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  1. idanwein

    BonKoe contect me on game, i will give u back everything.
  2. idanwein

    I would like to ask GM to do some change at pvp golden ww events. when you get pk and it didnt find coardiant availble it put you back in safe zone. Its possible to pk someone 1 sec before he killed the Golden or WW and even if he did all dmg himself he wont get the price if spawn at safe zone, due to long time to go back to the spot. is it possible to keep search for coardinent closer to the mob? even if didnt find it in first try?
  3. idanwein

    All of the spots in icarus are 24/7 occupied, except 3 spots that are for Phoenix, mabey instead of 3 spots that nobody ever use you can add some more spots with phantom? (only 1 spot with phantom in whole map). The main reason for this request is because icarus is the only place to get feather/crest which is impossible to get for some players now because cant find a spot unless start pk and ks other players : ) , whice is also not very effective.
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