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  1. BonKoe

    Good Day! I would like to ask about why sometimes my characters are getting teleported back to lorencia when I reconnect. I'm curious because sometimes I get dc and when I get back I'm still in kalima. Thanks!
  2. BonKoe

    I knew it! You did something to get this problem fixed. I no longer experiencing it for the past hours. Thanks!
  3. BonKoe

    I think its not about the password. it is the same case as i have. The ADMIN explained what was happening.
  4. BonKoe

    120 - Scale Helm 150 - Scale Armor 150 - Scale Gloves 199 - Gaion's Order 399 - Black Dragon Helm 449 - Dark Steel Mask 1000 - 2 Imp 440 - Lost Map+7 Total of 2,907 credits I have 8 remaining so 2,907 + 8 = 2,915. Thank You @ADMIN Please add the lacking. Thank You @ADMIN I only have 2, 770 right now @ADMIN Thanks!
  5. BonKoe

    @ADMIN I calculated everything based on my screenshots of logs. It is 2,915. Please check. Thank you!
  6. BonKoe

    Thank You so much @ADMIN but the credits are still lacking like around 200. It was 2900 credits before it happened. Thank you!
  7. BonKoe

    He's still feeling lucky. Look he took the remaining Credits and jewels in my wallet. Funny guy is still feeling lucky. This one took in less than 30 mins ago. Guess who's Lost Map+7 it is?
  8. BonKoe

    I forgot the feature "account logs" last night. Here it is: This ip 77.*** is really feeling lucky. he took 2,500 credits plus some jewels. Here's my screenshots. This is screenshot #1. That Wizardry scroll is me. Mr. IP 77 starting to feeling lucky after that. Screenshot #2 Screenshot #3 Screenshot #4 Really? Imp for 500 credits and 20 souls?
  9. BonKoe

    I think the Admin knows.
  10. BonKoe

    Thank You, ADMIN! Now Im happy to play again.
  11. BonKoe

    Jewels in my wallet went missing too.
  12. BonKoe

    @ADMIN say something, man. 😕
  13. BonKoe

    This is sad. They got to do something.
  14. BonKoe

    Maybe. But I wanna know why someone else's account is on my browser after I entered my log ins. Maybe that is the reason or not?
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