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    1. Hello, Here are a few suggestions: Seeds Can something be made so the AG value/cost seeds to actually be useful? Maybe raise their sell price to shop, or add an option to mix seeds together? Also, regarding socket items, is it possible unlock a 4th option for the next GRR reward/other event rewards? Rings Is a possibility to add the option to mix rings/pendants? or at least to upgrade them (from +1/+4). Also, regarding rings, can Rare Rings (4opt) can be added as reward for quests/GRR/or other events? Imp/Guardian angels Is it possible to add a new mix receipt to goblin. I know I've seen this topic before (10 imps to make a Demon, similar to Uniria mix) Also, maybe some events as we had on Inception, to revive the joy of the game?
    2. Salut, Am urmat toate setarile din tutorial pentru cazurile cu probleme, am adaugat pana si exceptie in firewall pentru toate 3 exe files, orice am incercat nu reusesc sa pornesc jocul. Punctul final pana la care ajunge indiferent ca pornesc cu PlayGenesis sau main, este splash screen-ul cu LiveGuard care tine sub 1 secunda si atat. Ce am incercat pana acum: - Am descarcat clientul full de pe mega - Adaugat exceptie in antivirus imediat dupa dezarhivare - Adaugat DEP exception pentru toate 3 fisiere exe - Adaugat exceptie in firewall network public si privat pentru cele 3 fisiere exe - Oprit antivirus complet - Rulat cu compatibility Windows XP SP3 pentru cate un exe, apoi toate, apoi combinatii - Run as administrator pentru toate 3 exe - Resetat router sa primesc alt IP Nimic nu a functionat, nu am nici o eroare, doar ca nu porneste dupa splash screen-ul cu LiveGuard. Alte idei?
    3. Hello, i just started playing as BK. As i add some stats on energy, i saw that the DMG multiplier seens to not be working as it suposed to do. Is it some kind of Class Balance? Is it just visual? Thanks.
    4. Dear friends, I am in the following situation, today when I want to run the game this error has appeared, I have tried everything, restarting, deleting the game, etc. but it still appears, could you help me? I don't have any instance of the game open since it would be the first to open and it still tells me that
    5. Hello, We're releasing our special Grand Reset system for Genesis tomorrow (Friday), 12.05.2023 at 21:10. No server restart will be needed unless something goes wrong. If you reach at least 54 resets and level 400 you now unlock the Grand Reset. By doing a Grand Reset, your resets become 0 and you can grind once again up to 55 resets. What's nice about our Grand Reset is that there's no draw-back of doing it, instead, it is just a natural progression. Basically, you keep your points as they were before the Grand Reset, so each time you reach level 400, your character will have the same power as it had without the GR. In order to do a Grand Reset you need to type /grandreset. Rewards for Grand Reset 2500 Credits. 2 weeks of Golden Fenrir (that can't die). 2x HoF Badges. 60 extra free points for each new Reset after the GR [that are accumulated up until 50 resets, where you'll have 3000 extra stat points compared to 50rr chars without GR]. 200 extra free points for each new QReset after the GR, between 50 and 55 resets. [so at 1 GR and 55rr you'll have 4000 more points compared to 55 chars without GR]. Improved quests rewards when doing them again. Extra +1% Damage for every reset after 50rr. [with a total of +10% at 1 GR and 55RR]. [!] Higher top position. Requirements for Grand Reset Your character on Server 1 (Normal Maps). Level 400. 54 or 55 Resets. 1.500.000.000 Zen. 2x2 inventory space for Golden Fenrir. Extra info The EXP rate for 0-55 resets is a linear EXP with a 40% rate of the normal (NON-GR) EXP. The Quests are reset, you can start them again at 50 resets & all restrictions/requirements for the Quest System are being kept once you start them again. Note: After reaching 50 resets you must use /qreset again in order to progress to 55 resets. After starting the Quests again, the first 2 quests from each tier will now reward you with: 15% chance for 1x DD Seed in Sphere, 35% 1x Old Box 5, 50% 1x Old Box 4. You can no longer reset with the usual command (/reset), you must type /mreset in order to reset. You gain the same amount of points as you had before the GR (as free points) MINUS the points gained by going from level 1 to 400. Note: If you do the GR at 54 resets you'll still gain the missing points (800 or 900) that the 55 resets chars get. Note2: After each new reset you gain the same amount of points PLUS the extra points gained for each new reset. You keep the same amount of bonus % Damage as you had before the GR (earned from qresets). Note: If you do the GR at 54 resets you'll still gain the missing 1% Damage that the 55 resets chars get. Each new reset after GR costs 150.000.000 Zen. If you have a Grand Reset, the other systems from game will consider you as having 55 resets.
    6. Hello, On the last couple of weeks, I noticed and tested that SMG is the weakest class in this game in PvP, according to the post regarding class balance, it is mentioned that SMG should be better at PvP than EMG -> that is not true, EMG destroys SMG (along with any other class in this game, which makes SMG the weakest char in game). I know that the Fire Slash bug cannot be resolved, but. Being the most important PvP skill, I think it's mandatory to adjust the % ratio for his def/dmg or buff other skills in order to be viable for PvP -> and in my opinion, is not a players job to test if he can overcome the Fire Slash BUG that is on this server. A new topic must be opened where an Admin/Moderator tested out and came up with a solution for it: Test with a range of points to see if the bug is there: Ex: Str 10k-15k -> Agi 10k-15k -> no fire slash bug (regarding weapons & set items that can influence that, it's the players job to test it) I tried changing the ML tree -> going defensive -> no dmg, going dmg-> you die in 1-2 flame from sm/1 combo from BK. If you can't/won't take any actions to balance a char that is mentioned to be Top Tier in PvP, just let us know so we don't invest months of playtime and credits in something that is not viable in mid-late game. If SMG is a confirmed build, we need to be able to use it and not change to EMG because we need to stay relevant on this server.
    7. From what I noticed the talent is bugged. No matter how many points i put in it hp stays the same.
    8. If i try upgrade a filled socket item from +9 to +15 in case of fail will I lose the seed sphere? (assuming Im using toca)
    9. How does offattack timer works? a. It offers 5 hours every day and timer resets at midnight? Or b. It offers 5 hours and timer resets every 24 hours?
    10. Character name: Hobbit, Suggestion type: Server, Content: Hi there, Since the both servers merged, there's not enough space for all characters on the maps, I talk about the last places (maps) where the character is expected to be there for long time. For people like me (afk players) who don't have much time to be in front of the PC, we need to find spot in maps like (Karutan 2, Kanturu 3 , Raklion , Swamp) there is enough space to add few more spots and not to be bothered from 24/7 players (guilds) that holds every spot in there. How the suggestion can bring value: More effective wasted online hours. Kind Regards,
    11. Character name that is submitting it (for the potential reward). = Monkey Suggestion type (server/website/forum). = Gameplay Suggestion content (make sure to include enough details so your suggestion is clear enough): BC rework idea: Hello, got no idea if its hard / impossible or real to make BUT we were throwing ideas in party during bc on how to make the event more fun and interesting and came up with smth tbh! Basicly the idea is to give BC, also some taste of PVP You know just throwing out ideas, maybe something fun will come out of it ^-^ How the suggestion can bring value.: It will give more value to the event itself by making quest more fun. Boosting reward will incentivize also people who are high ml already, to join the event (Optional) How would you personally implement your suggestion (your vision). - Boost BC quest reward - Increase statue HP - Enable pvp after it spawns - who dies gets tped at start, or maybe less far away for a "penalty" ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Splitted btw Non-pvp and PVP bc ( like 1/2 PVP daily, with boosted reward)
    12. How do I trade more than 500 credits for items without risk of getting scammed?
    13. Currently I see Statue w4 MG/SM/BK(GOAT) is failing to put in store or ware like other statue, hope ADMIN will fix this error soon @ADMIN
    14. i even didnt start to play hey guys i kne here and my english are not so good when im trying to connetct the game i get this msg what can i do?
    15. Cannot donate, others having same issue
    16. All I did was get AVG tuneup and it kicked me from the game. Now when I try open it tells me im temporaly banned. Please help asap! Edit: nvm after uninstalling and waiting it fixed.
    17. Is the information about pend/ring from muonlinefranz relevant here?
    18. I was wondering is there a formula on what is the chance of stutter when You take damage to your HP? Damage from reflect can stutter too?
    19. Can you please refund my credits? I only wanted to browse through market and it bought an item.
    20. What is the highest socket armor set you can get here? Can yellow/pink option be added on socket items or only 380 items ?
    21. Underdog a brand new guild recruiting active, friendly, chill players to hang out and enjoy the game, help each other out and grow stronger together. Communication will be done through discord. Rulles tbd If you are interested pm/mail Serafin in game, I will get back to you when I am atk.
    22. Hello, I also come with the following proposal: To introduce Online Trade Hours per credits in the website. I think it is beneficial for both players, who can stay online to go to events and for those with less time but still active (AFK). This suggestion would reduce the very big difference between the players and it will be win-win for everyone. Those credits can be earned by both type of players , from events and from Online hours trade, and those who stay (AFK) can hardly reach, but at least they can reach the level of all players in a certain time interval. This proposal started from the idea of reducing the difference between the two types of players, and having a more balanced gameplay. Good luck!
    23. IG: Monkey Since tournament is almost always empty(not enough players to start it): Might be a nice idea to set always same stats, to incentivise any lower rr player to join it and make it as main pvp event on server. This way top guys will still have the gear advantage they managed to grind thanks to their rr advantage easily(basicly mafy's pt had monopoly on medusa and selupan so far)
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