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    1. Minos

      I was pleased to see that the items in shop are without luck and that the medals have been nerfed somewhat. Good call! But, I still think that medals reduce engaging gameplay. So far I found 3 chaos, 1 jewel of life, and 8 bless in Devias. But I haven't felt the need to use them. Again I am just waiting for the medals to drop something nice, while selling the rest for zen. Notice the problem with this? Because items aren't scarce, they're treated like garbage, deteriorating a liquid economy. Players should be incentivized to put items on the market. Why not disable the medals and hearts alto
    2. On the test server I realized it supports over a million stat points. I've never seen that before and it made me realize my longest standing Mu Online idea is feasible here. And I wonder what the max stats on items are. Is it 255, or can it go higher as well? This is important because with too much character stat points the items become negligible at some point, and this should never be the case. You can only have the amount of resets up until items lose their significance. Anyway, this once, I'll try to explain it as concise is possible because it's more of an idea than a concrete plan.
    3. What is at the core of Mu? Kill monsters to level up. Collect loot to level faster. What makes Mu fun? Challenging core gameplay. Now, what makes people happy at their work? Good co-workers. Sense of purpose. Good boss. How does the latter translate to Mu? Co-workers: honest co-players Purpose: feeling like your loot is worth something to the in-game economy, and that your character contributes in parties. Good boss: good ADMIN. How does all of the above translate to OldSquad? What is challenging? And are the
    4. Minos

      C'mon bois
    5. Okay, I want to reiterate that I truly find this server exceptionally enjoyable, because whenever I post here, it's usually a suggestion or criticism about certain economic negative aspects which are hard to pinpoint. It's a rewarding server. In spite of the non-liquid economy, collecting the set you want is hard, and getting new stuff is rewarding in general. Even though it skips over the reward of finding non-medal items. There's a decent amount of honest normal players. It's actually been over 10 years since I've made a guild and actually made an effort to find nice guild memb
    6. Minos

      If your idea gets implemented verbatim, a population decline is almost guaranteed. It's nothing personal, it's human psychology.
    7. Minos

      I have no idea what PVM points are currently used for, but they should indeed have a use. However, exchanging them for items you want breaks one of the mechanics that makes this game fun; the unpredictability. Whenever you can say, I'll do X, Y-times, then by Z-days I'll have the item, you remove unexpected surprises from the game. The chase is better than the catch; exchanging for items with 100% certainty seems cool—I would use it—but it comes close to Pay 2 Win and ultimately ruins the game. Being able to exchange PVM points for BOKs (or jewels) however, that could work.
    8. Minos

      The regular stuff, make sure all your drivers are up-to-date. It could also be that your system is running a scan; downloading updates; doing something else. You also need to have the vcredist files installed (check the map FixGameCrash in your OldSquad folder). Perhaps disable ingame overlay in your NVIDIA GeForce Experience settings (right click the NVIDIA logo down below on the right, on the taskbar). Maybe I should have said this first; have you tried turning it off and on again?
    9. Minos

      If you're running on a laptop make sure it is not using integrated graphics (battery saving mode), but 'powerful NVIDIA-processor'. Right click on your desktop > NVIDIA-config > General settings > Prefered graphics processor > powerful NVIDIA-processor.
    10. This is what started it all for me. Short but immensely powerful. The music is to die for.
    11. Minos

      Quick update, I've started playing a Dark Lord with Raven + Horse, and I partly take back my opinion that medals are overpowered. Turns out for some characters they are (I was spoiled by my BK defense and attack), and for others, they aren't. Or I have no idea how to play a Dark Lord because my goodness I'm fragile. Even on the testing server with a Light Plate set +11, level 400, and points added to agility, I'm weaker than my lvl 360 BK. The pets aren't maxed, but still.
    12. Minos

      Necrobump for posterity. I also find the dark horse unpleasant to the eye.
    13. Minos

      What if auto pickup is disabled, and jewel drop rate is increased? It incentivizes active gameplay without the need of events—events which are mostly dominated by the best. The overpowered medals can be disabled because people will be inclined to upgrade their items more, as jewels become less scarce. Brings life to the economy because people will be willing and will need to trade more. Simplicity is divinity. I think this simple tweak could fix a myriad of problems.
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