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    1. It's not true, i had cases when i didn't have dl in my team and there was in enemy and still won.
    2. Wouldn't touch him, he is already in dangerous spot after pvp nerf, at least let him be a good in one thing he excells on - scoring on IT.
    3. Currently i think server is in a good state as it is. Only Rage Fighter seems to be a bit too powerful. I only have two things to add: - on next edition don't prevent trading of rare items if there are such - this can be easly exploited via transfer character - consider finally switching to some newer season? I think Season 8 could be a cool, some new things, but not like totally new, Season 6 feels kind of old when you consider there is already 15 seasons in mu and 16 is upcoming - here i think it's a good idea to create some kind of poll maybe if players actually want this Well when there will be socket items JoC will have a little more purpose, so i think it's okay as it is. But actually some auction house where people could bid themselves for any item put by players could be interesting idea. And not's so hard to do like: When player adds a item to auction house he sets what he accepts like creds(maybe max 1000 here?)/chaos/bless/soul/harmony etc as well as how many credits he value each jevel. This way it can be easy calculated when people makes a bid. I think it would be cool idea to have as additional thing to market. Maybe cost a lot more zen, like 100-200kk(and increase it in case it's too low when server ages) so you don't put like some garbage items there. Also good be a good for a economy, that players decide how much they want to pay for item. I could write a separate suggestion topic if Staff would like to consider this idea.
    4. Character name - Juri Suggestion type - server Suggestion content - make dopplengar easier to do, currently it's impossible, we tried with party like sm, elf, rf, bk, sum and after around 50 seconds it was over, 3 mobs made it to end, it's much much harder than Imperial which feels kind of weird, maybe it was supposed to be like this, but then 15RR is not enough to make it, more like 20 RR How the suggestion can bring value - That people will start making it and finish it more easy How would you personally implement your suggestion (your vision) - reduce hp of monsters by a bit, around 30-40% could be possibly enough, it would need testing on test server i guess to make it possible to finish, and yet not too easy.
    5. Juri

      Class Ballance.

      I think DL was hit too hard, but will se how it goes. I would consider giving back some damage for chaotic and maybe reduce def/defense rate of dl.
    6. Seems like this was partially accepted according to last patch, can you move it? @Gion
    7. Juri

      Class Ballance.

      I actually agree, i would consider just adding some dmg from ene for elf as well. But only on 1st and 3rd srv, not on CS srv.
    8. Juri

      Class Ballance.

      That's really nice post and i hope staff and council will take this into account when making any changes soon.
    9. Juri

      Class Ballance.

      SDL could use a PVP buff? How is that? Pretty much only VRF can do anything against SDL, all other clases are rekt really fast, chaotic is hitting way too fast.
    10. Juri

      Class Ballance.

      Instead of having macro for COMBO, it's better to have macro for Q, Right Mouse Button and Ctrl key in one key, and you do combo by yourself, so you can time it right - because as you said stuns, ref, damage, etc things.
    11. Juri

      Class Ballance.

      I think attack rate of chaotic for DL should be reduced, DL should be more of kiter - like when someone jumps to him he shouldn't be able to kill them so easy. More like hit people with horse, and kite with chaotic. Right now you just can stand, don't care about hitting horse and just chaotic anyone and kill them pretty easy. So pretty much DL should be the best char for 1vs1 - maybe reduce delay on horse skill by one second(if possible, not sure if this depends on client anyhow), but reduce attack rate of chaotic? Only vRF with tons of hp stands any chance.
    12. Currently destroying statues takes a lot of time for a little reward. Currently i don't see people even focusing it, a lot of people already have b/s/life decent amount. I have two ideas that could improve it: I think adding a chance, like 50% for gemstone as additional reward when destroying statue could be nice addition. . Also it kind of make a sense, statues are from stone, so drop the gemstone Other idea is to add just a chaos so it will be b/s/life/chaos.
    13. Up, any chance for doing something with this? I am pretty sure there is room for improvments, like movin middle spot a slight more to middle.
    14. Looks like restarting my PC helped. Thread can be closed.
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