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  1. On the test server I realized it supports over a million stat points. I've never seen that before and it made me realize my longest standing Mu Online idea is feasible here. And I wonder what the max stats on items are. Is it 255, or can it go higher as well? This is important because with too much character stat points the items become negligible at some point, and this should never be the case. You can only have the amount of resets up until items lose their significance. Anyway, this once, I'll try to explain it as concise is possible because it's more of an idea than a concrete plan. A server where: You need X resets to get out of Lorencia; monster difficulty increases exponentially with monster level, not map. Exp is high, but item drop rate is the lowest possible. Exp decreases the more resets you have. I think, as long as items remain useful (and customized, as I explain here), this idea could turn out to be incredibly successful long term. A lot of players will be together in the beginning maps, creating a tight community—literaly and figuratively—incentivizing newer players to keep playing, which in turn attracts even more players as the online count grows.
  2. Minos

    There is something I want to expand upon from that last thread: "The maps are freaking beautiful pieces of art that are meant to be explored. Most reset servers are just about picking a spot and staying there for the rest of your days, how silly is that? I know it's addictive, I've done it before, but it's a waste. Hunting should be like Mu Global, in which you can only beat the next category of monsters after some decent leveling or better gear, and not just because your level is now high enough to warp to a new map." This resonates a little with what salam said: This kind of feeling should be true during every stage. What is especially important to increase the sense of purpose in this game, is when you see others roaming around. When there are many people in one map, you feel part of a larger and alive community. One of the first things I do when trying a new server is going to Devias to see if there are players there. If there are not, or too few, the game is probably dying and I quit. There are multiple things that can be done to make people stay at the lower level maps much longer and much closer together. And this is not a bad thing as long as the core gameplay is enticing and fun, with pleasant surprises. Remove the Helper bots, Shadow Elf Buff, continuous medals, etc. Remove all unnecessary things from the game. Simplicity is divinity. Less is more. Ask yourself the question: "Does this help the core gameplay? Or does it just make things easier and make items less useful? Does it add or subtract?" People like it easy, people naturally take the path of least resistance. They think it will increase their happiness and fun, but it does the opposite: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hedonic_treadmill. Anyway making things harder increases the value and dependence on hard-earned items, given that the drop rate is low enough. And ultimately this will make players stay in (low level) maps longer, as they need better gear to go on. Completely customize all items damage, defense, and drop level. Configure it relative to how many items the class has, and what the max damage on items is. This makes most items are useful again and doesn't make leveling in, say Devias, for two weeks not boring. If there is an item you want to be found, you'll want to play there. As soon as you have all the items you need from a certain map, you have no reason to stay there except for the exp, if it is nice enough. So, let's say there are only 11 swords, 100 monster levels, and a max damage of 1000 on swords. Then you could configure things like this: Sword Sword dmg Monster drop level Monster difficulty difficulty mutiplier (compound interest) 1 1 1 1,00 1,3 2 100 10 1,30 3 200 20 1,69 4 300 30 2,20 5 400 40 2,86 6 500 50 3,71 7 600 60 4,83 8 700 70 6,27 9 800 80 8,16 10 900 90 10,60 11 1000 100 13,79 For simplicity the items should improve linearly and the monster strength exponentially. This way the mountain gets harder as you reach the top, and things don't feel monotonous. Also, the numbers above are examples. I have no idea what monster strength increase is feasible on a non-reset server, and it also depends on how strong you can make the items (If max dmg on sword is 1000, you can't have monsters that require dmg 1200 swords). Ideally, the best monster in the game should only be able to be defeated with at least a full party. Or dare I say, a full guild. I know all of this is easy to say, but it takes a long time to calculate the right values and we haven't even considered socket and ancient items yet. Also all the skills can be customized so they are mostly all useful. It's a long and tedious task, but it is, possible and worthwhile to pull it off. All of this (making everything useful) makes you grind in each map longer, but more fun as well. It let's you be creative with monster placement and mob bosses that only drop certain items and what not. It truly creates a long term hardcore server. TL;DR: unforcefully incentivize players to stay in the same map as long as possible; by having lowest drop rate, custom weapon stats, and exponential monster strength improvement. I got tons of more ideas, but I forgot this is a feedback thread, not a suggestion box. Some more actual feedback. Too much events with practically free BOKs is bad for the economy. It's cute for a while, but gets old fast. Personally, I wouldn't reward with normally unattainable or difficult to get items, but reward with jewels or vanity items. A general rule of thumb is to let the best possible items drop from monsters only, because pleasant surprises are the best (given that the drop rate is very low). Yes, goldens are tough, but they are a sure thing. Once enough players get strong enough, the market will be overflowed with these items, making them worthless. Also items with luck should never fall from boxes, because that's not luck. Items with luck should be left to the RNG gods. And BOKs should only drop single option excellent items. When all the items' defence stats are correctly adjusted, nearly every excellent item should be useful regardless of their option. Leather Gloves < Leather Gloves + 9 < Excellent Leather Gloves, etc. You catch my drift. There was something really good about this server, and it's a mixture of things which I can't fully explain yet. This server also made me realize how much fun and how strong characters can actually be on a non-reset server. I think it didn't feel monotonous like other (reset) server usually feel like after a day or a week. Unfortunately it did begin to feel like that when Karutan 2 began to feel chill. There was nothing substantial I could find myself doing anymore. Only waiting for jewels to buy my next gear. It didn't feel like that in the beginning. This is something that should always be true no matter you're a casual or frequent player, you should always be able to build towards something. Infrequent players could be farming gear and jewels to make a leather set + luck + xx manually (without medals), while more casual players prefer a +7 set and try to hunt better mobs and items, while the best players will do everything. And this could all be done without breaking core gameplay and balance. When the item drop rate is extremely low, but the jewel drop rate is low to moderate, you leave everyone something to do no matter their level or free time. The website market is the first time I've used it on a server, ever. Would be awesome if most items on there were actually sold more often than not. Nice monster spots. The forum is only accessible to those who ask for it. This is really nice because it prevents a lot of shit posts. This server is actually hard and play to win, the title is not clickbait.
  3. Minos

    C'mon bois
  4. As described in title. Also BOK+1 probably has a higher probability for Vine and Violent wind items. Incredibly annoying if you just get the same things over and over again...
  5. Minos

    It's exactly because they do care about others that they are doing great.
  6. Minos

    Oh, I thought you could distinguish that two computers are on the same network. And yes, I mean the number of players online. Currently it shows the amount of characters online, not the amount of unique people.
  7. Minos

    I think the current online character counter is akin to false advertising because it incorrectly indicates the server population. For one, I am always playing with two characters simultaneously. I guess many others are as well. Secondly, even though this server has a max of two online accounts per hardware ID (ACC/HWID ), and the reasons for being so are legitimate, there are definitely people who are abusing the system. Yes, some could be playing with family or be in an internet café, but I think that's the exception, not the rule. A fellow guild member just saw a party in Blood Castle with all players having the same class, set, and similar name (for example: 1111, 2222, 3333, 4444). Also, if you got multiple PCs you can easily create farming characters and leave 'em on 24/7. It's naive to think this is not happening. Moreover, this creates an imbalanced perspective on market worth of some items. Those who have multiple farming accounts think they can ask more jewels because they are biased into thinking others find jewels at the same rate. Or, they increase the price because those people with farms can actually pay for the items, whereas the average player can not. I even had one of the top 10 players today call me a retard because I did not state my price for a Reset Ene Fruit +6. There's a reason I don't, simply because I do not know the true honest price of anything. As it turns out—after asking my guild—that player was going to be dishonest by giving me less than half of what its worth. Anyway, I prefer two accounts per IP. And those who want it increased, should need to prove it. But I'll not get ahead of myself. An honest unique IP counter would be enough to show the extent of the problem (or non-existent problem). Sincerely, Minos
  8. Minos

    My mistake, I thought ICGN were the best files out there.
  9. Minos

    Ever thought of migrating to ICGN files?
  10. Minos

    It's specifically for PvM that I started collecting it. However, I didn't know that fact. Thank you.
  11. Minos

    Dragon Boots +DD+DSR+Luck Dragon/Bronze Shield +DD+DSR+Luck Ring +DD+DSR (And all Black Dragon +DD+DSR+Luck)
  12. Minos

    I always press 1. Start Mu Helper 2. Stop Mu Helper 3. Start Mu Helper. I think that could prevent it from bugging out.
  13. Minos

    If that is correct, then it might be a good idea. I do recall (might be wrong) that I frequently got thrown to character select which turned my bot off. Also: "Only our devs can implement it in a clean way, which I don't think it will happen." Why do you think so?
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