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  1. Cumpa

    KillALL: pidarilor Duke: why pidari? astralStep: I understand you KillALL: your mom's a whore KillALL: thats why https://imgur.com/a/0D2kBNb
  2. Cumpa

    Cumpa: will let you know when I do quest Cumpa: nicely Cumpa: without insulting you Cumpa: and you can come without any worrys Ciupanezu: and when will you cuck my dick Ciupanezu:? Cumpa: if you wouldn't of pk'ed Venom Cumpa: I would have not been so bothered Ciupanezu: are you really stupid? Cumpa: see? there you go cursing again
  3. Cumpa

    Ciupanezu : Deci tie iti place sa sugi pula= so you like to suck dick https://i.postimg.cc/t4cdBSQC/Screen-11-07-22-33-0000.jpg Ciupanezu: si cand ma sugi de pula= so when will you cuck my dick
  4. YOU GREADY ADMINS, how is it that you can encourage fraud? ppl pay money for credits, you are so gready , I have never heard of a game or a RL institution or anything where fraud is allowed, how short is your mind to say that it's the players problems?, if the man has a screen shot of a deal made in game with the player and he gets scammed you say bad luck?....you made a a topic with a scammer like he is some kind of celebrity when he uses bad behaviour to stay in the top. Your rules are just the american constitution written by cowboys for cowboys.... you sure have a rly short mind on thinking this is ok....edit your page, put some interest in this game and respect the players donations, raise the limit of credit costs so that someone can place a item for sale for 10k credit if he want to avoid scams like this, you should praise some of the players like me that keeps you feed for moths with what I gave to the game in terms of donations and all you can say to a scam is badluck....short minded.
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