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  1. Unigoat

    It's ok. I mean I can see it works flawlessly, cuz many many servers has it working wrong. It's just that MGs seem to have that power boost without even using master skill tree.
  2. Unigoat

    Weapon Mastery skill cannot be updated without Twisting Slash Strenghtener and Power Slash Strenghtener.
  3. Unigoat

    Hello there! I've started today on Inception server. I made a MG and learned Fire slash. With the first hit with it I noticed that Fire Slash animation and behavior is like Fire Slash Strenghtener. I have a long way till i get to the ML skill tree. So atm I got 1 extra hit with Fire Slash and the cooler animation without even touching ML skill tree.
  4. Unigoat

    We can connect with TeamViewer now.
  5. Unigoat

    I'll try to be here in 2 hours. Thanks!
  6. Unigoat

    Nvidia overlay is disabled. The thing I couldn't install form the FixGameCrash folder is the directx9, because it says I have a better version - 12. I installed the OS yesterday. I am sure I installed the latest drivers for everything.
  7. Unigoat

    I did that before coming here asking for help. It must be something else.
  8. So I bought a new machine, but the game is running worse now. Low FPS and lag spikes. What may be the problem? i7-7700HQ GTX 1060 6GB 16GB DDR4
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