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  1. LTUSuicider

    oh thanks ;))
  2. LTUSuicider

    Hello, I won arena 380-399 ( and i didn't get joh reward ). Thanks, SupremeElf
  3. LTUSuicider

  4. LTUSuicider

    Hi, I got Ceto Helm+Luck;) Kind Regards, SupremeElf
  5. LTUSuicider

    I didn't get reward yet;)
  6. LTUSuicider

    Hi there, Chaos Castle was bugged this morning. I win cc7 but didnt give reward. There is showing 10 mobs remaining, but no mobs over there. ( see photos attached ). Is there any chance to get reward?:D Thanks, SupremeElf
  7. LTUSuicider

    Hello Eveybody There is the most annoying thing in game is pk counts... Most of us like pvp, but dam this pk count doesn't let to get them as much as we want;D... For example k3 event... there is pvp event... but if u do couple pk and have to spend whole day to "sit" somewhere... So i suggest do Pkclear command. Ofc put cost on that like zen payment. 50kk or more. That much zen really hurts our pockets. So we will pk with thinking about it... Thanks, SupremeElf
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