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  1. Juri

    Right tree attack rate - PVP Middle attack rate - PVM Left defense success rate - PVP
  2. Juri

    Hmmm, yea i guess i agree. Then maybe try to increase drop from maya boss of johs and add slightly higher chance from monsters on this event of gemstone if it's possible? I mean currently gemstone drop on relics/kanturu3 is really low, other ways to get decent amount of johs are pvpquest or illusion temple, or trade, where main source is illusion temple which are pretty limited, there are people for example which can't attend any of the illusion temple times due to personal reasons so it might be really hard for them to farm johs. I know many people already have full sets with DDI, bypass etc. But still, i put like 50 or 60 johs myself and only got once DDI, just matter of luck i guess.
  3. If it wasn't for making a profit then it would be like this in first place.
  4. It's already going for credits mostly and it will be going like this because admins need to make a money, there is no chance they will do anything about this because this is their main source of money, like item upgrading, i guess it's even more than people buying vips.
  5. Of course this server is p2w(you can still play without money but you need to invest more time into it), because of those features on website, where you can upgrade items for credits, add luck, add option etc - this is definition of pay to win, that you get advantage using money(credits), you can't farm enough credits to upgrade few sets fast enough to +12 using website, only with money(or trade, but someone needs to buy those credits), not sure why admins are telling otherwise. The problem here is that it's stupid idea to add such a feature after 1.5h month of server working, people already bought credits and used those features via credits. Having only vip for credits would be understandable, or things like change class, reset points etc. But this sets upgrading for credits, adding luck, options is indeed just pay to win, i doubt that admins will change it now, but defintely thing to consider for the next edition if you really claim that your server is not pay to win, which currently is because of those 3 things - item upgrading, adding luck and adding option. We just have to deal with it. Also jewels value is lower and lower because people finish their sets and don't use them anymore pretty much, well things will change with sockets but still.
  6. 5400 credits? After this price you should already know that something fishy is about this. Wings 3 are for at least 10k or more imho. Also for such amount of credits you could ask anything in pledge, like 200/200 jvl or soemthing like this.
  7. Add 5-10% gemstone chance drop from rabbits and orcs(or at least from WW). So there will be more point of going on this point at the game.
  8. Juri

    What you mean? Summoner was obviously changed cuz few weeks before he was doing nothing, and suddenly from one day to another he got damage buff while having the same stats and same items. You mean there is some hidden damage buffs after getting to certain point in the game? Could be good then to write how other chars will change then.
  9. Juri

    I again have problem with warps after reset, from M i can warp but its saying that i need for example 70 level to stay on atlans1 playing DL. While on MG i was even on 60 level wtihout any problems, why it doesnt work correctly?
  10. Juri

    And? Still in server info there is info that there is no exc 380 items.
  11. Juri

    Form lord boxes.
  12. Juri

    Character Firewolf has exc 380 items were such items wasn't supposed to be on server. Are you gonna do anything about this before CS?
  13. Juri

    - Add cloudflare to website - Start informing players about every change - like summoner change or swamp mobs change
  14. Juri

    Yesterday with same statistics and same set mobs on swamp was hitting me for 100-120. Now they hit me for around almost for 180-200. Why are you making changes without announcing them? I have 960 deff, horse 50 lvl cape +12, what's wrong with this server? You are all the time changing something without giving any info, same as you did with the summoner which got huge damage buff and no info about it.
  15. Juri

    Since you diversified maps between two servers when taking pvpquest on one server and going on other server(like for example relics to kanturu2) quest get itself canceled and that's it. Could you change it so it won't cancel itself? Or at least if having it and doing switch you won't have 360 minutes delay and lose points? Of course on challenge you should still lose it.
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