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  1. Voyager

    Hello. After the first maintenance on 30rr there were a slight improvement of the gameplay (at least there is no warping lag and forward/backward loops), Chaotic skill get a little bit better but still when I have tested today (565 online at 22;07 ST evening) there is still 20-30% missing hits which is caused of the lag. Is there a way you can fix it on 100% so we can use this skill in pvparena, PVP goldens and etc? @ADMIN @Gion
  2. Voyager

    On all other editions there were a bug with the cyclone of BK's. After multiple uses you just continue to walk over the wholes and edges and you cant touch anyone (like you are out of the map) and in certain moment when no one is close to you - you just explode :D
  3. Voyager

    Disagree, that is kinda bringing some balance between the credits usage (from website making items to +11) and play to win grinding.
  4. Voyager

    Well if there is a way @ADMIN should know it and hopefully he will figure out something fast cause it is early stage of the game and it is important for everyone this spells to be fixed asap. Also I was thinking isn't there a way to bring more players to our server? Like give them some special reward or extra exp with buffs for the first week so they can catch us? I saw this on another server with HUGE population ( I wont say its name ) and it was hardcore edition but they have enabled all scroll buffs from X Shop to the newcomers along with extra XP so they can catch the top100 players. I think this will help us a lot and WE BADLY NEED bigger community and competitive guilds since GROM and DEADCATS are gone.
  5. Voyager

    I was thinking the same but didn't suggest on purpose - means we will split the entire server base on two different realms and we don't have that much player base to start with. BUT I highly doubt that the machine restart will fix the issue too. There is bug with specific spells, not with all spells. Those spells are channeling spells and there is something strange occurs in your files (please check). There is also spikes with mobs spawning sometimes (it gets laggy and they spawn slower), dropping medals/boxes also causes lag and you see them on the floor in 10 seconds sometimes. Also the entire gameplay of the server is laggy especially when you go to a specific zone with more players or more monsters.
  6. Hello. As a player who played OldSquad all editions since the past 3 years, I would like to know what is the current hardware state of the server and its internet connection. It is more than clear we have more people than all other editions and the quality of the server at all is good BUT it is kinda laggy and sometimes it is getting even worst (spikes and moving your hero forward/backward non stop and you have to warp back so you can actually move, otherwise you are catched in a funny loop). Will be there any improvement of the machine which is running the server or the internet connection? Also this affects one of the best spells and probably the best spell of DL's - Chaotic Desier. I have tested in Main server and in CS Server (server 20) and in Main server you can't use this spell cause of the lag and it doesn't hit at all which is gamebreaking for DL's. On other side I have tested it in Test realm and there is work as well like in Server 20. In the end I believe I am not the only one who is facing this lags in the server and wishes everything to be fixed as soon as possible. Can @ADMIN gives us any information about all this stuff? Regards, Martin
  7. Voyager

    Hello everyone. As many of you knows us as from all editions since past few years we would like to inform you that we are making a recruit session for our community and guild for the upcoming "Inception" project. Currently we have 4 parties and we want to recruit few more players to fill our free slots. The requirements for the people we need is: 1. You must speak english and be able to use discord and can join voice chat (it is not necessary to speak, just to listen). 2. You have to be flexible and be able to participate in the events with your guild. Everything in the guild is shared. We are not selling to each other nor we are making profits from the guild mates. We are building a team and we act like one. If you don't follow those conditions - you cannot join our community. Currently we are looking for the following classes: ERF SMG ASM - stamper VBK - stamper Other classes are also acceptable if you are serious player who can contribute to the guild. If you have any other questions - feel free to contact me here or via PM. Regards, Voyager
  8. Voyager

    Hey there! Unfortunatelly they are not cause every edition @ADMIN changes them. They are basic for Season 6 and they are kinda accurate.
  9. There is slight need to nerf the Mana Shield.
  10. The following guy named Krass was fighting Kundun whole game and was AFK in base. I got some proving pictures of that. Also in the past 5 minutes Donna and NeverDieMG joined his "afk party".
  11. Voyager

    Hey @Devex I will send you the Calculator link cause it is hosted by another website. The one I had before its gone. I will ask @ADMIN to check it and if its virus free to upload it on Oldsquad. About the Summoner, well I never played this class, the next one I am gonna upload will be either ASM or ABK.
  12. Hello! I already did one guide for Vitality Rage Fighter and since then I didn't posted anything. Here I will represent you my vision of "Strenght Magic Gladiator". You all know that this is early game PVP Beast and also high capabilities of PVM. 1. Introduction What does SMG lack? You all know its the AG. Early game you can use 2x One Handed weapons with special options (EDR/2% or both) or just high damage ones (non excellent), or simply you can use the specific SMG weapons who have Powerslash skill. First I will explain you the benefits of both (you can keep them both in your inventory and switch depending on the situation). 1.1 Weapons of choice. 1. Using two weapons will provide you burst at early levels if there isn't good two handed wep at your hands (focus on having EDR++ on each wep). This will give you high damage burst at PVP but keep in mind when you get out of AG - you are history, so don't use this method for PVM. 2. Using two handed weapon with Powerslash (even not excellent one with options) will give you medium damage burst in PVP and high damage burst in PVM. Many people neglect Powerslash but it is proven that it works in Castle Siege as well. It is a good AOE high distance skill which can help you control the Castle. You can literally melt people if you have one EE guarding you back with SD regen. 1.2 Weapon examples You can pick up any Excellent one handed weapon with EDR++ . (Early game PVP) Excellent Rune Blade +Luck+ 2% DMG (Early/Mid game both PVP/PVM) Excellent Sword Dancer +Luck+ 2% DMG (Early/Mid game both PVP/PVM) Excellent Divine Sword of Archangel +L+EDR+2% combined with Rune Bastard Sword (Mid/Late game both PVP/PVM) Rune Bastard Sword with 5 sockets +Luck. (Mid/Late game both PVP/PVM) 2. Armor This is something which will unleash a discussion. My experience proves that in early game you don't need high defense gear. Depending what you really gonna do will make the difference. If you go straight for PVP my suggestion is to head for low tier excellent set or mix of sets. For example you can start with Bronze, Brass, Dragon with Damage Decrease and Reflect. Now here is the trick, you don't have to complete the same set since in early game you are really depend on the options. Luck is needed so you can land more Critical Hits. Late game you start with forging your set to +11 so you can get the bonus and then continue till +15. Damage Decrease as yellow options on the set are needed when you reach this part of the game. If you head for PVM then you head for rare (medals or hearts) set with Additional Defense and luck. Brass Set +Luck+DD+REF (Early/Pre-Mid PVP) Brass Set +Luck+HP+REF (Early/Pre-Mid PVP) Ancient set Gaion Storm Crow (Mid/Pre-Late PVP/PVM) - picking Gaion will make preparations for having Rune Bastard Swords which are the Best in Slot swords for SMG. Ancient set Muren's Storm Crow (Mid/Pre-Late PVP/PVM) - picking Muren's will force you to use Two Handed weapons so you can take the bonus and it is easier to get the set. Volcano Set (Late PVP/PVM) - equipped with two Rune Bastard Swords is kinda the Best in Slot gear you can have in late game. 2.1 Rings Preferred rings by me are 2x DD+REF or mix of DD+REF and REF+HP. At early game you can go with one option rings but prefer to have DD and if your gear doesn't contain Reflect, try to get one from your second ring. 3. Stats Here is the real deal. Since many of you will think "Why you added 130 energy?", the answer is simple - Scroll of Ice - this is probably one of the most important Spells at early game so you can reach long distance people and control the map. 3.1. High STR - with this build you can land huge damage with slower Attack Speed. You can use this build in early/mid game with 2x One Handed weapons for PVP (PVPArena, Castle Siege and etc). This points are calculated for level 400 with additional Fruits and total of 2863 points. 3.2 High AGI - this is something special I've tested few times on live editions and I was doing pretty good with medium but sustained damage. My recommendation is to use either Muren's or Gaion Storm Crow so you can compensate the lack of STR with the Double Damage. 4. Short basic tips about PVP Gameplay. It is not easy to be a SMG. Your most important thing is positioning so you can land proper Fire Slash. As far as I remember the radius of Fire Slash is 1 yard so you have to be careful. That works for invasion/bosses as well. Your play style is simple Single Targets - Ice > Cyclone (if you are equipping One Handed Sword which will allow you to jump on the target easy, also works for focusing the GM in CS if its DL) > Fire Slash Multiple Targets - Try to position yourself and just spam Powerslash if more than 5, if no - you can get closer and use Flamestrike. You can divide your play style on two while in CS: Mostly SD drainer and diversion Focus on killing specific targets - Stampers, clearing the Crown, killing opponents EE's and the GM who wants to take the crown. 5. Some small calculation as always with the following items: 5.1 Some statistics with the damage inputs at level 400(+200ML) and the equipped set. 5.2 Some data on Vulcanus Cruel Blood Assasins and Selupan 6. Master Tree I will post the PVP orientated Master Tree in 3 steps - 0-50 ML; 50-100 ML; 200 ML. My first 50 points should be spended like this: PVP Defense Rate - 10 PVP Attack Rate - 10 SD Increase - 10 PVP Defense/Attack Rate +5 on each SD Regen - 10 (preparation for Increase Defense) 50-100 Points: Divided on two choices you can pick up one of these: Increase Defense - 20 Attack Success Rate - 10 Cyclone - 10 Weapon Mastery - 10 Increase Defense - 20 Increase One Handed Sword - 10 Increase One Handed Sword Mastery (for Attack Speed) - 10 PVP Defense/Attack Rate - +5 on each Final 200/200 Points: So far this is the final build which you head for. It is not easy to farm everything but head for this type of game style. Pretty simple and fun to play Class. If you have any questions regarding this build I will help you with pleasure. I remind you again - this is my play style and it is not official MU WEBZEN build you MUST follow. Regards, Voyager
  13. Voyager

    Made this on 30RR when there were actually PVP and hardcore plays (even for some people who brings hardcore to a new level)
  14. Voyager

    I am up for socket weps to be down from 5 to 3. Adding 2.5 wings is pointless since farming and making W3 isn't that hard and the point is to be viable having W3.
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