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    1. Hi In the new server Phoenix im using the helper in my DK, and I think the range is bugged (that or the spawn of the mobs shows them in 1 spot, but their hitbox is in another spot, which sounds weird) Im using the original possition feature and the range in 1 (in 1 for testing, normally i have it in 6 and 8, both in hunting and obtaining, and the distance in 0 min) and even then my character walks to another spot every time. this is also happening to my party members (elf and dws) while we lvl in lorencia and devias (so in different maps and spots). I do have the long-distance counte
    2. Señor Pastelito

      Oops I forgot to reply, sorry 😨 Then the Blacklist is personal for each character registered for pvp? When it's says "Blacklist targets can't appear as quest targets for up to 7 days since they were added to the blacklist." it's means that can't appear again for you, but it can for others players? if that's the case, I totally misundertood the feature My bad 😅 thank you for the replies!
    3. Señor Pastelito

      I had to kill those 2 with my MG (xXx69xXx) I remember well because with those 2 I didn't have any reset difference. With my BK (McNuggets) first I had to go for SushiRF (wich I couldn't kill because he has 20 more resets than my BK) and then both of the next quests were to kill CEng, wich I also remember because he has 14 more resets than I, so all those 3 times I was like "WTF 😭"
    4. Sup Yesterday i did a pvpquest with my BK and my target was CEng, wich I killed Today I did a pvpquest again with my BK and my target was, once again, CEng (I killed him today too) This may be bugged since the PvP info about the server says this shouldn't be possible "Black List Feature Whenever you finish a quest with a Target (kill or repel), the target will be added to the blacklist. Blacklist targets can't appear as quest targets for up to 7 days since they were added to the blacklist."
    5. Señor Pastelito

      Then I guess i'm just gonna have to calculate it, because here where I live I have 5 hours difference with the server time 🤷‍♂️ Thank you for answering!!!
    6. Señor Pastelito

      Hello! So I have this problem where my calendar (H) shows me the events time with 1 hour less than the actual event time (for example, insted of saying "3 hours until goldens invasion" it says 2 hours), and I read on the FAQ that I can ask for a patch to fix this in my game. It would be awesome if you can help me with this! Thank you!
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