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  1. Knightmare

    Would be nice to have some more spots that drop fenrir mats. Maybe k5/k7 could also have a chance to drop?
  2. Knightmare

    Maybe to end this debate, we can have Admin or Gion show us how BK can beat some SM in a duel?? Or anyone for that matter : ) I dont think a BK could get one kill off my friend Glowa. anyone wanna bet some credits?? :))
  3. Knightmare

    Woody, curious how did you tell your pare
  4. Knightmare

    Anyone who plays knows which class is out-performing the rest
  5. Knightmare

    Almighty youre such a pussy! Report report report ! Youre truly bitch-made 🚮
  6. Knightmare

    💩 The almighty twat posting to get kuba in trouble, look how he crops out what he says to start it . Anyone who reports for bad language has a micropenis dont @ me
  7. Knightmare

    how should a banned build do more damage than the other classes? on top of that its aoe wtf helldrake and spawn you guys are trolls. +9 no ddi set? stfu u can look at his set online, low IQ helldrake at his finest
  8. Knightmare

    Wow admin hasn’t called you a crybaby for this yet?? Wytyfy Might as well just restart and make an Sm if you want to PVP 🤡 nothing will change :))
  9. Knightmare

    Esterilla is a toxic fruit clown, but so are you for posting drama and having soft skin. Man up already. Seems a bit pathetic you can't deal with your own problems.
  10. Knightmare

  11. Knightmare

    Save your character! He will make a good vault for your mats :)) Also, with that many resets it could be useful for character market ;)) if you know, you know!
  12. Knightmare

    Good suggestion. I was trying to get HP rec on wings and boom, who would've thought, every damn life succeeded and I'm stuck with add defense : ) I'd bust the wallet open now! 🤑
  13. Knightmare

  14. Knightmare

  15. Knightmare

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