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    1. I would like to see more action in CS - decrease the defense inside Valley and the Fort, return it to the classic version and have more pew pew in early game, instead people wanking at each other. Will be nice to see what other people wants for the maximum players in one Guild. 20 should be pretty enough.
    2. It is only me or there isn't an answer of my question?
    3. How about VRF formulas in early game? The lack of defense made this build unconsistent and not comparable to other classes such as BK, SMG/EMG, even SUMM..
    4. Voyager

      When do we expect the server setup info and will be there a discusstopic for it?
    5. Voyager

    6. Voyager

      I am really not feeling that I have to answer that but since we are on the topic Chuku, you really should see at your bowl first then cry about the other stuff. I don't want to mention how you get ass kicked from DEADCATS and we get you in Squadron, after multiple mistakes and robbets and abusing your own party stealing items, disconnecting the GM char so you can enter in DS instead of him and so on, we still gave you a chance to play with us (even when 99% of the guild didn't wanted you, cause you are one little confused kid), you still want to play the victim? Every edition you caused drama
    7. Voyager

      As one of my friends I often was joking with him like that
    8. Voyager

      Hello :) https://imgur.com/a/LhVdiYT The best side of Chukundah :)
    9. Voyager

      You can't kill me, whats left for me to kill myself
    10. Voyager

      So, CRIEEEEEEEE still complaining about the RF?
    11. Voyager

      I am standing behind my words and will suffer the consequences for them.
    12. Voyager

      @nd6ncghj, @Season - I strongly recommend you both to go get some personal lessons from xREDx about RF cause he is doing the same amount of DMG like Oklahoma except the PSS and the set from the Lord Mix. Please guys be realistic, you both haven't tested anything in test realm so far and complaining and crying over? DIEEE you suck with RF - deal with it, you have 0 experience and 0 knowledge how to build or how to play this character (we can see it on the video as a confirmation of my words) and blaming the formulas? Yes, there is something I can agree on - aRF should be PVM build and vRF shoul
    13. Voyager

      Cry is free
    14. Voyager

      To be honest, there isn't people anymore remaining in the server who can do the hardcore play and give fightback to guys like us. Since ADMIN banned GROM and DEADCATS there isn't any competition. Many people are crying why we KS them on spot and can we move, back then few years ago we were fighting for days for one spot. What I can say for Relics? There were cases when my team was waking me up in 2 am so we can fight in Relics for hour or two. We coulnd't set up a proper party in vulcanus during the nights unless we have someone to maintain the party and bring people back or defend us by killi
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