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  1. meljoef

    Well, if Admin will consider and check the logs as no video was shown. Solid evidence and proof. But I think it it is hard to make and get videos because I think many of us don't know how to record it (except by phone).. And the most convenient is only Screenshots. Suggestions: Maybe an inactivity of 5-10 seconds (no movement, skill use) will get him DC. There are many abusers in IT and I think it is hard to monitor... Cheers
  2. meljoef

    Hello ADMIN, maybe or hopefully Elf can also be design for PVP even a slight adjustment. I think Elf is not the top farmer as other Chars also has better damage on mobs. It hurts a lot (just kiddin :D) to say Elf has no chance in PVP specially when chars will be max, and to think it is not the top farmer also.. I think top farmer characters will rely on buffs, like ERF, SM EMG etc. But this is just a suggestion. CHeers.. BEst Regards
  3. meljoef

    The thing is the the server is great with nice admins, but it is not so balanced the way the game goes. -First, HELPERs, those who can join the party will make the most out of the game while others are struggling to find parties and to level -Sockets are way to overpower with 5 slots, how can a 380 weapon can fight against a 5 socket, of course its hard to make Seedspheres but in a month or two or future people can make it. -add a nonPVP server, a nice way to catch is to level up without being discouraged because someone is afk to lvlup then he never know his character was on safezone the whole time, wasting 3-10 hours of being online. Anyway this is just an opinion. Good game though
  4. meljoef

    Well 5 sockets are fine, but it will be overpowering excellent items in the future. Come to think of it, 5 sockets (even with 2 seeds only) versus excellent items 2 options, still way to overpower excellent items. Hopefully it will be a 2 slots normal and 3 slots rare... About LOT, it is also an opportunity for guilds to make effort to win, fight for them to hunt good items. For me I could create characters limitless without any effort (because of HELPER1 & 2) and will make them CC/DS hunters.. Anyway best MU server I have ever had. -Elemental will be implemented? Can be?
  5. meljoef

    Hello OSers. Since I already submitted my feedback and don't want to edit it, so I made a post this in here. I just want to suggest something which I recently noticed. Since this is a hardserver, I think it would be great also if -Ancients should be minimized, specially in CC/DS: this could be a great opportunity to Castle Holders to only hunt in LOT -5 sockets are way to OP, since max excellent option is only 2. I think it is fine to have 3 sockets -2.5 Wings might be good if added. Anyway, this is just my opinion. GL and HAPPY GAMING
  6. meljoef

    Edit update: I have been an MU fan since my school days. I have played local servers and the most I loved is the season 6 episode 3. I stopped playing since 2016 because of mismanaged by admins and the like for being unfair in their members. Just last month as I face on the net, I saw an ad of an MU (not oldsquad) and decided to search for a good server and I found out OLDSQUAD nonreset. It is not the best on the results page but it was perfect for me, an international hardserver, real play to win, dedicated admins, season 3 episode and others. Wooww!! This is what I want and immediately downloaded the files. Experience? Well ijust want to say some words for that and I will just make my feedback short because I haven't encountered bugs or errors yet, in short this is a nice Muonline server. O-utstanding experience from start all the way to high level L-ively events and players D-ynamic distribution of exp and drops S-pecial and not an ordinary server you can play Q-uality server made to last U-nique system that will keep you playing A-mazing experience D-edicated admins and GMs Suggestions and Feedbacks? - Remove Helper1, 2 and 3 - It is fine for reset servers but for non reset, a player can no longer make an effort to level up in his own. Note the golden message "Want to gain more EXP/DROPS?" Well for me I can leave my characters to lvl up on helper alone and can no longer purchase VIP - REmove 5 scoket slot and make it balance on battle. Or make it 3 slots only. It is so overpower if you compare it to 2 excellent options. I mean if I have 2 excellent options, and versus 5 socket slot with just 3-4 seeds on it, OMG, how can I fight? - Minimized excellent, BOKs, Ancients.. I will no longer want to purchase VIP since there are lots of excellent which mostly comes from golden hunt (BOKs) in the market. Every golden invasion, how many can drop excellent within 1 day? So many. Then VIP for excellent drops is useless. This might not be the best server for some but it is the most exciting server you could ever play, that's what makes oldsquad the best for me. Psychome
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