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    1. ICrit

      You just love to hate.. Got it, lol. The balance would be kept even if alts are involved, why, cause the alts are conditioned by the same system in the same way as the newbies. As per the rest of the hate speach, just get over it mate, I don't care to impress unkown people over the internet and I've moved a long time ago from MU "projects', there are other projects far more complex and well paid in the IT industry without the need of a headache from 'players, hackers and other non-nice things' that MU brings with it. Am not here to impress or bother anyone, Odi and Neby corrupted me
    2. ICrit

      So when your staff asks for a "how you'd do that" and I give an answer I flex? Wtf? Weird answer since your staff asked a 'how'. Also, it's not a lua lesson, it's a multi-part integration that requires to have access to source code or that the providers of said service-files have the access, mood, time to code it in (which isn't a really hard implementation); Also, in my profession I actually need to 'speak in the common tongue', which translates to detail and say things so people that are less tech/code inclined understand them, that isn't flexing or giving lessons, but explaining things
    3. ICrit

      Just implement a system where the goldens do reduced dmg and take increased dmg to/from characters that are 'lower' while they do increased dmg and take reduced dmg to/from characters that are 'higher' based on the total number of points a player has (str+agi+vit+ene+lvl-up points); An example using lua script files and settings files from data folder or wherever you have them would be something like this: -- monsterDmg is the dmg the monster has assigned per file settings -- minPoints is a constant that you can come up with depending on what type of golden we\'re talking about (Eg: f
    4. It's written in the post itself lel. Anw, that's not really what I would call coding. The template itself doesn't look like that and it includes alot of PHP code most likely (unless it has a frontend written fully in JS), either way if needed I can help pin-point the exact changes (it's not really a big of a 'code change' it's just some remake of the elements style, that's really all);
    5. Character Name: CritsKills Suggestion Type: Website Suggestion content: The recent market history table update is a really nice improvement from the old 'template', but it can go even further, especially the table displaying the details of each transaction since it looks like this currently: All that's needed is just some tiny tweeks to the 'style="..."' attribute of the cells and it could end up looking somewhere closer to this: An example of that code for that would be this:
    6. So just bad info. Then you should correct it. Cheers.
    7. So, from what I read, this (Website chaos machine +10..+12) should work for all items *except wings lvl 3* [as stated in the picture bellow from your server-info], but as you'll see in my second picture [bellow here] it doesn't. Bug ? Missconfig ? Or just bad info ?
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