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    1. We using your slut mother’s phone while we spit roast her, son.
    2. Imagine being such a giant pussy you cry on forum. Sweaty pig bitch having brain aneurysm over some words. Hiding full chat logs like snakes. Fourty year olds crying over this kind of shit it’s disgusting. You homos must love the taste of Chukundahs cock, apparently you can’t function without him down your throats. While u gagging on his cock your wife doing the same to real men. 💩💩💩💩
    3. Red Bull makes good points, especially about usefulness of GM. I wonder what CS could look like if GM made for example 5x the points for a kill than a normal player?! New builds, new strategies. Coupled with invincibility from statues 🤯 sheeeeeesh
    4. Until you sit in discord with 25 yelling and peoples babies crying and angry wives freaking out 40 people in CS might seem cool but it’s just not practical. I been in many discord’s with a lot of players and let me tell you why they don’t show up to play CS. 1. They make polls, and when only 10 players say they go, the others cry and bitch and say they don’t go. 2. The gm boxes break friendships and cause so much drama, but seems like you are addressing this wit personal rewards so good job on that. I still think everyone should get a set item/ weapon whether it’s a bok 5 item with a low chance to drop 380 idk it won’t happen so I won’t bother. 3. “We can’t win” loser mindsets, they see they lose by 10k points and crawl into their caves. 4. They rather use the time to catch up on rankings. 5. The time isn’t convenient for all, Australians and Vietnamese will have to be up at 3 am to play. 6. Let me RE-iterate, not enough people. We went as 5v 20 and it wasn’t very fun for either side. Now will be going as 5-40 against invincible players x) Anyways I truly believe you should let us try first few cs with personal rewards and a guild cap of 15. You will see people show up, and it won’t be so one sided.The feedback is clear, your player base is not wanting a 40v40 2guild CS.
    5. I agree wit Chukundah for the most part. It’s difficult to find players to show up on Sunday. I’m not gonna address how it will be on inception, but I hope in Phoenix there’s a few changes. Fewer players in guild would make people spread out more and not flock to the biggest guild (who will have its best players invincible due to number advantage and their ability to hold the outside statues). I know you’ve done in the past stages to limit guilds and I think you did a great thing. I hope so you implement similar limits in Phoenix.I’d like to see it lower than 30/40 per guild/ally to encourage multiple guilds to show up. It’s not so fun CS with only 2 guilds. Even if it’s 3 or 4 parties per guild maybe it’s enough. As for personal rewards, that’s a really great idea. Would be cool everyone who participates gets 1 gm box or something tho. It would encourage people to keep showing up to finish their sets and gathering items for wing mixes. Defense plays a big role in non RR server and even wit shit options, lots of players would be able to make high tier sets and it would in fact naturally balance out the server. Obviously the more you go to the better ur set will get, and it would possibly bring more players to join CS who have previously never bothered. Anyways maybe the rewards are could be tiered but top 10 stampers/killers can get the gm box or something idk, you’re the boss. The points Chukundah touched on are well thought out and I hope you consider some of them for Phoenix Thanks for your time and all you do, Sincerely, Knightmare
    6. Chimaera89 (asked me to register his name, no access forum atm)
    7. This report BL is getting out of hand. Look the forum recent topics it’s all people crying about bad language. If you can’t handle bad words you shouldn’t play online games, it’s part of it. And how pathetic this sushy guy can be, putting all this effort into trying get people banned. There was not even bad language said it’s pathetic at this point. And what’s with the post where I’m in global chat, I’m muted 36 hours lol, what a pathetic nab posting old screenshots trying to deceive admins. I guess when chuku call mAki pathetic nab sushi assume he talking to him cuz he know he sucks xD yah ok the whole world revolve around sushy, like he’s the only npc RF with pss set xD
    8. You did pm me first, and then you did provoke me, but u forget add that pic ;D offer still stands if u want that helmet, you know what to do
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