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    1. dopelabs

      So how do you expect people to gather enough zen for reset ? you need to farm with 10 alts with full zen set on all of them just to be able to reset. this db is way too exagerrated if you ask me thats why no one plays on the server anymore. Maybe you should think this through for next db or this server will slowly die kind regards
    2. Hi. Me and my friends were on the last spot in karutan2 leveling full party when eRoby from HARDCORE comes with his party claiming it was their spot. They went to DS then came back saying its their spot. I tried to explain to him that he can't go to ds and expect to have the spot back if its already taken. (picture 1) https://ibb.co/w4L4nh4 After they came all 5 on the spot they started to KS us. My party said we can't do anything to them because they are from HARDCORE and I said its not fair, if they are HARDCORE it doesn't mean the server belongs to them. As I was talking to my party this eRoby guy started to swear at me like a 10 yrs old kid (picture 2) https://ibb.co/wsXYphW I don't think the way they act its fair. If they are the best on the server it doesn't mean they can be rude with everyone and take everyone`s spots just like that.
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