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    1. coming and pking peoples parties over n over to get a reaction and u run to forum like a little bitch typical googly eyed bug eaters https://imgur.com/a/eJPt80c dissing american veterans doesnt really divulge your love : ) i am an american veteran. My best friend is vietnamese, but why do some vietnamese hate players from America?? go back in your mudhut and try again
    2. Knightmare

    3. Knightmare

    4. Knightmare

      Would be nice to have some more spots that drop fenrir mats. Maybe k5/k7 could also have a chance to drop?
    5. Knightmare

      Maybe to end this debate, we can have Admin or Gion show us how BK can beat some SM in a duel?? Or anyone for that matter : ) I dont think a BK could get one kill off my friend Glowa. anyone wanna bet some credits?? :))
    6. Knightmare

      Anyone who plays knows which class is out-performing the rest
    7. Knightmare

      how should a banned build do more damage than the other classes? on top of that its aoe wtf helldrake and spawn you guys are trolls. +9 no ddi set? stfu u can look at his set online, low IQ helldrake at his finest
    8. Knightmare

      Wow admin hasn’t called you a crybaby for this yet?? Wytyfy Might as well just restart and make an Sm if you want to PVP 🤡 nothing will change :))
    9. Knightmare

    10. Knightmare

      Save your character! He will make a good vault for your mats :)) Also, with that many resets it could be useful for character market ;)) if you know, you know!
    11. Knightmare

      Good suggestion. I was trying to get HP rec on wings and boom, who would've thought, every damn life succeeded and I'm stuck with add defense : ) I'd bust the wallet open now! 🤑
    12. Knightmare

    13. Knightmare

    14. Knightmare

    15. Knightmare

      Dinorant being the poor mans fenrir sounds awesome. Just need to not die instantly in PVP and would be cool to see everyone using it
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