never know until you try, don't be sacred to test new things if you want to improve.
  8. I think it's worth to take a risk and improve, as for possible problems you mention, there are plenty already with existing state of EE.
  9. This will be huge quality of life improvement!
  10. Mynd33

    Adding Ancient item drop commands, fixing guardian option value and option to reset master tree points would be welcome aswell.
  11. Mynd33

    But stronger players might need items from BoK+1 ( fruits, kriss, etc)
  12. Mynd33

    Its hard to eliminate ''snowball'' effect, where strongest players win events and get even stronger, leaving little to no chance for others. One thing I would like is some events that are luck/skill based and not gear dependent. As Godsmack mentioned, there is not much opportunities to evolve if you are not at the top and with each event that they win they get stronger and gap between them and others is growing even more. Also FistBrawl event might seem balanced from first glance, but in reality there are 5-10 characters from the same guild, that just removes the whole purpose of FFA event (It needs to be redesigned to 1x1 or smth like that so huge groups of people can't exploit it like now). Quiz event has great potential, but it needs more questions- people already learned ans by heart and they answear it literally after reading first 1-2 words of question. What about non-repetetive questions about different topicks like quick math or geography for example ''what is capital of Italy'' etc. Trivia about mu is good but you can''t base all quiz event around it because eventually you will run out of questions like now, where every day its the same...
  13. Mynd33

    When did they make Icarus exclusive for VIP's ? VIP doesn't make you un-killable in Icarus or get you special VIP spot. You have like 4 different other zones to level up past 250, the only thing Icarus provides is feathers. I agree its most valuable item right now, but I have managed to casually farm mine 70 jewels (events, spots,medals) in a week and that is enough to buy 2nd wings. I am not even bothering finding spot on Icarus as my main is in Kanturu2 with almost 2x better xp, but when my farmer will reach solid level I might try to contest some spots there for feathers or just write/find people for party there. I understand that from casual players perspective and without guild its hard. Because there are organised groups with Discord channels that play almost 24/7 and they keep all good items exclusively inside their guild without selling them to others, but that's just how mu always have been, you have to keep up with top players and get good guild in order to succeed. Trust me just try not get far behind level and find people that are active, doing events and helping each other out and it will change your progress dramatically.
  14. Mynd33

    If there were more spots on Icarus, feathers would become less valuable. Btw Icarus gives less xp than Tarkan2 (bats), Kanturu2 etc. so most people that are leveling there are falling back on xp and you can catch or even pass them. I found free spots in parties few times there. Try to join a guild, get connections or just take the spot with ''force'' , its hard server so there should be some challenge for spots and reward for people who manage to hold them. It will become easier as you find guild/people to play with.
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