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  1. Voyager

  2. Voyager

    I am really not feeling that I have to answer that but since we are on the topic Chuku, you really should see at your bowl first then cry about the other stuff. I don't want to mention how you get ass kicked from DEADCATS and we get you in Squadron, after multiple mistakes and robbets and abusing your own party stealing items, disconnecting the GM char so you can enter in DS instead of him and so on, we still gave you a chance to play with us (even when 99% of the guild didn't wanted you, cause you are one little confused kid), you still want to play the victim? Every edition you caused drama to the guild, every edition you think you are the best and even thought you want to give the shots thinking you are doing something? We all know what remained from Squadron and the remaining ended on the last Phoenix when I was the GM and we actually had a decent players to play with. This edition was pure joke, the players we had, the activity, the internal problems was caused of your leading and you see the results in CS. No matter how you try to fix this, when the apple is rotten you cant eat it, and here the apple was rotten from the inside. p.s. You were the main one to steal Snajper items and it was your idea. Even when I was against, you still did it. I can't say "enjoy the game" cause your ego is so big and the brain is so small to comprehend it. Also, would be nice of you to remove your "Squadron" from the signature in your profile
  3. Voyager

    As one of my friends I often was joking with him like that
  4. Voyager

    Hello :) https://imgur.com/a/LhVdiYT The best side of Chukundah :)
  5. Voyager

    You can't kill me, whats left for me to kill myself
  6. Voyager

    So, CRIEEEEEEEE still complaining about the RF?
  7. Voyager

    I am standing behind my words and will suffer the consequences for them.
  8. Voyager

    @nd6ncghj, @Season - I strongly recommend you both to go get some personal lessons from xREDx about RF cause he is doing the same amount of DMG like Oklahoma except the PSS and the set from the Lord Mix. Please guys be realistic, you both haven't tested anything in test realm so far and complaining and crying over? DIEEE you suck with RF - deal with it, you have 0 experience and 0 knowledge how to build or how to play this character (we can see it on the video as a confirmation of my words) and blaming the formulas? Yes, there is something I can agree on - aRF should be PVM build and vRF should be PVP build. You both hide your names in the forum being pussies all over around so I can't ignore answering you or do a normal conversation with you cause your personal IQ of each of you is equal to your resets in game. Cry is free
  9. Voyager

    Cry is free
  10. Voyager

    To be honest, there isn't people anymore remaining in the server who can do the hardcore play and give fightback to guys like us. Since ADMIN banned GROM and DEADCATS there isn't any competition. Many people are crying why we KS them on spot and can we move, back then few years ago we were fighting for days for one spot. What I can say for Relics? There were cases when my team was waking me up in 2 am so we can fight in Relics for hour or two. We coulnd't set up a proper party in vulcanus during the nights unless we have someone to maintain the party and bring people back or defend us by killing others. Right now the server is completely PVP. I love the changes the administration did, after all it is a custom server and they are unique and beautiful but I would like to see the next server (i refer next 10rr, not 50rr) to be fully customized by the ADMIN (and I would like to see BASE version of Season 6 with BASE version of Devil Square with no spots and everyone must KS everyone to get exp) - not from the players here who just can't play hardcore and crying to him to set PVP kills limits on maps cuz someone is hunting them. That game is based on PVP, not PVM and all these changes lead to this - we have PVM server and no one wants to fight for spot, kill someone and etc cause he fears that they will pk him over the night. Cheers, PVM Players I suggest you to go play Single Player game or Tetris. p.s. The injection the server needs is to rework the PVP challenges and make organized tournaments on weekly basis (may be sunday after CS or Saturday evening will be better) 1v1, 2v2 or 3v3 or even 5v5 and hof badges for the winners.
  11. When we will have a PVP server? 

  12. Voyager

    I agree with DIEE, there is some huge rewards from OSGM and Soccer which kinda destroys the game and the ones who suffer from that are the people who invest a lot of time in game so they can be competitive with other guilds and kill Nightmare or Dark Elfs and etc. Also prizes for stage winners is too much imo. Never liked it.
  13. Voyager

    I have proposed to @ADMINonce, to change a bit the PVPARENA rewards or its gameplay. There could be two stages for PVPARENA - first (remain like this one), then pick up the last 6-8 players and let them kill each other (like playoffs). Current PVPARENA is based on higher skilled players killing and focusing only on the lower RR and geared players avoiding enemy characters with similar gear/score like their. Having PVPARENA like it is now kinda destroys the honor to have this "HOF" badge. And I would like to see a real action with top players fighting each other without any low geared/resets chars. If you do it like this you can even change the reward by adding an Old Box or something else for the grand winner? Also why dont you reset the HOF per 1 month? This will encourage players to fight even more in this events, we can also start doing tournaments which will bring some fresh fun into the server?
  14. Voyager

    Many players quit the server and they wanted to get what they have invested back, it is normal feeling in human nature. However @ADMIN should think about that - why people want to leave when the server is not even close to its end. My personal opinion is that these new changes and stuff in the past year is awesome but they changed the quality of the server from PVP to pure PVM. People are now whisping me and begging me to not kill them in Vulcanus, what the ...?! I was thinking about the NonRR 2 editions ago (not the previous one) where we had so much fun and PVP in Cursed Dragon (everyone was getting 2nd PK and had to clear in Atlans or other maps so they can come back at their parties), we had so much fun in other zones and etc. Also if @Reporter wanna speak about "Cursed" stuff - there is your curse - since then (the NonRR 2 editions ago) there isn't an edition where there were more than 2 guild fighting for CS. I personally wanted to see more guilds participating for CS instead merging guilds like Assasins and RAMPAGE did. I would like to see some action and remove some of the PVP restrictions that have been made over the years. Do not get me wrong, the administration did a really good job investing so much time to make this server to be what is now but listening too much to the players kinda have two edges. And last but not least, unban GROM! 😂 Best regards, Martin
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